Assassins in the Wizarding World.

This chapter will be about the crowd's reaction when Khione was talking to Harry, like how they are shocked to see that he is an Elemental and doesn't know about his Heritage, including his family's name.

The chapter will also be about Harry battling Khione, since I combined both chapters eighteen and nineteen together. I had this idea to combine both chapters instead of making four parts of Harry vs Khione. So, I hope you guys like this more longer chapter of the first part of Harry vs Khione. I'll post chapter nineteen in a few days, and once I finished chapter twenty, I'll combine both chapters again.

Also, Harry's ancestor wasn't an Elemental in the original stories, but I thought I would write about it since it would help Harry get to know more about his ancestor. Plus, I'm planning to make a future chapter about Harry going to Gringotts where he will learn more about his Heritage and his family's name.

This is going to be the carnation of Elemental Moves.

"Ice Spears!"

Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter Eighteen: Harry vs Khione.

(An Hour Earlier; At Hogwarts; With the Crowd)

When everyone in Europe saw that Harry's screen was less static, and saw the boy itself, alive and well, they let out huge sigh of reliefs, except the Slytherins.

"Thank Merlin, he's alive!" Minerva exclaimed, placing a hand over her heart. All the people around her nodded in agreement, especially Susan.

'When you get back, Harry, I'll be whooping your ass that you'll fear my wrath.' Susan thought, sending a tearful glare at Harry.

They watched as Harry slowly sat up and placed a hand on his head, trying to figure out what happened. From what the crowd can see, he was in a room that was filled with total darkness.

The crowd's breath suddenly hitched when they heard the same voice again that kidnapped Harry, and judging from the way Harry's eyes widen, he must've heard the voice, too. He sat up quickly and looked around, while slipping his wand into his hand.

"Smart idea, boy! Constant Vigilance!" Moody exclaimed with pride in his voice, surprising the crowd. They had rarely heard Moody praised someone before, let alone a student.

The crowd watched as Harry demanded in the darkness and were surprised to hear a different voice, which was a female. when the room was suddenly filled with lights, making everyone see what the room is about.

And boy, did it cause a reaction.

"Why the hell is the room made of ice?!" A couple of people exclaimed loudly; their voices being heard in the Wizarding World.

"Shh!" The crowd shushed at the people, making them talk in frantic whispers. They immediately shut up when Esdeath send them a cold glare.

The crowd watched as Harry gaped at the ice room before looking around. They can see that everything in the room is made of ice, including the doors. On the walls were blue banners that had a white moon symbol on it and torches that had blue fire instead of orange.

'Whoever made that room, they sure made it beautifully and fancy.' Everyone thought, staring at the large ice room with wide eyes, though the Beauxbatons students looked at the ice room with impressed and awe looks.

They then heard the same voice when Harry woke up and watched as he turned to look at a person, who was sitting on chair that was also made of ice. The person was an extremely beautiful woman that had a figure that put most women to shame. She had snow-white skin, brown hair that was long and straight and blue eyes that shine like an ocean or sky.

The male population let out wolf whistles and cheers once they saw the woman's attire, greatly annoying the female population, including the females that had a boyfriend or were already married.

'Men…' All the females in the Wizarding World thought, sending a disgusted glare at the men. 'They have no shame, whatsoever. Always interested in the body, not the feelings.'

The crowd quiet down instantly when they heard the woman on ice chair began speaking. The woman's name was Khione, the Goddess of Ice. It was then they noticed that Khione wasn't alone and there were two women standing on each side of the chair, one had purple hair and the other had white hair.

How the crowd didn't notice the two women, they will never tell.

As they continued to watch Harry's screen, they were surprised to see the purple-hair woman exclaimed angrily at Harry, and their surprise increased further when she summoned small ice shards with a wave of her hand. They had to assume that since Khione was one who uses the power of ice, the purple-hair woman must've learned it from her.

The one who was surprised the most was Esdeath, who was staring at Harry's screen with a surprised look on her face. She had never thought that they were people in the Wizarding World who can use the power of ice, and mentally slapped herself for forgetting about that.

The crowd suddenly quiet down again and listen to Khione again. They were then gob-smacked when she mentioned Elementals, and how she was one of the people who created it. She then explained about the Elemental Trials, and how Harry was the last Element in the Wizarding World.

When Khione said that last part, there was a long pregnant pause in before there was another reaction, and this one was perhaps the loudest of them all.

"Harry's/Potter's an Elemental?!" All the people in Europe exclaimed, staring at Harry with pure disbelief looks.

An Elemental are Wizards and Witches who can control a certain element, and to become an Elemental is a huge honor. But no Wizard or Witch has seen or heard an Elemental for a thousand years, so the Wizarding World was not prepared at all when Harry was announced as an Elemental.

'I never thought it's possible, but I never seen an Elemental before.' Dumbledore thought, as he stared at Harry's screen with a sense of awe and pride. Awe because Harry is an Elemental and managed to keep it hidden from the Wizarding World, and pride that his student was becoming a powerful Wizard. 'It seems that he must've learned it from Esdeath, but how? I once read a book that was about Elementals, how their powers work and what they did, and the only way to become one is to be born with the power.'

