A Talk about Dragons

A Pokémon Sword and Shield/Fire Emblem Awakening One Shot

Written By MegaSalamence64

Author's Note:

Hey Guys, MegaSalamence64 here, You may know me as the guy whom wrote Two Smash Bros Story: Dragon Wings of Fate Book 1 Rise of Dragons (A Lucina x Shulk Adventure Story) and World of Light Deluxe (My Take on a World of Light Novelisation inspired by Krosshair's Version)

Welcome to my First FE/Pokémon Crossover…. Well a Preview of the BIG Story coming after DWoF Book (The first part of my Smash Bros Manakete! Lucina Trilogy) called Galarian Awakening (Yes I know it sounds similar to another FE: Awakening/Sword and Shield X-Over Called: Fire Emblem Awakening of Galarian Trainers by Terraspace81 but rest assured this story is not a carbon Copy version of his story and more of a Reteeling of Pokémon Sword and Shield with Lucina and Morgan taking Victor's and Gloria's Roles as the Heroes of Galar)

(Though the Main inspiration behind Galarain Awakening is Insane Dominator's EDventures in Kalos Story (An Ed, Edd and Eddy Crossover with Pokémon X and Y) which has the Eds taking the place of Caleem/Serena in a Rather faithful Adaptation of X and Y's Story, He's also writing a FE: Fates crossover as well which follows Eight Trainer OCs form all eight of the Main Game regions going through the events of FE: Fates Revelations.)

For details about whom is Lucina's Mother (As well as Morgan's Father) and what version of Galar is this, Well here it is:

-Lucina's Mother is Robin (Male! Morgan's her brother as well)

-Game version of Galar with anime Elements(With the Events of Pokémon Sword being the events that are occuring in GA, In other words, Lucina will befriend Zacian in the Main Galarian Awakening Story while Morgan will be allied with Zamazenta, Though don't expect any Dexit jokes in this Story or Galarian Awakening…)

-Sobble's Lucina's starter in this story while Grookey's Morgan's, Like wise Hop has Scorbunny as his starter. (Leon's Team has Rypherior and Mr. Rime in it as well)

-Leon and Sonia are both 25 Years Old in this Story while Hop's 16 years old.

-Lucina's 22 Years old in this Story and Morgan's 18 Years old, Galarian Awakening takes place a Year after Grima's Demise in the Canon FE: Awakening (It's also follows the ending of Robin sacrificing herself to destroy Grima and she just returned recently as well)

-Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra are TBD but the Non Legendary Pokémon they bring along will be used as this Region's Galar Dex (Yes even the Hoeen and Alola Starters as well)

Well I spoke enough about this story's inspiration and what factors are in it, Why not enjoy the story itself now,


Italics means Flashbacks, Telephatic Thoughts and written works (Underlined Italics means Any of the Following in Flashbacks)

Bold Means Legendary Pokémon Speaking (EG: Zacian/Zamazenta)

DISCLAIMER! I do NOT own Fire Emblem and Pokémon! Both Game Series belong to Nintendo, Game Freak and Intelligent Systems! This story is a non profit fanwork meant for fun, so PLEASE for the love of both Arceus and Naga, support the official releases of any game made by them! (YES! Even FE:Fates/ Pokémon Sword and Shield!)

Please Also be Civil around the review section especially Regarding the newest Nintendo Direct and Pokémon Present Direct…. I know Nintendo's been making oddball choices lately and Quaratine has almost driven us into madness back in 2020 but PLEASE don't go around ranting about it and just focus on other things in your life to get your mind off it….. Like for example, Bashing Corrin/Xander/Takumi/Goh/Ash/The Team Rocket Trio as some examples.


World of Pokémon, Galar Region, Wild Area, Hammerlocke Hills, Night time:

"Well That should be it…." Said Lucina to her little Brother Morgan as she finished hammering the Nails of they and Sonia's Tent for the Night. "We should be ready to sleep for the Night.

