Dragging Alec into it

Chapter One:

"Hello, Ladies." Alec nodded politely to Max and Original Cindy, meeting Max's eyes for a moment before allowing his gaze to run down her body appreciatively before turning to his locker. Max rolled her eyes, but grinned. Despite the temptation to allow her eyes to wander as well, she turned back to her friend's conversation.

"I'm going to be in Terminal City most of the day, how many of my runs do you think you can handle?" O.C. rolled her eyes.

"You won't get nothin' I can't handle, Boo." Original Cindy walked away with a swing of her hips, stopping only to check out some new transgenic sisters.

"Hey." A low voice behind Max made her shiver in appreciation as she leaned back against Alec.

"Hey, yourself." Max grinned as Alec attempted to subtly grab her ass.

"You need me with you in Terminal City?" he asked, not really wanting to hang out with Normal if Max got to be at the new HQ.

"I don't know," she said, turning around to face him and leaning against the locker next to him. She absently played with the hand that had so recently been attached to her ass as she considered the day before them. "Come whenever you can, it is always better to have you there."

"It's nice to finally get some appreciation." Alec smirked at her, giving her another once over. "I know I appreciate you, baby." He whispered the last comment and grinned cheekily as he went to greet his friend, Biggs.

Max shook her head and went over to see Normal.

"Have anything, or can I work on my tan?" she asked.

Normal tossed her a package, but not without a comment, "Tell loverboy his friend can't have the hog inside." Startled, Max's eyes widened.

"What? You think I don't know you're together?" Normal shook his head. "There's no secrets from me here, Miss."

Max turned away quickly so he wouldn't see the amused look on her face and slipped her package into her bag before approaching her right hand man.

She came up just in time to hear about the significant highlights of Alec and Biggs' first mission.

"Oh, the nights were the best part of THAT…" Alec said with feeling, laughing with his friend.

"Yeah…" Biggs continued his train of thought. "Lola." Both transgenics sighed at the memory as Max spoke up from behind Alec.

"Who's Lola?" Alec turned around sharply and caught her eyebrow, raised inquisitively, with that wicked look in her eye she always had when she was laughing at him.

"Just a girl." Alec said with a smirk. "Why? Jealous?" he asked hopefully.

"Of what? Having two such…" Max stopped to give Biggs a once over. "…fine ass transgenics at her beck and call?"

Biggs jumped into the conversation. "Well, it was more like she was…hey!" He stopped talking as Alec kicked him.

"I think Normal said he had your sector pass, why don't you go grab it?" Alec suggested, nodding his head in the boss's direction.

"Actually," Max stopped Biggs before he approached Normal. "He sent me over to tell you to take the motorcycle outside."

Biggs rolled his eyes and complied.

"You know…the whole idea of you going to Terminal City…and me staying here, just don't sound as nice as maybe both of us heading back to your place…" Alec raised his eyebrows and gave Max what he hoped was a convincing smile.

"Slacker," she said with a smile, knowing he wasn't seriously considering it. "I've gotta blaze."

Alec rolled his eyes and pulled up her to him for a quick, hard kiss. Setting her away from him before he made a serious move to get her back to her apartment and into bed, he glanced around the room, but it didn't look like anyone was paying attention to them.

"Don't bother." Max commented.

Alec gave her a confused look, since they hadn't wanted to tell anyone at work, anyway, that they were seeing each other.

"Normal knows." Max informed him. She watched Alec digest that information and had to laugh at his bafflement.

"Actually, he informed me that he knows about everything that goes on around here." She couldn't help adding this information, knowing Alec would find it just as funny as she did.

He laughed, as suspected, looking around at all the transgenics around them, picking up packages for delivery as they spoke.

"You know…" Alec said in a low voice, "if he already knows anyway, we might as well just go in back and…"

His cell phone rang as Max hit him.

Muttering under his breath, he answered his cell. Max waved and started to walk away, but he grabbed her arm.

"We'll be right there." He said into the phone, hanging up as he turned to Max. "We're on."

They both walked out the door, stopping Biggs as he entered the premises.

Outside, three motorcycles came alive and headed to Sector Five.