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Ch 1

James rushes down the stairs, he saw a black-cloaked figure standing over the shattered door of his home. He turns the stairway, "Lily! It's him, take Harry and run!" He drew his wand, hearing his wife rushing upstairs.

"Move aside, the boy must die." The cloaked man demanded of the Potter head.

"Tch, like hell I'll let you near my son! Expelliarmus!" A red beam of light hurls towards the figure only to be blocked.

"Avada Kedavra," The killing curse hurls towards the young man. James didn't have time to react, the spell was way too fast.

James was thrown against the stairwell as the life within him is vanishing. The last thing before he dies was the snake-faced man shaking his head at him. "You were filled with so much potential, you could've joined my cause. Such a waste." He walks up the stairs leaving a dying James be.


"Eh?" A little light blue slime woke up from his sleep after a strange dream. He turns to his side pondering about what he dreamed.

"Rimuru-sama, is everything alright?" a black-haired man with red eyes and yellow irises walks into the room.

The slime looks over the demon butler with a worried expression. "Diablo, it's nothing. I just had a strange dream, that's all." Rimuru ensures his butler.

Diablo tilts his head, "A strange dream? Rimuru-sama, do you always have this strange dream before?" he asked, worried for his lord's mental health.

Rimuru transforms into his human form, a feminine body with yellow eyes and light blue hair. "Nah, it's just a dream Diablo. Nothing to worry yourself with." He walks out of his room. The slime turns to his butler with a cheerful smile. "Don't we have a meeting today?"

Diablo nodded, confirming his words. "Indeed Rimuru-sama, the meeting is about a new discovery deep within the Forest of Jura." He informs his lord.

"Ah! The ruins," Rimuru remembers Gobta reported when he was on patrol with the Goblin Riders around the Forest. "I remember that the ruins were at least a million years old or something like that."

"You are correct Rimuru-sama, Vesta's research team is currently there trying to make heads or tails about it." Diablo followed Rimuru out of his home. For Vesta, he returned this morning to report his findings of said ruins."

"I see," Rimuru walks out of his home, "I can't wait what the ruins are."

"Indeed, Rimuru-sama." Diablo smiles, following his lord as his bodyguard.

Rimuru City the Capital City of the Jura Tempest Federation, home to various beings. To Goblins to Demons even some humans, this nation is known to the other kingdoms as the Monster Nation. A major trade port for traveling merchants across the land.

Rimuru Tempest the Demon Lord who governs the Jura Tempest Federation with humility and kindness. A bit odd trait for a Demon Lord, but his citizens don't mind at all.

Many of the citizens adore the former human, in fact, they all worship him like a God.

"Good morning Rimuru-sama." A Hobgoblin greeted his sovereign.

Rimuru smiles at the citizen who greeted him. "Good morning to you as well." he greeted him back.

"Morning to you, Rimuru-sama." An Orc greeted him,

"Morning," Rimuru greets before they arrive at City Hall of Rimuru City.

Diablo reaches over to the door handle, opening it to let blue slime in. "Allow me Rimuru-sama."

Rimuru reverts to his slime form, hopping inside the Hall. "Thank you, Diablo." He hopes before being scooped up by a certain violet-haired Wicked Oni and captain of the elite guard known as the Yomigaeri. A group of Tempest residence was killed during the attack by the Kingdom of Falmuth and the Church, they were revied by Rimuru and became his personal guards.

"Rimuru-sama! Good morning!" Shion spun around excitedly upon seeing her lord. "Your trusty secretary is ready to go, my lord!" she cheered.

Diablo quickly took Rimuru from the Kijin's hands and into his. "Shion-dono, Rimuru-sama has an important meeting to attend this morning." He smiles at the warrior. "If you would kindly move to the side, Rimuru-sama is about to be late."

Shion's smile twitched, taking Rimuru off his hands. "Oh, Diablo. I'm Rimuru-sama's personal bodyguard and his first secretary, I decided that it would be best that I should be the one who takes him to the meeting with the others." She stated her reason for the Demon. Diablo swipes the slime from Shion, then Shion swipes him back. This continues until they're pulling Rimuru from both sides.

"Uh, guys you two can escort me to the meeting together." Rimuru chuckles, not wanting to be pulled apart by their strength. They let go, returning the slime into his's proper form.

"Of course, Rimuru-sama. We'll go whatever decision you decide." They smile as nothing happened just now.

Rimuru just stares at them before hopping in the hall. "Huh-uh, sure." He sighs as they follow him.

