Item #: SCP-613

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-613 is to be held in a 5m x 5m containment area. Standard furnishing, bathroom, and medical facilities are to be provided. Upbeat and cheerful music is to be played for twelve hours a day withing SCP-613's containment area.

Two personnel are required to enter SCP-613's containment. Only personal who have a great dislike or hatred of the horror genre in all mediums are allowed within SCP-613's containment area.

Description: SCP-613 is a boy, appearing to be approximately 9 years old, with black hair with a white stripe down the middle, wearing jeans, a grey shirt, and leather jacket. No abnormal properties have been observed in relation to SCP-613's clothing.

SCP-613 is capable of warping reality around themselves up to 10m around himself through the telling of horror stories. From the outside SCP-613's effects, SCP-613-2, appear as a black void that is impenetrable by light. The inside of SCP-613-2 matches whichever story SCP-613 tells. SCP-613 only appears to be able to activate SCP-613-2 through the telling of horror stories.

Observational Log .1 Summary

Summary: SCP-613 was asked to tell an adventure story.

Result: SCP-613 attempts to tell an adventure story, but appears to struggle, pausing frequently. SCP-613-2 is not activated. SCP-613 appears to be distressed at his failed attempt.

Experiment Log #3.613

Subject: SCP-613 and SCP-042

Preface: SCP-042 is placed within SCP-613's containment area. SCP-042 was told SCP-613 was a 'great storyteller' before entering.

Results: SCP-042 asked SCP-613 to tell her a horror story. SCP-613 then proceeds to do so, generating an instance of SCP-613-2, that also engulfs SCP-042. After three minutes, SCP-613-2 begins to shrink, and disappears 25 seconds later. A brief conversation is recorded between SCP-042 and SCP-613.

SCP-042: That was boring.

SCP-613: What?

SCP-042: I read a story like that last night. But it was much better, and didn't have the same plot holes your story did.

SCP-613: You don't know what you're talking about, kid.

SCP-042: I believe I do.

SCP-613: whatever.

SCP-613 then sits on his bed, refusing to make eye contact with SCP-042.