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This was a collaboration I did with several other writers on a discord server I am a member of. One of the members gave us this challenge and we decided that we would be doing our own versions of it. I am unsure if they will do it but if they do start it, I will place their own version's name in the following chapters

Author's opening note: 1/2/2023

As a starting warning, there will be a gender-bending aspect to this. Now, I ask (only ask) that you give this fic a try and if at any point you don't like it, then you are free to drop this fic. I will tell you that the gender-bending is happening much later in the fic but I won't hide that it will happen. It is the main factor that the one that gave me this challenge said has to stay. everything else is from my imagination. If you do choose to read, I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Down the pipe hole

Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuriki of the nine-tailed fox, and ostracized boy in Konoha.

He sat on his swing outside of the shinobi academy watching all the kids playing, training, or in the case of Sasuke's Fanclub, swooning around the Uchiha. 'Same old, same old.' He kicked his feet off the ground and began to swing back and forth, enjoying the wind in his face as he came down for the forward swing. He began to think about the village he lived in and what it had offered him. 'No one in the village likes me, they chase me, beat me, and tear me down as much as they can. The Hokage…..I know he cares…..but he still won't answer any of my questions about my family. What's so hard about telling tell me who my parents are? I mean…..I know I had parents….otherwise, I wouldn't be here but he won't even tell me their names. Why? Why won't he at least tell me who they were or anything about them? I would like to know the truth…..even if it isn't good, at least I would know. Did they hate me and abandon me? Were they killed on a mission? ….did they ever really love me?' He let out a heavy sigh at the last thought. 'Knowing would be better than worrying about what the answer would be.'

He had asked Hiruzen Sarutobi multiple times about his parents and why they weren't here, yet the old man would turn away and leave every time. The least Naruto wanted was to know their names. If he knew their names he would at least know they existed and hold the names in his heart. But he doesn't even have that. He doesn't even know what they looked like.

"Hey, Naruto!"

Naruto looked down to see that Mizuki was calling him over. Slowing his swing until he stopped, he looked up to see the man walk closer. "Something up, Mizuki-sensei?"

Mizuki smiled at the boy "I should ask you that. You looked like you had something heavy on your mind. Wanna talk about it?"

Naruto thought about talking to his sensei about this but after some thought, he chose that it was something personal and nothing he should trouble his teacher with. "It's fine, Mizuki." He stood up from his swing and looked at his sensei. "It's something personal so you don't need to worry about it."

"Mizuki! Naruto!"

Both males looked to see Iruka waving them inside.

"Recess is over! Come back inside so we can begin our lesson!"

Mizuki patted Naruto's back and smiled wide at the young boy. "Come on Naruto. We should get inside so we can listen to Iruka droll about Konoha's history."

Naruto chuckled at that as the two made their way back into the academy

~after school, classroom~

Naruto had to stay after class and serve detention since he got into a fight with some other students. Iruka sat at his desk grading papers and making sure that the boy didn't do anything while being punished

Naruto was tempted to pull out one of his prank tools from his pocket to at least mess with his teacher but...

"Don't even think about it, Naruto." Came Iruka's response without even looking up from his papers

Naruto pulled his hand away from his pocket and grumbled as he dropped his head on the desk with a loud *thunk*. He groaned as he turned his head to look outside the window. "Is it over yet, Iruka?"

Iruka looked up at the clock before sighing. "Naruto it's only been fifteen minutes into your hour-long detention. You shouldn't have picked a fight with the other kids if you didn't want to get in trouble."

Naruto huffed as he turned his head again so his face was on the desktop, to hide his anger. 'I didn't even do anything to them.'

The fight had started because a group of other students jumped him just cause they wanted to beat him up. He fought back of course, but the teachers didn't even listen to him when he tried to tell them that he didn't do anything to start it. Most of the teachers were like this. If he would be involved, they would just automatically put the blame on him, even if the proof pointed to the others. It's one of the reasons that he pranked them as much as he could. The only teachers that weren't like that were Iruka and Mizuki.

Iruka looked at the boy and sighed. He knew that Naruto wasn't the type to sit in one spot for long and if he did, someone was going to be pranked later on, and harshly. Which would just lead to the boy being punished again. "Alright Naruto, I guess I can let you go this time but no more fights! Am I clear?"