"We should be ready to hit the shack soon later Sparky and Mona…." She continued to her Pikachu whom was with her Drizzile Mona giving a nod back to her as well

"Pika pi…." Said Sparky, Lucina's Pikachu as he yawned a bit, No doubt tired form the recent fights with some Gym Challengers they had recently, no doubt the Gym Challengers that were able to beat Kabu like his trainer and her brother.

"Dri….." Said the Drizzile with a slight smile back to her trainer, Lucina smiling back to her as well.

It was almost hard to believe that she was the same Sobble that Leon Gave her since she was almost like a lizard version of her younger self before her little brother Morgan was born…

'I haven't asked Leon about it but he did mentioned sometimes Pokémon do resemble their trainers…' She continued as she recalled when Sobble and she met and how she was nervous even when she was picked. 'Even though she's different now, Mona still appears to be like the same Sobble form before despite more aloof recently…..'

Before she can continue to think about it, Morgan's Voice interrupted her train of thought like an unexpected rockslide.

"Hey Sis, are you ok?" Said the Young Sapphire haired Heir as he looked back at his older sister while He and Twackey are helping Sonia with making their dinner.

"I'm fine Morgan…." Said the Ylissean Princess to her younger sibling as she looked back at him. "Though are you doing ok yourself right now?"

"All fine with things on my side, Sis!" Said Morgan with his Eevee Stella whom on the other Hand was helping Sonia prepare their dinner, Which since they're camping for the Night is Curry. "We're almost finished with the Curry and I finished cutting the apples already…."

"Well at least your not using Falchion at least!" Lucina said back in a rare joking tone, Relieved she was careful enough to keep the last memento of her Father in her future with her so her little brother doesn't try cutting it with again*.

"Hey I'm not that careless sis!" Morgan countered back as Sonia chuckled in the Corner with her Decidueye Darwin smirking as well, no doubt recalling Leon's own big Brother protectiveness as well towards Hop.

It's been at least a Week since Lucina and Morgan has arrived in the World of Pokémon via an outrealm gate suggested by Tiki to help the former out of a potential Slump of where to go in her life (Morgan Snuck along with his Sister for the ride) now that Grima has been defeated for good and her Mother Robin's reunited with her Father Chrom.

The Former two royal Siblings have just gotten their Third Gym Badge form Kabu (Whom was considered by Galarians to be the First TRUE Hurdle of the Galar League though others may think Nessa the water type Gym Leader helds this title more often**)

They just have been through a though day battling other gym challengers and after they meet up with Sonia, agreeing to come with them to Hammerlocke the Next Day in the morning,

Right now, they have just finished making their Dinner and are about to take some bites out of it.

"Thanks for the Curry Sonia!" Said Morgan as he took the plate of curry form the Young orange haired Lady's Hands while trying to do so in a polite manner.

"Your Welcome Morgan!" Said Sonia as Lucina looked back at her younger brother with some relief in her expression, Happy to know her little Brother was alright at least, and being respectful to others at least.

"Hey Lucina, Is Something wrong?" The former questioned as the latter received her curry while looking back at her.

"Oh it's nothing…. Just watching out for Morgan….." Said the Blue Haired Ylissean as she and Sonia walked down to where the Blue haired Prince was located as he and Eevee are already eyeing the Hot plate of curry, Apples and Rice.

"He's my younger brother…. And I won't forgive myself in any harm comes to him…." She continued as memories of the time they're separated when they went back in time to stop Grima's Reawakening in their world attempted to enter her mind,

It was hard on her during the three years before she reunited with her Parents in the past with the knowledge of her only other family member still alive with her in her twisted time possibly dead like the Parents of her future….

And it was equally as heart breaking when she learnt about his ammesia when they reunited in the Ruins of Time…..

"Are you ok Lucina?" Sonia questioned as she noticed the tone when Lucina mentioned about her older sibling concern for Morgan as he ate his curry with his Twackey Boomer and his Galarian Slowpoke Tank.

"I'm fine Sonia…." Said the Ylissean Princess to her new friend as she quickly looked back at her after she took her plate of curry. "It's just I'll never forgive myself if Morgan gets hurt…."

