In terms of the Marvel Universe I'll be using a weird homebrew blend:

All the various factions and characters from comics like The Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, Fantastic Four, etc are in and somewhat coexist in the MCU with all the various incredible feats happening 'off screen', with each faction dealing with their own foes.

Example, in The Avengers, everybody was holding back because they didn't want to go all out immediately because they didn't know what their friends and enemies were capable of. Kinda like how you don't go all out instantly in a fight when you don't know how your opponent fights.

After that, everyone is going all out when with familiar friends and foes: Hulk is lifting cities and 150 Billion Ton mountains, Thor is disrupting planet orbits by arm wrestling, etc.

This goes for various groups and characters from the comics: you don't see them but they are there.

And with various cosmic or major events such as Battleworld and Age of Apocalypse, those were simulations projected by a 'what if' machine and can easily be performed by our characters.

Does this make sense?

So this is what I'm using and I really hope this makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try and fix it so it does.

And if any other author wants to use this for their weird blend of MCU and the comics, go right ahead.

I'm a firm believer that if it's for fun, nonprofit, and it isn't paywalled AKA content, people can use ideas and art others have made, except when it's a clone of the original work and with permission for certain things.

So if you do use this idea, or any idea for that matter, just give credit to the original creator.

With that, let us begin, as I obviously don't own My Hero Academia or Marvel.

IdleManRPG Presents

New York City, 2016

In a large lavish bedroom, filled with various shelves holding a variety of technology, knickknacks, collectibles and mementos, a medium sized desk with a couple blueprints and large flatscreen mounted on the wall, a figure began to slowly stir in the king sized bed as the early morning sunshine entered through the sliding glass door leading to his balcony overlooking the entirety of New York City.

At exactly 7:30 AM, his alarm clock went off, to which he promptly shut it off. Throwing off the red, white and blue quilt, the apparent teenage male, standing at 5'4, hopped out of bed, his silver colored pajama pants and purple shirt clinging to his toned muscular body with static electricity.

This is 13, going on 14, Izuku Midoriya-Stark, interdimensional traveller, genius, billionaire, Mutant Rights Activist, heir to Stark Industries and best of all, superhero, but we'll get back to that later.

Stepping in the bathroom, he quickly stripped and deposited his clothes in a hamper before entering the walk in shower, the water waking him up.

"Ugh, shouldn't have stayed up looking at Uncle Clint's bow, I feel like crapOHHOLYSHIT! COLDCOLDCOLD!"

Turning the heat up, he quickly finished his shower before drying off, throwing on a pair of black khakis and a dark yellow shirt, a pattern of a few bright red lines converging on his chest. Heading to the sink, he quickly brushed his teeth before grabbing a dash of hair gel and hairbrush, smoothing his natural, blackish green hair into something presentable yet having a wild, rogue look.

"Like father like son."

Walking down the stairs after fixing his bed, the youth opened the fridge only to be met with disappointment and onions.

Damnit Uncle Bruce."

Shutting the door, he threw on a pair of stylish and slim yet functional tan boots. Walking to the front door, he passed through the 'living room', his footsteps echoing throughout the large expanse. Arriving at the door, he tried to open it only for it to stay shut. Trying again only to meet the same result, he looked down to see a winged metal helmet stabbed into the floor, making him sigh in annoyance.

"Jesus Christ."

Looking at his smartphone, he gave a little jump as he looked at the time.


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and Procrastination

Racing back up the stairs to his room, he took off his boots and replaced them with a pair of red metal ones. Scrambling to his desk, he put on a pair of green goggles, stuck a headphone like device into his ear and a pair of red gauntlets.

Dialing his phone, he anxiously hoped for it to be picked up.


"Peter you there?"

"Izuku my man what's happening?"

"Time screwed me over, I'm late, and there's no food in the house."

"I figured that's why you called me, hehe. Lucky for you we were just about to order. How ya want it?"

"Just throw it up when you see me and I'll meet you there, peace."