The crowd continued to listen to Khione's story, still shocked from what they just learned a moment ago. The ones who were the shocked the most were Hermione, Susan and Daphne.

"How can Harry be an Elemental?" Hermione muttered under her breath, earning the attention of the champions and their hostages.

"You didn't know he was an Elemental?" Cedric asked, staring at Hermione with wide eyes. He was surprised about what Khione said about Harry, and he thought that the raven-hair boy had told his friends about him being an Elemental.

"I known Harry for three years, and he never told me." Hermione replied, shaking her head, before a pain look appeared on her face. "But why would he not mention it to me? Does he trust me?"

"Hermione, I think he had a good reason why he didn't tell you." Leone said, placing a hand on the young girl's shoulder. "And you have to remember, Hermione. He doesn't like fame and attention. He prefers to keep secrets from the public, otherwise he'll just be hounded by fans."

"He still could've told me." Hermione said, hanging her head down.

"And me since I'm his girlfriend." Susan added a bit heatedly at Hermione. The two girls gave a glare at each other, and the hostage and champions could've sworn they saw lightning between their eyes.

"Guys, it looks like Harry and Khione are about to start fighting." Tatsumi said, hoping to turn the girl's attention to Harry's screen before a fight could broke out. To his relief, both girls listened to him and turned back to Harry's screen. Although, they did distance themselves a bit.

(With Harry and Khione)

"You'll just have to figure it out."

As soon as those words left Khione's mouth, she rushed at Harry with surprising speed that the raven-hair boy barely had time to react. Luckily, his instincts took over, and he raised his wand up to create a blue Protego shield to protect him.

However, the shield proved to be fruitless to protect Harry, as Khione pulled her fist back, muttered something under her breath that made her fist covered in ice, much to Harry's shock and surprise.

With a soft grunt, Khione threw her ice-covered fist at Harry's shield.


Harry's shield shattered like glass, and little pieces vanished before his eyes. 'My shield…' He thought, staring at what has become his shield in shock, not noticing the smirk on Khione's face.

Before Harry can do anything or even incarnate a spell, he felt a huge wave of pain coursing through his body, as a fist connected to his stomach, and he was sent flying towards the ice-covered wall, dropping his wand in the progress when he was sent flying.


Harry's vision became stars when he collided into the ice wall, making him spat out a small amount of blood. He slid off the wall and fell face-first on the ground. He then let out a pain groan when he felt a foot slammed onto his back. He then began to struggle a bit, trying to get the foot off his back

"Really, Potter? That's the first thing you do? Conjured a shield, and hope it was strong enough to block my attack?" Khione asked, as she gazed at Harry's back. "And instead of using your Elemental powers, you struggled to get my foot off." A snort escaped her lips. "I thought that after spending four months of training with your teacher, you would be able to see me coming at you and be strong enough to keep that shield up…but I guess I was wrong."

She then let out a laugh, but it wasn't a normal laugh. It was a cold, sadistic laugh that sent shivers down the spectator's spine. "And this is the Boy-Who-Lived? He's nothing but a pathetic, weak boy who doesn't know much about Wizarding World, nor even his Heritage." Khione then took her foot off Harry's back and crouched down on the ground to whispered in Harry's ear. "Admit it, Potter. You are a weak person, and weak people don't have the right to use Elemental powers. You shame the House of Potter and you are a disgrace to the Potters."

Harry completely stopped moving and breathing when he heard those words.

"You shame the House of Potter and you are a disgrace to the Potters."

"You shame the House of Potter and you are a disgrace to the Potters."

"You shame the House of Potter and you are a disgrace to the Potters."

Those words were repeating into Harry's head, and each word was growing louder and louder. He can imagine the disappointed looks his parents had, and he can tell that they were not happy with him. He can even imagine what their words are.

"Wow, I never imagine how weak my son is." James's voice said; his voice had no emotion. "Khione was right, you are weak, Harry. You never did anything good in Hogwarts. All the stuff you did was dumb luck, no talent. You don't even care about the family name; you only care about yourself."

"This is the son I sacrifice myself to protect? A weak and pathetic son who doesn't know about his parents?" Lily's voice was the same as James, but Harry imagined Lily looking at him with a sneer on her face. "Why did I had to die instead of you? I could've lived longer and have a life with my husband. But no, I had sacrificed my life to protect my 'baby' boy." She spat the baby word out in distaste. "I should've listened to Voldemort and let him kill you. That way, the world would be happy without you in it."

Harry can feel his heart shattering into two when his parents said those words. Even though they would never say that to him if they were alive, it hurt Harry to the core. It was then Harry felt an emotion that he hid for a while now: Rage.

That emotion, rage, was now coursing through Harry's body, like poison entering a person's bloodstream. Without even knowing it, he was surrounded in a dark blue aura that was filled with anger and hate. He was tired of it. Tired of hearing how weak he was, and his lack of knowledge in the Wizarding World. His hatred grew more when he thought of Dumbledore and Voldemort. Those were two people who responsible for not giving him what he wanted. He hated Voldemort for killing his parents and making him an orphan, and he hated Dumbledore for placing him at the Dursleys instead of a Magical family.