"You know that's something Leon would do, He always tries to find time for Hop when he can…." Sonia answered back to her new friend as she noticed Lucina's Deino approaching her.

"Dei….. No…." she said as she has just finished all her share of the Curry and was currently approaching her as well.

"Your Deino seems pretty close to you know Lucina…." Said Sonia as she looked back at the Sapphire haired Ylissean's Dragon type whom was rubbing herself against her leg.

"Well she's considered a Baby by the Daycare Staff and there's something I wanted to show you Sonia…" Said Lucina as she lifted up Deino (Carefully) and show her underside.

To Sonia's Surprise, as if it was like a birthmark, Was a small red stylished 'X' that glowed on the small Irate Pokémon's Belly, A small gasp escaping her mouth as she did.

'No way…..' she thought to herself as she looked at that mark with surprise. 'So the Gigantamax forms of that Mural WERE real after all!'

"Lucina, I think I know what that Mark is!" Said Sonia in surprise as she looked back at her friend's Deino, Much to her shock.

"A Mark?" She questioned she recalled similar Pokémon that have that 'X' Marking as well like Leon's Charizard and the times they do saw her with her trusted Trainer, Which Rotom's Eye twinkled at the sound of what she has just said

"Well Miss Lucina, You mean like this?" Said the Butler like Rotom Dex that Professer Magnolia entrusted the Ylissean Siblings with on their journey as he quickly switched form PokéDex mode to photo mode, swiping towards photos of Leon and his Charizard Cynder***, Before selecting it and zooming in onto the Flame Pokémon's body, Near her chest to be exact.

On the Charizard's body was a similar marking to Luna's Belly, A large slylished red X that was glowing on the Whiteness of the pesudo Dragon's body.

Upon seeing the Mark, Lucina then recalled Nessa's Dreadnaw and Kabu's Centiskortch having a similar Marking on their body as well as she looked back to Luna, The Timid Deino's marking also present on her belly as it shine against the Blue and red of her scales.

"You mean Deino… Has a Gigantamax form as well?" The Ylissean Said back to Sonia in Shock as Morgan stopped muching his curry and also have a similar look of surprise as well.

"Well Actually it means Hydreigon has a Gigantamax Form as well Lucina!" Sonia said back to her new friend as Surprise makes itself known to her on her face.

"You mean it?" said Lucina in surprise at what she has just heard.

"Believe it or not, Me and My Gran actually discovers some photos about it and I believed Rotom has some in the Dex….." Sonia continued as she looked back at Rotom whom smiled back at her.

"No Problem Miss Sonia! I have them right over here!" The Possessed Pokedex as he then changed Photos in the Pokedex he's possessing form one gallery to another.

He then opened up to reveal a photo of what appears to be a mural of two giant Pokémon, Two Draconic like Monsters to be exact.

The Monster on the Left was a Dark Green Monster with many spikes on it's back as it roared at it's foe, A Dark beam of energy being unleashed form it's mouth,

Likewise the more draconic Monster on the Right looks like a like an Evolved/Adult Version of a Deino as it's Five Heads fired blast of Draconic Energy at it's foe, the two energies clashing with each other.

"I… I…. I… Don't know what to say Sonia…." Said Lucina whom looked back in shock at what she has just saw form this, Memories of the Fell Dragon Grima entering her mind as she saw the Monster on the right in the Photo, It's resemblance to the Monster destroyed her future sending shivers down her spine.

Sonia's face quickly noticed both Lucina and her Deino looking at the photo of the mural of her evolved form with fear emiting form the latter despite her range of sight being blocked by the fur on her head,

"Hey Lucina, Relax it's nothing bad I promised…." She said back to them in a Concern tone as she looked back at the Sapphire haired lady and her Black and blue Dragon with concern. "It won't hurt you, I promised….."

"Sorry about that…. Just seeing that Dragon brings back unpleasant memories to say the least….." Lucina continued as she quickly banished the memories of the encounters she has with Grima for the moment.

"Well Relax Lucina…." Sonia said back to her with a Smile. "With some patience and care, Any Pokémon can be tamed….."