Walking out onto the balcony, shutting the door behind him, he took a deep calming breath.

"JARVIS, lock the house and send a message to Dad that we're out of food in the fridge."

His earpiece crackled to life as a male British voice sounded through.

"Very good sir. May I select a song from your 'flying' playlist?"

"You know me so well JARVIS, but not today."

Without warning he hopped over the railing, entering a free fall with the wind rushing past him as he rapidly approached the sidewalk hundreds of feet below.

About 20 feet from becoming paste he threw his hands forward, his gauntlets whirring to life before they gracefully kept him from falling any further. With ease he positioned his body into a standing position, his boots coming online while his hands stabilized him.

"Never gets old."

Some Pervert's Comic

Book Crossover

He quickly put his arms behind him and upped the power of his jets, launching him above the streets of the concrete jungle, a small vapor trail in his wake. Zooming in and out of the buildings and streets, he saw the various people going about their daily lives.


Coming upon the business district, he saw a teenage girl around his age of middle eastern descent, her brown hair falling a little past her shoulders as she tapped on her smartphone in front of a large bank. Garbed in bright red leggings, shirt, and scarf, they clashed beautifully with her blue boots and a slightly modified blue burkini, a yellow 'Z' like symbol on the front, her domino mask complimenting her skin tone.

Quickly stopping himself, he hovered a few feet away from her before quietly landing.

"Good morning Kamala, how ya doing right now?"

Kamala gave him a small smile, although she barely looked up from her phone.

"I'm doing pretty good, thank you for asking. The better question is shouldn't you be going?"

Our armored protagonist adopted a thinking pose, a hand on his as he even stroked an imaginary beard.

"I know, I know, but I just saw you sitting here and was curious about what's gonna happen."

Almost immediately, the alarm of the bank went off, the glass doors slamming open as a robber in all black and ski mask rushed out with a bag clearly filled with cash. Without even looking Kamala stretched her free hand and punched the criminal, knocking him out.

"That answers that. I'll see you in an hour Ms. Marvel."

With that he blasted off again, leaving the stretchy heroine to shake her head fondly at his behavior before she got up to apprehend the would be criminal and follow her friend.

Many Cinnamon Rolls

and Other Lovable Characters

A few blocks away our flying friend was approaching a Dunkin Donuts, with one of his best friends walking out. Standing at 5'10 with an athletic build, hazel eyes and brown hair, Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man sensed his friend coming. Reaching into his recent purchase, which was filled to the brim with donuts, he dug out a protein bar and bottle of water and promptly tossed them high up to be flawlessly caught. In return a fat wad of US singles was promptly caught and a fading shouted message.


Blushing in embarrassment, Peter took comfort as girlfriend and likely future wife Gwen Stacy gave him a hug from behind, her soothing touch feeling heavenly after crime fighting last night.

"He's not wrong Pete, now c'mon, we don't want to be late."

Unwrapping herself from her boyfriend, Gwen turned him around and pulled him down to her 5'5 height and gave him a kiss, her shoulder length blonde hair framing each side of her face. Pulling away but still holding hands, the couple began walking in the direction of their tech powered buddy.

Numerous Waifu's

and Genderbends

Unaware of the moments of love behind him, Izuku zoomed into a middle class area, where a 20 foot, purple and blue colored humanoid machine was attempting to kill a teenage girl, clad in black leather pants, a bra sized tank top, and had two long metal claws protruding from her knuckles and one from each foot, the machine swiping at her with its fists and occasionally firing an energy weapon.

Not even thinking, he veered off course to swoop behind the machine, which was trying to stomp on the black haired girl, who was easily dodging the crater creating feet.

Suddenly, one of the robot's arms was cut off, crashing onto and flattening some poor person's car. Before it can react to its missing limb, its legs were severed at the knees before its head was obliterated.

With nothing holding it up and no thoughts, the goliath slumped forward onto its original opponent, who could do nothing but twitch her eye in annoyance.


