The end of the school year will always be one of Kurenai's favorite periods. Contrary to general belief, the most advanced teacher did not need to concern themselves with the high number of exams they had to grade. Assistant teachers were indeed useful.

But it was not the main reason for the teacher's happiness. With Hinata having completed her last exam earlier that afternoon, her role as the girl's personal mentor was officially over.

All her hard work had finally paid off. She had transformed the shy and meek girl entrusted to her by her father ,into a proper and level headed heiress of the esteemed Hyuga family.

Now that everything was well and truly over with, nothing would stop her from indulging in her every whim, and particularly something that she had wanted to do ever since that fateful night.

Being the perfectionist that she was, she did not want the assiduous work that she accomplished with the young woman to be stained with a failing grade for her final exam.

The same girl who was currently thanking her profusely for everything that she had done for her for the past three years. Indeed, despite Hinata's firm decision to pursue Naruto while fully knowing that he was currently in a relationship, Hinata was still coming to her for advice and counselling regarding her schoolwork or her father's industry as if nothing happened.

In the meantime, the red eyed beauty knew that Hinata was still visiting Naruto, yet contrary to the first time, she did not see her now ex-protegee as a potential threat. After all, while Hinata was patiently waiting for Naruto to pay attention to her, he was either too busy filling her inside or glazing her body with his thick, steaming load.

She often surprised herself with how much her body craved for him, actively sought him out and begged to be domesticated by his veiny pillar of flesh. Ever since she took it upon herself to make it so that his throbbing cock would not feel at home anywhere else but inside her moist tunnel, they had fallen to a whole new level of depravity.

Kurenai did not want to brag, but she knew exactly how to push his button, how to make it so that he no longer saw her as his loving and mature girlfriend, but as a sow whose holes would always be ready to be pounded mercilessly, his private porn star.

As she reminisced about it, her red pupil dilated as her body remembered how her constant teasing had let to a whole new experience that her body was still getting used to. It had come to the point that each time that she was in his presence, her nether region clenched on itself, her swollen pussy lips letting slip by her hot cunt slime, cunt drooling in anticipation of the most delicious meat that it had ever tasted.

At the end of the day, her sexual organ would never be able to forget the countless times the sinful words she loved to whisper in her ears, enticing him to forget all restriction and breed her had led to her passing out with her man eating cunt gaping wide open.

In fact it had become a certainty at this point: her baby chamber would no longer open to anyone but Naruto. It's not even a question of her not wanting to, it had just been physically pounded into her body. Her entire body recognized Naruto, and only him, as her breeder.

To put it simply, ever since she decided to mark Naruto has hers, they no longer make love, they fuck...hard.

Despite everything, she knew that no self respecting woman, let alone a mother, a role model for her child and so many other women would let anyone treat them like she was, let alone get off of it.

Even Anko, who was one of the most promiscuous women that she knew, might not even accept to shed her dignity like she oh so loved to do. But she did not blame them. They could not know how amazing it feels to forget all responsibility, all common sense, and to be treated like a whore whose sole purpose in life was to be bred.

Unfortunately for them, they would never experience it. Naruto was hers and hers alone. And even if they somehow managed to go to second base with Naruto, Kurenai will make sure that they would be sucking the taste of her pussy off his cock.

The buzzing of her phone on her table breaks her out of her though. The soon to be graduate in her office did not seem to notice it as she continued to express her gratitude.

Glancing down at her phone, she looked at the message that her lover had just sent her, and her lips slightly curved upward. She crossed her leg in a futile attempt to sate the growing needs in her lower body before trying to focus on what the young woman was babbling about.

To be honest, she barely remembered what was being said to her, but that was beside the point.

Craning her neck while running her finger through her hair, her eyes focused on the Hyuga heiress with a small smile.

"Hinata" she interrupted the young woman, who abruptly stopped her rambling and focused on her mother figure.

