Sweet laughter and giggles filled the tavern as the some man and young girl drank alcohol together. However, the truth was that the roles were reversed, with the old man turning out to be a young cavalier next to her! "And then! I accidentally blew up the planet when I actually wasn't looking where I flew! Hahaha-!" It was quite a hilarious scene as the customers stared in disbelief and big eyes as the little goddess beauty who appeared to be no more than thirteen years old drank one big brew at a time.

As people around them attempted to make some sense out of her words, Hagoromo just keept akward smile. Fortunately, most people ignored it as a childish fantasy.

"Haha.." Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the legendary Sage Of six Paths could feel a drop of sweat falling down his forehead as he listened to the young dimensional traveler's funny stories as she called it.

In reality, however, Hagoromo pitied the planets that stood in the way of the young goddess. Listening to her story, he could easily tell that the blue-haired child had a history of many such slip-ups and was a troublemaker one at that! Hagormowo was afraid, having seen her previous display of power, that the same thing would happen to the Shinobi World, so he had to win the little devil girl's liking. Hell! He had just talked to someone who could defeat an Ōtsutsuki Clan's soldier barehanded!

They were currently in a bar near the land of fire and Hagoromo took on a more human form, using advanced henge and giving the young girl a slight tour around the World.

Hagoromo has already convinced himself that he shouldn't mess with the devil.


"Yo, Romo-geezer! What are those black balls on your back following you? They look awesome and so~cool!" The unknown newcomer asked with stars in her eyes and childlike enthusiasm.

Hagoromo replied exasperated "These aren't just any ordinary balls! They are truth-seeking orbs of black chakra, with the power to turn whoever touches them into dust... And don't call me Romo-geezer!"

He felt annoyed with the new nickname. Hagoromo was normally a very calm sage, but the girl behind him was driving him crazy! She watched and followed him, all the while asking about various things like his horns and supercoat! Is that what it feels like when someone shares the emptiness of space with you? If so, he preferred to remain alone as he was until now. He even tried to go to the dimension between life and death - limbo. However, the little devil even there found him again by some miracle!

Hagoromo could easily tell that there was a devil hiding behind that angelic facade, don't get him wrong. He doesn't mean that Rimuru is an evil person, she's just...cheeky.

He also noticed that the girl was very unsocial, judging by her desire to strike up a conversation. It's like she hasn't had a talk with someone in centuries.

"Nope, Romo-geezer suits you better~ So can I touch those black balls! Pleaseeeeee!" She was pleading, it could be compared to begging with big shining honey-like eyes as if she was about to cry. Screw Hagoromo and his weakness for crying girls! Damn good heart..

"Rimuru-san, was it? Have you listened to me before? I said you can't touch them because-" Once he turned towards her, his eyes widened in shock as he saw Rimuru spin the black orb on her finger like a basketball.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Rimuru merely gave a mischievous smile.

"Eh? Just having fun, gezz nothing to be stressed about."

The Six Paths Sage found it hard to believe that the figure in front of him didn't receive any damage from the destructive power. However, after a moment, he recalled Ōtsutsuki's fight from a few days ago.

His questions awakened again.

"Who are you...? No, rather what are you?" Said girl flinched when he said the second part straight.

'Hmm, so she is sensitive to talking about her origins. Well it's normal when someone asks you the question "What are you?" quite unkindly on my part I must admit.'

"Me? Just an interdimensional traveler finding something interesting!" Hagoromo could easily sense the energy coming out of the young devil thanks to his ability, but to his shock he could see that the person in front of him didn't even have a single drop of chakra whe he first checked her.

The girl was an enigma to him, a total unknown. He couldn't rather find out anything about her, sometimes Rimuru answered questions related to herself as well as sometimes ignored them.

He could confirm one thing though, Rimuru was not human as her appearance suggested.

Returning to the situation, Rimuru was spinning the black orb of chakra like a toy. It would seem that it was just innocent playing around, but the blue-haired near analyzed its structure and unknown energy thoroughly.

