The year is 2020. As the un-Textured world surrounds the bastion that is Neo Chaldea stretches as far as the eye can see, one of the remaining Masters of Chaldea, Jacen Kawata Marek, fixed his jacket. With the other Masters, Gudao, Gabrielle, Anishka, and Skyler busy with their own dealings, primarily in response to the various Singularities and Lostbelt, it had been left to the Greco-Japanese-Czech born Master to deal with a new pseudo-Lostbelt that had been detected.

This one appeared to be in Japan, in an area resembling an expanded version of Kabukicho, here known as Kamurocho, the premiere entertainment and redlight district of Tokyo. According to what scans they could do, the splinter point appeared to be relatively recent, occurring in the mid-1980's, around the time of Japan's "bubble economy." The readings showed that, in this pseudo-Lostbelt, not only did Sakamoto Ryouma live a bit longer than his Pan-Human History counterpart, I'm sure Oryou-san and Sakamoto-Teitoku will be happy to hear that. Jacen thought, but that Japan's bubble economy never burst, in fact, it had grown. It also appeared that one sole Chairman had managed to conquer Kamurocho, and turned Japan, and some of the surrounding islands, into a Yakuza run police state. People had freedom, but were always under the ever watching eye of someone or something known as the Dragon Patriarch.

Once his Mystic Code, a variant of the one known Royal Brand, was donned, Jacen fixed his black gloves, and headed to where his assembled Servants were. Awaiting him in the Rayshifting chamber were the team he had picked out. The first one was Shiki Ryougi, the Assassin version. Next to her, dressed in a form fitting black suit, over which she wore a thick black overcoat with white fur trim, her naginata slung over her shoulder, was Taiga Fujimura, the Pseudo-Servant host of the comically animalistic Jaguar Warrior/Jaguar Man. Beside them, affixing her blessed knuckledusters was the "Goddess of the Iron Fist", as those island piglets had called her, the Ruler version of Saint Martha, who gave Jacen a small wave. Then to the right of her, chatting, were the trio of Sakamoto Ryoma, the modernizer of the Japanese Navy, his draconic wife Oryou, and finally the very American swimsuit wearing Berserker form of Miyamoto Musashi, both complementing each other's blades. Finally, with his arms folded behind his back, waiting patiently, was the elderly Assassin, Li Shuwen. He nodded his head at his Master.

"You guys ready?" Jacen asked with a small smile. The mixed race Master ran a hand through his jet black hair. At 5'12, he stood eye level with certain Servants. He got an affirmative, as he stepped onto the Spiritron transferral slot let for him, giving a thumbs up to the technician in charge of turning them into Spiritrons for transferral into the pseudo-Lostbelt, as Anishka was currently borrowing the Shadow Border. "Initiate Spiritron Transference." Jacen said, as the swirling light enveloped himself and his team of Servants, as, chunk by chunk, parts of him flew upwards, until all was white.

Jacen exhaled as he blinked his eyes open, and looked around, his hands, now that his senses registered he had hands, roamed around, feeling his body. He found a pool of water at his feet, and looked himself off. Semi-messy ebony hair, lightly tanned skin, thin mustache and goatee, all there. He turned to find his Servants dusting themselves off. They were in an alleyway.

"Looks like we've arrived." Jaguar smiled, "Not a hair out of place." she stretched. She and the others had, with the exception of Martha and Old Li Shuwen who had need of none, banished their weapons back into spirit form. Musashi, so as to not draw too much attention to herself, had closed her jacket a bit, and actually put on pants. "Nice to see you're still with us Meow-ster or else we'd be in a jam." she threw her head back and chuckled. The others, for their part, either sighed or groaned at the felinid Lancer's antics.

Jacen rolled his eyes, dusting off his lapels. People and the occasional car passed by, ever the picture of a busy urban district. No one seemed to notice the sudden appearance of the Chaldeans. "Looks like nobody spotted us." he cleared his throat. "Alright then guys, first order of business, we do some light scouting, and try and find out as much as we can about this Pseudo-Lostbelt." His Servant team nodded, as Jacen signaled, and they exited the alley. People milled about, some on phones, some carrying shopping bags, it was as if Jacen never left the 21st century, as if the Foreign God hadn't Bleached the world's Texture barren.

"Huh, it doesn't look that much different than regular Tokyo." Shiki noted, looking around. "Well, except for what looks like a Bounded Field." She nodded, pointing to the sky.

"What are you...oh." Jacen focused, his crimson eyes on the night sky. Just barely visible against the moonlit sky was a faintly crackling crimson field of energy, shaped like a weblike dome, extending as far as the eye could see. "That could mean people can't leave then, not like there's much there to see outside this 'Belt." he noted.

"Oryou thought there was something off about this place. It smells off." Oryou said, floating beside her husband Sakamoto. The orochi sniffed the air, swiveling her head back and forth. "Smells like a dragon." she said as tapped her chin.

"Huh, well, the scans did say something called the Dragon Patriarch rules over this place. Maybe its an Orochi like Oryou-san who survived to the modern day." Jacen brought upon hearing the news.

"Master, I find that unlikely. Even if an Orochi or other sentient Phantasmal Beast were to still exist in the modern age somehow, I find it unlikely they would care much about the stock market of Japan." Li Shuwen said, adjusting his sunglasses.

"You make a good point, Shuwen-san." Shiki said, looking around. "Hmm, I believe my family should have a branch in this approximate area."

"Oh hey, the Fujimaru clan should have one here too!" Jaguar snapped her fingers, grinning, her eyes sparkling. "Come on everyone, let's go see if we can kick this investigation off on a paw-sitive note." A short groan followed after her usual punnery.

