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Now, this story is my first attempt at writing a multi chapter fic and I'm pretty nervous about it. I hope you guys like it.

Hopefully, it's going to be light, funny… well, a typical summer romance read. Rated M for a few reasons.

This fic takes place in Croatia, where I'm from. English isn't my first language (German and Croatian are but that's another story) and that's why I have my wonderful friend purpleC305 pre-reading my stuff (ehrlich, ohne Dich wäre ich aufgeschmissen) and Ninkita, my beta extraordinaire.

Some things maybe aren't going to be quite accurate but for the sake of the fic we'll just go with it.

Bella and Rosalie (or Izi and Roza in this fic) are speaking Croatian (or rather a dialect) when they talk to each other or to their families and friends. I think most of the names that I have to translate to a Croatian version should be clear, if not I'll point it out at the end of the chapter.

I have no update schedule for now but I'll try not to let you wait too long though.

I think that's it. Like I said, I hope you like it and thanks for reading.

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"Roza pazi!" (Roza, watch out!) I cry out when I realize I hit the beach ball a bit too hard. I cringe when it flies way over my best friend's head.

Roza tries to catch it, stretching her long arms but the ball flies straight into a group of people behind her. "Sranje!" (Shit!) she exclaims as she loses balance and falls backwards into a huge guy. Like a wall, motionless, he's standing behind her, with his back to us, like nothing happened. Big Guy turns around slowly and his eyes go wide when he sees my friend sitting in the water. Swear words escape Roza's mouth, chiding herself for being so uncoordinated.

"Are you ok?" Big Guy asks worriedly and crouches down so he's somewhat eye level with her.

"Da. I mean, yes, everything's fine." Roza hasn't looked up yet. Frustrated with her lack of grace she's pushing away her long blond hair that's now wet and a darker shade and clings to her face, while she's simultaneously trying to get up.

"Let me help you," Big Guy says and offers her his hand to pull her to her feet. She takes it and groans in embarrassment. When she's finally standing she lifts her head.

"Thank y-" Her words get stuck mid sentence and she freezes. "You," she adds in a whisper. She's absolutely mesmerized by the giant in front of her.

I watch in fascination, how for the first time in her young life the cool and always collected Rozalija has lost the ability to form a coherent sentence.

I snicker behind my hand. Roza is rarely speechless, much less because of a guy. Although, this guy seems to have left her uncharacteristically tongue-tied. Honestly, I can't blame her because he is cute. With his hulk-like build, short curly brown hair and clear blue eyes he is really something to look at. He might look intimidating in his height but because he's currently genuinely smiling at my friend it makes him look more like a real life teddy bear than a threat.

"You're very welcome." And he has that deep voice that Roza loves so much. I can only guess what's going on inside her.

They are still holding each other's hands, neither thinking about letting go. And their eyes are locked, unwavering, like nothing but them exists.

"I'm Emmett, by the way." His smile gets bigger and Roza blushes. Damn, I never thought I'd see the day when Roza's face takes on the color of a Maraschino cherry. I finally have something to tease her with.

"I'm Roza. Rozalija but you can call me Roza," she stumbles through her words and I find she looks even more beautiful than she already is when she's flustered and with her guard down.

I think about making myself scarce and leaving them to get to know each other. There's obviously interest on both sides and I feel like I shouldn't intrude.

With my mind made up to leave them alone, I turn around slowly, ready to flee the scene, when I hear a voice that stops me right in my tracks.

"Hey, bro! Are you coming or what?" I turn to the source of the nice but impatient sounding voice and my gaze falls on one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen. He's tall, about one eighty-seven, with full and unruly reddish brown hair that screams for the hairdresser in me to run my hands through it to see if it's as silky as it looks. His nicely defined body suggests that he's no stranger to the gym. He looks damn fine in his black board shorts and grey wifebeater. I wonder who he is.

He seems to be too impatient, almost in a hurry while he's exaggeratedly rolling his eyes at Emmett. I find it rude, because I'm sure he's aware that his friend is having a moment.

"I'm right with you, Edward," Emmett replies, equally annoyed but his eyes are still on Roza.

So, his name's Edward. Yeah, he does sound like an Edward. One of these spoiled, rude and conceited characters from the Victorian era books my mom likes to read.

