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Hachiman's PoV

"So before we go into any specific world, we should get an overview."

I said to everyone but specifically Komachi. Mostly I was just running away from reading my cringe-worthy thoughts that would be written for sure. Yukinoshita would likely dump me after this even though we aren't formally dating, but even Komachi might abandon me. Mom, dad, thank you for raising me until today. Sensei immediately picked up after me.

"There are over 1,200 matching stories and over 150 crossover stories."

"What kind of crossovers? What did they do to me?"

"Don't worry about it. If you want to stay sane, then stay in the regular universe."

Looking into her eyes I can somewhat guess. Either I became a bad-ass or was replaced with one like a certain Kurama possessed ninja. Except any hero comes from suffering so I never wanted to be one. From the looks of it, sensei agreed.

This is where Haruno happily jumped in.

"Most worlds include me and him."

The room froze. Yukinoshita looked ready to murder, but so did Yuigahama and strangely Isshiki. Invisible blades were poking at my neck from three sides. Only sensei was normal.

"Stop lying Haruno. Its Yukino and Hachiman that has most stories and also most popular."

It looked like everyone was going to kill me for a moment and I planned to let them. Thanks sensei. This is natural. It has to be Yukinoshita. The only alternative would be Totsuka. But Totsuka cannot be possessed by any one person for world-peace.

"You are no fun Shizuka-chan."

Haruno pouted while Yukinoshita and I both had a sigh of relief. We are creatures of logic rather than passion after all so statistics were affirmation for our present relationship. Yukinoshita calmly but somewhat happily said what was on my mind.

"Isn't it natural? Hikigaya-kun and I are the most compatible after all."

"Oh, Yukino-chan has grown up! No more bashful kitten?"

"Well it is Yukinon after all. She is obviously number one."

"Senpai and Yukino-senpai is acceptable for now I guess."

" As expected of sister-in-law."

There are some scary comments mixed in the peanut gallery. What does 'for now' mean Irohasu? Are you implying our break-up is inevitable? Now they have begun to fight in whispers.

" But Yui-san, didn't you say that you are always prepared to tag in. And Iroha-san said that someone else's belonging tastes wonderful."

"Shut up rice-chan. You said that you would let us all fight each other to take the best one."

"Yukino-chan is the best one right now so I am not wrong."

"Would you all stop fighting so we can move on?"

Sensei interjected while a blizzard was flowing from Yukinoshita because of their comments. Then Haruno and Sensei got into a banter.

"But some of those stories we read were so sweet."

"Yes, so sweet they gave me diabetes. I really wanted to punch the brats. Anyway lets move on to the next one."

Yukino's PoV

It had been a big shock but I should have known that nee-san was messing around like normal. Except the amount of attention she has been paying to someone three years younger is not normal. Is she interested in him, or was there someone else that he reminds her of? I know for a fact that she is single and has no interest in anything anymore unless it comes to me. It would make sense if there was a cynical man or woman before who slipped past her. She is a sore loser like me after all.

I read some of my fictions with him and they were indeed really sweet and made me happy. If I have to complain about something, it would be the execution. Either the writers copied both our story and banter word by word in what was essentially the height of plagiarism. Or they wrote our banter in what Hikigaya-kun would call cringe-worthy way. Very rarely did they write in their own words while capturing our feelings but that is to expected.

By my estimate the second should be Yuigahama-san. Her feelings are clear and he does love her if to a lesser degree than me. Unless he has some weird fetish, that wouldn't surprise me. Those books of degeneracy he keeps have shown me some rather questionable things. Then should be Isshiki-san. How our sly kouhai takes advantage of her similarities to Komachi-chan is scary. His dead-fish eyes that see through everything but cannot see through her actions. He still believes that she is chasing after Hayama-kun even now.

Then there is Totsuka-kun, the penultimate wildcard. If he leaves me for him, I might not even get angry. Only I would permanently name him HikiGay-kun. What was I thinking again? Ah, this is a chance for all of us to understand each other better so I should keep a calmer mind and better control of my emotions. Let this experience make all of us better people than we are today.

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