The Sage of the Six Paths only now realized that the beautiful amber eyes had turned an inky red with strange shining circle-like pattern.

"Interesting..." Her tone of speech changed to one of emotionlessness, while Hagoromo felt very uncomfortable staring deeper into the eyes that sucked him in.

'...Is it some kind of kekkei genkai? I can feel the immense threat and aura coming from those eyes.' Old Otsutsuki scratched his beard.

"What are those eyes? I ask out of curiosity."

She smiled "You could say they have multiple functions." Secrets remain unrevealed. After a while her eyes returned to normal bright honey.

'Multiple functions huh.'

"Why didn't you use any of your powers while fighting my enemy? I do not think it was because the opponent was too weak, or was that the reason?" This was one of the questions he had been thinking about for quite a while.

"Ehehe-, I'm kind of scared that my weakest attacks could lead to a cataclysm. The last time I used a water attack in space, I missed and it put out the sun. Ahahaha...ha." She started laughing sheepishly, scratching her head.

"Hum, would you mind showing me?"

Rimuru-san gave a big smile, showing her enthusiasm at the opportunity to show off her skills. Unfortunately, she can't recall any time in her life when someone praised her "Hai!"

Hagoromo didn't even blink, and all he saw was a flash and he was in a completely different surrounding "Where are we?" He asked, examining the place cautiously, looking for any danger.

"There is no need to be cautious! We're just in an asteroid field fairly close to your planet."

'So it was teleportation? Amazing.' The girl definitely had intriguing skills in her. She could use powers other than chakra, but Hagoromo couldn't cleanly say what is was. Amber-eyed was able to completely erase her intentions, making it impossible for him to access her unknown power reserves.

"Now watch!" He was snapped out of his thoughts by her voice as she pointed with her hand at one of the asteroids, much larger than the others. The legendary sage waited expectantly for the enigma to show its power.

A pitch-black fire ignited in her hand as she said two words.

"Amaterasu?" Hagoromo muttered to himself and compared the flames to the infamous amaterasu that burned everything in its path. However, his ponderings were shattered when the black flame suddenly merged with the pure white flame, creating an incredible mixture of power. Even he in his form could feel the immense heat, the enigma however looked as if holding the flame in her hand was no problem at all. This only confirmed his belief that the person in front of him was far more dangerous than she looked.

However, the atmosphere worsened as the power grew in her hand and the nearby asteroids began to melt, a powerful gale of black energy also began to form, raging around and destroying everything with more power than lightning.

"[Hell Flare!]" Burning power shot toward the largest asteroid and light filled the space. A black and white luminous barrier appeared around the asteroid, while the large rock itself began to disintegrate inside of it.


Hagoromo lost all his colors cause of horror at the immense power Rimuru possessed and what she could do. But after a moment, a slight smile painted itself on his face as he remembered that the blue-haired girl didn't look like a person with ill intentions.

"We should teleport out, it's not over yet, the main part is still to come."

"P-pardon?" This is how the dumbfounded Sage of Six paths could respond.

They appeared near the Shinobi World and an intense burst of plasma could be seen in all directions. All the shinobi on Earth could watch the scene as if a star had just had a fresh explosion. Even with this distance of difference, Hagoromo still felt a wave of destruction wash through his hair for a moment. Fortunately, it was too far away to cause any damage - Hagoromo breathed with relief.

"I'm awesome, aren't I!?" The old sage definitely didn't want to come down on the bad side of the little devil, so of course the only thing he could do was nod head in agreement.

"I still remember once about ten thousand years ago I even managed to create a black hole with my power!" She shared story proudly.

"Hohoho!" He laughed, scratching his beard and watched her with ancient eyes, the information not yet processing in his head.

Rimuru-san reminded him slightly of a child who needed more attention.

Yes yes, the young girl with age just about ten thousand years...


"Why are you so silent suddenly?"


