Weekenders In High School (WIH): The Dance

Note: As much as I'd like to I can't make this series go on the traditional FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY format, because some of the stories have to take place in school. Sorry.

(Grayed out background)

TINO: Hey hey! Tino here! Well, the first day of high school starts tomorrow and guess who is SUPER psyched? If you guessed EVERYBODY but me. Ding ding ding.

(Colored in background, Tino is hanging out at Carver's house with three of his friends. Bet you can't guess who!!!)

CARVER: Man, high school is going to be so sweet. Some major changes will be MADE!

TISH: How do you mean?

CARVER: We'll be cool!!!

LOR: Why, exactly? We weren't cool in 8th Grade, why would that suddenly change?

CARVER: You're not using your head, Lor.

TINO: Lor, not using her head. Get out.

LOR: I hope that wasn't an insult.

TINO: Keep hoping then. What's your big plan, Carver?

CARVER: Look, we're not cool with the cool kids from our middle school. But THREE different middle schools are going to be at our high school, that's a whole group of cool kids who will not know us, and thus not know that we never used to be cool. I say we go in there Monday, and razzle-dazzle them.

LOR: How, exactly?

CARVER: NEW SHOWS!!!! Check'm (reveals some new shoes) Ultrahighpowertopdeluxes, out only four days! If you hurry now you can get to the store before it closes!

TISH: Carver. how much did those cost?

CARVER: I'm surprised at you Tish. Since when have you put MONEY before SHOES?

TISH: Um. always.

LOR: Look, your shoe plan is ridiculous anyways. You know who're cool in high school? Jocks! Let's be jocks!

TISH: You're the only one who's good enough to enough to at sports to be a jock, and you're a girl, and girljocks would not be cool.

LOR: Why not?

TINO: Have you ever seen those magazines with the bodybuilder women on them?

LOR: Oh yeah! Those women are scary!

TINO: That's why they're not cool.

CARVER: I don't think they're that scary, in fact. some of'em are kinda hot.

TINO: Oh go. stare at your shoes. (Carver giggles and does so.)

TISH: You seem to be in a bad mood, Tino. Anything wrong?

TINO: Aren't you guys a little nervous? This is a BIG step going to high school.

TISH: Yes, but I believe we're all mature enough to handle it.

CARVER: Hey guys! Check it! When you run in these babies they make a hilarious squeakin' sound. (Does so)

TISH: Oh yes. The old "Disprove what Tish said by some stupid antic" routine. Aren't we getting a little redundant?

LOR: Not that redundant, usually I do the stupid antic.


MRS. TONITINI: Okay Tino. Dinner time.

TINO: Wait a second. that actually looks good, so logic dictates it must taste bad or smell even worse.

MRS. TONITINI: Relax, it's just pizza.

TINO: PIZZA! Alright! (Takes a piece and bites into it, then stops) Wait, good food? Either you're pitying me or trying to make me feel guilty.

MRS. TONITINI: The first one. I know you're nervous about high school.

TINO: Well. yeah. It's just such a big change, and no one else seems to get that. they're just looking at the fun aspects.

MRS. TONITINI: How DARE your friends be optimistic!

TINO: I know!

MRS. TONITINI: There are a lot of positive aspects of High School, lots of more activities and new people to meet! Did you know there's a dance on Friday?

TINO: A what?

MRS. TONITINI: A dance. It's a social function. in which people dance.

TINO: Oh god. More to worry about.

MRS. TONITINI: Well I think you should get to bed early, you do have a big day tomorrow.

TINO: What?!? Go to bed EARLY? When I could stay up dwelling on negative things? Aww, come on Mom!

(Monday Morning, TINO, CARVER and TISH are on the bus)

CARVER: So what is your first class?

TINO: Advanced English

TISH: Advanced Biology

CARVER: Man, I'm in Intermediate Algebra. What's after that?

TINO: Advanced Algebra

TISH: Advanced History.

CARVER: Argh! Intermediate English. Third?

TINO: French.

TISH: French. oh hey! Tino! We're in the same French class!

TINO: Alright! (they high five)

TISH: What about you Carver?

CARVER: CURSE YOU ESPANGOL! CURSE YOU! Here, let me see your schedules. (He grabs and looks at them.) Man, we got none of the same classes! This year's gonna suck! Why do you two have to be in Advanced? I'm just as advanced. (He hands the schedules back.)