"Ok then…." Said the Ylissean Princess as her Brother stopped form eating to listen in on the Conversation. "I guess it helps a little…"

"But it can also be a bad thing as well given the Destructive nature associated with Hydreigons….." She continued as her tone shifted form a happy one to a serious one, Luna shivering a little more as well as she quickly rushed towards her trainer, Lucina noticing her Pokémon's fear as she snuggled up to her.

"So Hydreigons are Deino's Evolved form…. Right?" Asked Lucina in concern as Sonia gave a slight nod to her to comfirm that was the case, as she looked back to the Photo on Rotom's Screen.

However, the Name of her Pokémon's Fully evolved form sent shivers down to Luna's body like a curse or hex.

"De….." the Irate Pokémon said in a timid tone as Lucina gave her a pat on the head much like her mother does when she was younger.

"Don't worry Luna, It's ok, I'm with you right now…." She continued to her Pokèmon as Sonia took notice of her.

"Sonia, I know it's an oddball question but are Hydreigon considered bad news even for their pre evolved forms?" She questioned back with a concern tone as Morgan, Sparky and Stella and their other Pokémon took notice as well.

Sonia then remained slient as she looked back at Lucina and Morgan, The latter whom even stopped eating his Curry to look back at her.

"It's complicated Lucina…." She said as she looked back at her with a sigh escaping her mouth. "The Deino Evolution line are far form what you call tamable…"

"Even Expert Trainers have a hard time raising them unless they're hatched form an egg… They're not whom you call fast to train and they can grow more destructive as they evolved….." Sonia continued as Lucina then grew more worried for her Deino whom was shivering in more fear right now. "Your's is lucky she was willing to open up to you….."

"And Let's just say there's some already bad trainers whom used Hydreigons in the Past…" Sonia Continued as she recalled the Two Incidents of Unova…. And how the Leader of Team Plasma Ghetsis has given the Pesudo Legendary of Unova it's reputation as a Villainous Pokémon…

"I think Deino got the idea already….." Lucina said back to her new friend as Sonia looked back Luna cuddling close to her trainer like a Baby near their Mother.

"But I did learn form the Breeder I got form her was form Unova and her former trainer was also there as well…." The Sapphire haired Princess continued as Pikachu, Drizzile and Smom nodded back in agreement as well. "He said that compared to the other Pokémon in the Daycare, Deino didn't want to be near other Humans beside him for a while until I came and Adopt her…."

"But I don't know what's she afraid of right now….."

Sonia then remained quiet for a while before looking at the Gate ahead of them, an idea forming in her head as she did.

"Well I do know Rahian's a Dragon Expert and while he doesn't have a Hydreigon, He does train under Drayden the Dragon Type Gym Leader of Unova in the Past….." Said Sonia with a Smile which her Yamper and Decidueye did so as well. "I'm sure he can help you out with the problem tomorrow….."

Lucina then gave a small smile to her after giving her Deino on more headpat for comfort and then said to Sonia:

"Thank you Sonia….." She answered back to her with her face smiling at the orange haired woman.

"No Problem Lucina…." Sonia answered back to her friend as she looked back at the Ylissean's Pokémon, her Brother and his Pokémon already starting to finished their food.

"Though we may as well finished our share of dinner at least…." She said back to Lucina whom nodded back with her.

"Agreed…." The Sapphire haired Princess answered back with a smile as they soon ate their Curry with no much conversation afterwards,

'Save for Team Yell and Bede…. There's nothing much that's considered dangerous here in Galar….. and even the latter's not really much of a threat' Thought Lucina to herself as she munched on her current spoonful of Curry, Rice and Apples while looking back at her and Morgan, no doubt a far cry form the twisted years of Grima's Reign in their bad future. 'And the former's haven't done anything really dangerous like Walhart and Gangerl yet…..'

'I don't want to Jinx things up right now… But this should be a good sign at least,' She smiled to herself while taking another bite of her food as well.

'Even if neither Morgan and I became the Champion… at least I can find something about myself and what to do now Grima's gone for good…..'

