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"But why brainwashing though?" She said.

The God said. "Because this family comes from a land of oppression, there are certain behaviours that would come through if you don't. Like bowing to the nearest rich person and not speaking up. It doesn't matter how good their life gets if there the yes man of every narcissist with a bit of power"

She said. "Well, I can understand that. There really are certain behaviours installed into you when your that poor and oppressed for so long"

The God then said. "I want you to make an advanced country for them, and in return, I will make sure anybody looking has at least something while searching. The family biggest dream is to live like those oppressing them and be civilians of a country that actually cares about them. They will take the brainwashing very easily and cling to it"

And then the God said. "I will give you the power to make them gorgeous and have a nice house and car. They will be in completely different bodies, have new names and job roles. All you have to do is carve and make their dreams reality"


"Wait, Carve?" She said.

The God said. "Welcome to my world. When you bring something into existence, you must figure out exactly what it's intended to be. I'm not giving you a system where you learn nothing about creation. Its time for some hard work"

So this is why nobody took this job. She thought.

Why do the research, planning and building the skills up when you can just run and get rich?

She said. "Fine, but only to make fine ass people. Who would smoothen my eyes"

The God granted her wish and for 10 whole minutes she was a demigod and it was amazing.

She created the famous Roberts house and gave them all nice faces.

She gave them puppies that will remain cute to the day they die.

In the minute she had left, she came up with a country name, Vashta Nerada.

This country won't be in the news soon.

And then she found herself on a table with a block of stone, tools, a laptop and a massive holographic screen.

She saw that the family was beginning to wake up and she found out quickly, she was awful at carving wood.

This was indeed going to take some time for her.

But today, was a new dawn for a happier life for the new Roberts family.

Happy birthday, Roberts. She thought.

She couldn't help but smile, seeing their wide eyes look at their surroundings and seeing their new faces and exploring their house.

She gave them a full day, to realise that this was real and they were indeed in Paris.

What could be fancier?

And they indeed did have rich friends who were currently, off-line.

After minutes of failure with stone, she went online and typed in Sculpting videos because screw this she has internet.

By the time, she looked back at the family, they had ordered Chinese and smoothened the eyes of the delivery driver, who was stunned after being allowed through security.

In those hours, she had managed to make a table, it wasn't much, but she managed to make something and it was a huge accomplishment for her.

You have to start from somewhere right and it filled her with pride seeing the table on land that was protected under a Cloaker so the world can not watch her embarrass herself.

Now, to sculpt something else.

Perhaps, a bin?

When she looked at the family again, they were getting ready for the first day of school/work with excitement.

All of them made sure, there was no fault in their appearance and they didn't overdo it with looking great.

The puppies were kept in the puppy playhouse that was really quite impressive.

She watched them have cereal with a smile on their face and get given lunch and then they went into the family caravan.

The woman of the house somehow knew where to drive with them and they first dropped off the youngest Chelsea Roberts at pre-school.

She was a white, blue eyes and blond haired girl with two pigtails and a pink tutu.

She was gorgeous.

When the children and parents saw her, they couldn't keep their eyes away and it was pretty clear, Chelsea just became the first crush of some of the boys.

And then they saw the father, who was even more amazing looking especially for his age.

Black slicked hair to the back, with a few grew streaks, dark black eyebrows, striking blue eyes under black rectangular glasses, clear skin, sharp chin, and dressed in dad clothes but he had clearly been working out because his chest was rather robust.

All the women's faces turned red, as he hugged his daughter goodbye and she excitedly went in to make some new friends.

He turned around while the women wished he would talk to them or at least glance in their direction with those striking blue eyes of his.

The van went off and Stacie was dropped off at elementary school.

Blond-haired in a ponytail, green eyes and wearing sporty shorts and sneakers.

The girl waved at them and then turned around, the elementary schoolers eyes were huge when they saw, sporty Stacie Roberts.

The next to be dropped off was Skipper Roberts, brown chestnut hair, with a purple streak at the front and blue eyes, she wore a white blouse under a red checkered opened shirt, jeans and purple sneakers.

She turned around and you could hear the angel music as students on the steps turned to look at her.

She walked up the steps and had no problem finding somebody to take her to the principal office.

Especially with that accent.

The last of the kids to be dropped off was Barbra (Barbie) Roberts, blond hair, blue eyes, pink jacket, black laced blouse, high waisted jeans and sneakers.

She was the most attractive out of all the siblings and it showed in the high schoolers reactions as even the girl's cheek's turned red when she graced their eyes.