TINO: Wait. Carver. what're you talking about? We both have Gym 7th period man.

CARVER: No we don't. Look, see you have Gym 7th and I have Gym 8th . Oh. I have it 7th too, I guess I counted lunch has two periods.

TISH: Why?

CARVER: 'Cause it's twice as important.

TINO: Oh yeah. just as advanced. So, where's Lor?

TISH: I told you last night Tino, she's coming in early for Track practice.

TINO: Oh right.

CARVER: Wait. what do you mean you "told him last night?" We didn't do anything last night.

TISH: On the phone.

CARVER: Why'd you guys talk on the phone?

TINO: We talk on the phone everynight.


TISH: I don't know. Sometimes Tino and I have a lot to talk about. Don't you and Lor talk on the phone a lot?

CARVER: No. But I guess that's because we're not in love.

(TISH rolls her eyes and TINO suddenly gets very nervous)

TINO: Hey! So how about cheese, eh? Isn't that. ya know. cool.

(TISH and CARVER regard TINO suspiciously)

(Lunch: TINO, CARVER, and LOR all grab their trays and sit down)

TINO: Anybody seen Tish?

LOR: I don't know, so then in Study Hall Thompson comes up to me and says "Hey Lor" and I'm so totally like "Yo!" and we talked the ENTIRE period 'cause I didn't have anything to study it being the first day and all and-


CARVER: Whoa! Relax, Tino. She has B Lunch remember? The rest of us have A, she's not in our lunch period.

TINO: Well, why wasn't I informed of this? We should call the school board, tell them to move her to A!

(CARVER and LOR stare)

TINO: 'Cause. I mean. ya know. It must be hard for Tish. her friends being in A Lunch and stuff. so. anybody want my cheese?

(CARVER and LOR look at each other and shrug and go back to normal conversation, yes, I know, kinda dumb of them to completely not be more suspicious of Tino, but this IS Carver and Lor we're talking about.)

(Gym class)

CARVER (dribbling a basketball): So, what about this dance situation? You got anybody in mind?

TINO: Nah. I was thinking I'd probably just go with Tish. or Lor.. Ya know, I don't want it to be too datey.

CARVER: That's cool.

TINO: What about you?

CARVER: Oh. I already got a date.

TINO: You what?!? Who?!?

CARVER: Oh! I didn't tell you! Well, you know Dixon's daughter Moira?

TINO: Yeah.

CARVER: Well she's a Sophmore here and she's in my Photography class so we were talking and I just asked her. Man, I had the hugest crush on her in middle school.

TINO: Well good for you man... You found a date, I'm happy for ya!

CARVER: You're jealous as hell, aren't you?

TINO: Oh yeah. But don't worry, it's not because of Moira or anything.

CARVER: Well I'd hope not. I mean, your Mom's boyfriend's daughter, isn't that incest?

TINO: Man! Carver! How many times do I have to go over the defintion of incest with you?!?!

(PERCY who has been walking by stops and looks at them after overhearing this.)

CARVER (to PERCY): Yeah. so I'm fascinated with incest? What's so wrong with that?

(MONDAY AFTER SCHOOL: TINO'S at his locker, LOR comes up to him.)

LOR: Hey! Tino! Get this! Guess who just asked TISH to the dance? BLUKE!

TINO: GET OUT! What did she say?

LOR: She said she couldn't because she was already going with someone. but I mean, she obviously just made it up to get out of going with Bluke.

TINO: Yeah, you're probably right.

LOR: Did you hear Carver's going with Dixon's daughter, Moira?

TINO: Yeah. Weird, huh?

LOR: Definitely.


TISH: Hey guys.

TINO: Hey, so Bluke asked you to the dance, eh?

TISH: Yeah, I mean. even though he's Bluke. I do kinda feel bad for him.

TINO: I don't blame you. So. ya know. Tish. I was thinking, why don't you and I just go to the dance together. ya know, so we can not have to worry about the whole dating thing.

TISH: Oh. well. um. see. I'm already kinda going with someone.

TINO: What? No you're not. You just said that because of Bluke.

TISH: No..

TINO: What?

LOR: Wait, who're you going with?

TISH: No. you guys'll be weird.

TINO: Weird?.. Why. would. we. be. weird. Just tell us.

TISH: I don't kno-


TISH: Oh, um. okay. it's. Colby..

