Hi everyone I had an idea about a story a while ago which I thought sounded pretty cool, unfortunately it didn't really work so I scrapped the draft. The idea is basically Naruto learns puppetry eventually making a liquid metal puppet from a scrap of Zabuza's sword allowing the puppet to repair and add to it's mass by using blood then using his Uzumaki inherited skills in fuinjutsu turns it into a mirror like haku allowing him to go into it and use it as a shell based puppet like Sasori and his Hiruko I believe the puppets called, and use it as a pocket dimension storage allowing him to compact it into itself for a small hand held mirror to keep it or other things hidden. He can use the mirror to transform or reflect others and the puppet gains their abilities like the sharingan which he based it on and using shadow clones while in the mirror he can have them use other puppets made by the mirror due to his large reserves and eventually learns mix and match forms to use multiple abilities and limbs eventually gaining powers and appearance similar to Asura from Asura's wrath.