Fairy Tail Time Travel

By: FunahoMisaki

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"What. Happened." Mirajane met them at the port and her magic was starting to flare up as she glared dark enough to nearly go Satan Soul on them. The ones from Galuna could very suddenly understand exactly why the known and feared Titania Scarlett didn't want to tell the model about what had happened and why the two other women were so banged up and exhausted.

They didn't want to tell her either with the dark possessive look on her face as she glared death at them with a glint in her eyes that dared them to be the cause of the other two's injuries. Her aura nearly screamed that if they had hurt her two precious people then she'd kill them and no one would ever find their bodies. That she wouldn't leave enough of their bodies to be found and identified.

"They revived a nearly dead woman." Irene said biting the bullet after noticing that none of the others could seem to form words for the moment and nodding her head to where Ur was still being carried by Gray although Lucy and Ultear seemed okay enough to walk on their own now even if they were leaning against Natsu and Erza respectively until Mirajane appeared.

"Are you both alright?" Mirajane asked immediately stepping closer to the two and gently putting a hand each on their cheeks, making them smile and lean into the soft hands.

"Define alright." Lucy said dryly with a small grin although her voice sounded rough. As if she needed a glass of water.

"Well it still feels like every nerve and muscle in my body is on fire but I can move now…" Ultear said with a matching grin although she seemed to be leaning more heavily on Natsu than Lucy was Erza. Probably because she was the one casting the spell and was the one who had all the magic pushed into and through her. His natural heat from his magic was kind of soothing and relaxing those torn or at least badly strained muscles.

It was kind of funny really. Her magic wasn't supposed to effect living things but with enough power it had affected her mothers icy prison. Did that mean that with enough training and power at her disposal she could affect living things just as well as she could non-living? That…that opened up a whole new avenue of potential attacks and uses for her magic. Most of which were fatal to any enemy in her path.

Although there was also healing potential there too, rewinding their bodies to a state before they were injured so to speak. If she had enough magic that is.

"Is there anything I can do?" Mirajane asked softly, her eyes and voice gentle and worried as she stared at the two of them. A far cry from how she had spoken to and looked at the others.

"Cuddles when we get home?" Lucy asked with a small grin and Mirajane smiled gently as she kissed Lucy chastely.

"Cuddles sound great but most of my body feels like it's either on fire or on a bunch of needles." Ultear said and she winced a little as she was moved from leaning against Natsu to leaning into Lucy and Mirajane both.

"So very gentle cuddles. I can do that." Mirajane said and she was easily lifting both of her lovers into her arms, cuddling them both while Lucy helped hold Ultear a bit.

"We need to get them to Porlyuscia first to be checked over just in case. They used a lot of magic and there might be some internal damage from it." Erza said stopping Mirajane from running off back to Lucy's apartment with both of her lovers. Mirajane scowled at the requested cuddles being delayed but she obviously was more focused on getting her beloved ones to the medicine woman.

"Very well. Let's go visit the old fairy." Mirajane said and she immediately began walking off towards the woods with her two girlfriends still held in her arms, ignoring all of the strange looks she was getting and the gossip that was starting.

As well as the looks she was getting for the fact that she had two grown women held on her arms and hips with no effort at all as they cuddled close to her.

"She…She's carrying two grown women with ease." Lyon said looking rather pale at seeing that while the rest of the Fairy Tail group guided the gaping Deloria revivalists after them.

"Yeah Mirajane does that, especially when trying to get them home or get them healed." Gray didn't even pretend to be surprised, neither did the rest of the Fairy Tail mages, as they followed after the Demoness.

"Usually it's to get them home. Lucy and Ultear are both strong but between the three of them Mirajane is very much the physically strongest and the close range expert." Erza said as she considered how well the three complimented each other. Sure Lucy and Ultear could both fight close range, they had learned fast after all, but Lucy was better at mid-range and Ultear better at mid to long range. Mirajane though was very much the one who would be up close and personal and bash your teeth in with her fist.

"Yeah but don't let that fool you. Lucy's got a hell of a kick." Gray said and he exchanged grins with Natsu as they recalled her Lucy Kicks and all the people she had taken out with it.

"Think one of us should let the Magic Council know that Ultear's hurt and getting medical attention? They're probably wondering where she is." Irene asked as she ushered the gaping outside mages after where Mirajane had gone.

"Yeah sure I will. Those guys love me."

"Natsu you blew up a courthouse."

"They were the ones who arrested Erza!"


"Natsu you blew up a court house disguised in a crappy replica of my outfit and also had mom going full dragon in the middle of the city."

"…I'm not apologizing."

"Honestly out of the four of us. Irene stands the best bet of going to let them know and not getting arrested on sight. They aren't too fond of my striping habit."

"No one's fond of your striping habit Frosty."

"Shut it Dragon Bitch!"

"What the hell did I do?"

"Not you Irene!"

The other mages just could follow the bickering and bantering Fairy Tail mages in silent shock and awe and disbelief.