A/N: Warning: This story will contain graphic depictions of violence, mature language, abuse and lemons in later chapters.


-A Swift Descent-

The world was no more than flashes of red, white and brown. My body wasn't my own as it was hurled violently from the air. The cold was unyielding, demanding in its presence.

As I fell I tried to reach out, tried to grip a surface or find something I could cling to. For a few seconds this was a fruitless endeavor. My fingers were bent backwards, and the wind rushing around me made movement impossible.

How long had I been falling? It felt like it could have been minutes, or hours. I couldn't watch the ground rush towards me, as my face was to the sky.

My fingers hit something violently. The smooth yet turbulent descent wavered as the force of my arm slowed my fall into more of a spiraling tumble.

The pain was extraordinary, but briefly lived. My back slammed into the earth, and the sensations disappeared as blackness consumed me.


I'm not sure how long I had laid there in the snow. My body couldn't remember how to move, or even that it should. The scene around me was pure chaos. Fire bloomed around me in small patches, eating whatever fuel it could find. But as a severe juxtaposition, I began to realize that the reason I was not consumed by flames, was the sheets of cripplingly cold snow and ice I lay on. It drenched the trees, the valley, and even the new wreckage around me.

My body began to push itself towards consciousness. It must have felt the hot and cold elements around me and decided I needed to be alert in this wilderness more than I needed to rest.

The first part of myself to awaken, almost it seemed to take inventory of damage, was the sensation of pain. I choked out a few gasps, my lips frozen and cracking from the movement. For those first few seconds pain was everywhere, raw and white hot.

As the seconds moved by, uncaring of my current situation, and a few icy breaths of air filled my lungs I was able to feel more precisely what I assumed had been either snapped, shattered, or frostbitten. My left hand, the one I had tried to slow my fall with, was definitely broken. I could feel my index finger bent nauseatingly far back. My left knee felt wet...and as I tried to move it...crunchy. My ribs were certainly bruised, if not cracked and the rest of my body I could assume had small cuts, as when I opened my eyes and tried to sit up, I was acutely aware of any movement that moved my skin, and stretched them open.

I was able to bend myself upwards in the snow. The blood around me frozen and unspreading. I tried to get up, knowing if nothing else being outside in nature in my current state was an invitation to death.

My knee screamed, my body begged me not to move. After a failed attempt where I fell back into the snow, I forced myself upright.

I looked around me. It was evening. The colors in the sky were a mix of white, gray, purple and blue. The sun beginning its descent.

For the rest of my life I will never forget that feeling. The first moment I realized I was utterly exposed, injured and more cold then I knew was possible.

I looked at the debris around me. Snarls of twisted metal, crates consumed by fire, plastic melted into stone, and ice steaming the closer the fire moved.

I looked around at the valley I seemed to have fallen in. It was tilted inward, bowled and curved into a small clearing. On the edge of the valley were hundreds of trees. Some bare and cracked, some huge and lush. On the north side of the clearing seemed to be a cave of some kind, small, but the only shelter to be seen.

I looked at my surroundings. Panic seemed to flood me. Where was I? Had I been in some sort of crash?

I wobbled forward , moving between each burst of fire and singed chunks of metal. I needed to stop the bleeding on my knee. A tourniquet. I looked inside an as of now, an unburned section of wreckage. My left hand useless and hanging beside me, I used my right to reach in-between what seemed to be a smashed suitcase and a large upturned leather seat. I took the suitcase in my intact hand, and moved towards the entrance of the cave.

The cave was dim, dark and foreboding. I didn't let myself consider the idea of a possible slumbering bear inside as I hauled my prize into its depths.

The lock was no more than a simple hook and loop and I easily pulled it free. Inside I found a pair of socks, two white button up shirts, a blazer, a pair of leather shoes, two gray slacks, a watch and a pack of cigarettes.

Seeing this made me look down at my own body. My jeans were torn, but still intact. My sweatshirt lay in ribbons above my t-shirt, the back completely exposed. My shoes were nowhere to be seen, and my socks were drenched and beginning to freeze.

I took a pair of slacks, tying them above my knee, not too tight, but enough to slow the bleeding I hoped. I donned the socks and the shoes, leaving my own in a sodden pile near the entrance.

Then I began to layer. I took nothing off, no matter how ragged unless it was frozen to my skin.

Once complete I leaned against the side of the cave. My head was pounding and my body although slightly warmer, still in agony.

I looked back out at the entrance.

That was the moment I realized. My mind finally cleared enough to take stock of my situation.

I didn't remember anything.

I covered my mouth in a deep sob as I leaned my full weight against the cool rock behind me.

"Fuck...oh...oh my…" My breath came out in bursts as I desperately tried to remember what happened, who I was, or what I was doing in the middle of a frozen wasteland.

My brown hair shielded my face from the world a moment, just long enough to let me feel the panic and heartbreak of being truly, undeniably alone.


This story has two main points of inspiration. The first is "The Long Dark" by Hinterland Studios. There are some elements of this story I am borrowing, but the premise is mine alone. This is a gorgeous, gripping and enchanting game. I highly recommend you play it.

The second is "Washed Up" By xrxdanixrx. I loved this story and the idea of amnesia came from reading. I encourage you all to read this wonderful story.

Stephanie Meyer is the sole owner of the Twilight Franchise, and she owns all related characters you may see here. This is merely a fanfiction of her work.