Roza ducks her head, looking sad, which makes me already pretty irritated. Not with her but with the beautiful jerk that is now audibly sighing. Emmett doesn't look any better than my friend. His eyes are full of apology.

Edward makes these annoying circle movements with his arms, gesturing to Emmett to either make a move or let it be.

I'm a romantic at heart and what is going on between our friends is nothing short of romance. I cross my arms and narrow my eyes at Edward, ready to tell him to go beat it, when he turns his head and looks straight at me.

"What?" he says gruffly and that irks me even more.

"Can't you see that your friend is busy?" I counter back, motioning to the couple.

"What is it to you, little girl?" he asks and looks me up and down.

Little girl? Did he just call me a little girl? Ok, I'm short but that doesn't mean he has to remind me of that.

"Koga ti to zoveš mala, eli?" (Who are you calling little, huh?) I ask him loudly, ready to go over to him and tell him where to shove it.

"What?" He lifts his hands in a 'I don't understand you' gesture.

"Cool down, Edward. I'm coming. Just gimme a few seconds," Emmett tries to calm him. He turns back to Roza who has watched the entire encounter between me and Edward with curious eyes. "Can I see you tonight?"

"I'd like that," Roza says without hesitation. "We'll be at the beach bar around ten."

"Ok, see you then, gorgeous." Emmett lets go of her hand and puts a stray strand of her now halfway dry hair behind her ear.

"See you," she confirms with a smile.

Emmett joins his rude but gorgeous friend and punches him in the arm. "You're an asshole, E."

"Koji idiot." (What an idiot) I say and shoot daggers at Edward's back while he's still arguing with Emmett.

"What? No! He's cute and nice," Roza says in a defending tone.

"Oh, no, no, no. Not Emmett. I mean Edward. What an idiot."

Roza laughs and I look at her with raised eyebrows. "What's so funny?"

"He was totally checking you out when you weren't looking." She smirks and walks towards the spot where our beach towels are.

I try to catch up with her long legs. "Sure he did," I say sarcastically. "How did you even notice when you were all googly eyes with Goliath?" Roza grins and shrugs and starts to gather up her things. She knows better than to argue with me.

Time to steer the conversation back to her and Emmett. "So, you and the hunk have a date tonight?"

"It's not a date since you're coming with me," Roza states.

I shake my head. "Nah, I don't think so. I don't want to be the third wheel. And besides, this is the first time in a long while you're showing interest in someone. I will certainly not intrude."

"You're silly, Izi. Don't think Edward won't be there too."

I huff annoyed. "One more reason not to show up."

"Oh, come on now, Izi. What's your problem with him?"

"My problem? He's rude and arrogant. Just because he's so good looking doesn't mean…"

"So, you admit he's cute?" There's the smirk again. And why are we talking about me anyway?

"That's what you got out of me complaining about the jerk? Plus, I never denied that he has a nice exterior. It's the inside that's lacking."

"Whatever, Izi. You're coming with me and that's it."

I sigh, knowing I shouldn't argue with her either.


I take a look in the mirror, satisfied with how I look. Yes, I'm short but I have great boobs. They're not too big, just the right amount for my small frame. I'm not a stick figure either. I might have a few kilos more than my one sixty-five allegedly requires but I'm proud of my wide hips and nice hourglass figure. No one has ever complained about my body.

Tonight I'm wearing a tight red sleeveless dress that goes just above my knees and compliments my suntanned skin and my dark brown hair that I've pulled up in a tight bun. Big hoop earrings adorn my ears and my blood red lipstick gives it the final touch. A little bit of mascara and nice white sandals and I'm ready to go.

Roza and I have been life-long neighbors. All I have to do is cross the road to get to her place. I'm just about to knock on the door and enter when Roza steps out.

Roza's always been gorgeous, no doubt, but tonight she's extra. She's wearing a tight white jeans skirt that hits mid thigh and brings forth her long tanned legs, while her full breasts fill out the purple tube top she bought yesterday nicely.

"You look great," I compliment her. "Emmett won't know what hit him."

She blushes and looks down at her attire, unnecessarily adjusting her top. "You think?"