But the person Harry was angry at was Khione, the one who had the nerve to insult his parents and tell him that he was weak and pathetic. Ice Goddess or not, he was going to show this bitch that he was a Potter, and he doesn't take shit from anyone, not even Malfoy.

Khione was staring at Harry with a frown on her face, not sure why he had stopped moving. The goddess part of her was telling her to apologize to Harry and get him healed up, while her sadistic side of her was telling her to keep fighting him, until he can release his Elemental Form.

'Maybe I shouldn't say that at all.' Khione thought, backing up slowly she saw the dark blue aura. She had seen a lot of auras before, but this one scared her a bit. 'In fact, I think I just completely pissed him off.'

She was pulled from her thoughts when she heard Harry speak. It was so low that she couldn't hear it. "What did you say, boy?" Khione asked, staring at Harry, who had risen to his knees.

"I said…" Harry muttered again, but this time in a much louder voice. "Ice Spears!" With a quick wave of his hand, he summoned a couple of ice spears in mid-air, and sent them flying at Khione, who was completely caught off guard. Luckily for her, she managed to get out of her surprised state and quickly summoned an ice wall to deflect the ice spears, but she had failed, however, to deflect one.

"ARGH!" Khione cried out in pain, as she felt the ice spear cutting into her shoulder, making a small trail of blood flowing downwards to her kimono. She stumbled back a bit, her eyes looking at the cut on her shoulder.

"I can take a lot of things, Khione." Harry said, standing up from the ground with his hair shadowing his eyes. In his hand was his wand that he picked up when he was getting up. "I can take accusations, sneers, insults, and whispers about me when everyone thought that I was the Heir of Slytherin. I can handle it…" His voice was getting a bit louder now, making Khione turned to look at him. "But what I can't take, Khione, is you insulting me and my parents…and you are right, I am a disgrace to the Potters. I have embarrassed them completely, making a fool of myself when I was at Hogwarts three years ago…and because of my ignorance and laziness, I didn't even bother to learn more about them…" A low chuckled escaped his lips. "If they were alive, they would disown me and send me away."

Harry then looked up to give Khione an ice-cold glare. "But I'm going to change that. As soon as we are done fighting, I'm going to Gringotts to learn more about my family and Heritage and when I'm done with that, I'm going to confront the person who dropped me off in a house that was filled with filthy Muggles." He then pointed his wand at Khione. "So, get ready, you bitch! Because I'm coming at you!"

Khione responded by glaring back at Harry with equal coldness. "Then let the battle begin."

(Back at Hogwarts; With the Crowd)

Everyone in Europe was staring at Harry's screen with disbelief looks and wide eyes, as if they couldn't believe what they just heard.

"Is this true?" Bagman asked in a shock tone. "Is what we just heard is true? Mr. Potter doesn't know about his Heritage or family's name?"

But, like the female reporter who asked Dumbledore about Harry's, no one had answered Bagman's question.

(Back with Harry and Khione)

There was a very tense silence in the ice stronghold where Harry and Khione are, with both said people glaring at each other coldly. The temperature in the room was getting colder and colder, and a misty puff of air came out of their mouths when they released a breath.

The dark blue aura Harry was surrounded in was getting more bigger and darker, and Khione responded by releasing her aura, which was a light blue aura. And unlike Harry's, hers was getting brighter and chillier.

Khione's sapphire eyes were narrowed as she stared at the dark blue aura around Harry, but underneath those narrowed eyes were tense, edge...and a tiny bit of fear. She inwardly cursed at that last emotion, fear is for the weakness and the enemy, and fear gets a person injured or killed.

'I don't want to imagine it, but that dark blue aura is the same as that…man…' Khione thought, as memoires of a shoulder-length dark-hair man that has rough features to his body and face, with scars all over his face, pale skin and grey eyes that were cold, narrowed and hard. 'Harry may be a Potter and Peverell, but he has the dueling skills as a Black. He could've been a dueling champion if he was raised in the Wizarding World, or maybe a Baron.' It was then she remembered something that made her eyes narrowed even more. 'If Harry's aura is the same as that man when he was doing the Elemental Trials, is it possible that he has inherited that ma-"

"Ice Spears!" Harry yelled out, interrupting Khione's thoughts, as he waved his left hand to summon twenty ice spears in thin air, which were bigger than before, much to Khione's surprised, and sent them flying towards the Ice Goddess with speed that put the fastest Magical Creatures, or Muggles fastest animals, to shame.

However, the Ice Goddess let out a haughty scoff before waving her wand around in a circle, and a huge ice dome suddenly surrounded her. The ice spears shattered like glass when they touched the ice dome, making Harry grit his teeth. "Damn it!" He cursed.

"Do you seriously think that I will get hit by those spears again, boy?" Khione asked, waving her hand to dispel the ice dome. Her face was filled with annoyance and irritation. "And is that the only ice move you can make? I would've thought that you would be able to-"

She was cut off when Harry took one step forward and suddenly appeared right in front of her. What alarmed Khione the most was that she didn't even see him move. It was like he Apparated, which was impossible. No Wizard or Witch can Apparate at such a young age.

