HEY! this is my first ever published fanfiction!

YAY! this 'fic' is more of just a testing and experiment to see how this website works. and note: as soon as I get my account on AO3 set up, my works will be one there as well (with the same username!)

I'm going to also make a document (or technical 'story') with more details on my future works and likes and dislikes.

So without further a do… I hope you guys have fun imagining these toddler scenarios with either 'Peter & Tony' (MCU) or 'Harry & Sirius' (HP)!

Serene after your late-morning nap

you hold Papa's hand down the stair

and gaze around with drowsy eyes

You wield a smile at each of us,

a stately flourish of you cheerfulness.

Wobbly on your pint-size legs,

you toddle around the kitchen

and tumble over a forgotten stick -

your smiles dissolve in an instant,

exchanged for indignant tears.

Soothed by a quick embrace,

you sit peacefully at the table

and ready your toy horses for a race.

You babble merrily

as you tell me their names.

Troubled by a sudden hunger,

your tummy grumbles nosily

and demands to be fed -

you coo with satisfaction

as you devour your bowl of berries.

How fleetingly these moods

morph one into the next -

in my own life, as in yours.

How often I am distracted by one

or relieved by another.

Just like you.

How little need there is to worry

when a harsh mood threatens to take over.

A tender one is just on the horizon.