Chapter One

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The three Fates watched the Isle, having just cut another life string of a resident there. The poor dear couldn't have been more than five or six.

"Honestly," Clotho shook her head. "What's the point in me going through all the work to spin their life threads if we're just going to cut them in a few years anyway?"

"Well it's our job," Lachesis told her. "Just as it's Lord Hades' job to judge the souls that come to him. At least Beastie allowed him the ability to still run the Underworld. Imagine the state of things if his incompetent hench-imps were running things."

"Oh now they're not that bad," Clotho said. "Besides, Lady Persephone would probably be the one running things. Not to mention there are other judges. As well, Beastie brought villains back from the dead because he felt death too good for them."

That had been a fun conversation, when he had asked her to spin new life threads for the villains who had died by the hands of their respective heroes. She would have refused if Atropos hadn't reminded her that they were bound to do it.

"Besides, Beastie's dealt with a loved one having their life thread cut," Lachesis said and Clotho sighed. It was always tough to cut the threads of those who hadn't even had a chance to live yet.

"You know…" she said. "We could probably save ourselves a ton of work if we were to let Beastie know exactly what's happening on the Isle."

"Why would we do that? Besides his son's to take the throne in a month anyway," Atropos scoffed. "And if you say it'll give Lord Hades less work, why should we even care about that? We make the threads, we cut the threads, Hades judges the souls. It's how things have always worked since the dawn of time."

"He's always been so complimentary to us though—."

"Clotho, we're not supposed to reveal the future! The last time we did that, Hades kidnapped Zeus' bouncy baby brat!"

"Technically, that was his hench-imps. And we're also not supposed to make new threads for those who've died either but we did that at Beastie's behest. What would be the harm in gathering a few people and letting them see what the Isle's truly like?"

On top of that, Lord Hades would be able to have people know the truth about his daughter. Oh just because it wasn't in the registry didn't mean the Fates didn't know who his elder child was. They had made her life thread after all, and they had seen the moment it had turned bright gold.

Just as his other child's had.

"Oh alright," Atropos sighed. "Gather them up, have them read a book for all I care! But if this ends poorly, I won't be to blame!"

Clotho nodded and pulled out their shared eyeball, holding it up so that it floated in midair. Spinning around, it glowed bright before the light enveloped the room. When it faded, the lair of the Fates was now a cozy living area with a couple of sofas, a few beanbag chairs and a dog bed.

It was also filled with a lot more people than had currently been there.

"Uma! Harry!" A purple haired girl exclaimed, rushing toward a teal haired and a black haired teen around her age. She was followed by a taller boy who was wearing a red beanie on his raven hair. A blue haired girl and a black and white haired boy lingered off to the side.

"Mal!" Uma grinned. "Gods cuz, you're acting like it's been a month since we saw you!"

"Shut it," Mal chuckled and hugged her cousin.

"I'm sorry, cousin?" Hercules asked and the two Godlings broke their hug in shock at hearing his voice. Sure enough they were not alone.

"That's right, Wonderbreath, cousin," Mal nodded, crossing her arms over her chest. "Not like any of you Olympians cared to check on that did you?"


"Hades!" Zeus exclaimed, his face darkening in rage as he cut off whatever Hercules was going to say. "What's the meaning of this?!"

Hades chuckled as he walked over to his daughter. "For once, Zeus, not my doing. Mal, did you—?"

"I have no idea what's going on dad," Mal promised.


"Hey Storm Cloud," Mal grinned as a smaller boy came rushing up to her and enveloped her in a hug, not noticing Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and Demeter's look of astonishment. The boy was quickly followed by a brunette woman who was gathered up in a hug by Hades. "Hey mom."

Everyone paused. "Um…did she just say mom?"

"Chip!" A brunett boy grinned and came bounding over to the dirty blond older man. "What're you doing here?"

"I think that's a question better suited for everyone Benji," Chip chuckled as he hugged his surrogate brother as Ben's parents came rushing over. "But my first question still stands. I thought you were inviting the daughter of Maleficent."

Mal rolled her eyes. "As I told Prince Beastie over there before we were enveloped in a bright light and brought here, Maleficent's daughter's been dead for years. But my parents didn't want his invitation to go to waste so I came instead."

"Oh honestly, you really expect us to believe that lie?"

"There's no reason for her to lie Audrey," Ben said, looking over at the brunette girl.

