[MASSIVE Trigger Warning; Lots of Blood, Saliva, Panic Attacks]


Melvin's whole body still hurt, and now since they were in the Maze, it ached for a nice soft bed to lay on.

He missed Lou and Shep. Sure, he had Aidan and Griffin, but he needed a hug and he knew Griffin and Aidan didn't give the best, warm hugs.

He also didn't know the stranger from the maze that well. Her name was Addy.

The only person he could get a nice hug from was Pink.

Yet Pink was asleep now.

It had been two days since the group separated.

Two days since he had seen Shep.

Two days of constant worrying for the group.

Sometimes Melvin thought he could hear someone different. He would get so excited, then he would turn the corner and… nothing.

No one was there.

Melvin thought he was starting to lose it sometimes.

Melvin was laying on the grass, his eyes closed. Not wanting to wake up just yet.

"The maze will move in another five days." Griffin murmured to Aidan, which Melvin heard, "We have to find at least someone by then."

"We are running out of food. The backpack we had will last us another three days at best…" Aidan whispered.

Melvin wondered if they were trying to be secretive, but it wasn't working.

Griffin sighed. "If only we had Beth with us. She had two bags."

"I'll give up my rations." Aidan stated, "I'm fine."

"Aidan you have barely slept and eaten since we all got separated. You need the food more than anyone," Griffin argued.

"No, Melvin needs it more." Aidan stated, "He's getting weaker. He can walk less and less each day."

"That's not your concern to worry about, Aidan."

"Melvin is my number one priority right now," Aidan whispered sternly.

Griffin sighed, but he didn't say anything. They remained silent for a few seconds.

"Melvin, we know you're awake." Aidan sighed.

Melvin opened his eyes. Both of them were staring at him. Melvin frowned.

"How did you know?" he asked, tilting his head.

"You weren't snoring slightly." Aidan stated, "you always snore when you are asleep."

"Do you just memorize people's sleep patterns in your free time?" Griffin asked. "You can't remember names but you most certainly remember if someone sneezed in their sleep."

Aidan rolled his eyes. "Says the one who wears protective hair gear when they sleep."

"How did you know that?" Griffin asked, shocked.

"A magician never reveals his secrets…"

"I told him," Melvin spoke up.

Melvin shared a room with Griffin. Griffin was adamant that if Melvin even breathed on his hair, Griffin would know and then send him to the Craindre.

Still, he never told Melvin he couldn't tell others.

"Of course you did." Griffin muttered, "Time to go to the Craindre. Off you go!"

"I didn't break the rules though!" Melvin whined.

"Nope, I changed my mind." Griffin joked.

Melvin started to quiver his lip. His doe eyes came up to the center stage. Griffin's smug smirk immediately dissipated.

"Melvin, I'm so sorry-"

"HA! Gotcha." Melvin stopped the act, giggling like a maniac,"I always get you with the doe eyes!"

"Alright, come here little man." Griffin got up, "I'm throwing you away."

"You can't throw me away. Lou would kill you and then lecture you about it," Melvin retorted.

"Ah, Foiled again by a youngling." Griffin acted dramatically, "My only weakness, Lou's lectures."

"I think your only weakness is Lou herself," Pink pipped up. Melvin didn't see them get up, but they rubbed their eyes tiredly.

Griffin turned to look at Pink, a slow and dramatic turn, "I will throw you away too."

"Good, I belong in the trash." Pink joked.

"You guys seem like family…" Addy said quietly, though everyone heard her and went silent.

"We've had a long time together." Pink stated, "Not long with you though."

Addy smiled, but it was more of a remorseful smiled, "I just remember a friendship I had like that."

"Did you lose them?" Pink asked.

Addy nodded honestly.

"We lost people too," Melvin stated.

He remembered when he first woke up in the Maze. There were twenty kids all together. Even one that was Melvin's age that he would play with.

Lucy was a nice girl and she had the best ideas for games.

She died only a few months into the maze. One of the first Craindre attacks they experienced.

Melvin would never forget her.

"Lots of people…" Pink whispered as well, "By the Craindre…"

Addy nodded, "I almost died to those monsters. They are terrifying."

"Are you sure they are terrifiying or are you just saying that for your job?" Griffin asked bitterly.

Addy sighed, "You don't have to believe me."

"I don't." Griffin said honestly, "I don't believe you or trust you in the slightest."