"Why don't you come over tonight? We could properly celebrate your graduation back at my place." she asked with a sweet smile

I have one last lesson to teach you

-Kurenai's rebirthing-

In the confines of her bedroom, with one knee on the cushioned stool, her other leg standing straight, Kurenai was putting on the final touch of her make-up for the evening. Trading off her usual red lipstick, she opted for a dark black lip gloss for the special occasion. A lipstick would have been too sophisticated and classy for what she was about to do.

A lip gloss on the other hand, in addition to giving her cock sucking lips a fuller texture, it tends to come off a lot easier smearing any object or organ that her pretty little mouth comes in contact with be it a glass, another pair of lips.. a girthy veiny cock or even a set of balls producing a hefty amount of semen ready to inseminate her.

As she looked at her fit body through her reflection in the mirror, she was no longer seeing Kurenai Yuhi, the genius scholar, caring teacher and role model. The vixen looking back at her had nothing of those traits. Her cheeks were already flushed several shades of red , her gaze vacant as her breathing came out in short heavy breath.

Placing her pinky into her mouth and lightly biting her nail coated with a dark nail polish, she released a shuddering sigh full of excitement almost comparable to the purr of an animal in heat. It was only a matter of seconds now before the unsuspecting Naruto arrived, yet her core was already relentless, the increased blood flow to her sexual organs causing her lower lips to swell and moisten. She was drunk with lust.

Her chosen underwear was already wasted, but thinking back on it it did not change much. Her "dress" mostly consisted of a high waist g-string, whose lace was already drenched with her juice and a hugging her mother bearing waist and a matching open cup bra whose sole purpose was to hug the contour of her ample chest, her hardened nipples fully exposed and to complete it all the newest addition to her wardrobe, a black choker.

The whole neighborhood already knew the name of the one owning her, but tonight there was one last individual who needed to hear it. The one peacefully slumbering in the guest room adjacent to her own, the one that she had entertained earlier that evening … the one who should have known better than to mess around with her lover.

Kurenai knew that said lover would not be able to flat out reject the younger woman and convincing him to do so would have been a pointless endeavor. He was sometimes too kind for his own good. She on the other hand did not have those reservations.

What he does not know would not hurt him right?

The vibration of her phone on her makeup vanity momentarily snapped her out of her daze. The incoming message from Naruto announcing his arrival made a coy delighted her, a whole body shivering in anticipation.

As she heard the telltale signs of the front door of her house unlocking, she chanced a look at a box resting on the table. The same box containing the contraceptive pills that she had dutifully taken those past years.

Her ears picked up the sound of Naruto taking the stairs to join her on the second floor of her house. With a coy smile, and a last look at herself in the mirror, she stood to her full size, accentuated by the black fuck me heels on her foot. Grabbing the box of pills she headed for the door to her room.

Her professional attire long gone, with each step taken her meaty and firm ass swung from side to side, the only sound echoing in her dimly lit room being the sound of heels on the floor. Right before exiting her room, she threw away the last barrier that she had to protect her eggs from being fertilized in the trash can.

She was on a hunt, sending a mating call to her breeder, and as she entered the corridor, her lover on the other side of it, she realised that there was no need to even question it.

He stood there speechless, raping her with his eyes and taking in her full sinful body. She, on the other hand, had her gaze focused on only one thing: the growing bulge stretching out the fabric of his jeans, raging to be freed from his confines. She was transfixed by it, heart beating tremendously, pussy drooling with wanton lust, aching to be fucked.

Her swollen clit throbbing and she could feel each pulse reverberating in her body. Her nipples were hard and the only thought in her mind was to be filled and stretched out until she passed out.

The usually long corridor seems to be unexpectedly shorter in their clouded mind as they approach each other, before finally converging right next to the door of the sleeping heiress.

His hand trembled slightly, trying his hardest to contain his ardor, reluctant to touch her burning frame. He was slowly losing his battle as his hand clasped her succulent butt cheeks.

That sole contact was enough to send a shiver down her spine.

"Is Mirai here?" He managed to whisper out, desire lacing his every word.

