Fairy Tail Time Travel

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and what if during the final fight, most of Fairy Tail was killed with no chance of being revived? The remaining members don't take that and decide the only way to fix things was to go back in time. With help from a few others, they succeed. AU OOC Femslash)

It didn't happen all at once. Sure everyone looking at the night sky on July 7th 777 saw the bright flashes of light of different colors…but no one knew what it meant just yet.

The first one to regain their memories of things that hadn't happened yet was a lonely heiress who had just lost her mother. A little girl that went to sleep that night crying and woke up the next morning shocked and with a new tattoo on her chest. A little girl with a heart as strong and wide as the world, and a smile as bright as the sun. A little girl who quietly snuck away her mothers former keys and was immediately summoning the spirits she had with her, the ones her mother used to have, and being nearly crushed in hugs by the three of them. Spirits that traveled through time as well thanks to their connection with her. A mermaid who never showed it but truly loved her little godchild, a crab who had silently sworn to use the best scissors to style the girls hair however she wished and the sharpest to get rid of her enemies, and a goat like man who verbally revowed himself to her and her alone and silently swore to end the threat that had made her cry and time travel.

The second was a girl who was technically a princess and a knight at the same time. A girl who had gone to sleep in her armor after a full day of training and woke up with tears in one eye and a lot more armors in her inventory than she previously had. A girl who had to hide her reactions to seeing her guildmates that didn't make it and the ones who would regain their memories soon. A knight who was waiting for the chance to protect her family and do a much better job at it this time as she began training in earnest.

The third to remember was a teenage boy with blond hair and a lightning bolt scar over his face. A teenager who the younger girl took aside and quietly confirmed that she was back as well and that the others would regain their memories soon. A teenager who gave a toothy grin as lightning cackled around him, his inner dragon from the lacrima growling and roaring in a desire to protect his denmates this time. He was a Storm and he was ready to unleash his wrath on their enemies.

The fourth and fifth came back at the same time, two boys of opposing elements regaining their memories at the same time and immediately were grabbed by the knight to fill them in on things she knew already and that the Storm was back as well but hiding it. Something they were all having to do. None of the rest of the guild seemed to notice the sudden fondness and absolute trust hidden under the two's spars and spats. None seemed to see the unbreakable bond the two had with each other and the knight and storm. None noticed how strong the two were all of a sudden as memories of moves and training that they hadn't done yet hit them and they started training harder than ever.

The sixth to regain their memories was a white haired demoness who had just lost her little sister, and who now had memories of the same sister coming back only to be lost again alongside her brother. The shock of the memories coming back had kept her powers from being locked away for more than a week, something the others noticed. The knight and Storm took her aside to quietly confirm things for her and talk her through everything. They agreed to let things mostly play out the same because it would be a problem if they changed it too much, especially so soon, and so she waited. She waited and hid her powers as if she had never regained them. They still had to wait two more years before the Demons Light joined them…and until she did…

They had to keep things quiet. To keep others from realizing what had happened. After all if they knew about the time travel then they'd want to know why. And they didn't need to know why since the time travelers were going to make sure it never happened again.

The seventh and eighth weren't going to regain their memories for a while now but that was fine. The group would happily welcome them back into the fold with open arms when they remembered. And they all had a vague idea of when they would remember and hoped the two didn't feel too bad or upset about the ass-kicking they'd have to endure before or just after they regained their memories.

The ninth of the time traveling group that awoke was the one who was mainly responsible for them all coming back. She stared down at her younger hands and felt her wrinkle free face for the first time since the dragons attacked the end of the Games. She also took note of her body and what the date was. So she was already a council member…that meant that it would be soon that things started up. Two years at the most until they started heating up and she could see them again. She couldn't wait to help them, her brothers and sisters, and subtly screw over the dumbasses. Sure they might not be related but one of them was technically her foster brother and for the rest of them…well the things they lived through would have built a bond between anyone. And she was very protective of those she deemed as being her family…She smirked. Time to put her years of training and cunning nature to good use.

The final to awaken their memories was a very old woman who did not look it at all. A powerful queen and warrior who had supplied the majority of the magic for the spell even if they all had chipped in. A queen whose eyes softened as she realized she was back and that the others would be too. She hoped that her daughter, her little knight, had her memories back because there was no way she could keep away from her little girl for long. If she did the math in her head right her daughter would be seventeen right now. She remembered her daughter and her daughters friends mentioning that things had started getting crazy and picking up in pace when her little girl was nineteen. So that meant that she had two years.

That was fine, she had waited four hundred years to have her child…she could wait two more to meet her and pray that she had her memories because if not then this would be awkward…but…she was fine with awkward. Awkward was better than not being there at all. Like she already had been through most of her daughters life. She refused to go through everything that happened with her again however. She'd never hurt her daughter like that again, or her daughters friends who might as well be her other children. She'd be there for her daughter this time and she'd make damn well sure the whole world knew just who they were fucking with if they touched her little girl.

But all ten of them made silent promises as they started to train and plan, some more than others, for the future they knew was coming.

They refused to fail and let their guild die again.

They refused to let their family die again.

They refused to lose again.