We see a beautiful young girl with pale skin, slim figure and small appearance traversing dimensions in space. She has bright blue-silver hair that seems to reflect light despite the darkness of the void that surrounds her. Her eyes are the color of sweet honey and amber combined. You can see the raw power radiating from them, which makes them glow in raw power. The person is wearing only a white t-shirt and black loose pants.

Rimuru positioned herself comfortably, wanting to sleep on nothingness and slumbering about an interesting adventure.

How did she end up here? Well, let's start from the beginning...

Having already evolved to the point where her power is already too great to rule her nation, Rimuru decided to leave Tempest to her successors and went off, looking for interesting dimensions among the Multiverse.

She had already forgotten most of her life and adventures in Tempest, unfortunately it turns out that even with her vast memory, which was supposed to be infinite, Rimuru still couldn't remember many things from her youth, she couldn't even remember how she came to be for some reason. Several thousand years ago she had still heard the voices of a person who called himself the great sage (or Ciel, Raphael and so on). By now, however, the voice had fallen silent and didn't seem to speak again.

She also couldn't remember anyone's face, which annoyed her quite a bit to the point that she accidentally destroyed a neighboring planet.

She hasn't been able to find any interesting things to do for... Uhh. Unfortunately, she can't remember since when. About a hundred-twenty thousand years ago she left Tempest, she guessed...? From what young girl still remembers. The truth is, Rimuru herself doesn't know how old she is, though age doesn't matter much when you're immortal in every possible way.

"Tempest.." She said aloud more to herself with a slight frown, knowing that no one would hear her in the void anyway.

All the while the beautiful girl repeated the word Tempest. But what exactly was Tempest...? Wait, it was a nation right... that's all she recalls.

In any case, Rimuru herself didn't know exactly where her origin began.

Traversing the constellations was all she had done for the previous thousand years. Watching the beautiful sights and starbursts gave her some entertainment. She even has tried to create a new planet similar to Earth and create life on it naturally, but unfortunately she didn't succeed.

Clearly mother nature was not going to cooperate with her, she thought at the time. But when beautiful girl finally managed to see the development of the civilization she had originated, suddenly some aliens from another planet invaded it and destroyed all the work she had put in.

The only thing the monster queen did then was to watch, while her planet was literally blown up in all directions by some huge metal ball with a lasers... Don't get her wrong, Rimuru by no means wanted the civilization of the created planet and the life on it to be devastated by evil forces. As the stated situation had been occurring back then, Rimuru stared at the scene of the cataclysm with saddness in her amber eyes.

However, our blue-haired beauty realized that interference would result in many consequences that would arrive over time. She had already learned that many times before. Once as she created her first planet with civilization, saving it from oppression contributed to its downfall or many negatives that then grew. The beings on the planet began to believe, yep, they began to worship her as a God who would protect them from all evil. This was bad, it hindered their evolution since they still relied on her all the time when attacks occured again. With her previous interference Rimuru only wanted to push them in a good direction, not change their entire structure of being.

Nor could Rimuru hate the invaders just because they attacked a planet she had created; they too had a right to evolve. Since then, Rimuru has not intervened in the conflicts and developments of the universe. It can be compared to a ghost just watching the living, while the creatures had no idea they were being observed by the most powerful being in the universe.

However she began to feel bored, the monotony of the days came with the passage of time and the amber-eyed beauty knew that eventually a paucity of interest would give a sign.

And so Rimuru worked in boredroom, until she discovered to her surprise that there was a special connection between dimensions other than just hers. When this message processed in her brain, she immediately felt an inflow of positive energy called happiness and Rimuru left everything behind, moving on.

The girl visited several planets there, some of which were full of evil creatures and on some of which normal people lived. after her travels the queen of monsters still maintained her status as the strongest as she killed the strongest evil creatures she encountered. Whether it was an evil god or Satan, unfortunately she felt no difference when fighting any of them, everything was so effortless for her.

"Huh?" She opened her eyes slowly as she has traversed another universe through the portal, suddenly feeling a powerful presence. She flew past a rather interesting planet, from where a mysterious power different than usual was coming from. It wasn't magic, however, an energy quite similar to it, maybe spiritual or some kind of life energy - she thought. As if it had a similar sensation to magic, but a completely different structure.

Then Rimuru saw two beings dueling in space, far away from the planet, which caught her interest as her amber eyes analyzed everything.

One of them looked pretty old and had a long beard and brownish-gray short hair, with two distinctive parts that were similar to horns and strange red eyes on his forehead. He wore a long old but elegant white coat with a high collar that had strange symbols implanted on it. A serious face while he fought his opponent as if the fate of the world depended on it.

The second looked younger and had long gray hair and a completely pale short cut, unlike the first, this one had horns much larger and longer. He had a similar elegant but old coat, but unlike his opponent, this one had a strange symbol with a star-like painting and a black outline. An ominous aura surrounded him and Rimuru felt the same radiant power from the two as from the planet, but several hundred times greater.

Something flashed in her memory that she associated a strange symbol on the second person's back.