Upon arriving at the meeting room, the two secretaries open the door for him to enter. Within the room was

Rigurd the Prime Minister of the Federation,

Rigur the Head of Security,

Benimaru the Commander-in-chief,

Shuna the Economic Advisor,

Vesta the lead Researcher of the newly discovered Ruins in the Forest,

Kaijin the Head Blacksmith,

Gard Mjollmile the Head of Finances and Public Relations Department,

Hakurou Rimuru's instructor,

Geld the Chief Construction Manager,

Souei the leader of the Shadow Squad.

These are the Jura Tempest Federation's government officials and subordinates of Rimuru Tempest. "Hello everyone." Rimuru greeted his friends while entering the room.

They all stood up, inclining their heads to the ruler of the Federation. "Rimuru-sama, good morning." They said in unison.

Rimuru hopes over to his seat where Diablo and Shion stood beside him. "So onto business." He turns to Vesta sitting next to Geld and Kaijin. "Vesta, what did you learn from the ruins?" he asked.

Vesta stood from his seat, looking at the slime happy to tell what his team has learned. "Rimuru-sama, the ruins seem to be an ancient teleportation device from a long-gone civilization."

"An ancient civilization? I thought only villages were in the Jura Forest before the Federation was created." Rigur questions never heard about anything like that before.

Vesta turns to the young Hobgoblin, "My team is on the lookout for any signs of houses; however they didn't report anything."

Rigurd coughs along with Hakurou, their faces express that they knew something. "W-Well, there were legends pass down village chiefs."

"Legends? Of what?" Gard asked, curious about what the Goblin King is saying.

Geld looks at the human across from him, knowing what the topic is. "I only know from my late father that it's a kingdom of highly Evolved Goblins, that's all." He explains what he knows before the old Fair Oni continues for him.

"Among the elders, there was a legend that a kingdom of goblins was so advanced that it gains recognition as a nation from both the Dryads and humans before both me and Rigurd was born," Hakurou explains, trying to remember what his great grandfather's story.

Kaijin nodded, feeling he heard this story before. "Interesting, I let you know that there's a story about the goblin kingdom back in Dwargon. It says that the kingdom has many technological discoveries within the walls,"

"So pretty much an advanced civilization? Sweet." Rimuru commented. "So what happened to them? If they're so advance and successful they should be around to this day," He commented.

Rigurd just shrugs, "I have no idea, Rimuru-sama. All I know is that they disappear and that's it." the Goblin explains.

"That goes with our story of them," Kaijin commented. "However our story indicates that they did an experiment that leads to a disaster to the Kingdom." He told his former home's version of the story.

Rimuru nodded before Benimaru spoke up. "On the topic of the ruins, what did you find Vesta." The Fair Oni asked the Dwarf if he found anything.

"Other than the teleportation device we found, nothing so far," Vesta explains to him.

"Might I suggest that we place on the clock security?" Shuna interrupted causing the room to look at her. "I mean we should at least have people watching the device, if someone happens to come across it then a problem will appear from it."

Rimuru thought for a while about Shuna's proposal. "Shuna has a point, my lord," Souei spoke out. "Someone foolish would happen to do something to the discovery then disaster will fall not to the Federation but the other Kingdoms as well." He supports the Princess's claims, the rest of the table agrees with the two before looking at the slime for his opinion.

"Rimuru-sama?" Shion looks down at the slime seeing him think.

Rimuru nodded and look straight at his friends. "Alright, I'm for the security. I don't want anybody to have any ideas of using the teleporter."

"Hai!" they all responded.

"Souei, I want you and the Shadow Squad to keep an eye on the area." Rimuru looks at the one-horned man.

Souei nodded to his lord's request. "Yes, Rimuru-sama." He disappears from his seat to do his task.

Rimuru will never get tired of his special travel skill to inform his squad of their mission. He then turns to the others. "I want to see this teleporter in person." once he said that his subordinates froze upon hearing that.

Diablo leans down to the slime, "Are you sure, Rimuru-sama? It might be dangerous for you."

Rimuru looks up at his butler/secretary. "I'll be fine, I just want to see what we're dealing with here." He explains to the Demon.

The Demon nodded, understanding his desire. "As you wish, Rimuru-sama."

"Vesta, I want you to lead me to the excavation site," Rimuru asked the scientist to lead the way,

Vesta nodded, "Very well, Rimuru-sama." He obliges.

Rimuru, Diablo, Shion, and Vesta arrived at a clearing near a strangely shaped cliff. "Interesting cliff formation."

{Note: Some strong Magic residue still lingers around this area of the Forest.}

'Thanks, Ceil.' Rimuru commented before seeing the research team gather around a platform with somewhat familiar writing.

