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Aragorn wearily slid off Roheryn's back and walked to where the tents of the Ranger's were pitched upon the field. He was glad for the moment of solitude and raised tired eyes to the sky, seeking comfort in the stars. The sun had set in a great fire some time ago and the first stars glittered like jewels upon the darkening blanket of the sky. Borgil was already nearing the shoulder of Mount Mindolluin, Carnil next to him, like a twin.

When Carnil and red Borgil meet, Aragorn sighed and closed his eyes as the image of his best friend lying motionless among his slain foes, covered in blood and grime, unseeing eyes staring at the sky, returned with vengeance. He took a steadying breath and opened his eyes once more, taking in the sight of Carnil and Borgil as they disappeared behind the mountain, and he no longer held back the tears.

The End

A/N: According to the excellent website on astronomy in Middle Earth, Carnil is the Quenya name for Mars, Borgil the name for Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus the Bull. While Borgil should be visible at the times mentioned, I did not to check whether Carnil, being a planet, would be there as well.