The parents witnessed the previously uninterested guys outside, race in after her, even pushing each other out of the way to get a head start.

You had to wonder if hearing that she had a boyfriend would do anything to them.

After all, she can still smoothen their eyes in class and in the hallway.

And then they can find out which class she applied for and show up everywhere.

And then finally, the dad was dropped off at his new workplace while the woman of the house, worked from home and took care of the puppies.

Both of them were excitedly engineers.

Six different places.

Five introduced themselves and everybody in class or in the workplace heard angels seeing them.

Some started thanking god in their minds about this fortune that had been brought to them.

The five places we're in uproar through the day, as people saw, met or spoke to a Robert.

By Lunch, Paris's internet was on fire and the family good looks were worldwide, it didn't take long for the world to soon realised they were all part of the same family.

Truly, eyes were smoothened, as evidence that they were real people spread throughout the internet.

Thankfully the family was behind a gated community with its own security to deal with the millions of admirers they suddenly had.

"Well, hello. Barbie Roberts" said the hack of a musician XY, seeing her picture on his phone and he wasn't the only one admiring her.

Modelling agency's that could get to the family, prepared to go to war to have them signed while there were rumours, they had caused a stir in Hollywood and many top fashion designers were looking for them.

But the world wanted to know, how did they go years without their eyes being smoothened like this?

The world quickly found out why, as they found out that they had moved from a country that didn't really have a relationship with the rest of the world but now that they were out, they can shock the world with how good they are.

Was the country full of hot people or did they just get lucky?

The blessing was real for those lucky enough to be in the same building as them.

Meanwhile imagine, being a supermodel and a foreign, fine ass, Robert comes walking in.

No matter how hot you think you are, there will always be somebody hotter than you out there.

Meanwhile, she got the hang of this building thing and managed to carve a house onto the land and see it manifest before her very eyes.

Thank god, she didn't need to eat or sleep and her hands didn't need rest.

Now to make the airport, because making a transportation device, needs high-level testing and she didn't want to accidentally kill the family or any other civilian.

The end of the school day approached, and most of the Robert kids were invited somewhere.

Of course, they were, just look at them

The woman of the house had actually driven to pick up her youngest at lunch only, to see a parent mistakenly pick up her child for the fourth time today.

Chelsea was just so pretty, that they didn't realise what was happening until the teacher coughed and told them, that this wasn't their child.

Imagine, being the children in all of this, seeing their parents trying to take Chelsea home with them.

Her actually mother showed up and they we're invited for a play date.

The woman may not take the offer for some reason...

Meanwhile, the creator of the country was trying her hands at an online store with the name of the country and clothes and stated they were interactive clothes and put them on bid.

Meanwhile, sculpting clothes were actually helping her with the human figure.

She gave the family time to get used to being the centre of attention while sending them magazines and free samples.

The bid ended in 2 days and she shipped the clothes of advanced style.

Guess, whose clothes hit worldwide news on Friday?

She watched the Paris news show news from other countries.

She watched a guy have his face blurred and voice changed to protect his identity and then his hoody changed and even project animation on it coolly.

He said. "I bid 70 quid and the next thing I know. I own the coolest hoody ever. I thought they were pulling my leg when I saw the description. I won't say how it works because it was in the manual but it's cool"

She watched the news as she carved not just the servers for the company.

And the interviewer said. "Amazing and where can I get my own interactive clothing item?"

The guy said. "It was a shop on Uswitch under the name Vashta Nerada, but the last time I checked. They were all sold out, which was shocking because there wasn't much but I guess they were testing the waters"

And then the guy's hoody began to play music for them with the sound wave on his chest.

He said. "Ever since I first wore it, I've been complimented and offered money for the hoody. But I love this Hoody so it's staying with me"

He was the dude with the cool hoody, he wasn't going to give it up.

You get dates when your hoody can spell your crushes name.

She heard about the girl who received heels that can change the size of the heel, pattern and can even become flat shoes.

There was more.

All of these items had found owners and the world was jealous.

And also interested in the inventors behind these devices.

What else do they have.

She watched the family watch the news that very morning.

You could feel the pride as they saw how their country was on the news for something good and not for another scandal.

They knew their co-workers and classmates were going to ask them about this country and they all fully intended to raise their head high and say yes, they did come from there.

She was happy that they felt so proud of their country.

She would continue things on her end which meant, she needed to stop being a wuss and actually try to make a person.

She can make whole buildings, how hard can one person be?