Clawing out of the Sentinels chest in a manner similar to a 1979 horror movie monster, the now identified Laura Kinney AKA X-23 could only roar in temporarily blind fury.

Nearby, an older gentleman wearing a nice suit with graying brown hair and mustache was walking out of his house, believing it safe only to find his car crushed under the Sentinels arm.

He took a deep breath before screaming his rage to the heavens.


Man-Children, Megalomaniacs

and Aliens

Back with Peter and Gwen, the boy stopped walking momentarily, sensing something amiss, prompting Gwen to stop as well. Swallowing the bite of donut she was currently eating, she asked the obvious.




Their short discussion concluded, the duo continued on.

A Blonde Hulk Rip Off

who People Love

Flying over the slums, Izuku's scanners picked up a young girl, about 12 years old being cornered in an alley by about 10 adults. As he was about to engage, he saw a vintage muscle car slow to a stop, the exposed engine cooling quickly. Knowing who it was and what was gonna happen, Izuku stopped as well.

"JARVIS, Stealth Mode."

Izuku's entire outfit; his boots, gauntlets, goggles, even his clothes, briefly shimmered before transforming in a skintight, streamlined version of his father's iconic red and yellow armor. As soon as the world famous armor was created, it shimmered into nothing, his thrusters going silent as he went to the innocent girl.

The drivers side door opened, black work boots slamming against the pavement. Clad in gray pants, a white hoodie with a zipped up black leather jacket over it, a young man a little older than Izuku of apparent Mexican heritage walked towards the thugs, his black goatee and slicked back hair contrasting with the large white patch in the center of his hair.

When he was about 15 feet away, he called out to them.


The thugs turned towards the newcomer, brandishing their various weapons including a few pistols, shotguns, and baseball bats with nails embedded within them.

Smirking, the lone teen pointed to his opposition.


His flesh quickly caught fire as did his car, yet he did not scream. His skull was now exposed and on fire, the black eye sockets appearing to look at the thugs with joy as the orange embers flickered erratically. His car, which now had its tires and engine spewing flames like no tomorrow. Its passenger door swung open, allowing a long chain with short swords on each end to slither to its master, climbing up his body and wrapping around his right arm.

Before any of the thugs could do anything, his chain cut down through a thug's head and body almost instantly, the two cauterized halves falling limply to the ground.

Away from the gory slaughter that was obviously happening, Izuku had just brought the girl back to her apartment building, her parents thanking him profusely as Izuku tried to wave them off.

"I'm serious you two it was no big deal, I do this all the time this is nothing out of the ordinary."

Finally accepting he wouldn't accept their gratitude, the couple wished him a good day as he flew off but not before the daughter gave him a quick hug and a drawing of himself. Touched, Izuku quickly and lightly lasered his name in the corner before taking off.

Fangirls, Fanboys and Berserkers

Now that he was over a large stretch of space, not a building in sight, Izuku began to reminisce of the important moments in his; events that made him the hero he is today.

Genetic Monstrosities

and Talking Trees

The day he was diagnosed as Quirkless, a label that he now wore with pride

The three years of abuse his former friend Bakugo and his cronies inflicted upon him for something he had no control over

One day he met a girl named Ochako, a brunette who can remove the gravity of things she touched with five fingers. It was on that day he stood up to Bakugo. Even though he was beat up worse than usual, he was delighted that Ochako was okay. Before he knew it, a villain was causing havoc, shooting various civilians with beams that caused them to vanish

One of the beams was aimed at Ochako and without thinking he dove in front of it, saving her just as All Might knocked out the villain

Just appearing in his adopted father's living room, and after a few weeks of questioning, recovery and self questioning, was officially his son and took his last name alongside his mother's.

Years of living with his father Tony, watching his various conflicts and capabilities, asking him to help be a hero like him.

The day in 2012 when The Avengers were officially assembled and defended New York City from Loki and his army of Chitauri, creating a pseudo family including an actual god and a mortal stronger than said god.