Naruto jumped out of his seat and smiled at his sensei. "You got it!" He ran out the door while waving Iruka goodbye.

Iruka chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm. "He sure can change his attitude on a dime." He looked back down at the papers he was grading and it just so happens he came onto Naruto's test. His smile dropped when he immediately saw that the answers were way off the mark of any of the questions. He read the questions out loud as he went over the sheet.

"What is the tool used by shinobi to tie up a captured enemy?: a kunai"

"What is the name of the location where the First Hokage and Madara Uchiha battled?: Forest of death"

"What is the name of the first, second, third, and fourth Hokage and what were they each known for?: Hiruzen Sarutobi….."

Iruka sighed as he shook his head. "Come on, Naruto, with how much you say you want to be Hokage and with how much you say you knew everything about them, you can't just ignore the other Hokage we've had. You didn't even put what they are known for." He began to mark them as incorrect and put the real answers for clarity

"Ninja wire."

"Valley of the end."

"Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Minato Namikaze."

Iruka couldn't help but sigh as he marked more and more of them wrong. He remembered early on when Naruto first started the academy, the boy would put answers that were completely unrelated to what was asked. It kept happening so many times that he thought that the boy didn't care and began keeping a close eye on him when he was taking a test. It was odd cause Naruto looked like he was doing his best to answer them as he had a look of concentration and focus. Later on, the answers began to be more closely related but they were still wrong or lacking more information. He even asked Mizuki to tell Naruto to answer the questions correctly this time before the blue-haired man nodded and went to pass out the tests. "If he keeps going on like this, Naruto will never become Hokage."


Naruto had just run out of the classroom and down the hall to exit the building. As he made his way into an empty hallway, he slowed down until he came to a stop. Once he did he placed his hand on the wall before he bent over in pain as his other hand went straight to his ribs.

The thing about the fight he was in was that it was with a bunch of older kids that had been trained by their shinobi family. The only reason they were still in the academy, despite being older by two years, was because they started the academy late.

Because of their training, they used kunai and chakra-enhanced punches and kicks.

Not that Naruto knew they used chakra as they attacked him since he hadn't learned that channeling chakra into one's fists enhances their power

The reason he didn't let it show was that it would possibly get him sent to the nurse's office or at worst the hospital. If he went to the nurse's office, they would glare at him, say he was lying, and just suspend him for insulting a faculty member or something. If he went to the hospital, he was in danger of the staff trying to poison him again or use a sharp medical tool and saying they have "clumsy fingers".

He felt that one of his ribs was broken from his beating and took a slow breath to at least make sure that it wasn't jamming into something vital. Fortunately for him, it wasn't. He carefully straightened himself and began to slowly walk out of the academy. He decided to go out of one of the side entrances that the academy wall had so he could avoid some of the people that loiter at the front entrance. He made it outside and enjoyed the fresh air before he walked along the wall and under several classroom windows. He was getting closer to the side exit when he heard someone talk.

"...Naruto will never become Hokage."

Naruto paused at hearing this and looked up to see he was just under the window of the classroom he was just in. which could only mean one thing.

It was Iruka that said it.

Naruto felt his heart drop at hearing one of the people he thought would support him say something like this. The hand he had pressed against the wall to help support him dropped to the side and he just stared wide-eyed up at the window. He felt his eyes water from this but he forced back the tears. 'I'm not going cry!' He would not let anyone see him cry. Living in a village of people that seemed to have some sort of twisted joy in seeing him down, he would not give them the satisfaction of knowing that something got to him. He shoved the emotion back before steeling himself to keep moving. Naruto turned away from the window and walked out of the academy ground. He slowly made his way through the streets, ignoring the sneers and harsh whispers from the people around him. His mind kept replaying the words he heard come from Iruka but didn't really know how else to handle it as he continued on autopilot with no set destination.

"Hey, Naruto!"

Naruto stopped walking when he heard the familiar voice of one of his friends. He turned around and put on his smile as he called back. "Hey, Tenten!"

Tenten was a girl that graduated one year ago and was considered the kunoichi of her year.

