AN: This is my first fanfiction. This is also sort of based on the hangout events in Genshin 1.4 .

Aether was walking back from his commissions, he had cuts and bruises everywhere but he brushed it off. Paimon was tired from supposedly helping him when aether did all the work. He made it to

Mondstadt and saw a girl being overwhelmed by a crowd. He then remembered that girl in the church who almost fainted when the holy lyre was stolen and brought back in a bad condition... Barbara.

He then tiptoed in the crowd and distracted them "There's Wild Boars rampaging!". As they all ran off, he approached her. "Why did you do that?" she asked. "It's because you were overwhelmed by them and you seemed". He replied with. "I was going to give them what they wanted anyways"

"And if they wanted more? And I wasn't there?"

"Then the situation could have gotten worse.." she sighed.She looked at Aethers bruises and cuts. "What happened to you? You have bruises and cuts everywhere" she exclaimed.

"it's all nothing, just a scratch. I will be fine" he calmly said.

"It's not! It will turn into something worse! Let me heal it for you" she said. She sang and the cuts and bruises were gone.

"Thank you!" Aether replied.

"No worries and if you ever need healing come to me okay!" She beamed.

Aether walked away happy and went to his Inn, he forgot to ask something important to her but he rubbed it off. He entered his Inn and dozed off thinking about today's events.

Meanwhile at Barbara's POV (in her bed)

"Why was I extra happy when I talked to him and healed him? Am I falling for him? Oh my god don't think about that! But we are the same ageā€¦ Kyaaah I don't even know I should just rest.."Her cheeks were in a mad blush

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