"R-Rimuru-san, could you repeat how old are you my child?"

Hearing a question she did a thinking pose and put one finger to her chin "Eeeh, I don't remember exactly... Last time I checked I had somewhere around two hundred thousand uhh..." She started mumbling something under her breath and counting on her fingers. Yeah, as if she could count hundreds of thousands of years on her fingers... - Hagoromo sweatdropped.

"Another question Rimuru-san, when exactly was this last time you are talking about?" Maybe he should ask a more precise question. It wasn't that Rimuru's age mattered to him in any way, but in his mind he still thought of her as just a naive little girl with immense power.

"Can't remember." The Queen of Monsters stated, Hagoromo deadpanned.

End of flashback

They had already left and were watching invisibly as evening fell on a certain village, from what Rimuru remembered, the old man next to her called it Konoha.

Rimuru stared excitedly at Romo-geezer. Rimuru, however, was not looking at the human village and was rather interested in her gramps' story, which he told her about as well as she did the same before. The young girl started calling him gramps because Hagoromo didn't mind "Woah! So you're telling me that you divided a big ugly monster full of power into nine parts and in addition, now the beasts have separate personalities and souls?!"

Hagoromo nodded.

"Um...could you teach me how to create such things...?" Rimuru asked almost shyly, the Sage of the Six Paths raised a brow questioningly.

It is true that Rimuru once tried to create a creature with a soul like a newborn one, but all her creations were so...fake. They had no specific personality and were more robotic for some reason. Sadly, there were things that even she was not yet able to do despite her infinite power. She needed more techniques. Hearing about the story from Hagoromo new possibilities presented themselves to her.

"Imagine that I could then divide myself into nine or even more parts! I would have made myself sisters and, and...!"

"Hahahaha!" The idea seemed amusing to him.

But no, oh no, Hagoromo definitely couldn't allow more little destructive devils to be created, especially in this Shinobi World.

Old man pondered for a moment and there was an uncomfortable silence for her that she couldn't bear "Please I will do anything!".

Finally, Hagoromo crossed his arms as some thought flashed his mind. A sage smile was drawn on his face "Hearing that you are probably immortal as far as age is concerned, I would have a request for you to spend a few minutes on a certain task or more like favor. When you do that, I will teach you my special techniques afterwards."

"Favor?" Question marks appeared over her head as she tilted it cutely.

"Indeed. Look..." Hagoromo pointed a finger at a young child who was in the arms of his older brother with raven hair "This is Sasuke Uchiha, one of my sons' reincarnations."

"Your sons' reincarnations?" Rimuru was definitely confused by his statement, the child didn't seem like gramps Hagoromo at all. However, she felt a strange sensation at the word "Reincarnation" for some mysterious reason, but young beauty didn't think about it for long.

"There are two reincarnations, Ashura and Indra. Sasuke is reincarnation of Indra will have many difficulties ahead of him, but you can- Hey are you even listening to me?"

Hagoromo saw that those eyes of hers had become active again and were looking into his son's reincarnation with serious expression.

"I am not interested in him."

Hagoromo was shocked by the announcement and so he asked "Why?" Could it be that those eyes had something to do with it? They could see something he couldn't?

"Indeed, I see clear reincarnation inside body, his energy resembles yours, but..."


"There is a malice will hiding inside, something that is just waiting for a trigger to appear." This response made him sigh.

Unbelievable that she could tell that just by looking. Hagoromo didn't tell her about how Indra was the one who started it all and the one who was lost to the dark side.

"Couldn't you guide him to the right path then?" He asked with hope.

"Show me the second reincarnation." She ignored him and ordered. The Sage of the Six Paths completely unaccustomed to orders.

However, the next revelation caused Rimuru to be disappointed, "He is not yet in this world."

"Why is that?" Blue-haired asked as her glowing eyes pierced him.

"Because he' s due to be born tonight. And his parents will die along with his birth."

Rimuru hearing the news only tilted head to the side, "Oh."