"But Bennyboo—!"

Whatever Audrey was about to say was cut off as she stared at the three headed dog that had come trotting up to Mal.

"Oh wow!" Ben grinned. "That's so cool!"

"And we've lost him," one of the other boys who were in attendance shook his head.

"Yeah, show Ben a mythological creature and he's useless for the rest of the day," the other boy chuckled. "Hey Akiho, think of it this way. At least it's not a dragon."

"That's a good point Emir."

The two boys' families shook their heads in amusement.

"He's mine," Mal told Ben, looking at him with a bit of uncertainty in her features. As if she wasn't sure what his motive was.

"Can I?"

"Go for it."

Ben grinned and bent down to pet the dog. "Oh, you're such a good boy! I bet you're a smart one too!"

"Ben, get away from it! It might attack you!"

"Honestly Audrey, you're freaking out over a three headed dog. Lord Hades is right there, I doubt Ben's in any danger," the boy next to her shook his head.

The Cerberus looked over at Audrey and snorted before licking Ben's hand gently with its right hand, as if proving a point that there was no threat to Ben.

"Good boy Estelle," Mal said softly, bending down to pet her dog.

"You know French?" Ben asked with a small grin.

"Yeah, I mean I speak a little but not enough to be fluent…you do too?"

"Dad's kingdom was in France. I'm bilingual," he explained.

Hades shook his head. "As fascinating as this all is, why exactly are we all here? I mean, being off the Isle is great and all but being this close to Zeus after so many years—."

"That would be our doing Lord Hades," Clotho spoke up and everyone jumped slightly at their voice.

"Ah, ladies," Hades said with a grin as Persephone rolled her eyes in amusement. "How can we help you today?"

"For twenty years precisely, Auradon has grown ever so nicely."

"Oy, verse," Hades muttered causing Mal, Hadie, and Uma to chuckle slightly while Jay and Harry smirked in amusement.

"But while the royals looked away, the Isle began to wither and decay."

"What?!" Belle gasped, her hands flying to her mouth.

"Should you ignore the answers at your feet, the death count will only but increase."

"That last bit didn't exactly rhyme," Hades said as the three Fates vanished in their eyeball, leaving only a series of scrolls tied in purple, teal, blue, red, gold, and orange ribbons.

"What?!" The Auradon contingent exclaimed.

"Death count?!"

"What in the world did they mean by that?"

"Seriously Bennyboo, get away from that vicious creature!"

Everyone turned to look at Audrey in shock or embarrassment.

"Audrey, dear, Prince Ben is perfectly fine," Aurora told her, more than a little shocked at what her daughter was focusing on. "Perhaps it would be a good idea to focus on the bigger issue."

"That's right," Beast nodded before Audrey could make another comment. "A death count?"

"You all have death in Boreadon, I'm sure you know what the words mean," Hades scoffed. "And I don't know why you're acting like we have all the answers. The Fates just left us the information you all are asking for. We might as well read it."

"What about refreshments? They can't expect us to be here the whole time," an older woman next to Aurora sniffed. "Some of us have kingdoms to run."

"And Lord Hades has the Underworld to run, Queen Leah. He knows the importance of all of us returning to our jobs," Snow White stated with a kind smile. "But if all we need to do to go back home is read, I see no harm in that."

"I agree Queen Snow," Ben nodded. "Who would like to read first?"

"To prevent an argument between you and your mother, I'll read first," Chip chuckled and picked up the first scroll, one tied with a purple ribbon. "I'm assuming this one is first one. There're no labels so if it's not, there'll be spoilers."

"Well there's only one way to find out," Ben said, trying to hide the frown that had formed when he realized that the AKs and the VKs had split off into their own groups. Even the adults from both the Isle and Auradon had split off as well. Ben hoped that everyone could get along and merge together soon.

It was probably just the stress of being pulled into something by the Fates.


Those in the reading: Mal, Hadie, Persephone, Hades, Estelle, Ben, Beast, Belle, Chip, Akiho, Anna, Kristoff, Emir, Aziz, Ashaki, Aladdin, Jasmine, Macaria, Hyllus, Herkie, Hercules, Meg, Zeus, Hera, Uma, Poseidon, Elle, Melody, Ariel, Eric, Emma, Neal, Snow White, David, Audrey, Phillip Jr., Aurora, Phillip Sr., Leah, Harry Hook, Jay.