Of course he would be worried about this, but while being well aware of the answer, Kurenai decided to play coy.

Her hand palmed his scorching length through his pants, lightly pumping it. Her high heels allowing her to be leveled at him, her dark, sultry lips kissed his exposed collar, starting to mark her territory.

"What would happen if I said yes?" She questioned back.

The grip on her buttocks increased in answer, as he brought her body closer to him with his leg pressing her core pressed against his erection.

"Then she will no longer be able to see you as her mother" he growled.

Her breath hitched from the sinful promise, a salacious smile dancing on her lips. She was playing with fire, but she wanted to be burned.

"And if I say no?" She teased again.

In an instant she was pinned chest first against the guest room's door and despite the rough treatment the smile never left her face.

Naruto simultaneously unzipped his pants, his rigid cock humping against the vixen deep sweaty, fat crack, humping his erection leaving a tray of his sticky precum between the valley of her ass.

There it was, she had craved for it all day long, her pussy salivating for this very moment when it will finally be claimed again.

It was too much for her, she needed him to wreck her at this very instant, and she planned on letting him know.

With her whole body flushed against the door, crimson eyes glance back to her lover with a single request.

"Naruto.." she called out. Once she was sure that she had her full attention, she finished.

"...Make it gape"

The effect was immediate, heavily breathing through his nostril like a beast , Naruto adjusted his hips so that his throbbing head was squishing her fat lips.

She had expected him to push it in one go, but he did the complete opposite and she would not complain.

His mushroom head penetrated her in a slow push, her core instantly clamping hard on it as if it did not want to let it go. Still, he subjugated it, making it spread open, granting it deeper access.

The sound of her squishing wet tunnel with every inch of his veiny rod stretching her was drowned out by an extended whine of pleasure growing in volume the farthest he bottomed out inside of her.

Her legs were already shaking from pleasure, her knee almost failing her. Yet she did not have to worry as when he finally reached out her deepest depth, her cervix entrance wrapping against his bulbous head, their body was almost fused together.

Sandwiched between the door and her lover, her nipples firmly pressed against the wooden door, a deafening well slipped out of her mouth as she convulsed orgasmicly.

However, despite the stimuli of her siren voice, Naruto held still, not moving from his position sheathed in her deepest place.

The prelude of his total dominance over her.

"You're going to hate how much you love it" was the only warning Naruto gave her, before beginning his relentless assault.

Forcefully pulled out of her, her tight hole being forced to obey his will, her throbbing tunnel automatically saddened by it lost.

One second it was desperately clamping on itself and without a moment's notice her steaming depth was once again speared to its core by her eager bull.

It was already her second orgasm of the night, this one even more mind numbing than the previous one. The sudden penetration, making her claw at the door, her juicy ass rippling and spine dipping in from the intense pleasure.

She felt his strong arms slightly pulling her away from the door, taking a firm hold of her full breast in his palm. He squeezed her nipple, toying with them, pulling them. Her entire body was at his mercy. As it should.

Her ears rang with the slapping of her ruined holes gaping wetly as he bred her to his heart's content.

There was no need to fake her moans with him, whether she wanted it or not, she would inevitably release those sinful sounds. Even more so with her previous student in her house.

Kurenai made sure to spell out the name of the one dominating her with her sultry wail. Hinata's beloved Naruto-kun might not be aware of her presence in the house, but at this point Hinata was surely aware of it.

The sound of hips harshly slapping against flesh was deafening, more so than the sound of two bodies impacting against the door.

Naruto breathing grew more jagged, more eager, indicating his incoming release. Her juice never stopped splashing out of her core and she too was close from her orgasm.

To encourage him in his venture, she did the only thing that she was currently able to, to provide him with more pleasure. She clench down hard on him, her inner body acting like a second mouth, and like her upper one, it was dying to be fed his baby batter,

Her attempt appeared to be successful, as the onslaught on her pussy stopped. Naruto's ragged breath was strained. And she knew why,

He wanted to paint her entire body with his seed.