Addy nodded, "I understand."

Griffin looked back at Aidan, "We'll get walking an hour from now. Take your time to wake up." Griffin said the group.

Melvin wanted to stand up. He started moving, shuffling his legs.

Before he could even try, Aidan was walking over and grabbing his arm.

"Be careful, Melvin. Let me help you up, " Aidan said, concerned. Melvin smiled slightly and accepted the help from Aidan.

"How are you feeling? Any headaches? Bone aches? Toothaches? Anything?" Aidan asked.

Melvin chuckled slightly, "Toothaches?"

"Just being precautious," Aidan answered honestly.

Melvin nodded, stretching slightly, "Now that you mention it, my eye has been twitching slightly…"

Aidan's eyes widened. Melvin laughed slightly.

"It's a joke, Aidan. I'm okay! I promise." Melvin promised.

Aidan nodded.

Melvin hugged Aidan tightly, Aidan froze slightly but then hugged Melvin back.

Melvin would have to take back what he thought earlier. Aidan did give great hugs.

Not as great as Lou's or even Shep's, but still great enough to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Suddenly, a small hush went over the Maze. A cool chill air ran down Melvin's spine.




The thumping was heard as Melvin turned slightly to see a giant Lizard turning the corner.

He opened his mouth to scream.

A hand flew over his mouth.

Melvin's heart was racing as he looked back at Aidan.

He was shaking his head and held his pointer finger to his mouth.

Melvin held his breath.

The lizard sniffed the air. There were no eyes in his sockets. Melvin closed his eyes in disgust.

Griffin's hand was on his sword, slowly unsheathing it.

The lizard kept sniffing.

It was a huge lizard. At least 6 feet long and 4 feet high. Melvin had heard the hunters talk about this monster, but he hadn't seen one before.

The thing couldn't see, but it had heightened hearing.

The lizard growled slightly, sniffing. It kept getting closer to Melvin.

Melvin held back a whimper.

Griffin was still unsheathing his sword. It was hard to unsheath a sword without making a sound.

The lizard's mouth was two feet away from Melvin now. Melvin wanted to cry and scream and run.

The lizard opened its mouth. Hot and disgusting saliva dripped from the roof of the lizard's mouth and went down to the ground.

A low growl came from its throat before it roared in Melvin's face.

Griffin immediately unsheathed his sword and swung it at the Lizard.

It stopped roaring and started gurgling as blood came from the fresh wound in its neck. Melvin was drenched in blood as the monster wailed in pain and writhed back, tripping over its back legs before Griffin jogged over to finish the job.

Melvin immediately broke down sobbing from the experience. Only two feet and the monster would have eaten him.

He fell to the ground, unable to breathe.


He felt as if his air was running out.

"Melvin, breathe. You're okay now. You're safe." Aidan tried to soothe him.

But Melvin did not feel safe.

Melvin felt trapped. The walls were closing in on him.

The once-lit grass was growing darker and darker.

"Breath Melvin, Breath. It's not going to hurt you. It's dead. It's dead," Aidan kept saying, but it felt like a whisper to Melvin.

His hands were shaking. He tried to look at them but all he saw was crimson blood on his fingers.

Was that his blood?

Was he dying?

Did the Lizard get him?









A cool stream of water splashed on Melvin's face.

He gasped in the air.

Aidan was holding a container of water.

Air finally rushed back into Melvin's lungs. He felt water - or blood - dripping down his face onto his shirt.

"Melvin, don't lose me here, okay?" Aidan said.

Melvin was losing it now. He was going crazy.

"Look into my eyes, Melvin."

Melvin looked at Aidan.

"Breathe in."

Melvin breathed in.

"Breathe out."

Melvin breathed out.

"Keep doing that."

So Melvin kept breathing in and out. Until his vision slowly came back from his grainy perspective. Until he felt his toes and fingers again.

"Good. You are doing a great job." Aidan stated, "I'm so proud of you."

Melvin sobbed slightly and grabbed Aidan's chest. He hugged him tightly. He didn't want Aidan to let go.

Luckily, Aidan didn't. Melvin kept hugging Aidan until his body grew so tired. Even though he had just slept.

He let his mind shut down.

He let his body fall asleep.


This is the end of Phase 2! Now we're on Phase 3: Isolation! Ah I'm so excited (and nervous) for this next Phase! Be prepared for a lot of nerve wracking and sad moments.