She was a girl with brown hair set up in two buns that had some similarities to panda ears, though he would never say that to her face. around her forehead was her Konoha hitai-ate which had two short bangs of her hair coming down the top. She wore a sleeveless qipao-style blouse with red sleeve trimming with yellow fastening buttons, deep-sea green pants, and standard blue shinobi sandals.

He knew Tenten from his time in the orphanage as she was also an orphan like him. She had lost her mother when she was one year and a half years old due to her mother dying on a mission. Her father was not in the picture. She had met Naruto when she first arrived though he was only a baby at the time, they were the youngest in the facility and they had been friends the entire time. she had even defended him from the other kids when they tried bullying him. It was during one of the times she defended him that she learned that she liked using weapons when she used a couple of pebbles as projectiles and a stick as a sword. She had practiced using weapons from then on and gained a bit of a reputation as the "Weapons mistress" of the Academy.

Tenten ran up to him with a smile. "What are you doing here? I figured that you would be stuffing your face with ramen at this point. You heading to go train somewhere?"

Naruto chuckled as he shook his head. "Nah, I don't need to train. I'm awesome already. Don't want to make everyone else feel bad."

Tenten giggled at this as she elbowed him in the side. "You really need to get off your high horse and get serious in your training or you'll never be able to get 'awesome' as you say."

Naruto chuckled as he rubbed his side where Tenten hit. "Yeah! I need to keep getting stronger if I want to become Hokage."

Tenten nodded. "That's more like it. Not to mention that if you don't get any better, you'll never be able to beat me in a spar."

"Hey!... I've won...once." He grumbled as he looked away, not able to look her in the eye as he said that.

Tenten laughed as she shook her head good-naturedly. "No, you just got lucky that I didn't knock you out again. And that was only because I had a mission with my team."

Naruto growled as he wanted to shout into the sky that he could beat her but with him still being in pain at the moment, he couldn't. "I'll show you next time!"

Tenten smiled at her friend's enthusiasm. "We'll see about that. Anyway, I gotta go. Got another mission with my team so I'll see you around." She gave him a one arms hug before running past him and waving back. "See ya later!"

Naruto meekly brought up his hand as he gave a soft wave. "Bye…" Once he saw she was out of sight, he moved to an alleyway so no one would see him falling to his knees, holding his side. Tenten's elbow wasn't that hard but it hit hard enough to cause him to internally wince while he did his best to maintain his normal demeanor.

"Well well, look who it is."

Naruto looked behind him to see that it was the same group of kids that had beaten him up before.

"Aw, looks like he isn't feeling too well."

"Did we play too rough with you?"

"Maybe we should play again so he gets how it's done right?"

"Yeah, let's 'play'."

Naruto tried to get back up from his kneeling position but he found himself being kicked back down by one of the five kids

"Don't go. The game just started "

Naruto was laying on the ground with his face in the dirt as the other kids began to "play." As this happened he drowned out the world so he wouldn't have to deal with it.

~later Ichiraku~

Ayame was humming a tune to herself as she stirred a pot that was filled with ramen. She was manning the stand on her own today since her father was at home nursing a cold.

Teuchi got such a lecture from his daughter as she kept reprimanding him for moving some cooking supplies they had just gotten from outside during a rainstorm, into the kitchen. She had told him that the pots, pans, and ladles would be fine after the rain ended and all that would really be needed would be some cleaning and drying off.

She shook her head as she finished stirring and lowered the stove to a very light simmer so it would keep the ramen warm. She turned around to begin wiping down the counter when she saw her favorite customer walk in as she would recognize that blond hair, jumpsuit, and blue eye anywhere. "Welcome back Na…." It was then that she realized why she only saw the one blue eye. The other was swollen shut. "Naruto!" She dropped the rag she had in her hand and moved over to the boy. She knelt down and placed her hand on the side of his face and worriedly looked at the swollen eye. "What happened?"

Naruto finally came out of his zombie-like state as he was walking on autopilot since he was beaten up again. He realized where he was and saw the worried look on Ayame's face. He pressed his hand on his eye and tried to joke about it. "Was hoping it would be gone by the time I got here. You should see the other guys."

