"All rise for the honorable judge, our beloved king, Frederic!"


Varian's breath hitched - the rest of the world seeming to stop with it. This couldn't be happening… It couldn't! His only hope for survival had been hinged on this one moment… and now…

No. No.NO! This is a nightmare! It has to be! I'm going to wake up, I'm going to wake up and find I've fallen asleep in the holding cell. I've got to be asleep!

He gasped for air, only to hold it once more, as the king walked past him onto the small stage in the front of the room.

I hate him.

It was all he could think as he stood facing his ever so merciful and law-abiding king. His pure hate and anger towards his beloved monarch who was so fairly presiding as judge.

He looked up at the king, not sure of what he was hoping to see. Remorse? Guilt? Even a flicker of an apology? A change of heart? Yeah, like that would ever happen.

He was looking into the face of pure evil-

Or maybe more like 99% evil… he's got to have something good inside of him… right?

He searched the king's face a moment more, desperately looking for any sort of well… anything! Anything to give him even the tiniest bit of hope that he would make it till the next morning.

But all he found was a glint that clearly said, "Did you really think you could escape me?"

I failed… There's no way I'm going to be alive come this time tomorrow. Not with him in charge. I thought…

"Thank you, thank you." King Frederic smiled at the people in the crowds, acting as if he wasn't about to sentence a fourteen-year-old to death. To him, and everyone else sitting in the room, this was all just another meeting they had to attend before heading to tea.

Well maybe… maybe not… not everybody?

Varian cast a futile look at his friends- or so-called friends. Surely they weren't his friends anymore, sitting up on their fluffed pillows, crowns on their heads, cookies being served as they watched him being condemned to death. Surely friends didn't do that.

But what would he know of friends? He was a traitor anyways, was this all just karma for his acts of high treason?

Could you call a person your friend after you kidnapped their mother?

He cast another, though this time shameful, look at his old friends. There they were, laughing away as if this was just another task on the to-do list. Sign a treaty, pass a law, enjoy the slight sit-down while someone dies.

No. This… This isn't… None of this should be happening… I never should have kidnapped the queen, but regardless, none of this should be happening!

"As you all know, we are gathered here today because of the multitude of crimes committed by this boy!" Frederic dramatically pointed to Varian, to whom the crowd booed.

"Kill him! Kill the traitor!" Echoed the people, giving him flashbacks to the attack on his home.

"I am glad that you, my people, care so much for our country that you say such things. But I cannot condemn a boy like him to death. He is just a boy after all."


He lifted his downcast head, confused. Had he misunderstood this entire time? Was there a small sliver of kindness in the king's heart?

"However," Frederic continued, "Regardless of his age, he is still a criminal, and deserves to be punished. Therefore I sentence him to life in prison. I, the king, have spoken."

For the second time that morning, Varian's world stopped.



Life in prison?...

He had seen the prison before. Eugene had shown him around when he had been a guard. It wasn't a place you wanted to be. Rows and rows of cells, all designed to make your life as miserable as it could be.

No! I can't go there! This wasn't how it was supposed to go! He was supposed to let me talk! I was supposed to get my freedom! So I could find a way to free my… My DAD!

How is he supposed to survive if I'm not there to try and help him!?

In the front of the room, a gavel banged on a piece of wood. Chatter picked up. Murmurs. Scooting of chairs. The swishing of dresses. The clip-clop of shoes.

It all bounced off the walls, ringing louder in his ears. Still louder though was his sentence.

"I sentence him to life in prison."

"I sentence him to life in prison."

"I sentence him to life in prison."

"NO!" Varian yelled, bursting free from the guards holding him, "No! You can't do this to me!" He ran across the room, looking for any way of escape. He couldn't leave, there were far too many guards… but maybe… maybe she'd help him?

No… she wouldn't.

Nevertheless, he found himself at her feet, on his knees. She was the only one with the power to stop this. She could stop this.

"Rapunzel…. Please…" He whispered, realizing how horse his voice was. "Please… Don't let him do this to me… I have to save my dad… I can't go to jail…"

He looked up at her, blocking out everything else. She was his only hope. His dad's only hope. But she stood there, silent.

She's not going to help me… is she…

Varian felt a hand on the back of his shirt. They were going to take him away.

In one last effort, he grabbed unto the hem of the princess' dress, clinging on for dear life. He didn't know what else to do, or what else to say. All he could think was:

I can't go to prison.

"RAPUNZEL!" He yelled, tears streaming down his face as the guards pried his fingers from her dress. "RAPUNZEL HELP ME! PLEASE! DON'T LET THEM TAKE ME! PLEASE!"

Though he knew it was a futile action, he wildly flailed his arms and legs, continuing to yell for the princess. She wouldn't help him though, and he knew it.

"Cut it out, kid!" The soldier slapped him across the face, Varian flinching at the sting.

I'm sorry Dad… I…

He quieted down as they entered the prison, the stench stopping his screams.

"Here you go." They stopped in front of a darkened cell, which he was shoved into. "Enjoy your time, traitor."

Varian stood silently inside of the cell, still shocked at the turn of events. Nothing had gone the way he planned… And now he was here… in prison…

"It's not fair…" He cried to himself, sinking to the ground. "I was just trying to save him…"

"What did you expect from your stupid king?"

He jumped, unaware that there was another person around, much less in the cell with him. Yet from the shadows, emerged a tall, disheveled man.

"Hello, kid. We are going to have a lot of fun together."

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