(TUESDAY, 3:00, The Bell Rings, Kids come charging out of the school, in celebration of. SUMMER! Our four intrepid heroes do the same.)


TINO: It's the longest weekend ever!

TISH: Tino, you say that every time school ends, we get that it's the 'longest weekend ever!'

CARVER: No school, girls in bikinis, plus the Tommy Hugo shoe convention is in July! Man, this is going to be PERFECT!

LOR: Plus I joined a softball team, which is only like the best sport. after basketball. and football. and soccer.

CARVER: So what are we going to do tonight?

TISH: Tino and I have a date. [TISH grins]

LOR: Date schmate, you can do that any old time. let's. let's go bowling!

TINO: No, I'm pretty excited about the date.

CARVER: Hmm. so does that mean I should stay at home and wait for it to be done so you and me can talk about it afterwards, T?

TINO: You bet!

TISH: Tino. what do you tell him?

TINO (quickly): Nothing nothing. I've said that we've held and hands and nothing more.

TISH: Good. Let's get some pizza.

(TUESDAY, 3:49, Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Yellow-Polka-Dot-Pizza, TINO, CARVER, TISH and LOR all sit.)

PIZZA GUY: Okay, one Sandcastle Special, one large Surfer's Up Pizza, with Sunblock Smoothies, SPF 15. [HE leaves.]

CARVER: So, Tino, Tish, what're you guys doing for your date?

TINO: Well, actually, since my mom's going on a date with Dixon tonight, Tish and I were just going to hang out at my place, Tish rented a movie.

LOR: Let me guess. Chick flick?

TISH: Yes, but it's really romantic.

TINO: Well, romantic I can handle.

[TISH and TINO share a quick kiss.]

CARVER: Aww. Isn't that cute?

LOR (frowning slightly): Yeah..

[TINO's HOUSE, 6:39, TINO sits with CARVER, watching TV, TINO'S MOM is all dolled up, on her way out.]

TINO'S MOM: Alright, I'm off. Be back around 12. You two just going to hang- around here?

TINO: Yeah.

CARVER: Pretty much.

TINO'S MOM: Okay. Oh, by the way, Tino. I know you're having Tish over here because I'm not stupid, so just. don't do anything I wouldn't do.

TINO: Abstinence advice from the woman who gave birth to me at 18?

TINO'S MOM: You know, you're not too old that I can't still beat you up. Alright, well love you.

[SHE leaves.]

CARVER: You know Tino, for a mom, your mom's pretty hot.

TINO: Eew! Dude! Why the hell would you say that?

CARVER: I'm just saying. If you wanted to say my mom was hot or something, I wouldn't freak out.

TINO: Well I wouldn't say that, because your mom's not hot!

[Long pause.]

CARVER: What's wrong with my mom?

TINO: What?

CARVER: I'll have you know that Jacqueline Descartes was a fine looking woman in her day.

TINO: I don't want to have this conversation!

CARVER: Alright, alright.

[Doorbell Rings.]

TINO: Oh my god, that's Tish!

CARVER: Well, answer it then.

[TINO runs towards the door and answers it. TISH is revealed, looking casual yet stunning.]

TINO: Hey! You look great!

TISH: Thanks, I- [Notices CARVER's there.] Oh. hi.

CARVER: So, what're we going to do?

[TINO and TISH stare at him.]

CARVER: Kidding! God, nobody gets me. You two kids have fun.

[HE gets up and leaves.]

TINO: So. um. did you bring the movie?

[TISH pushes him on the couch and gives him a loooong kiss. TINO stops long enough to say.]

TINO: Or. this works too.

(TUESDAY, 9:20 PM, TINO and TISH lay on the couch together, their movie playing.)

TISH: Tino, do you have any idea how much I love you?

TINO: As much of those two people on the screen!

TISH: Wow! Um. no. I don't think I'll ever love someone that much. Wow, she must be really flexible!

[TISH glances at a clock.]

TISH: Oh, it's 9:20, my mom wanted me home at 9:30. We had better go.

TINO: Okay, that's cool, I'll walk you home.

TISH: Alrighty. Let me just go to the bathroom, okay?

TINO: Okay.

[SHE enters the bathroom, TINO dives for the phone and dials a number.]

TINO: Carver?! We got to third base, man! Third base! I think you and I are tied now, so ha! So come over here and I'll give you details, I'm just going to walk Tish home.

[TISH leaves the bathroom.]

TINO: No, I would not be interested to switch to AT&T! Good day to you sir! [Hangs up] Damn telemarketers!

TISH: That was Carver wasn't it?

TINO: Yeah.

TISH: Boys are so stupid. You ready to go?

TINO: Yep. [HE takes her hand and THEY exit.]

[So, now that everybody's left the house you think we'd switch to another scene right? WRONG! A few minutes go by.. TINO'S MOM enters, a complete wreck, tears absolutely flooding her face she sits down on the sofa, and sobs.. Suddenly there's a DING DONG. TINO'S MOM tries to compose herself, to little avail, the doorbell rings again and SHE decides SHE had better open it. It's CARVER.]

CARVER: Oh. um. hey. Ms. Tonitini, I was just- Wait, what's wrong?

TINO'S MOM: Huh? Nothing nothing. Um, I'm not sure if Tino's here or not. [SHE wips away some tears.]

CARVER: Ms. Tonitini, you're crying. what's wrong?

TINO'S MOM: It's nothing, it's just. Dixon and I broke up.

[Saying this aloud brings the realization of it even closer to her, and TINO'S MOM begins sobbing again. CARVER'S a bit unsure of what to do here, so he pats her gently on the back.]

CARVER: Er. there there. Don't worry, I mean you're too good for him anyways.

TINO'S MOM: Thanks Carver, you're sweet.

[Suddenly, inexplicably, TINO'S MOM kisses a shocked CARVER on the mouth, they hold it for a few seconds until they both realize what they're doing and pull away. But it's too late. For who should be standing in the doorway but.]

TINO: WHAT!!!! How. you. why.. AHHHHH!!!!! [TINO runs screaming from the house.]