Big Mom Fairy Tail

By: FunahoMisaki

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"Master Natsu's going to do something stupid." Nab said after Romeo had punched Makarov in the face before running off crying when the old man refused to send someone to find the boy's father.

"He's just going to hurt Macao's pride… It's not like we can tell him what to do." Makarov sighed heavily before he stiffened when there was a strong wave of power from the girl next to him at the bar and he didn't mean Cana.

"I was told this guild treated everyone like family. If that's how you treat your family I won't be staying here long." Lucy said her voice ice cold and both the sun and the cloud were frowning, the cloud getting darker like a thunder cloud would.

"There's no one here who can't hold their o-" Makarov was stopped by a large hand picking him up and furious red looking eyes glaring into him.

"I've been travelling across the world since I was eight and fighting plenty of dark guilds. I've been everywhere from Alvarez to Bosco and every other continent on this planet old man. I've taken down dark guilds that most mages couldn't. And not once was I ever alone. Even if you didn't count Napoleon, Zeus, or Prometheus I still wasn't alone because no one is too strong to need help sometimes." Lucy's voice was ice cold and sent shivers down everyone's spines.

"Even me with a body tougher than iron, we all need help at times. If you think you don't then you're either stupid or arrogant and neither end well for you." Lucy said her red eyes boring into Makarovs before she dropped him back onto the counter and stood up, her height shadowing her eyes from everyone.

"How do you even plan to get to Mount Hakobe? You're too tall for most any of the carriages." Makarov asked trying not to show the cold sweat he had broken out in since the girl was still releasing magical aura in a mixture of pure black and pure gold light.

"What mage is a one trick pony?" Lucy asked right back with a sneer before she turned and left the guild hall, ducking her body under the doors which were tall enough for Elfman…not quite tall enough for her.

Lucy walked down the street, people clearing a path for her with scared or surprised faces, until she got to the steps where Romeo was sitting. He stared up at her wide eyed as she crouched down in front of him to be closer to his eye level.

"Don't worry little man. I'm going to bring your dad back. You just wait here for him." Lucy said, her voice a lot softer and gentler as she gently patted the boys head with a single large finger.

"You coming to help Lucy?" Natsu asked glancing at the tall woman who was walking in their direction just as he was about to get into the carriage.

"I lost one of my parents to death when I was a child, I lost the other to his own arrogance and greed and despair around the same time. I'm not letting someone else go through that if I can help it. Let's go Natsu." Lucy said scooping the boy up in one hand easily, being careful not to hurt him or Happy.

"We can't walk there! It'll take too long!" Natsu said and Lucy smirked a bit as she picked up her pace as they neared a cliff on the edge of town by the forest.

"Who said anything about walking? We're traveling in style." Lucy said until she was flat out running towards the edge of the cliff.

"Zeus!" Lucy called and the cloud zipped ahead of them towards the cliff, growing larger and larger as Luffy jumped off with Natsu and Happy screaming in her hand.

"Right here Mama!" Zeus said catching her with ease and Natsu and Happy stopped screaming when they realized that they weren't falling.

"We're riding on a cloud?!" Happy gaped in shock and disbelief as Zeus began to fly off towards the mountain in the distance.

"Zeus is made from part of my own soul. Of course he's strong enough to carry us!" Lucy said with a smirk and a small weird sounding laugh at the looks on their faces.

"Woah! I'm not getting Motion sickness! This is awesome!" Natsu said his eyes wide as he stared around in awe, able to enjoy the scenery since he wasn't getting sick.

"You're part dragon after all. You belong in the sky flying." Lucy said as they turned the three hour carriage ride into a twenty minute flight on Zeus.

"Never thought of it that way. Thanks Lucy!" Natsu said grinning at her and making her laugh again.

"Mamamama! Not a problem Natsu." Lucy said and Natsu and Happy gave her funny looks.

"You laugh funny!" Natsu said laughing as well and making Happy give out an 'aye' of his own.

"Yeah I know it's weird but I can't help how I laugh." Lucy said and Natsu shook his head with a grin.

"Yeah you're pretty weird but that's okay! It's more fun to be weird!" Natsu said grinning up at her and Lucy gave a small soft smile now while Happy gave another 'aye'.

"So what was Macao doing here anyways?" Lucy asked as they rode towards the mountain.

"Romeo was getting teased by some kids about his dad being a mage so Macao took a mission to get them to stop. He was taking out a Vulcans nest I think." Natsu said making Lucy nod her head.

"Vulcans have Take Over Magic so one of them probably got him and took over his body. Be careful of how much damage you do to him when we fight." Lucy said making Natsu blink, having not thought of that, before he nodded seriously.

"We're here mama!" Zeus said arriving at the top of the mountain and making Lucy step onto it gently, setting down Natsu and Happy once she was securely on the mountain.

"Thank you Zeus." Lucy said patting the cloud who beamed and shrunk back down to hover around her shoulder like usual.

The two walked down the mountain searching for Vulcans or humans, Lucy being careful not to set off an avalanche.

It didn't take long for a Vulcan to jump out at them and try to attack Natsu. Lucy's hand shot out and grabbed in immediately, bringing it up to her face.

"Well now what do we have here? A Vulcan soul trying to take over and control a human. Sorry beast but we need that man." Lucy said and Natsu watched as a dark aura surrounded her, making the Vulcan whimper in fear before some kind of white light appeared from him.

Two forms appeared to be fighting within the light, one in the shape of the Vulcan and the other in the shape of a human man.

"There you are little Vulcan." Lucy said grabbing the light shaped as a Vulcan and pulling it away, causing it to struggle and whimper as it slowly became a small orb in her grasp. Once fully separated the Vulcan in her hand returned back to being a man as Lucy set him down at her feet by Natsu.

Natsu glanced down quickly to check and make sure that Macao was okay before glancing back up at Lucy to see what she was doing next. Macao came around just in time to see Lucy inspect the orb before she put it into her pocket.

"I'll find a use for you later little soul." Lucy said before she glanced down at the males beneath her.

"That's your friend right Natsu? Let's get him back to Romeo." Lucy said gently picking both of the boys and the cat back up into her hand.

"I took down 19 of them but the last got me. How can I ever face Romeo like this?" Macao asked making Lucy snort as she called Zeus forth to ride upon again.

"Your son will be happy that you're still alive. He won't care how many you had beaten up, he'll just be happy to have you home." Lucy said as Zeus zoomed off back to Magnolia again, dropping them off a few minutes away from the town.

"Dad!" Romeo was waiting right where Lucy had told him to and immediately dashed forward to hug his dad when he saw the man being supported on one side by Natsu.

"Next time those kids pick on you, ask them if their old man can take out nineteen monster by themselves cause yours can." Macao said smiling as he hugged his son who hugged him back tightly.

"Next time those kids pick on you then tell them that you dare them to come to the guild and talk shit about mages. Or just come find me little guy. I'll set them straight." Lucy said gently patting Romeo's head again and he beamed up at her.

"Natsu! Happy! Lucy! Thank you!" Romeo called as the three went back to the guild, Lucy glancing back and smiling at the boy who was waving to them.

"Anytime little guy." Lucy called back as she ducked into the Guild hall again.

Everyone was staring at them surprised and confused and she smirked. It was going to be fun to explain this.