(LOR bursts out laughing and slowly TINO begins to chuckle)

TISH: See. I told you guys would be weird, it's not that big of a deal..

TINO: No, I just. I mean. I thought you were being serious at first, is all.

TISH: What.?

LOR: Well. I mean. C'mon. Colby? Has he like. ever talked to you. ever? It's just a little hard to believe.

TISH: You think I'm lying?

TINO: Well. not so much lying as..

LOR: No. that is what it is.

TISH: Look! Just because you all seem to think I'm a huge loser doesn't mean everyone else necessarily does. I'll seeya around. (She storms off passing CARVER)

CARVER: Hey Tish..

TISH: Go to Hades. (She leaves)

CARVER: Hades?

TINO: Greek hell. Even in swearing Tish is tishy.. (he sighs)

CARVER: Well. what'd we do to piss off Tish now?

LOR: Well. apparently Tish is going to the dance with Colby



CARVER: WE'RE IN! If she starts going out with Colby, she'll become popular, and WE'LL become popular by association!

LOR: Well. I guess.

CARVER: It strikes me as odd though that Colby wouldn't go with Bree?

TINO: Well. aren't they cousins?

CARVER: Oh yeah! So now that WOULD be in-


CARVER: Hmm. Colby's cool. Bree's cool. they're related.. It must be a cool GENE.

TINO: What're we going to do? Tish can't go to the dance with COLBY!

LOR: Why not?

CARVER: My Dad was in the Marching Band in high school. I think that rules the whole Descartes family out.

TINO: Because he's a JERK! What with the leaning and the mocking and the. leaning. I mean, how can Tish not see that?

CARVER: Yet my Mom always talk to my sister about her old boyfriends, she's mentioned a lot of them.Maybe she was cool..

LOR: I think Tish must have a reason for going with him, and I mean, if he's become nice enough to even consider someone like Tish, no offense to her, than maybe he's better than we think. Whoa. How much sense DO I make? OH YEAH!

CARVER: But then would my un-cool Dad get together with my cool Mom. But hey! Tish is uncool and Colby's cool. So maybe it's an opposites attract kinda thing.

TINO: Yeah. I guess. (he sighs) Oh well.

CARVER: So if there's hope for Tish and my Dad, maybe there's hope for ME too! Thank you guys. You've helped a lot. I gotta go start acting UNcool. (He leaves)

TINO: Lor, you don't have a date do you?

LOR: No.

TINO: Want to just go together?

LOR: Yeah! That sounds great! God, everybody makes such a big deal about the dance thing. Don't worry, we'll have major fun! Cool!



LOR: Gghdhnsh.

THOMPSON: Hey, I was wondering. if you're not going with someone, do you want to go to the dance with me?

LOR: Nnno!!! I'm not going with anyone! That would be so cool!

THOMPSON: Want to get some pizza? A place called Mystic Pizza just opened up.

LOR: I'm there. Later. um. blonde friend. (LOR and THOMPSON leave.)

(TINO sighs.)

(Tuesday, Lunch)

CARVER: So, Tino, you only got a couple days left? Anything new in the "date" front?

TINO: Well...

LOR: Yeah, speaking of getting Pizza with Thompson Oberman, guess what I did last night?

CARVER: Whoa! Really!

LOR: Oh yeah! And then at the end of it he's like "Can I walk you home?" and I'm totally like "Sure!" and then when he was at the door he's like "So..." and I'm like "Yeah..." and he's like "Well... goodnight" and he kisses me ON THE LIPS!

CARVER: YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! OH MY GOD! LOR! The first one of us to kiss someone! I always thought it'd be me!

TINO: Yeah... um.... no.... nothing on the date front...

CARVER: How long was it for?

LOR: I don't know... Maybe 10 seconds?

TINO: But you know what, I decided romance isn't even important... I have decided I could better serve the world without concentrating on all that.

LOR: AND OH MY GOD! I was so scared that he was going to use his tongue or something, because I don't even know WHAT that's about, but I mean, it was fairly quick so that wasn't a problem, but like 6 of my brothers were looking out the window, so I was so totally embarassed but it was cool

CARVER: Well, I've read up on the subject, and I think 10 seconds, no tongue, is pretty standard.

TINO: Perhaps I could become a professional motivational speaker for loser kids who can't get dates and who's friends pay NO ATTENTION TO HIM!

LOR: Did you say something blonde friend?

CARVER: Okay, well, I'm going to go sit at Moira's table for a while, seeya in a bit.