Gabiru turns around seeing Rimuru and the others making their way here. "Rimuru-sama, it's great to see you." he waves at the slime.

"Gabiru, you're helping the research team?" Rimuru asked, surprised to see him and his friends out in the ruins.

Gabiru smirks, placing his hands on his side. "Indeed, Vesta requested our help to clear some debris off the platform." He smirks.

"Yeah, Sir Gabiru is so helpful." One of his friends cheered for the Dragonewt.

"I see," Rimuru has a blank expression seeing them cheering for the exiled son of Abiru.

Vesta coughs, gaining their attention to him. "Rimuru-sama, if you would follow me." he showed the slime the rustic old metallic disc in the center. "Our team has excavated this disc completely made of metal; we believe it was made from adamantine steel."

Rimuru nodded, following what Vesta was saying. "So it's like a platform or something like that?" he asked.

"After much examination, we found some writing around the edges," Vesta explains further on what they've uncovered.

"Is it some ancient language?" Shion asked, getting intrigued by the strange writing on the platform. "I haven't seen anything like it before."

Vesta shrugs, "We do not know, but we do believe it's some kind of writing of the ancient Goblin civilization." He explains showing the disc.

Rimuru walks over to the disc, his golden eyes widen at the sight of the writing. 'The hell? This is English!' he thought, surprised to see an earth base language in this world.

Diablo looks at his lord, seeing his wide eyes. "This language, it's from my old world." The blue slime said causing his subordinates to stare at him.

"Rimuru-sama, how is this possible?" Shion asked the former human standing in front of the platform.

Rimuru kneels to touch the platform, dusting off the dirt. "I'm not sure, but I do-" he froze when the writing glowed white traveling around the platform.

"RIMURU-SAMA!" Souei appears sensing a strange feeling, heading straight for the slime and his comrades the light engulfed the group.

Vesta, the only one who wasn't engulfed opens his eyes. "Rimuru-sama?" the research team search around for the ruler of Tempest. "Where is Rimuru-sama!?" he cried out.

Earth, Great Britain, Gringotts June 4th, 1992

Within a bank, an old pale goblin sat on his throne. He observes his bank through monitors he developed himself to keep an eye on his subjects and customers. His name is Gringotts, the ancient Goblin King of the Kingdom of Goblins in the Wizarding World.

"All is good today," Gringotts said to himself, observing each monitor carefully. Then sirens rang in the halls and his throne room. The Goblin King stood up from his throne, knowing all too well what this means. "I-Impossible, how could this be possible? I've made sure our teleporter is shut down for good." His eyes widen with fear, not just for him but for his people.

The doors burst open to his guards, rushing in dawned with Adamantine armor. "My king! The teleporter room, a Demon Lord is within the compound!" Ripclaw informs their king.

Gringotts grips his hands, a Demon Lord. The whole reason why they left is to be free from their rule. "Send every guard we have! We must not let this Demon Lord into the Human Realm at all cost!" he orders his soldiers.

"SIR!" they both respond, heading out to inform the Goblin army to prepare.

The old Goblin walks over to an armor stand with silver armor that was collecting dust. "I mustn't let my people suffer anymore." He dawned on the armor and march straight out. "I must defeat this Demon Lord at all cost." He promises himself.

"…muru…muru-sa…Rimuru-sama!" Shion cried out his name.

Rimuru woke up after the violet-haired Wicked Oni called out his name. "S-Shion? What's going on?" The slime looks around the brick walls that surround the group. "Where are we?"

"We do not know, Rimuru-sama." Diablo stood behind him. "My guess is that we must've teleported underground somewhere." He observes his surroundings.

"Oh?" Rimuru stands up, looking around the place himself. He then spots a lot of archaic-looking machines near the wall or hanging down from the ceilings. "It seems we're in a workshop of the sort."

Gabiru walks next to him, in his hand was an old-looking clock. "Yes, it seems we have Rimuru-sama. These machines look like the ones that Vesta has in his workshop too."

Rimuru claps his hands with a bright smile, "Alright we are in a foreign land with no knowledge at all." He announced to the group. "So, roll-call! Shion!"

"Here, Rimuru-sama," Shion responded.


Diablo inclines his head to his master. "Present, Rimuru-sama."


Rimuru's shadow morphs into a Tempest Dire Wolf, wagging his tail upon hearing his name. "Here Rimuru-sama," he barks happily.


The Dragonewt presents himself to the Demon Lord. "At your side, my lord," he smirks.