She then looked back at Falchion, which was attached to her belt, and a firm look of determination filled her mind, no doubt ready to move forward form her current doubts at the moment.


Galar Region, Wyndon City, Rose Tower, Medical Room:

Blankness was all that surrounded his mind right now as his sense, After all the planning and years of preprations into reawakening his Master…..

His Wretch of a daughter whom was raised to be Grima's Vessel has to ruined it all along with the damn prince of she married to…..

He also didn't factored their daughter coming form the future into all of this, his own overconfidence that he has everything in the Bag just because he managed to control Robin into giving him the Emblem due to the Fellblood they shared….

But alas, it appears that not only was one of the Gemstone in the Emblem a Fake but Robin was able to hold back against her husband allowing him to survive against what was the same Fatal Attack that caused her to give into Grima in what was the timeline the Hierophant told him about….

Despite his words to Lucina when they confronted each other in Plegia's Palace that her actions means nothing in the grand scheme of things, His own Grandaughter's Actions somehow played a role in his own downfall when she managed to prevent the assassination attempt on The former Exalt and Chrom's elder sister Emmeryn.

He was too overconfident that his plans will succed and yet, Fate has other plans in mind which in turn, ruined everything for he and the Grimleal's Master's Long awaited return.

But right now, while he was expected his lifeforce to be with his Master Grima, He was somehow still alive, his body while weakened still felt like it was intact as he was laying on what he presumed was a bed.

"Whoever you are, I suggested getting up now…. Chairman Rose is here" Said an Unfamilar female voice that was NOT certainly someone he knows, And it certainly appears she wasn't alone either if the footsteps approaching are any indication

He decided to cut to chase as he opened his eyes to see himself in a white room with strange devices around him, in the aforementioned Bed he was somehow in.

He soon saw his arm attached to what appears to be some sort of strap attached to another Device, no doubt likely scanning him for something.

"Hpmm…. I guess you need to know where you are right now….." Said the Voice that awoken him as he turned towards her, The Blond haired woman wearing a long white dress and a collar on her neck

But she wasn't alone however; a man whom was wearing a strange sort of fashion like royalty yet it doesn't appear to be such with his light brown skin and grey clothing accompanied the woman next to her.

"Well please forgive my Secetary Oleana's brashness right now but we found you laying in the outskirts of Route 10….." Said the Man as he looked back at the person laying in the medical bed right now. "My name is Chairman Rose…."

"And may I ask you for your's my dear friend?"

The man in the Medical bed simply smirked a bit before saying his piece:

"My name….. is V-"

To be continued in Galarian Awakening…


*While Lucina's Sibling Support are all the same (Same with Morgan is they're not Lucina's Sibling), You can argue Morgan and Cynthia fit said conversation the most (and while Morgan's know to love Bugs, He comfirmed in his Support conversation with Lucina (if they're Siblings) that he doesn't like Roaches though)

**Amusingly, Nessa can be considered a hurdle for the Gym Challenge if you're playing a Challenge Run of Playing like other Trainers like Hop and Marnie (Inspired by a series of Youtube Videos where people play though Sword and Shield with JUST the Pokémon the NPCs used, Movesets and all) though BEA can take the cake for Sword Players as well, Especially if you think you can sweep her team with a Ghost type as well.

***Yes Leon's Charizard is Female in the Galarian Awakening-Verse (Inspired by SnakeEyeDraws' By the Sword Nuzlocke comic and yes, Her Nickname is based on Cynder form the Legends of Spyro Series.