Meeting, learning about, and befriending various beings including Mutants AKA this world's version of Quirks, only a Mutant was clearly superior as their power or powers didn't negatively affect them on any level, and Inhumans, a type of human that was experimented on millions of years ago, the now dormant genes requiring a catalyst to awaken their powers.

Meeting Robbie Reyes AKA Ghost Rider which taught anything is possible and Peter Parker which taught him anybody can be a hero.

A few incidents which heavily affected his family, such as his Uncle Steve finding out his best friend from WW2 was a brainwashed assassin, his Uncle Thor losing his mother/Izuku's Grand Aunt(?)

A Gracious Cameo

Clad in Red Spandex

Eventually flying over a highway, Izuku brought himself out of musings and passed by a man clad in red spandex with twin swords and guns sitting on the edge of a bridge, drawing with crayon as he kicked his legs childishly while some music Izuku couldn't recognize played from a little radio.


Deadpool shouted after him.


Turning his head, Deadpool appears to be talking to some invisible person.

"For those reading right now, expect some bashing of other characters. Not me of course. Now if you'll excuse me, Maximum Effort."

Standing up, Deadpool did a little stretch before lazily falling feet first onto the road below, crashing into a black van which quickly lost control.

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with Great Ideas

Eventually, he was a few minutes away from his destination, The Baxter Building, the base of operations of The Fantastic Four, normal humans who were bombarded with cosmic rays and gained their powers. When he was a few hundred feet from his destination, a familiar but unbelievably powerful former villain flickered into existence.

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with Scatterbrain

Clad in green pants, purple boots and a green shirt with purple lightning designs, with spiked up brown hair, Owen Reece AKA Molecule Man AKA The Man who made a 150 Billion Ton mountain almost instantly floated across from Izuku, his arms crossed over his chest smugly though his face said otherwise. Knowing he absolutely had 100% no chance in a fight, Izuku resorted to his greatest asset: the intellect of one of the smartest humans on this Earth.

"Molecule Man, what can I do for you today?"

Owen gave Izuku an apologetic look.

"For what's it's worth little man, I'm sorry, but the higher ups are making me do this."

Izuku's eyes widened in fear, somehow knowing what was going to happen. Before he knew it, Owen placed his hand against Izuku's chest, the mark of curse Loki placed upon him flaring up in alarm.

Just like that, Izuku vanished from this universe, the last thoughts going through his waking mind damning the higher ups.

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As Izuku is disassembled, a series of images flash through his mind, but he ignored them, passing them off as hallucinations.

Izuku is firing a beam of sorts from his gauntlet at a Sludge Villain, the liquid criminal freezing almost instantly as Bakugo was helped by the 'heroes' nearby

Izuku standing over three defeated individuals, the one girls long, criss crossing blue hair, one of the boys short blonde hair similar to an old cartoon character and the others dark hair giving no indication of their identity

Izuku in a low level Hulkbuster armor going toe to toe with a bird like creature, their punches creating a shockwave that shattered the glass of a dome like structure

Robbie and a girl with plant like hair that was on fire launching themselves towards someone with metal teeth in a bodysuit and a white haired guy who looked like he just died

A bear-rat-dog chimera being pinned under gun point by a raccoon with an advanced looking gun

A brown skinned being with a horse like head clad in Thor's armor, catching All Mights fist without trouble, disregarding the spear lodged in his chest and his near death state

A man without a nose lying in a pool of his own blood, riddled with bullet wounds and broken limbs, and as he lay dying he stared into the uncaring eyes of his killer, the white skull of his kevlar armor mocking him

Laura was making attempts to swipe her claws at a young man with gray hair, fear plastered on his face behind his hand mask while one of his hands was wrapped around her throat

A tall man in a business suit with a black skull like mask trembling in absolute fear as two glowing green eyes stared at him from within pitch black darkness

Izuku standing in defiance against an unseen force, his armor forming over his body, sparks of green lightning generating spontaneously. He crossed his arms over his chest before spreading them, an incredibly powerful Unibeam racing towards its target, eight different colors spiralling alongside it.