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Gus was sat in the sixth row of the movie theatre. He had gotten there early to get the perfect seat for the triple feature of Alfred Hitchcock films. Three of his favourite films, 'The Birds', 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' and finally, 'Psycho'. It was the type of movie that Shawn would usually drag him to, but alas no more. The movie was currently half way through 'Psycho' and the entire theatre jumped in unison. Gus included and knocked the woman sat next to him, causing her soda to spill on her white blouse. She turned to Gus angrily,


"I'm so sorry" Gus blubbered nervously, trying to use the napkin to collect the fluid.

"You idiot" she huffed under her breath as she made way to the bathroom, forcing the other people in the row to push her past with angry groans.

Gus clambered over the seats the follow her out of the movie theatre.

"I'm so sorry, will you let me replace that?" Gus called after her.

The woman paused by the entrance to the restroom, "You better" she insisted, still not happy.

Gus approached the lady behind the counter. She looked in her early twenties and had a bright smile. She smiled at Gus before obviously glancing in the direction of the restroom.

"Oops" she whispered to him, a small smile on her face, that threatened to turn into a grin at any moment,

Gus smiled apologetically, "It was an accident"

The woman laughed and grabbed a cup, she started filling it with the raspberry flavoured slushy as she didn't need instruction after having witnessed the massive blue stain on the woman's blouse.

"That will be $2.80 then please" she smiled.

Gus handed over a five dollar note and informed her to keep the change.

The woman smiled and handed the slushy to the woman who had just come out of the restroom. She grabbed it without a word and marched back into the theatre. The massive stain still residing on her blouse.

Gus frowned and glanced back at the woman behind the counter, silently commenting on the woman's behaviour before slowly following her into the theatre. Gus hated nothing more when people arrived at the theatre late and blocked his view to the big screen however he did not mind being that person as he made the entire row move to watch the end of the movie. This action did not go unnoticed as someone spotted him as he made his way back to his seat and began tutting him.

The movie finished and everyone started pouring out of the movie theatre. Gus was one of the last to leave as he always waited until the very end of the credits. Another gentlemen sat at the back of the theatre did the same, however his eyes never wavered from the back of Gus' shiny head.

"Gus!" A voice blared out. Gus jumped startled and the man at the back of the theatre stood up with a big smile on his face.

Gus frowned confused, "Mary?"

Gus walked over to him and gave a small smile as a greeting. "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you" he replied cryptically before leading Gus out of the theatre.

"Well I was looking for Shawn actually but I don't have a clue where he got to. But I have something very important to tell you" he said, not blinking.

Gus sighed, ready to hear him out but from knowing Mary in the past, the words out of his mouth were often unreliable and far fetched.

Gus' interest was piqued however when Mary reached into his jacket and pulled out a hardback book copy of Yang's book.

"It doesn't make sense. None of it does. There is no way that Yang could have set everything up the way she did. It's been puzzling me ever since we caught her and her timings are impossible. Impossible unless…. She had a partner" he stated definitively.

Gus' eyes widened, "You think there is a Yin"

"A Yin to her Yang, yes" Mary nodded his face absolutely sure. "It's the only way this makes sense"

Gus frowned troubled .

"Surely you have some way to contact Shawn? He needs to know, I doubt this is over" Mary pushed.

Frustrated, Gus sighed. " I haven't seen Shawn in months"

This meant nothing to Mary obviously as he kept pushing. " Surely he gave you something in case of emergency?"

Gus shook his head. "Look, I'll speak to Henry but that's all I can do. I'll see you later Mary"

Mary watched Gus leave with a blank expression, inherently knowing that things were about to get sour.

When Gus went home that night, Mary's words were ringing in his ears. Gus found his copy of the book and began reading. Trying to create a timeline in his head of the events that had passed. It was something he never did at the beginning, the events to fresh in his mind to think of in perspective but it seemed like sleep would never claim him until he had managed to eliminate the doubt in his mind that Mary had implanted. Once he had everything on paper written out infront of him he started to doubt his own memory.

Gus stared at his phone, his finger over the call button. Deciding to just do it he pressed the screen and held his phone to his ear.

"This is O'Hara"

"Juliet hi, it's Gus."

"Gus? It's been a while, is everything ok?"

"Yeah. Sorry to disturb you so late, are you at the station?"

"Yeah I am, today has been none stop paperwork. What can I help you with?"

"Can you look up the exact time that we arrived at the drive to catch Yang?"

"What? Sure ok, give me a sec… 11:26 according to the report. What's going on?"

"It's just something Mary said to me today. I'm sure it's nothing though. Goodnight Juliet"

"Goodnight Gus, It was good to hear from you"

The line cut off and Gus sat frozen to his seat. Mary was right. Arriving at 11:26, there was no way that Yang would have enough time to improvise setting up the laser, take out the guard and wire Shawn's mom up with explosives… and she was eating popcorn.


The next morning was Sunday and the first thing Gus did was drive to Henry's house. The roads were relatively clear and Gus arrived bright and early at nine o'clock, knowing that Henry would have been awake many hours prior. Gus held the book in front of him, the one with the title 'Yang, The Whole Story. From Serial Dater to Serial Killer. How Murder Kept Me Skinny".

He strode up to the door and boldly knocked, moments later Henry opened the door. His eyebrows raised when he saw Gus but his shoulders dropped the moment he saw the cover of the book.

"Come on in" Henry said, turning his back to Gus and heading straight into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Gus followed and sat down on Henry's sofa, his eyes on the book.

"Mary Lightly found me yesterday"

Henry frowned, "The consult for the Yang case"

Gus nodded.

"He believes that Yang has a partner"

Henry almost laughed in a nervous disbelief. "Not possible, that case is over"

"I was reading this all night and he's right. It doesn't make sense. There is no way that she could have done everything without help. I checked with Juliet last night, we arrived at the drive in at 11:26. That didn't leave Yang enough time to set Maddie up with explosives and knock out the guard. She can't have been working alone"

"I suppose it is possible" Henry conceded begrudgingly.

Gus nodded, "He wanted me to get in contact with Shawn but I've heard nothing from him in months"

"I've not heard anything either" Henry admitted, his attention focused else where when a blinding blue light of a police car flashed by and parked right outside his house.

"What the…" Henry exclaimed as he marched to his front door and approached the police officers as they excited their vehicle. Gus followed, running after him.

"What's going on?" Henry asked but his voice trailed away at the end. There was a young girl lying on the beach in front of his house. Dead.

"Henry" it was a very familiar voice. It was the Chief along with Juliet and Lassiter.

Henry and Gus watched silently as the detectives cordoned off the area. Luckily, due to the early hour there were not many bystanders to gape in horror. Gus and Henry followed the detectives as they made their way closer to the body. The young woman has been obviously strangled, the bruising around her neck had turned a deep purple. The body was still warm, it was like she had been dumped like a sack of potatoes, but dumped in a way that…

"Oh my God" Henry exclaimed, being the first to see it.

"Henry? What is it?"

"Look at the way the body is positioned with those rocks" Henry spoke quietly. He couldn't believe this was happening again.

It was the Yin Yang symbol.

"This can't be" Lassiter exclaimed, "We locked her up"

Juliet shared a glance with Gus who nodded and spoke up, "I think she had a partner, a Yin"

"Do we have an ID on the body yet?" The Chief called out to Buzz who was stood nearby behind her with a notepad and pen.

"Not yet Chief" he answered.

"I know who she is, Chief" All eyes were on Gus, "She served me my slushie"


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