Panicking, Khione tried to summon an ice wall to block whatever Harry was about to send at her but didn't have time at all.

"Ice Fists!" Harry shouted, as both his fists became covered in ice and began punching Khione's stomach. Each punched was filled with anger and determination, and he wanted some payback. He knew that anger and hate wasn't a good thing to have when you're in battles, but he didn't care. All he cared about was beating Khione up and passing the Elemental Trials.

Even though she was immortal, Khione can feel every punched Harry sent at her stomach, and each punch hurt like hell. She was instantly regretting insulting Harry's parents and calling him a weak person. If there's one thing a person should never do, they should never insult someone's dead parents.

Khione was then sent flying through the air as Harry delivered a devastating punch to her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Her body was moving in circles, making her dizzy a bit, and because of this, she couldn't recover at all.


Khione's back was slammed painfully into the ice wall as she spat out a mixture of spit and blood, while letting out a pain moan. She then slowly sank downwards to the floor, her face scrunched up in pain as a small trail of blood ran down the corner of her mouth.

"Does the Ice Fists answer your question, Khione?" Harry asked with a smirk on his face. He knew that he shouldn't be cocky at all, especially since he was facing a Goddess who has unlimited stamina, but he wanted to prove the Wizarding World that he wasn't a weak person. But that was only one reason.

The real reason Harry wanted to do was to fight someone powerful, to see if his skills had gotten better after the First Task. There were multiply people at Hogwarts with a huge Magical power, and the people who had the huge Magical power were the teachers. But he didn't care about the teacher's Magical power, he respected them (Except Snape, who was a git), he just wanted to see if any of the students had a huge Magical power.

…Only to be disappointed.

None of the students had a huge Magical power at all, except the Sixth and Seventh years, which all of them were in their advanced levels. From what Harry can feel with his magic, the only students that had the strongest Magical power were Cedric Diggory (A Hufflepuff), Angelina Johnson (A Gryffindor), Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, and two people Harry cares about: Susan Bones and Daphne Greengrass.

The thought of Susan and Daphne brought a smile on Harry's face. Despite being in a tense situation, where his Elemental powers are being depended on, thinking about Susan and Daphne always calm him down.

Thinking about his friends also calmed Harry down, and he couldn't be happy about it. It was then he began thinking about the following weeks after the Yule Ball.

When his friendship with Ron ended, Harry has been talking to the students in the other Houses to see if he can become friends with him. The other students happily accepted Harry as their friend, not as the Boy-Who-Lived, much to the raven-hair man's relief. He had become friends with Ernie Macmillan, Blaise Zabini, Tracey Davis, Hannah Abbot, Cho Chang and a couple others from the other Houses, including his own House like Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas, and the raven-hair man couldn't be happier.

But there was a problem Harry was facing, a problem that he was trying his absolute best to end.

The problem he was having was the Slytherins. He was trying to get the other Houses to talk to them and reunite the school as one, instead of having almost every student attacking the House of Cunning. But so far, things haven't been working well. However, there was some good news.

The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were on neutral terms with the Slytherins, meaning that the three Houses do talk to each other, but the House of Loyalty (Hufflepuff) and Knowledge (Ravenclaw) tend to stay out of the fights between Gryffindor and Slytherin, since they really didn't want to fight the House of Cunning and lose the neutral terms.

Harry had approached a couple of Slytherins, who happened to be Neutral, one time in the Hogwarts Library and asked them what Slytherins opinion is about Gryffindors and why they hate them so much. After getting out of their shock from seeing a Gryffindor walking up to them – not in an arrogant and snobbishly way – and talking to them casual, the Slytherins told him the reason why they hated Gryffindors, though they did send narrowed looks at Harry.

Once the Slytherins were finished explaining, Harry left the library that day with a displease frown on his face, though he was completely baffled inwardly. What he just heard from the Slytherins just made his mission to reunite the school ten times harder, and Harry was going to need a miracle to pull this mission off.

The Slytherins hate Gryffindors because they play pranks and hex them whenever they're by themselves, which happens all the time, causing the House of Cunning to move in pairs and be vigilant. If that didn't help, the pranks and hexes was making the students of the Slytherin House more difficult to see reason and nasty when they are in Potions.

The Gryffindors hate Slytherins because of its Dark status, and Harry was appalled when he found out that his own House would attack and prank them, including the First and Second years. Now, Harry would've done nothing but laugh at the Slytherins because of Fred's and George's pranks, but since he's grown up and become matured, he was disgusted at his own House and was intending to confront them.

But soon, Harry will get rid of the rivalry between the Gryffindors and Slytherins and hope that the school can reunite as one.

And then, there was the training Harry was having with Esdeath, the woman he swore to himself that he will defeat after the Third Task.

Ever since Esdeath started training Harry when he passed First Task, the first thing she taught him was an ability that was going to be very useful in future battles - senses. When Harry asked why he needed to learn that ability, since he could just use magic, Esdeath's words came back to him.