Ayame ignored the attempt and got back to her feet and ran off into the kitchen. After a minute, she came back with an ice pack and gently placed it on his eye. "What happened?"

Naruto winced at the cold sensation on his eye before he pressed his hand on the ice pack, next to hers. He didn't want Ayame to see him in such a state so he looked down and mumbled. "Nothing."

Ayame placed a hand on his shoulder and with her other hand gently lifted his head so he could see her. "Naruto….."

Naruto turned his head and was becoming a little more frustrated. He didn't want to talk about himself being beaten up. He figured that he could just get some ramen and go home while his injuries heal up overnight. "I said it was nothing."

Ayame gained a stern look as she moved to be in his sight and looked Naruto in his one visible eye while trying to comfort the boy and placing her hand on his shoulder again. "Naruto, please tell me what happened."

Naruto just shrugged her off as he shook his head. "Nothing happened!" He took a step back as he thought about why he was here if all he was going to get was her butting into his business. He knew that Ayame wouldn't drop the subject and felt that he should just leave. "I'm going home. Sorry for dropping by." He turned around with his hand still holding the ice pack to his eye."

Ayame reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Naruto, please just …."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Naruto flung the ice pack past Ayame's head, and into one of the shelves that held pots and pans.

The ice pack impacted, causing them all to fall off and crash onto the ground with loud clangs and bans

Naruto was shocked that he had just thrown the ice pack at Ayame and made a mess of the kitchen. Looking at the mess for a second and unsure of what to do, he took a tentative step back before running out of the stand.

Ayame was looking at the crashing pots and pans so she didn't notice Naruto leaving. Once all the noisy kitchenware was on the ground, she turned back only to see Naruto wasn't there anymore. She looked around before jolting out of the stand to see if she could spot the boy. "Naruto!" She sagged as she could not see the familiar features of her favorite blonde. "...Naruto…"

~Naruto's apartment~

Naruto made it into his apartment, locking the door behind him. His run to his house was filled with the same kind of sneering and cruel words as any other day but as this day seemed to be kicking him when he was down, the words hurt far more than they used to. He moved to his dining table and sat in the chair before leaning his head on the table. He was internally berating himself for how he treated Ayame when the older girl was just trying to help him. The day may have been trying to beat him down, but he knew he shouldn't have taken it out on her. 'I should go back and say I'm sorry.'

After sitting like that for a few minutes, he got up and stumbled his way to his kitchen. He had to slowly move since his run to his house had made his rib shift a bit in his body and now he felt even more pain. He grabbed a watering pail and filled it with water from the sink. Once it was filled he moved to his bedroom door before opening it to show that a spot adjacent to the window was filled with different plants and flowers. He slowly began watering the ones that required water while leaving the ones that didn't need that much alone. This was a hobby of his that he picked up some time ago when he had to help out at the Yamanaka flower shop for a couple of days.

Ino had a tough time believing he had a better green thumb than she did and it started a rivalry between them when it came to greenery.

So far Ino was in the lead since she had a few more plants in her own personal garden. Though, living in a flower shop every day gave her a bit of an unfair advantage

Naruto finished watering his plants and placed the pale on the ground before he made his way to his bed. He took off his jacket and just let it drop on the ground before he lowered himself onto the bed. His swollen eye had already healed up enough for him to slowly open it and he felt relieved at that. 'Well…..at least my healing is still on my side.'

He never knew why he could heal so quickly from many of the injuries that he received but he was grateful for it. Otherwise, he would have died from many much harsher injuries he got from others long ago.

He sighed as he closed his eyes so he could get some sleep.

~Next day~

Naruto made it to the academy early today since he wanted the school to end so he can apologize to Ayame. He entered the classroom to see his classmates were already there and mingling with each other. Naruto was glad that the only thing that remained from his beating yesterday was some slight scuffs he had under his clothes.


The male blonde looked to see Sakura Haruno making her way to him. He put on a smile as he waved to her. "Morning, Sakura."

