Title: Ceremonies

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Spoilers: none

Distribution: If you want it, take it and let me know where.

Disclaimer: Everything from Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Star Wars belongs to George Lucas. Everything else comes from my mind.

Summary: The ceremony to put Warriors in active duty.

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{Voice in Xander's Head}

[Xander's reply]

The waiting was killing him. Xander sat in a small room off the main lobby of the hall used to initiate the snake warriors and the wait for the other warrior to show up was driving him nuts.

{Calm down. It takes awhile to get from Ben's office to the main hall.}

Just when Xander was about to reply, Ben and the other warrior came in. She was as tall as Xander, with short, spiky red hair, blue eyes, rimless glasses and wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans.

"Xander this is Spyder. Spyder, this is Xander." Ben introduced.


"It's my given name. My parent's favorite holiday is Halloween and my dad suggested calling me Sypder Rose and my mom liked the idea."

Music started and Ben led the two snake warriors up a long aisle.

"Does this remind you of something?" Sypder whispered in Xander's ear.

"Yeah, the end part of Star Wars." Xander replied.

{Never thought about it that way, but you're right. The main difference is Leia put a medal around their necks; Heather is going to give you a tattoo on the small of your back. They don't warn you but the mark is going to hurt.}

They reached the foot of stairs and a platform and stopped. Ben moved to the side and a woman with black hair with gray streaks came down with a scary looking tool in her hand.

"Who wants to be marked first?"

"Mark Xander first so he can get it over with." Spyder suggested.

Xander braced himself and Melissa was right, it did hurt like hell to have a tattoo there. He was relieved when she moved over to Spyder. When she finished he looked over and saw a sword with a snake wrapped around it on the small of Spyder's back.

He became bored listening to her speech about the long line of the snake warriors and their history.

[This is as boring as listening to Giles drone on about Slayers.]

{I'll agree with that. It seems like people in power just like to talk and talk and talk.}

[What happens after this?]

{Spyder will receive her first assignment and I'm not sure what they'll want to do with you.}