"Do not take me as a fool, Harry. Magic won't always be there to help you, but senses will help you in the future, and you'll be saying that I'm right and you're wrong. And as for the reason why, it will help you if you're battling someone on a different level than you or surrounded by a couple of weak people. So, don't ever forget about the senses, or you'll die like a weakling."

'I can't believe that I'm going to say this, but Esdeath's right.' Harry thought, his smile replaced by a frown. 'I almost let my guard down because of Khione's speed, and I just barely sensed her. She really is on a different level than me, probably even more considering that she is a Goddess. I need to start practicing senses more often if I want to be ready to face powerful Wizards or Witches.'

He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard Khione's voice in the large room. "Alright, you little brat. I was going to go easy on you, but since you want a challenge so badly, fine. I'll give you a challenge." Harry turned to look at Khione, only to take a cautious step back when he saw the venomous look on her face as she began walking over to him. The blood that was trailing at the corner of Khione's mouth was gone. "But don't expect me to give you any kind of mercy when I'm beating you up."

A scowl spread across Harry's face. "I hope you're not going to do that, Khione. Because I want a good challenge, and I really want to fight someone powerful. And I'll never say mercy at all, not even if I'm being attacked by Malfoy and his gay lovers. Mercy is for the weak, and I'm not weak. I'm strong."

Khione then flashed Harry a predatory smile. "Then, as the Muggles would say, 'Bring it on'!" She then rushed at the raven-hair man, ready to beat the shit out of him. He was going to pay for mocking her.

"I was going to say the same thing!" Harry exclaimed, flashing Khione a feral smile before he sprinted at Khione.

(Back At Hogwarts; With the Crowd)

"Looks like things are about to get real, ladies and gentlemen! You do not want to miss this epic fight!" Bagman announced, making the crowd in the Europe and Hogwarts cheered loudly, though they did had shock looks on their faces from what Harry said about Muggles. They had never heard someone said the word Muggles with such…hate and anger before, and it was coming from their savior, the one who got rid of You-Know-Who.

'Does Harry/Potter hate Muggles?' Everyone in Europe and Hogwarts thought, staring at Harry's screen with shock and disbelief looks. Because of that, they didn't notice the extremely sad expression on Dumbledore's face.

Although, the one who was shocked the most was Hermione. She didn't know much about Harry's childhood, however, but she did know that he was raised in the Muggle World. So, for Harry to say Muggles with hate and anger, it came a shock to the bushy-hair girl.

"In all my days in Hogwarts, I have never heard Harry said Muggles with such hate and anger." Hermione said in a shock tone, staring at Harry's screen with a fearful expression. "And the look on his face when he said it…" A shiver ran down her spine. "It actually scares me that it's like I'm seeing death."

"I know. Tell me about it." Leone said, shaking a bit slightly, as she stared at Harry's glaring face.

Akame didn't say anything but turned to glare at Esdeath. She was blaming the blue-hair woman for turning the boy she sees as a little brother into a person who believes the strong and the weak. She was so going to have a serious talk with the older woman, including Harry when he gets back.

However, the black-hair assassin didn't had time to think about the conversation since Harry and Khione began battling.

The crowd watched as Harry summoned ice spears again, but they were bigger now, much to the crowds surprised, and it was then their thoughts about Harry being an Elemental were confirmed: Harry was indeed an Elemental.

'An Ice Elemental.' Dumbledore mused, turning to look at Esdeath, who was still watching Harry's screen, though one can see the proud smirk on her face.

The ice spears Harry created was sent flying towards Khione, who let out a haughty scoff before waving her hand, and an ice dome suddenly surrounded her a moment later. The moment the ice spears touched the ice dome, they shattered instantly.

"Ooh, it looks like Mr. Potter's ice spears didn't do much!" Bagman announced, causing everyone turned to look at him with deadpan looks.

"We know the ice spears didn't do much, Bagman." Leone said, sending a very unimpressed look at judge.

"What a dumbass." Susan said, pulling her wand out and aimed it threateningly at Bagman, who paled a bit.

Soon, the crowd turned back to Harry's screen, and they were once again caught off guard from what Harry just did. He took one step forward and appeared right in front of Khione.

"Did Mr. Potter just Apparated?!" Bagman shouted in a complete disbelief tone.

The crowd's reaction was so priceless that Dumbledore's eyes twinkled in amusement. He silently chuckled a bit when he saw a couple of older Wizards, ones that can Apparate already, sputtered a couple words out before fainting.

"No, that wasn't Harry Apparating, Mr. Bagman. That was his speed." Dumbledore said, his eyes still twinkling.

After calming down a bit, the crowd then grimaced when Harry began punching Khione's stomach multiple times, before delivering a devasted punch to her stomach, sending her flying in the air.

"Ooh, what a devastating punch to the stomach!" Bagman said, cringing when he saw Khione slammed into the ice wall. The crowd also cringed a bit, though the female population had satisfied smiles on their faces when they saw the Ice Goddess crashed into the wall.

The crowd then quiet down when they heard Harry speak.

"Does the Ice Fists answer your question, Khione?"

"Don't get too cocky, honey." Susan muttered under her breath, as she gave Harry a disapproving look. She had learned an important fact from her aunt, and that fact is to never be cocky at all. It will cause a person to do terrible in a duel.