LOR: Oh yeah! And Thompson told me to meet him by the soda machines. Later days. (They both go)

TINO: It's okay. friends are for wimps. I've got my sandwich.

(A giggling red-haired, short girl walks up to Tino)

GIGGLING, RED-HAIRED, SHORT, AND FAIRLY PRETTY GIRL: Um. Hi Tino. I was wondering if you'd want to go to the dance with me?

TINO: Um. not to sound rude or anything. but who are you?

GIGGLING, RED-HAIRED, SHORT AND FAIRLY PRETTY GIRL: Oh, I'm Tracy, I'm in your French class, remember?

TINO: Oh! Um.. yeah. Well. sure.. I guess that'd be cool.

TRACY: Okay! Great! Um. hehehe, I gotta go, I'll talk to you in French tomorrow.


TINO: ALRIGHT! I got a date with a GIRL!!!! Sure. I don't really know her. but I mean, that's what high school is all about, right? Getting to know new people? Plus, I mean, she's fairly pretty. in a giggling, red-haired, short girl kinda way.

(TUESDAY AFTERNOON: MYSTIC PIZZA) [Note: Mystic Pizza is the name of a movie I've never seen before]


TINO: So, I got a date to the dance!

CARVER: Good for you man.

LOR: Score.

TISH: Who is she?

TINO: Oh it's that girl from our French class, Tracy.

TISH: Oh. um. I think I know who you're talking about. Well. good for you.

CARVER: Yeah! Well, I'm gonna go meet Moira and some of her sophmore friends. HA! How cool am I?

TINO: Oh, I got to meet Tracy and some of her. freshman friends.

TISH: Oh you're hanging out with her and her friends now?

TINO: Why. jealous?

TISH: .Um. I was talking to Carver.

TINO: ...I know.

(TUESDAY EARLY EVENING, TINO'S HOUSE. TINO watches TV, doorbell rings, TINO answers it)

CARVER: Hey man. What're you doing here? . Moira forgot she had an orthodontist appointment and so I had nothing to do and was just going to drop off that basketball you lent me, but did you have plans with that Tracy girl?

TINO: No, I've only talked to her once, and that was when she asked me to the dance.

CARVER: Why'd you lie.?

TINO: Because I wanted to seem cooler in front of Tish.

CARVER: Why in front of Tish?

TINO: What? Oh. we haven't gotten that far yet. Um, I like Tish.

CARVER: Oh! I see. Well. best of luck with that.

TINO: What. aren't you going to give me advice?

CARVER: I'm CARVER, remember? CARVER? I'm the one who always NEEDS the advice not the one who GIVES it. I generally can just provide you with some overdrama. so the best I can give you on the Tish going with someone else is "CURSE YOU COLBY! CURSE YOU!" (pause) EEK! I JUST CURSED A COOL KID! (SCREAMS) I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT BACK! SMITE ME NOT, COOLNESS! SMITE ME NOT! (He runs screaming from the house.)

TINO: Er. thanks for stopping by.

(FRIDAY AFTERNOON, TINO is pacing around the family room area while MRS. TONITINI watches)

TINO'S MOM: So, Tino. I have a question.

TINO: Mom, I'm beside myself with panic and drowning in my own sweat and you add to it by beginning an interrogation.

TINO'S MOM: Well. It's just. You've never had a male influence in your life. if you'd like to refer to your father as a male, I think it's more correct to classify him as a stupid pile of st-

TINO: Uh. Mom? I believe you're getting off your subject which more than likely will be some sort of sex talk which will be awkward for both of us in some comical fashion.

TINO'S MOM: Yeah. So can I just assume you know what's right and what's wrong in this situation?

TINO: Mom, believe me, nothing like THAT will happen. All I know about this girl is her name. (suddenly freezes) ...Stacy?.. .um.no, Tr-Tracy.. Sta. Oh dammit!

TINO'S MOM: (sighs) Tracy.

TINO: Yeah! Thanks mom. . See. I'm on top of things (DING DONG) Oh that's Carver, seeya mom. (TINO leaves, and then suddenly races back) Wait, Stacy or Tracy?


TINO: I'd better write that down, seeya. (He leaves)

TINO'S MOM: Love is in the air.