Sakura and Naruto had become friends after Iruka had asked her if she could help Naruto study since she was the smartest in the class. During these tutoring sessions, she learned more about him and they began to talk about small things such as favorite restaurants, hoddies, and the kind of shinobi they wanted to be. She did flick him on the head when he brought up how she was a fangirl for Sasuke Uchiha, she chose to forget it since Naruto was turning out to be a good friend. interestingly, the conversation they had turned into fashion as she could not believe that Naruto would wear the orange jumpsuit that he was known for. He told her that it was the only thing that he could afford and then made a comment that she would look better with short hair. that earned him another flick on the head and called him a "Baka" as she giggled at his random comment. (normal finger flick. not Tsunade strength)

Sakura stopped in front of him as she glared into his eyes. "What did you do this time?" She heard that Naruto had gotten detention but she didn't know what it was for. She knew he could be a troublemaker but most of the things he did wouldn't get him into that much trouble, just some warnings and possibly standing outside of the room but not detention.

Naruto leaned back as he nervously chuckled. "I uh…. didn't do anything this time, I swear."

Sakura leaned in closer to him, which caused him to lean further. She looked into his eyes to see if she could see any lies. It was then she noticed the slight discoloration around his eye. "What happened to you?"

Naruto wasn't sure what she meant at first till he remembered seeing in the mirror that the black eye he got was still slightly noticeable. 'Damn.' He laughed nervously as he looked away. "I just tripped and hit my eye on the corner of my chair."

"You gotta learn how to lie better Naruto."

Naruto looked past Sakura with the pinkette looking over her shoulder to see Ino walking up to them with a stern look on her face.

"You always look away when you are trying to hide something." She stopped to stand next to Sakura as both girls looked expectingly at him

Ino and Sakura had a serious rivalry for Sasuke Uchiha that nearly ended their friendship but it was thanks to interacting with Naruto that they were able to maintain it. Though they would still fight over silly things that had to deal with Sasuke, interactions with Naruto had them separate the issue of who would be with Sasuke and their friendship. He would always bring up the idea of losing someone who would they would regret not being in their lives and both girls would admit that they cherish the other girl's company.

Naruto indignantly denied this. "No, I don't!"

Ino looked at him with a raised eyebrow and hands on her hips. "Oh, really?" There was no way she would believe him in this since Naruto had a bad habit of being obvious when it came to his friends. Something Ino picked up from her dad was the skill of telling when someone lies from their body language, though she didn't need to with him. She had been able to notice that he can lie to a lot of people with a straight face yet when it came to people he was close to, he would be as obvious as a little kid that was caught not only with his hand in the cookie jar but with another cookie hanging out of his mouth.

Naruto looked away and grumbled. "Look it doesn't matter. It's only a bit purple so it's almost gone." Before he could say anything else that would get them to drop the subject, he heard someone else enter the room behind him.

"Alright, everyone, take your seats."

Naruto froze when he heard Iruka speak. He still felt hurt from hearing what the man said when he wasn't around and, not looking at the man, he walked towards his seat not acknowledging anyone around him.

This gained the attention of Iruka, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata as this was odd behavior from the hyperactive classmate they all knew. Normally, Naruto would bound up to his seat with a good amount of excitement, despite how he would always complain about how boring the lectures were.

Hinata, being one of Naruto's friends, wanted to say something to him and find out what was wrong so she could try and make him feel better, but he sat too far away from her. She figured that she would talk to him later on, maybe during lunch.


Naruto sat at his usual swing again as he thought about the teacher he thought supported his dream to be Hokage. 'Guess even Iruka doesn't believe in me. That makes two people that believe I can become Hokage in this whole village now.' The two he was referring to were Teuchi and Ayame.

Sakura and Ino had told him he could try but not to get his hopes up about achieving it. He was ok with that since it was a very difficult goal and Sakura and Ino didn't want him to be hurt if he doesn't make it. he knew that and was at least thankful for them still being around if he does fail.

Tenten had thought it was an admirable goal to aim for and wished him luck in it but he felt that she only thought that it was just that: a goal. Something to aim for but not fully reachable and good motivation to improve himself. Same as Ino and Sakura but a bit more toward her believing he could.