In the stands where the Slytherins are, Daphne was also giving Harry a disapproving look, though she quickly hid it with her Ice Queen mask. She really didn't want anyone (Including the Slytherins) to know that she was dating Harry Potter, especially Malfoy. If he did find out that she was dating a Gryffindor, then he might do something that could cause Harry to snap.

'Be careful, Harry.' Daphne thought, gazing at Harry's screen with worried eyes, even though she had her Ice Queen mask on.

However, because Daphne was looking at Harry's screen, she did not notice the glare she received from a certain Malfoy the Ice Queen of Slytherin was thinking about, though his glare turned towards Harry's screen when the man himself insulted him and his supposed 'gay lovers', causing the crowd, especially the Gryffindors, to laugh very loudly.

"Looks like Harry has a sense of humor, despite being in a tense situation." Esdeath said, her voice carried through the stands and across Europe.

The crowd nodded in agreement.

(Back with Harry and Khione)

"I'm going to enjoy wiping that cocky smirk off your face, insolent boy!" Khione exclaimed, as she continued to rush at Harry, who rushed back at her. "And I'm going to enjoy breaking your body and watch you bleed to death!" Her face was twisted into a devilish grin, one that could've made Esdeath or Voldemort proud. "But if you're still alive, I might use you as play toy to pleasure me and my servants."

'This woman is really sadistic.' Harry thought, a bit perturbed from what Khione is saying, but didn't stopped sprinting at her. 'Possibly even more sadistic than Esdeath.' A small chill ran down his spine when he remembered the training he had with Esdeath during Christmas holidays. It was one of the cruelest and devastated training he ever had in his life. And to make the training worse, Esdeath would speak very harshly at him and would take sadistic pleasures of hitting every part of his body, making the training even crueler.

Those training days would forever be in Harry's mind, much to his great despair and slight fear.

Harry shook his head, getting rid of his thoughts, and it was a good thing to do because he heard Khione's voice.

"Ice Axe!" Khione yelled out, waving her hand to summon a huge axe that was made of ice in thin air and grabbed it with both her hands. She then swung it as hard and fast as she could at Harry, tending to cut him in half.

Harry stopped running and quickly dropped down to the ground to avoid getting hit the sharp blade, though it did cut a bit of his hair off. Laying on the ground, he raised his wand at Khione, who was shocked that Harry dodged her attack. "Flipendo Duo!" He shouted.

A red streak of light came out of Harry's wand and made its way towards Khione, who got out her shock state and backflip to avoid getting hit by the Knockback Jinx Duo. However, that gave Harry another chance to use a spell. Taking careful aim, he shouted, "Ebublio!"

The moment Khione landed on the ground after she avoided Harry's spell, she was suddenly trapped in a large bubble. "What is this?!" She shrieked, placing her hands on the bubble. "What is this spell?!"

"That, Khione, is the Ebublio Jinx." Harry explained. "This Jinx is design to trapped Magical Creatures, like Fire-Making Chickens, Trolls and Gnomes. The Jinx is also designed to trap Wizards when they are dueling and I'm glad that I learned this Jinx." A smile spread across Harry's face. "Because once you're in it, there's no way to break it."

"We'll see about that, boy." Khione said with a scowl on her face, not liking that a mortal is underestimating her. She looked at the bubble she was surrounded in cautiously before punching it. She grinned triumphantly when the bubble disappeared, like it was never there in the first place and was about to turned towards Harry to tell him that his Ebublio Jinx was weak, only to become shocked when the bubble suddenly surrounded her again. 'What the fuck?! Why did the bubble reappeared after I punched it?!"

"Oh, Khione, Khione, Khione." Harry's voice caused the Ice Goddess to turn her head sharply at Harry's direction, where the said man was walking towards her with a smirk. "There was one thing that I didn't mention about The Ebublio Jinx, something that I really like about. The Ebublio Jinx cannot be broken by physical force, and since you use physical force, there's no way you'll get out of that bubble."

Khione began to get scared when Harry said that, but she didn't dare show it on her face. She was not going to give a mere mortal satisfaction by giving him the look of fear on her face.

Harry suddenly put his wand away and placed his hands on the ground. He then began channeling a lot of magic to make this ice move. "Ice Cannons!" He shouted.

A row of ice cannons suddenly surrounded Khione, who became surprised and shock. Surprised at the ice cannons and shocked at the Magical power Harry possessed. She knew that the boy was powerful but didn't realize that he was this powerful.

Khione's eyes suddenly widened a bit, not even realizing that the ice cannons were powering up and about to fire. 'If Harry was this powerful, even when he was born, then how powerful would he become if he uses his Elemental Form?' A shiver ran down her spine. 'I think that his Magical power would increase greatly, especially since Elemental Forms can increase a Wizard's Magical power from ten to fifteen times greater.'

"Fire, Ice Cannons!" Harry shouted, interrupting Khione's thoughts, as he waved his hand towards the ice cannons.