Jaguar Warrior led group through the bustling crowds, the motley crew of Servants and their Master only being given the occasional glance from the random passerby, who were otherwise occupied with their phones, with another person they were traveling with, etc.

"Hmm, that doesn't look like the usual doorman." Jaguar mused, as they approached a building that was a mixture of an old school Japanese manor, and a modern day office building. Twin streams ran on either side of a chiseled stone walkway just through the tori shaped gates.

"Oh, if it isn't the Patriarch's grandaughter herself. Oh hey, you brought up friends, nice!" Before them stood a man, in his early-to-mid 30's. He had long auburn hair, shaped vaguely like an M atop his head. He had some chin stubble and a thin goatee, and was dressed in a navy blue button down shirt, over which he wore a burgundy two piece suit.

Jaguar cocked her head, and raised an eyebrow slowly. From what Jacen gathered from that, either this man didn't exist in Pan-Human history, or if he did, then Jaguar, or rather her host Taiga Fujimaru, hadn't seen him before.

The man stepped back, holding a hand over his heart, and looking shocked. "What? Come on Taiga, you don't recognize me? We practically grew up together! It's Yuya!" Yuya flashed her a warm smile, throwing his arms across. "I know you went on some business thing for your old man for a few weeks, but I'm hurt."

Jaguar's eyes then lit up, and she grinned back, "Yuya? Shit, is that you? Did you dye your hair again or something?" She prodded the man. Jacen gave her a sideways look. Either she somehow gained Bullshitting and Acting EX, or she did apparently know this man.

"Well, yeah, but you know I've had it this way for ages." Yuya pouted, before he and Jaguar engaged in what Jacen had to say was the most overly complex secret handshake, that somehow ended up with both the Lancer and the gatekeeper suplexing each other, and laughing.

"Yeah, guess I must still be a little jet lagged. So, what have I missed Yu-chan?" Jaguar asked, dusting her coat off.

"Eh, not much. Had to help some of the boys deal with some yamikin bastards." Yuya grumbled, "Bastards were making Old Lady Aoki's kid, Botan I think his name is, pay double than the base after he lost in a card game, and kid's only in high school." he fixed his lapels.

Jaguar let out a very angry hiss, punching a hand into her palm, "Oh that is low. I hope you gave those punks a good asskicking." Jacen at this point remembered Jaguar liked kids. "But yeah, anything new with, yah know…" she pointed upwards, her eyes sparkling.

Yuya followed her thumb, "Oh yeah, The Dragon Patriarch dealt with some Omi Alliance upstarts, you think after their top captains were offed they'd know better, a few days ago. It was so badass!" Yuya grinned, fistpumping. "You should have seen him, he was all…" Yuya pantomimed various martial arts moves. A quick glance told Jacen that Li was silently judging the man, his brow furrowed.

"So, this Dragon Patriarch, he deals with problems himself?" Sakamoto asked, fixing his cap. Yuya turned to him, confused, "Oh, my friends and I are from….out of town. We met Lady Fujimura on her business trip, and wished to come see your prosperous city." he said cooly and calmly.

Yuya smiled brightly, snapping his fingers. "Really? Awesome! Its great to meet new faces. Hey, you should stop by Stardust sometime, the best club in Kamurocho, owned by yours truly." his smile broadened.

"We'll keep that in mind." Musashi said, liking the man's positivity. "Well, we'd like to stay, but Ms. Fujimura here said she'd show us more of Kamurocho, so, we'll see yah later!" she waved, as Jacen, and Jaguar, led the group away from the night club owner.

"So…" Jacen asked once they were out of range, passing by a large SEGA arcade.

"What? Was I acting? Nyahaha!" Jaguar grinned, throwing her head back and chuckling. "Nope/ I do know a guy named Yuya who looks almost exactly like him, except he stopped dying his hair a few years back." she stretched. "I'm just glad some things are the same." she smiled wistfully, looking around, ears on a swivel.

"Huh, well, that's inter-" Jacen was about to say, before he was cut off, and grit his teeth. The Master of Chaldea looked around as a group of men and a few women, all wearing two piece suits, some sporting what appeared to be Magecraft enhanced prosthetics and augmentations, glowing faintly in the night light. "Oh great, thugs." he muttered. "For once can we have a mission where random assholes don't pick random fights with us?" he asked, drawing the pistol at his hip. It was a customized M1911, jet black with gold inlay, the words, "I am the right hand of the Lord, and the Instrument of His Vengeance." scrawled in gold on the side. It had been imbued with the ability to harm incorporeal beings, thanks to Da Vinci, Tesla, and others, in the event Jacen would have to defend himself, meanwhile, his various Servants summoned their weapons, and formed a tight circle around him.

"Hey, we got ourselves some newcomers!" One of the goons, a tall, lanky tattooed woman with a metallic arm said, tossing a serrated knife from hand to hand, smirking.

As the Servants and lone Master readied themselves for battle, a blast of wind suddenly cut through the air, blowing the woman, and several of her comrades, flat on their asses. One of the thugs let out a scream, "T-the Dragon!" he pointed.

Jacen turned to find a man in his early-to-mid 50's, dressed in a light grey two-piece suit, radiating an aura of barely subdued rage, strolled over, fists clench. He had piercing dark grey eyes, well groomed black hair, graying at the roots, and a bit of chin stubble. He didn't look much like a dragon, though, technically, neither did Oryou-sama.

"You seven, leave this to me." The man, the Righteous Dragon ordered, before effortlessly tearing off his jacket, and shirt, and, with a roar, charging their adversaries.