"Alright, that's-"

"Rimuru-sama, it seems enemies are coming towards here." Souei appeared before him.

Rimuru jumps seeing the Fair Oni kneeling before him. "GAH! Souei, I didn't know you came with us." He said to the Spy Chief.

Souei looks upon the blue-haired man, "I sense something was off, I merely went over to protect you, my lord." He responded.

"That's kind of you Souei-dono, but as Rimuru-sama's bodyguard and butler the task falls on me." The Demon steps in the conversation.

"Uh, Diablo?" Shion let her aura free causing no reaction from the Demon.

Rimuru jumps sensing the intense aura from his secretary. "Uh, Shion can you-"

"Oh, right that task falls upon you as well Shion-dono." Diablo caught on to what his master is going to say. Shion pulls back her aura and smiles at the butler.

Rimuru wipes away the sweat from his forehead. 'Criss avoided.'

The doors burst open letting a small army of small pale-skinned Goblins in with weapons in their hands. "Rimuru-sama," Shion places her hand on her handle, preparing to defend him.

Souei stood up, preparing to attack too. "It seems the enemy has already shown themselves."

Gabiru prepares his ice trident, pointing at the enemy's army. "Strange, these beings look like Goblins but paler in the skin." The Dragonewt examines the army,

Ranga growls at them, standing in front of Rimuru. "Rimuru-sama stand back. we'll handle this," the Tempest Star Wolf claims to his master.

"Indeed, these worthless creatures will tremble before us," Diablo revealed his claws at the army causing them to flinch.

"A-A demon,"

"Impossible! They're only supposed to exist in that world!"

"How can one be here on Earth?"

Rimuru's eyes widen at the name of the place. 'Earth?' The slime walks up to the army as they step back.

Everyone looks at their master walking forward to the army. "Rimuru-sama?" he held out his hand, indicating for them to stay put.

"H-halt! Don't step any further!" Ripclaw orders the Demon Lord.

"I want to know that this place is Earth," Rimuru states his reason.

The Goblin army looks at each other before looking back at the slime. "Yes, this is Earth," Ripclaw answered the Demon Lord.

Rimuru's eyes widen at the confirmation from the pale Goblin. "Then which country are we in? If you don't mind tell me that is." He asked the Goblin commander.


"You're in Great Britain within the Bank of Gringotts Demon Lord." The Goblin army made room for Gringotts marching forward to face the slime. "Mind if I ask why you want to know…"

"Rimuru Tempest, I'm the Lord of the Jura Tempest Federation," Rimuru announced his title to the King of the Goblins. "I'm also a Demon Lord, but you already know that." He jokes with them receiving no humor at all.

"My lord-"

Gringotts looks at the strange being, acting all friendly, unlike the other Demon Lords he encounters. "Tell me, Lord Rimuru what is your business here?" he demanded of the Slime.

"Oh, we were at a dig site with the Jura forest when a light engulfed me and my subordinates to this bank." Rimuru explains their story, 'Gringotts…why does that sound familiar?' he ponders on the name.

The Goblin King looks at Rimuru's subordinates, 'A Dire Wolf, two Ogres, a Lizardman, and a Demon. They seem different from the last time I saw their race, more evolved.' He thought. Gringotts then looks back at the Slime, staring at him.

"It seems you are not lying Lord Rimuru. However, we don't trust you fully." Gringotts explains to the Demon Lord.

Rimuru nodded, understanding their point of view. "Understandable, uh…"

"Gringotts, I am King Gringotts; the King of the Goblin race and founder of Gringotts bank." The Goblin announced his title to the group.

Shion, Ranga, Gabiru, Diablo, and Souei look at each other, surprised to hear a title. "Goblin King?" they said confused with the title.

Gringotts noticed their confusion, "I don't get why both of you are confused with my title." He said, glaring at the monsters.

"Show some respect to King Gringotts!" One of the Goblin soldiers yelled at them, inflaming their anger. This caused the army to be defensive from their reaction.

"STOP!" Rimuru yelled out, his subordinates stand down upon his voice. He looks around the room, sensing the tension between the army and his subordinates. "It seems that we need to be better acquainted with each other before we do anything." The Slime reasons.

"Agreed, though I have many questions that need answering. I do believe we need a peaceful setting than in the workshop." Gringotts agreed with the Lord of Tempest. "I have a place where we can be familiar with each other."

Rimuru nodded, "Can't agree with you more, King Gringotts."

Gringotts motions his hand to the exit. "If you and your subordinates will follow me then we can be acquainted." The army and Rimuru's group left the workshop to a suitable place for a proper conversation between them.

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