The ice cannons around Khione suddenly fired and ice balls that are filled with energy were heading straight at her, who couldn't do nothing since she can't even get rid of Harry's Ebublio Jinx. All she could do, however, was placing her hands in front of her, hoping that she could at least block some of the ice energy balls.

The ice energy balls went through the bubble and crashed into the Khione, making the energy in them exploded. And after a few moments, a blood curdling scream filled the large room.

(Back at Hogwarts; With the Crowd)

"What a great combination of spells Mr. Potter just use against the Ice Goddess! And what a powerful ice move he just use!" Bagman announced, causing the crowd to cheer very loudly.

The crowd was staring at Harry's screen with awe looks on their faces. They knew Harry was powerful, but they didn't know that he was this powerful. He was possibly one of the most powerful Wizards in the Wizarding World.

'Probably even powerful than Dumbledore or You-Know-Who." The crowd thought, as they felt Harry's Magical power. Bagman had explained that the screens can let the crowd feel the champions magic, even if they are in a different place, like where Harry is.

The moment everyone in Europe felt Harry's Magical power and saw his strategies, they were deeply stunned and impressed, stunned from feeling this much Magical power and impressed with Harry's strategies. Though, a couple of older Witches were hungrily licking their lips. They were extremely impressed that a boy…no, a man had this much Magical power, including having a great body, and they were now coming up with plans on how to get Harry to sleep with them.

Esdeath was the most impressed when she felt Harry's Magical power. It had gotten better and better when they first met, and the blue-hair woman couldn't be prouder of her pupil. Her pupil was a much better Wizard than the other weaklings, though some of the students were fit and powerful, which Esdeath liked a bit, but they were too lazy to even take their power seriously.

'So powerful at such a young age.' Esdeath thought, a smirk on her face when she saw the ice moves Harry created. 'And he managed to make a couple of new ice moves on his own, something that I'm proud at, but his training with me is not done yet. I need to see his Elemental Form.' She then clutched a hand over her right shoulder, something that the Empire Group noticed. 'And I wonder if 'he' will show up again.'

The crowd suddenly placed their hands on their ears to block the blood curdling scream that came from Khione.

"Jesus, that scream was loud." Leone said, her whole body shaking a bit from hearing that blood curdling scream.

The crowd once again nodded in agreement.

(Back with Harry and Khione)

'Well, that was a bit too much.' Harry thought with a sweat-drop, as he stared where Khione was standing, but he couldn't see her since white smoke filled the air.

Harry vanished the ice cannons with a wave of his hand and collapsed to his knees, panting slightly. The ice cannons was probably one of Harry's strongest ice moves, and it takes a lot of Magical power to even get the cannons to activate.

'Using these ice moves takes a bit of my Magical power and stamina away, and as a result, it makes me exhausted.' Harry thought, taking a few breaths before standing up and began walking away. 'But since my body gotten healed, my magic and stamina has increase beyond belief and I believe that I can handle any kind of Witch and Wizards.'

However, before Harry can exit the doors Xenia and Anna walked through, he heard something that caused him to freeze.

"Ice Regeneration…" A voice called through the white smoke, forcing Harry to turn around. His eyes widened when he saw Khione walked through the white smoke with a smirk on her face. Her kimono was a bit torn, revealing more of her body, like her legs and stomach, but that wasn't what Harry was looking at. He was looking at her skin, which lacked any bruises and cuts, including the one when Harry surprised Khione with his ice spears.

"How?" Harry asked, taking a step back. "How in the name of hell are all your injuries gone?"

"My Ice Regeneration allows me to heal any kind of injuries, including the ice powers you sent at me." Khione explained, her smirk widening from seeing the shock look on Harry's face. "While they did hurt like a bitch, I embraced the pain and let you think that the Elemental Trials are over."

'Damn it! How can I be so stupid?!' Harry thought with a scowl on his face.

"Fufufu, you look so cute when you're angry, Harry." Khione said, giggling at the scowl on Harry's face. Her giggling increased when Harry turned towards her with a glare.

"I am not cute…" Harry growled, his green eyes were glowing and filled with a bit of anger.

"Sure, you are." Khione teased, still having that smirk on her face. That damn smirk that Harry so wanted to get rid of, but he managed to control himself.

"Now," Khione suddenly said, clapping her hands together with a smile. "I think it's time that we resume the Elemental Trials. And since you injured me a lot, Harry, it's time for me to injury you."

Harry became tense, pulled his wand out and got into a fighting stance. He was wondering what Khione was going to do. He had seen her use one ice move, but that was it.

Khione suddenly spread her arms to the sides, like ready to welcome someone, except Harry know what she was doing. She was preparing to shout out an ice move. "Blizzard Waves!" She shouted, waving her hands up into the air.

Pillars of ice came out of thin air and were swirling around in circles, making Harry more tense than before. He didn't like how sharp the pillars of ice were, and he was sure that the moment they touch him, he was going to be in great pain.

However, because he was focusing on the pillars of ice, Harry didn't see Khione coming straight at him with a sadistic smirk on her face. By the time he noticed a presence right in front of him, Harry couldn't do anything as he felt a foot connecting to his jaw, sending him flying straight into the air.