Author's Notes:

Yeah Like The Bonds that Tie Us, This story is mostly just a sneak Preview of things to come in Galarian Awakening (or GA For short)

I Didn't show all of Lucina's and Morgan's Pokémon for keeping some of them a secret for When Galarian Awakening get's released properly and also to focus on at least three of them for each sibling. (They may get at most eight Pokémon each meaning a total of sixteen Pokémon will be part of the Main cast)

For plot Reasons related to the Main GA Story, Hop and Bede's Battle that took place near the Gate to Hammerlocke was moved to somewhere else in the Wild Area, but they Both made it to Hammerlocke before Lucina, Morgan and Marnie (and yes, I can confirm she'll be playing a slightly larger role in Galarian Awakening as well)

Also Expect Custom Gigantamax forms in this Stories… you may have spotted one with how Lucina's Deino has a glowing mark on it's body and Sonia mentioned what she mentioned about similar marks on other Pokémon like Leon's Charizard who's marking is located on her belly and Given the Legend that was mentioned by Sonia regarding a Gigantamax Hydreigon and Tyranitar…. You can guess where this is going (Though Morgan won't be getting G-Max Tyranitar however)

Also for that scene with 'V!', Well you can guess on whom it is and for how he survived…. Well all I can say is that Galarian Awakening will have the answer for that….

The Decision to put 'V!' is inspired by Insane Dominator's Edventures in Kalos Story with how the Kankers are part of Team Flare in his story, and also by KingdomKey23's Kingdom Hearts the Nintendo Version Remixed where this particular character replaced Eggman in Bowser's Legion of Doom for that story….. (Dedede was also Replaced by Ridley as well in that story due to the former being like Guzma in a way)

Also the Premise of Galarian Awakening really is like Sunset Paradise where Meggy's going on Vaction to find herself like how Lucina's doing at the moment in this story. (Hilarious in Hindsight I guess?)


Now Onto my Opinions on Legends: Arceus and Shining Diamond/Brilliant Pearl:

I'm actually Excited for the Former and while it may be a Year before we get them, They sound like the Pokémon Games MANY wanted Sword and Shield to be and well, There you guys have it! The games you guys wanted so Badly is here! ;)

Also Minor topic but given the choices they made for the Starters in L:A (Legends: Arceus) Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott,

While they may appear to be random choices, They also fit some theme in Fedual Japan (Samurai for Oshawott, Volcanos (Mt Fugi) for Cyndaquil and Japanese Archers (Insert Takumi/Nohrian Scum Meme here) for Rowlet), Likewise they may bring up Pokémon Fangames that give Canon Starters but from different sets as well… (though the Alt of giving Non Starters for starters is there as well in fangames)

Along with this Reddit post as well: www .red dit r /pokemon /com ments /e138z9 /theory _the_ starters_ in_ each_ region _are _not _native/ (While it may Debunk the theory that (most) Starters aren't native to the regions they're distributed in due to the Piplup and Chimchar soon in the Trailer, It DOES Give create a neat idea of different starters in regions, that and their form the more popular regions (Yes, Unova and Alola have been getting more appreciation lately) as well)

Now for the Copperajah in the Room, The LONG awaited Sinnoh Remakes we have been waiting for….. and I haven't have a solid opinion on them yet,

And given the Faithful Retelling line, Combine with the Dexit Drama form SWSH, One can know GameFreak REALLY needs to play their cards right if they don't want a fandom war to occur (I Think had they Remade Emerald for ORAS, The latter games would be Far better received in a way, but I still like them though)…. For Me personally, Just confirm that Mega Evolution is coming back and I'm Good but I can also Live Without it as well

Though Once again, If you want to complain about the games, Please do it in a Civil Manner so GameFreak can understand them and not be mistaken for Directionless ranting that they'll ignore (even if it DID work for Fire Emblem due to how Fates is to the Community).


Ok, With that out of the way, Do note that until More information about the two Sinnoh games come out, They won't be effecting Galarian Awakening until then. (They'll be Sequel stuff at best)

What do you think? Is there anything to Improve? If not, See ya! ;)


Pokemon Nicknames:

-Lucina's Pikachu: Sparky (Male)

-Lucina's Drizzile: Mona (Female)

-Lucina's Deino: Luna (Female)

-Lucina's Smom: Grace (Female)

-Morgan's Eevee: Stella (Female)

-Morgan Twackey: Boomer (Male)

-Morgan's Galarian Slowpoke: Tank (Male)

-Sonia's Yamper: Charles (Male)

-Sonia's Decidueye: Darwin (Male)

-Leon's Charizard: Cynder (Female)


Links to other Works:

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