"Are you serious? Girl, what happened to the confident Roza I've known my whole life? You've never been so insecure."

"I don't know, Izi," she says, her voice uncharacteristically unsure. "I like him and I really want him to like me too." I'm not used to how vulnerable she sounds.

"In case you missed it, sweets, he's seen you with wet hair and on your butt this afternoon, which for him was probably a sight to behold." Roza covers her face in embarrassment and I put a soothing hand on her arm. "And don't forget he asked to see you again. If he liked you then he'll love you now." I smile at her sincerely so she knows I mean it.

Her deep blue eyes light up at my words. "You really think so?"

"Who are you and what did you do to my friend? Of course I mean it and now none of that insecurity shit anymore. Let's go." I link my arms with her and pull her along.


The beach bar is already packed when we get there. We don't see Emmett or Edward, so we head straight to the bar to get a drink.

"Good evening, ladies," Miho, the bartender greets us enthusiastically. He's from our village and we went to elementary school together. A nice guy and kind of attractive if you like blonds.

"Hey, Miho," I greet back. "I'll have a whiskey with coke, please." He nods and waits for Roza to order. Roza has her back to us, not paying attention. Her eyes are roaming the place, undoubtedly searching for Emmett and absolutely unaware of Miho. I nudge her to get her attention. She turns around startled.

"Oh, sorry. I'll have the same as Izi, thank you." Miho winks at her and busies himself with our drinks.

"He's not here," she notes disappointed.

"Yet. He's not here yet," I correct her assuringly. "Edward's probably holding him up on purpose." Roza rolls her eyes at me. "Just saying," I add quickly, holding my hands up.

"Here you are, beautiful," comes Emmett's voice behind us. Roza and I turn around at the same time. Her eyes light up when she sees him and, in a manner so unlike her, she hugs him. Emmett chuckles but follows her example and hugs her back affectionately.

I, on the other hand, look into Edward's narrowed moss green eyes. I'm immediately annoyed and look away but not before I notice how close he is because it's already pretty crowded in here. I'm also aware of how delicious he smells, so delicious in fact that I want to lean in and sniff him all over. Now I'm irritated with my traitorous self who's obviously forgotten that he's rude and that we don't like him.

"Hey, Emmett," I say, leaving Edward out on purpose.

"Hi," Emmett greets smiling, his arms now around Roza's shoulder. "I don't think I've introduced myself yet. I'm Emmett," he says apologetically and offers his hand to rectify the unintended faux pas.

"I'm Izabela but you can call me Izi."

"Izi it is," he accepts with a friendly smile. "And this is my brother, Edward."

Brother? "How is that possible? You're so nice and he… isn't." Like always my tongue is quicker than my brain. Emmett bursts out laughing.

"He's not that bad," he states and winks at his brother. Edward looks at Emmett disapprovingly and then shoots me a glare that screams "bitch".

"Is he adopted? Because that would totally make sense," I keep joking, adding fuel to the fire. I should really stop now but it's so much fun to irritate an already annoyed Edward.

Emmett grins at my remark. "It's actually the other way around," he informs us and punches Edward playfully in the arm, causing him to almost lose his balance.

"Well, it still makes sense." I shrug and chance a glance at the subject of my jokes. Edward's not amused. At all.

"I've had enough," Edward states irritated. "I'm going to look for Alice." He tips his imaginary hat at me, gives me a fake smile and disappears into the crowd.

My stomach drops when he mentions Alice. Who the fuck is Alice? And why does it bother me anyway?

I decide (or more like deny) that it's not really important and prepare myself to flee too and leave the lovely couple to catch up.

"I'm going to look around, maybe I'll find some familiar faces. I'll see you guys later."

"You don't have to go, Izi," Emmett says but I can see he's eager to spend some alone time with my friend, who's smiling at me gratefully.

"It's alright, guys, really. And you take good care of my friend, you hear me?" I wiggle my finger at Emmett in a mock threat.

"You can count on it, Izi." Emmett pulls Roza to him and kisses her temple.

That's so stinking cute!

"I'll hold you to it, big guy. Ok, lovelies, have fun now. See you later." I wink at an ecstatic Roza and leave them finally to their own.