"Ugh!" Harry grunted, feeling a bit of blood in his mouth.

"Let the pillars of ice hurt you, Harry Potter!" Khione shouted, controlling the ice pillars with her hands by moving them in a circler motion before thrusting them towards the raven-hair man, who did not had time to even attempt to brace himself.

"ARGHH!" Harry screamed in pain, as the ice pillars slammed into his body in different directions. It was like a thousand pair of knives were digging into his skin, and it really hurts like a bitch. He can even feel parts of the ice pillars going inside his body, making him a bit cold.

Once she was certain that Harry had enough damage, Khione slammed her hands to the ground, causing the ice pillars and Harry, who was still being attack by the ice pillars, to travel downwards very fast into the ground.


Harry crashed painfully onto the ground with a pain moan. Blood was oozing out the cuts he had all over his body, and there was even blood on the left side of his face, which was starting to trail downwards. The shirt Harry conjured a few hours ago was completely gone since the ice pillars shredded it, showing his muscular bare chest, and his training pants was a bit torn.

As Harry laid on the ground, he realized that he was shaking a bit, not from the cold but from pain he was feeling. A shaky breath escaped his lips as he struggled to stand up, but it only caused him to further increase the pain. "D-damn, those pillars of ice hurts."

"I'm very impressed, Harry. Not many Ice Elementals can survive my Blizzard Waves." Khione said, standing right in front of Harry, who looked up to see a smile on her face. "And you're still determined to keep going until you pass the Elemental Trials, even with the injuries you have."

"I…handle worst pain before…" Harry said, as he both managed to push the pain all over his body away and got onto his knees. "And if I can handle being abused for thirteen years, I can handle the pain you'll send at me, Khione."

Khione's smile vanished to replace by a concerned frown when Harry mentioned the abuse part. "You were abused?" She asked.

Harry nodded bitterly. "Yeah, I was. Ever since that bastard dropped me off in a doorstep where my lovely 'relatives' are," He spat relatives out with so much venomously and malice. "I've been treated like a House Elf, except I got very worst treatment than a House Elf. I get beat up for a lot of things, like getting better grades than my cousin, doing Accidental Magic when I was at a Muggle school and burning the food I was cooking for my relatives half the time, which is complete utter bullshit. Who lets a child do all the cooking?"

"…" Khione didn't say anything but kept listening to Harry's abused childhood.

"Do you know where I was sleeping before I went to Hogwarts?" Harry suddenly asked, making Khione shake her head. "I was sleeping in a fucking cupboard, a fucking cupboard! That was my bedroom for ten years before I gotten my own bedroom when my acceptance letters came, a bedroom that had a real bed instead of very thin mattress!" He then let out a loud laugh. "And when the Ministry thought I used a Hover Charm, my uncle thought it would be a good idea to put bars on my window, just to make sure I don't escape. He then put several locks on my door and made a cat-flap door, so they can give me small amounts of food! I was starving to death, and I couldn't use Hedwig to send a letter to my friends. I thought that I was going to die."

Khione gave Harry a sympathy looked; no child should ever deserve such a horrific childhood. If she was honest with herself, the Muggles Harry was living with deserved to be put down.

"Alright, enough about my childhood." Harry said, now standing up right, though there was a slight wobble in his step. "Let's get back to the Elemental Trials."

"So quick to go back into battle, not even bothering to heal yourself." Khione muttered, shaking her head. Unforantly for her, Harry heard it and got a tick mark on his head. "You are right, Harry. We do need to get back to the Elemental Trials. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am. I'm ready to defeat you and pass the Elemental Trials." Harry replied, not even bothering to hide the irritation that was in his voice. "But I think it's about time that I got serious, since you can use that Ice Regeneration to heal yourself."

Khione couldn't stop the grin that was spreading across her face. Her body was shaking in anticipation and her blood was boiling in excitement. Was this it? Was Harry going to use his Elemental Form?

Harry suddenly raised his wand into the air with his right hand and released his Magical power, making Khione's grin turned perverted. 'Oh, my god! This Magical power! It's so alluring!' She thought, licking her lips hungrily and sensually. 'If Harry does fail the Elemental Trials, I am so using him as a play toy for me and my lesbian servants.' A naughty blush spread across her face when she thought of that, she had no then shuddered in pleasure when she saw Harry's eyes. Those beautiful glowing, green eyes that had a tint of blue in them. They are filled with power and a fire that burns brightly, like a warrior ready to battle against an army.

After a few moments, Harry lowered his wand from the air and pointed it forward, right where Khione was. He then grabbed his right forearm with his left hand in a tight grip and said two words in a deep and powerful voice, causing the female spectators to blush heavily.

"Elemental Form…"

Looks like things are about to get serious between Harry and Khione! And Harry is about to use his Elemental Form! Stay tuned to find out more about the epic battle between Ice Elemental and Ice Goddess!

Here are the two spells Harry used during his battle with Khione:

The Knockback Jinx Duo – a Jinx that can knock people backwards. It can also be used to move heavy objects.

The Ebublio Jinx – a Jinx that causes a victim to be trapped in a large bubble. It cannot be broken by physical force.

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