(FRIDAY NIGHT, THE DANCE [FINALLY], There is music and the like, almost everybody is dancing [Our fearless heroes are past the, girls on one side, boys on the other, stage) CARVER and TINO enter, looking around for their dates)

CARVER: Oh there's Moira! (MOIRA approaches them)

MOIRA: Hey Carver! Oh, hi Tino. How're you?

CARVER: Whoa, Moira. You don't look to good, are you feeling okay?

MOIRA: Sorry, I feel a little nauseuous, just before I came here I overheard my Dad on the phone talking to his friend how he was glad to get me out of the house for a few hours because he hadn't been with his girlfriend in weeks, you know BEEN with her. Gross.

CARVER: Yeah, that's sick.

TINO: I know, adults shouldn't be. OH WAIT A SECOND! YOUR DAD IS. OH! GOD!!!! I have to go cut my ears off, excuse me. (He leaves and sees STACY. er. TRACY and runs up to her)

TRACY: Oh! Hi Tino! (Giggles) How're you?

TINO: Oh yeah, I'm good. Hey, have you seen Tish?

TRACY: Tish?

TINO: Oh. um. brunette. glasses. from our French class?

TRACY: Um. I saw her dancing with that cool kid, why?

TINO: Oh nothing. Hey, you thirsty? Let's get something to drink.

TRACY: Well actually I wanted to da-

TINO: C'mon! Punch is good. (He goes and gets a glass and sits down in his chair, his eyes peeled for TISH)

(TEN MINUTES LATER, They're STILL sitting there, TRACY is looking less than pleased, BLUKE approaches)

BLUKE: Excuse me, would you care to dance? I brought pudding.

TRACY (turning to TINO): Were you planning on dancing at all?

TINO: Wha.?

TRACY (rolls her eyes): Yes, Bluke, I'd love to dance with you. (They get up and walk away.)

TINO: Where IS she? I guess I'll ask if Lor or Carver have seen her. (Gets up and begins looking around, he sees CARVER making out with MOIRA) I guess he's seen her. and if my keen sense of practicality is correct then my guess is that Lor. (He sees LOR making out with THOMPSON) Yeeeeepppppp... (He sighs and sits back down his chair. he is joined shortly by.. TISH!!!)

TISH: Hi Tino

TINO: Oh! Tish! How're you?

TISH: Been better.

TINO: Where's Colby?

TISH: Hopefully rotting in HADES.

TINO: Again with the Hades (he laughs) Why so Anti-Colby?

TISH: The jerk only took a dork like me because he thought that since I had never done anything with a guy I would be so desperate that I'd go anywhere with him. I should have known better than to trust Colby.

TINO: I don't know that that's true. One of the great things about you Tish is that you're always willing to see the good people, even if the rest of us are too cynical too.

TISH (smiles): Thanks Tino. That means a lot. Where's Tracy?

TINO: It's Stacy. and I don't know where she is (he looks around) Oh, I don't believe it! She's making out WITH BLUKE.

TISH (laughes): Even BLUKE ended up with someone tonight. Can I ask you a question?

TINO: What the Hades, shoot.

TISH: Why've you been acting so weird around me lately?

TINO: I've been acting weird?

TISH: Well yeah. a little bit. I think.

TINO: Well it's just that.. Well. I don't know.

TISH: Okay, I'm going to quit beating around the bush. Carver told me you liked me this morning.


TISH: C'mon, it's Carver, all I had to do is even hint that I might know a secret about him and he was all too willing to trade.

TINO: Well. why did you even suspect Carver had a secret about me in order to hint that you might have one about Carver to get him to tell you?

TISH: I believe there's probably a more grammatically correct way to word that.

TINO: You know what I mean.

TISH: Well. it wasn't so much that I expected that you liked me. I just sort of. hoped. you did. What with you asking me to the dance and all.

TINO: So you wanted me to like you?

TISH: Yes.

TINO: So what exactly does that mean?

TISH: I well. I. (she sighs) You know.. It's just that lately. when I around you. I feel sort of.

TINO: .What?

TISH: I just. I. (She stops suddenly and locks eyes with TINO, who locks eyes right back at her, slowly they kiss for a couple seconds and then stop, they continued looking at each other unknowing what to say and then.)

LOR: TISH! C'mon! My mom's here we gotta go! (TINO gives a small smile, waves, and leaves)

(Grayed out background)

TINO: Yeah. I know. I sorta saw this coming too. Doesn't make it any less cool! [smiles] Later Days! Or. nights. or. just go.