Hinata had told him that he could reach it but she also seemed like she didn't understand why he would aim for it. She knew a leading position was difficult in itself and the Hokage was the leader of leaders in the village. It was a role that many may strive for but few could make it. She would also be by his side if he didn't make it but she would cheer him on as he tried

To Naruto, it felt like they would all give him a helping hand for him to reach his goal but they would be there more to catch him as he fell.

Another stray thought entered his mind as he thought of the remaining two. 'but …..maybe Ayame doesn't want to believe in me either….'

He believed that after yesterday's mishap, she would be mad at him and shun him like most of the people in the village. he felt that he knew her well enough to think that she wouldn't do that but he had been disappointed before, many times so he couldn't help the thought.

"Hey, Naruto!"

Naruto looked up to see Mizuki standing over him with a smile on his face. "Hey, Mizuki. What's up?" was his subdued response.

Mizuki smiled at the boy before gesturing for him to follow. "I got something I wanna show you. Come on, if we move now we can see it before lunch ends."

Naruto didn't really feel like doing anything but he figured that this might take his mind off the growing doubt he had. Hopping off the swing, he began to follow Mizuki who was walking towards the forest.

Hinata came out of the academy building looking for Naruto at his usual spot so she could ask him if he was ok but she couldn't see any sign of him. 'Where are you, Naruto?" She went off to find the boy as fast as she could since she knew that there was something bothering him and she was going to do what she can to help.

Naruto was following Mizuki, not really paying attention to where they were going.

Mizuki looked back at the boy and asked. "what's wrong, Naruto? You look a little down."

Naruto was really getting tired of people asking him if something was wrong. 'Why can't everyone just leave me alone?' He wanted to just tell Mizuki that it wasn't his business but the last time he did that, he almost hit Ayame with an ice pack. He'd heard that talking about what bothers you can help you feel better. Sighing, he decided to at least talk about some of his issues. "Well…. Yesterday wasn't the best day for me….."

Naruto told Mizuki about how a few kids had ganged up on him and how the fight was a bit one-sided with the other kids having been trained before, and how he didn't have anyone backing him up. After he told Mizuki about that, keeping his injuries to himself, he spoke about how, as he was leaving the academy, he heard Iruka saying that he would never be able to reach his dream.

"After that, I just…..went home." Talking about what he went through helped him feel a bit better but he really didn't want to talk about his visit to Ichiraku's and how he almost hurt Ayame.

Mizuki had remained silent for the whole thing as he continued to lead the boy deeper into the forest and closer to what he wanted. "Well, I'm sure Iruka has a reason for saying what he said."

Naruto sighed as he just looked down to the ground. "Like what? What other reason would he have to say that?" Naruto waited for Mizuki to answer and try to defend Iruka but he didn't hear anything. After a minute, he looked up to see Mizuki slow his walking down.

Mizuki came to a stop and looked at the boy. "Up ahead." He pointed towards something Naruto couldn't see yet.

Naruto followed Mizuki's finger to what he was pointing at and was a little confused at what he saw. It looked like a…. green tube. He walked up and began to circle it as he looked it up and down.

The tube was covered in dirt and vines which told him that it was old and had not been touched in a long time. Something else he noticed was some odd purple mushrooms that had lavender dots on the head. He had read much about plants, weeds, and mushrooms to help him in his garden and he had never seen mushrooms like this before. Sure there were some that were similar but none were colored so brightly and shaped like it. In fact, there were two black spots that almost looked like angry eyes to it. He then noticed that there was one that looked different than the rest. Instead of purple with lavender dots, it was bright red with white dots with the so call black eyes not looking angry. Once he was closer to it, he noticed that it was much taller than him, and a jolt of curiosity got to him making him want to know what was in it. "Hey, Mizuki, what is it?"

Mizuki smiled as he moved to join the boy. "I found this a couple of days ago and thought it would be something you might find cool."

Naruto hopped up and held on to the side of the pipe before pulling himself up. He noticed that the metal the pipe was made from was slippery and hard to grip on the edge but he managed to hang on. He pulled himself up and looked into the hole that led deep into it. He hung off the side with the vines helping him stay up, and spoke his new thought out loud. "It's like a pipe. A big green pipe." He tried to look deeper into the pipe but it was so black that tt was like the light couldn't pierce the darkness despite how the sun was shining down into it. "Do you know what's in it?"