"You cannot protect this planet forever Hagoromo! The Ōtsutsuki clan has given clear orders for your execution for killing Princess Kaguya!"

"Ōtsutsuki no denetsu: Dragon of Vengeance!" He shouted, then put his hands to his mouth and a strange dragon-like creature was released with immense power. You could feel its immense power of the attack even from a very long distance.

"I only stopped the madness my mother wanted to bring upon this world!" The elder raised his staff as another energy formed a shield "I will stop the Ōtsutsuki clan from destroying everything, I won't let you plant the fruit of the Divine Tree again!"

"A stupid old man who knows nothing! I must achieve my godhood!" The two powers collided and there was a huge explosion that could be heard across the galaxy. If you looked from a distance, it looked like a starburst.

Truthfully Rimuru didn't even blink when the light erupted on all sides and continued to observe everything with interest and an unchanged expression on her face. No one seems to have noticed her presence yet.

Finally, the explosion died down and Rimuru could see that the older man had sadly lost and was coughing up blood from his mouth.

"No, I can't let you-goho-destroy-!" The older man couldn't even finish because the opponent already held him by the throat and began to tighten his grip with evil smirk present on his face.

"You old fool, did you think you could rival the real Ōtsutsuki in power? Laughable!"

"Aaah!" Rimuru clicked her fingers as if she remembered something. A similar figure as she traveled between dimensions and explored pooped in her mind. He introduced himself as a member of some Ōtsutsuki Clan too and said how magnificent he was, apparently this whole clan had a rather large ego - she thought. The Queen of Monsters encountered him when he was trying to plant some suspicious fruit on one of the planets she was monitoring. The young girl didn't like the newcomer's evil intentions then, so she wiped floor with him. Ehehe~, at least that's how she recalled it.

However, she saw the elderly man was about to die, Rimuru personally disliked violence, so she decided to step in.

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki tried with all his might to stop the invading Ōtsutsuki from bringing an end to the world in which Hagoromo had developed Ninshu. A beautiful art of shinobi who used it.

He could not defend the planet, however, when another reincarnation of his sons was about to be born once again, he felt so powerless. He even took physical form for a while to at least manage to repel the invader, but all his work was for nothing. There was nothing he could do... To make matters worse, the situation got even graver, and Hagoromo himself overestimated his abilities and was at the mercy of the other Ōtsutsuki, who was about to take his life and then Hagoromo could never return.

Apparently, the Ōtsutsuki Clan learned of his mother's death and ordered his execution. Hah! So it will end like this, the way of the ninshu will also fade away, and the shinobi world will be destroyed...

"What, have nothing left to say? Last words? You disgust me."


The Sage of the Six Paths once again tried to review the mistakes of his miserable life and look for where he had made them. The Shinobi World itself is not to blame, Hagoromo knew they were the ones who entered their planet and it was through the Ōtsutsuki Clan that humans would be exterminated.

His opponent looked irritated by his lack of intention to talk and took drastic steps, tightening his grip over throat.

"Fine. I will end your pathetic life for you, Hagoromo. You don't even deserve our clan's name!" There it is, this moment, his pernament death.




But it never came.

"AGHHH!" A sound like someone had been punched in the gut filled the empty void.

"Hm?" The old sage opened his eyes, which widened after a moment. His opponent Ōtsutsuki was sent flying at the speed of sound.

The beautiful figure of a young girl suddenly revealed herself out of nowhere suddenly and flashed him a sweet smile, grinning.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get a better look even with his slowed perception, as the girl disappeared just as she appeared and revealed herself again to the evil Ōtsutsuki, who would continue to fly until he hit something.

"You know-" She kicked him in the chin, sending him flying up backwards, it was hearable as something cracked in his jaw after her kick "-you shouldn't hit-" She reappeared by Ōtsutsuki's side again, and this time she slammed him in the stomach so hard that his opponent could do nothing but groan in pain "-elderly!"

Hagoromo couldn't believe his eyes and watched agape as the evil Ōtsutsuki was hit around like a rag doll.

"Bye~!" She finished by punching him in the face so hard that the eyeballs looked like they were going to pop out. Otsutsuki was sent far into space and only a star flashed.

"Uff, he was hard one!" Said girl wiped the absent sweat from her forehead.

After a while, she appeared in front of him, while he could not yet utter a word.

She offered a hand "Everything oke, old man?" She said it in a kind tone, as if she were going to help the old man cross the street. It was as if the previous situation had not happened at all. Hagoromo sweatdropped.

Hagormomo didn't even have time to think about how the girl survived in space without oxygen.

"Ah, yes yes. Thank you, young lady." Hagoromo eyed the young girl suspiciously, having no idea that the person in front of him was hundreds of thousands of years older than him.

"Nah, no problem!" The confrontation between them was quite akward, the person in front of him looked like she wasn't very social or if she hadn't talked to anyone in a long time.


Silence occured.

"So... My name is Rimuru."

The Sage of Six Paths blinked.

"Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki."