Hello and welcome to my newest story. I was supposed to focus only on original writing and not start new fanfics but MHA caught me in its grip. Hopefully this excitement comes through in the story so you can enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.


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Chapter 1: The Life of Izuku Midoriya

People are not born equal. In this society you are either born with power, or you don't have any. Those with the right quirks are praised, people believe in them. Those with none are considered worthless, near sub-humans; it's a fate feared by every 4-year-old until their quirk appears.

Kids are fools.

In this society there is something that can be even worse than being born quirkless, both fates cannot be changed. At least that is what most think.

The classroom was filled with happy chatting, as happy as you could be in the beginning of a new school day. That changed as soon as the first person turned to look at who had just arrived.

"Watch out," the student said. All chatter ended right away. Everyone's eyes followed young Izuku Midoriya as he walked across the classroom. None of the looks were friendly, but one specific pair of eyes had fire in them, explosions really. Izuku turned toward the front of the class before approaching Katsuki Bakugo, whose blonde hair looked like it had been blown up by his personality. Izuku quickly got to his desk at the front corner of the class, right next to the windows, and took his seat. The desks around his had all been pulled away from him to create open space around him on all sides, just enough to be out of arm's reach. Even the teachers rarely got any closer than that even if Izuku needed their help.

At least people weren't constantly mocking and actively beating him like before. Ever since his hair had lost its green it had become like a lighthouse warning other students to stay away. He was alone, but at least he didn't need to look over his shoulder every few seconds. Sometimes he didn't know which was better.

Another lesson passed uneventfully as Izuku focused on studying. Most of his classmates had already left as he got his stuff back into his backpack and he let the rest file out rather than pushing through the crowd.

He was… mostly successful. Thinking the path was clear he walked out of the classroom briskly to make it to his next class. Of course, he bumped against the last person he wanted to. Bakugo only needed a glimpse of Izuku to jump away and bring his hand up, small explosions sparking on his palm.

"What are you trying to do thief!?" Bakugo screamed at Izuku.

"I didn't try anything. I'm just going to the next class," Izuku answered with a tired voice and a blank expression.

"Yeah sure. Need to study hard to get to the best villain school? Oh wait, those don't exist. You'd be better off just dropping out. It's not like you'd end up on the streets with that rich dad of yours." Bakugo pointed at Izuku's expensive wristwatch. Izuku brought his other hand protectively over the watch. "At least the rest of us wouldn't need to deal with your shit."

Bakugo turned and left. Some nearby students stared at Izuku. Someone snickered. No one came within an arm's reach of Izuku, who was staring at the floor and glanced at his hands and his watch. With a sigh he continued walking to the next class, trying to leave everyone else as much space as he could. Of course, that took time and he'd probably be the last one to class again.

"Is something wrong young Midoriya?"

Hearing the first friendly words of the day since leaving home, Izuku looked up at his geography teacher.

"Just the usual Kuro-sensei," Izuku answered. "I ran into Bakugo after the last lesson."

"I see," the teacher said. The young man was the only one in the school that actually treated Izuku well, including the staff. He could even get angry at how Izuku was treated. Even now trails of dark mist leaked from behind his ears and across his face like it often did when they talked.

"Uh, sensei, your quirk," Izuku pointed out.

"Thank you for noting that."

The teacher controlled his quirk, making the mist disappear and gestured Izuku to enter ahead of him. Inside the students nearest to his desk had already moved theirs further away, but Kuro-sensei would have none of that.

"Put your desks back where they are supposed to be. This mess is disrespectful and makes my classroom look disorganized."

The students knew there was no point complaining so they did as told, but they were not happy about it. Izuku wasn't sure if Kuro-sensei's support in this did more harm than good to him, but he appreciated the teacher's gesture nevertheless. It was the only class where people would not make nasty remarks at Izuku and get away with it. After the lesson he stayed put even after every other student left the room.

"Young Midoriya, you shouldn't allow their prejudice and fear to affect your self-worth. They're only acting like this because society has taught them to, as unfortunate as it is."

"That doesn't help much since I still need to live in this society," Izuku responded and got up. "I didn't fit what it expects people to be when I was quirkless and my quirk just made things worse… Sorry, I shouldn't burden you with my problems."

"You shouldn't worry about that Midoriya. Helping with your problems is my job here. That includes you making it to the next class in time, so I must ask you to go now."

"Thank you," Izuku said as he left the room.

It was his last conversation for the school day and eventually that too was over. Izuku walked out of the school gate and headed home. He never took the direct route home, a habit from when Bakugo and others might ambush him to get some entertainment out of the quirkless kid. Now it gave him some peace to think either alone or surrounded by people that didn't know or avoid him.

He pulled out his quirk analysis notebook. Even if he wouldn't be accepted as a hero, even if society hated him for his quirk, quirks were still too interesting for him to not analyse them and the people that used them, heroes especially. He began mumbling and writing as he walked.

Izuku put his notebook away after writing down his most recent thoughts and looked around. He had come further away than he thought, and the area didn't look very good. He got his bearings and headed straight home. His route went through a bit of a shady underpass. Izuku stopped to check it out before going through.

He was almost at the end of the tunnel when he heard steps behind him. Glancing back a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, had entered the tunnel. He was alone and it was a public street but Izuku got a bad feeling about the man. His eyes were too focused on Izuku so he started walking faster. He was almost out of the tunnel, he figured he could make it.

A van drove into his line of sight and stopped suddenly, just a few meters in front of Izuku, blocking the tunnel exit. He turned away just as the side door of the van opened, but before he could run the man that had followed him rushed at him. The man collided with Izuku and pushed him back as two pairs of hands grabbed him from behind.

He was still processing what had happened when the group pulled him into the van. As the door started closing something clicked inside Izuku and he started fighting back with a new fervour. The two men behind him were still holding onto his arms so he started kicking towards the face of the man that had pushed him while screaming his lungs out.

"Shut up little fucker!" The man in front of him said as the door snapped shut and the van began moving. He grabbed Izuku's legs but Izuku kept wiggling and fighting and hit the man in the face. The next moment a torching heat glowed against his face. The man had let go of one of his legs and flames burst from the back of the man's hand like a flaming sword that moved towards Izuku's neck. The flames filled his vision. He could still move his hand below his elbow and in desperation he reached up to grab the arm wielding the flaming blade. There was no way he could stop the man if he wanted to kill him. There was only one way he could at least try to fight back. It was just hard to remember how to do it while being kidnapped.

As his hand grabbed the attacking man's arm Izuku drew a deep breath. Everyone stopped. Izuku didn't struggle physically, too focused on using his quirk and the trio attacking him just held him.

"What the…" the man Izuku grabbed shouted and pulled his arm free. "Aaah! What's happening to my quirk?!"

With one man off him Izuku started struggling again, trying to twist his hand to grab another.

"Don't let him touch you!"

A hold on one of Izuku's arms loosened and a hand was placed on the back of his head. His entire world shook and an immense pain struck his head. His vision blurred and a fraction of a second later everything went black.

The first sensation telling Izuku that he was still alive was a squeezing pain around his wrists from having his hands tied up in front of him, and a similar pressure around his legs. He was laying on the floor in a corner of some room. His vision was still blurry, but he could make out moving outlines in the well-lit room and his ears worked just fine.

"At least we got someone worth ransoming this time. Look at this watch."

"Better than the last time. So much time for nothing."

"Maybe it would not have been for nothing if you didn't get impatient and turn her insides to jelly. You better hope that this one actually wakes up so we can get his parents' number."

"He's fine. I can control my quirk when I want to."

"Dammit!" A third person shouted. Izuku recognised it as the man with the fire quirk.

"Still nothing?" Another man asked.

"No, I can't use it at all. Whatever that brat did, it's like my quirk is gone. I can't feel anything. We aren't ransoming him anywhere until he fixes this and if he doesn't the fucker will wish you had turned his brain to jelly."

Izuku's vision was getting a little better so he saw the group of men turn and notice his wakefulness. All of them had covered their heads with ski masks.

"See, I told you I didn't shake him too hard."

The man had not even finished speaking when the freshly quirkless kidnapper ran to Izuku and dragged him up from the collar of his shirt. He punched Izuku on the face, making his vision go fuzzier again for a moment. Izuku stared at the man, dazed.

"What did you do to my quirk!?"

Izuku didn't immediately answer so the man punched him again. Izuku gasped and let out a cry of pain.

"So you can still make some noise, good. Now what did you do to my quirk."

"I…" Izuku paused to cough and gag. It was a miracle he hadn't already emptied his stomach on the floor which seemed to be spinning now. He stayed up only because he was held so by his attacker.

"I t… destroyed it. That, it's my quirk. Quirk… deletion," Izuku fumbled out the half-truth. He received another punch, this time to the stomach, his stomach finally giving up as vomit burst up his throat. The newly quirkless man let go and jumped away from him. Izuku fell down hard and kept vomiting on the floor.

His still seething attacker stomped away to the other end of the room, leaving Izuku next to the puddle of what had a few hours ago been his lunch. A door somewhere nearby creaked open and there was a repetitive knock against the door. Izuku turned his head to see the new arrival, some old man.

"So, what is going on here? You having trouble with a kid?"

"That isn't just any kid. The brat destroyed my quirk."

"What do you mean destroyed? That isn't possible."

"Well, he did it grandfather. That brat grabbed by arm when we captured him and then I couldn't use my quirk at all, like it was just gone!"

Izuku, now no longer vomiting, pushed himself away from the stinky puddle and rolled a bit so his face wasn't pressed against the floor. The old man seemed to look at him.

"You said your quirk is gone or was destroyed. How do you know that? There could be many reasons why you can't use it."

"The brat said so, and I know about erasure quirks. Those shouldn't have worked when he was unconscious."

"There…" The old man paused, staring at Izuku. Was he scared? "There is another type of quirk that could cause that. Your generation might not be familiar with it but I… any villain of my age has at least heard the stories of a man with the quirk to take quirks."

The old man walked closer to Izuku with the group of younger villains in tow. Izuku could only lay there and watch them approaching. The old man met his gaze.

"Tell me the truth. Is your quirk to destroy quirks," he paused, "or to steal them?"

Izuku blinked. How did he know? The old man held his chin.

"This could be bad."

Behind the group a spiral of darkness suddenly appeared and extended to cover most of the wall. Izuku could only stare and wonder why the dark mist seemed so familiar. A few seconds later, the old villain and his thugs turned around to face the mist just as two people stepped through it. One of them was completely covered in the same black mist, only his clothes visible outside of it. The other was dressed in a regular black suit but his entire head was covered by a black helmet with a lower part that covered his entire neck with a thick metal collar.