Mizuki moved behind Naruto as he spoke. "Don't know. But there is something I wanted to say about what you told me earlier."

Naruto kept trying to see deeper into the pipe as he asked. "What is it?"

Mizuki's smile slowly turned from a serene smile into a malicious one "Iruka was right. You'll never be Hokage."

Naruto was stunned to hear this from Mizuki but he didn't have time to think about it as Mizuki grabbed his legs and lifted them up, causing Naruto to fall into the pipe.

"Cause a demon like you will be dead soon!"

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh~" Naruto fell into the pipe and was soon surrounded by the darkness as the entrance of the pipe grew further away.

Mizuki smirked at the pipe before he laughed to himself. He didn't lie when he said he found the pipe a few days ago but what he didn't say was that he had tried to see how deep it was by tossing a few things down the entrance and he couldn't hear any impact from the kunai or explosive tag that should have gone off on contact. This told him that the depth of it was monumental. Something else he found out was that the material the pipe was made from was not only durable enough to withstand a kunai with no marking, but it was almost impossible to stick to the surface. He had placed his foot on the side and channeled chakra but amazingly his foot slipped off like it was covered in soap. It was then he thought that he could use this to get rid of the demon brat and not look guilty. Not only that but this pipe was deep in the forest and Naruto hadn't even realized that they had been walking for over an hour. Mizuki didn't even care about being in that damn class with Iruka. If all goes well, in a few months, he will be out of the village with the forbidden scroll and off to join Orochimaru. He originally planned on using the demon brat to steal the scroll when he failed the graduation test but Mizuki learned that there will be a gap in patrols so he could use it to get in, steal the scroll, and get out.

Mizuki looked down the pipe and chuckled "with how far this pipe must be, he has no chance of surviving that fall." He kicked the pipe before he began to make his way back to the academy, thinking of what he would say about his absence. "I'll just say Naruto kicked me and ran off and I tried to stop him. Hahahaha"

Unbeknownst to the blue-haired man, the pipe began to shake for a few seconds before it began to lower into the ground, taking the mushrooms with it. Once the pipe disappeared into the surface, the spot the pipe was once at appeared to look like the rest of the forest floor.

As if the pipe was never there.

~With Naruto~


Naruto had been falling for a good while and he was panicking at how far he had gone. 'He….. tossed me in. He's trying to kill me!' He saw a light coming up from where he was falling out and he shut his eyes, bracing for the pain, and hoped for a miracle that would save him from the fall.

The pitch-black that surrounded him turned into a bright light and seemed to be everlasting as he fell.

Suddenly Naruto was thrown out of another pipe entrance that was located in a large room that was brightly lit

The room looked like it was meant for a castle treasury and was decorated with several tapestries that depicted a female with long blonde hair wearing a pink ballroom dress. Though few of them showed this princess figure, several others depicted only a crown with a pink top that had white polka dots and a pair of black eyes on the front.

Since Naruto had his eyes closed he did not control his trajectory and impacted a pedestal that had a special object on it.

On the pedestal was a red cushion that held the crown that was depicted on the tapestry but with its eyes closed.

He crashed into the pedestal with his head which caused him to wince in pain and started to lose consciousness. He sprawled onto the floor with his shoulders and head propped up by the pedestal as he tried to stay awake. 'I'm…..going to die. I…' He was slowly feeling his consciousness leave him as he felt something land on top of his head. He opened his eyes as much as he could but with his vision blurring, he saw a group of figures making their way toward him with one of them being taller and colored yellow and pink. The smaller ones made him think of that one mushroom he saw earlier. His vision began to darken until it was replaced with a bright light. 'So there is a light when you…..die…' It was then he lost consciousness with what he believed to be the final hope that he would see his parents in the afterlife.

A female figure looked down at the fallen boy after she had to cover her eyes from the bright light that came from the object that was now on him. The crown had fallen from its pedestal and landed on the boy's head. It was when the light died down that she saw the crown's eyes, which were once closed, were now open. She gasped at this before requesting those around her. "Let's take him to one of the bed chambers at once. Please send for a doctor to look …...him….. Over!"

End of chapter

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