She wanted to be impregnated.

Naruto tried to pull back, but she felt the pumping blood running through his shaft, his precum already leaking out.

She knew that he could completely overpower her and normally, she would not put up any kind of resistance that drove her crazy.

But at this very moment, she knew that she could not let him pull back.

Her womb was on fire,already, it wanted to be filled with his hefty white seed, devouring every last drop.

He was already halfway out of her moist tunnel, when she found the necessary strength to push her ass back to his pelvis.

Naruto managed to groan out her name, but Kurenai was relentless.

Soon enough, her ass was flushed against his base, once again being smothered by her womb.

Both of them were shuddering from their effort, Kurenai's glistening body almost shining in the dark.

In a rare moment of dominance against her lover, Kurenai drew a long pleasuring sigh, looking straight at the door she gave her command loud and clear.

"Let it out... " a coy smile appeared on her lips as she finished "...Na-ru-to-kun~"

The flood gate was released as her baby chamber was filled to the brim, as he emptied his churning balls inside her.

She never lost the salacious smile on her face as she closed her eyes, enraptured by the feeling of lumps of sperm enlarging his shaft as they made their way out of his penis, and chasing her ovaries.

Before long, the mixture of their combined juice overflowed from her stuffed core, dropping down between her parted legs.

Moments later, her knee could no longer support her weight and she fell down to the floor facing the closed door.

During a short period of time, neither of them spoke, taking a small break from their mating session. She knew that it was far from over.

Slightly turning her face towards her lover, she saw him looking at her with the eyes of a beast, his erection strong and imposing, not having lost an inch of his excitement, and she could not ask for more.

Still on the floor, she positioned herself so she could face the object of her desire, on all four. Her brief period of control gone, she inhaled the musky scent emanating from him before parting her glossed lips and worshipping his balls, like she had initially planned to do, alternating between each sperm factory, peppering it with kisses and branding them as hers while looking straight in the eyes of her owner.

When she was finally satisfied with her work, she released her threats with a soft pop, they were dripping with her saliva and her kiss marks, their salty taste well cemented in her mouth.

However, Naruto was not yet satisfied. Taking a fist full of her black mane in his head, he applied a small pressure on her scalp, lifting her head and making her sit upright on her knees.

From this position, he could drink in her entire sweaty body, from her rising chest to her toned stomach and finally those thick hips of hers.

Judging by the constant twitching of his raging boner, he seemed to approve of her current state.

But she knew what she had to do. She had to appease him for opposing his wish and while she did not regret her decision, he needed proof of her submission.

At her current height, she was now at the same level as the head of his towering cock. In a sign of complete surrender, she let her arms dangle from her side, red eyes meeting darkened ocean blue, she mashed her pouty lips against his bulging head, kissing it long and hard with the utmost devotion.

When she detached her flattened lips from his rock hard head, she did it slowly, a stray of saliva still connecting her from it. Dipping down her head from the top, she descended to his base, her hot tongue connecting to it with a small pleasure, licking his entire pulsing length from the base to its head.

She repeated that process for a short while until Naruto seemed to be satisfied with her display. Nevertheless, it did not mean that he was done with her. Far from it.

Taking her by the hand, he dragged her down toward her room, Kurenai trying to follow as best as she could.

That was, before they were close to her destination and her ears picked up the sound of her guest room creaking open.

She knew that she was being petty, but after coming this far, why not do it until the end?

"Naruto-kun" she called out to her lover who stopped at the threshold of her room. As soon as he turned his head around , a pair of luscious lips attached themselves to his. He had been surprised at first, but instinctively answered by slipping her tongue in her mouth, easily dominating her.

That kiss was everything that she wished for and more as she managed to drape her arms around her lover's head, shifting their position. For a brief instant red eye, connected with disheartened pale ones. She smiled through her lover's kisses.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

That night she did not close her door, letting her wanton moan filled every single room of her house

When morning came, Hinata was nowhere to be seen.


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