"Sandra I need you to come to my office." Robert says on the phone to her.

"Sir, I'm just about to interview my suspect, can it wait?" She asks.

"Don't do any interviews. Don't let your team do any interviews. Get up here. On your own. Do not let your team leave the squad room."

She gets to his office and opens the door. His head is down on his desk and she notices the blood stained tissues on his desk. "Sir." She practically runs over to him. "Robert." She says a hand to his neck and feels a pulse. He looks up. Eyes blue and bloodshot. Face cut and bruised. "What the fuck happened." She replies.

"You know how I told you not to let your team do interviews." He circles his face with his finger "this is why."

"Do you need to go to the hosptial?" Sandra asks and he looks at her.

"I'm fine. It looks worse than it is." He says before getting up and falling straight back down to his chair.

"You were saying, let me take you home." She says.

"Call jack. Tell him that there's another officer on there way to do the interview and it isn't safe for UCOS to do it and we have passed it upstairs."

Sandra tells Jack everything and she adds about Robert. "Take him home. We will bring this officer up to speed. You look after Strickland." Jack replies.

"Jack told me to look after you." She said and he tries to smile. "What's the coldest thing in that fridge?" She asks and Robert looks at her and raises an eyebrow.

"There's ice in the top. Or... I think there's a few cans of beer." He replies. She takes the cans out and goes back over to him. "Sandra it's too early for alcohol." He replies and she chuckles.

"It's to try and get rid of some of this swelling." Sandra replies and Robert holds the can to his face. "What happened." She asks and Robert takes a shaky breath as the realisation of the events hit him. He takes the can away from his face and Sandra tries to put it back.

"I'll put it back in a moment." He says. She smiles and moves her hand away from the can. "I... I was getting my stuff in of the car and 2 men came up and parked directly infront of me. They asked me some stuff and when I wouldn't answer they punched me. I tried to get one of them but my ID fell and one of the guys picked it up. They knew they had the right guy so... they... kicked my face and punched me. Then they..." he stops talking and looks away.

"What did they do? Robert." She replies and he doesn't look back at her. She rests a hand on her his and he looks at her. "What did they do?" She says quietly.

"Threatened you and your team... told me. If Ricky didn't walk... you and your team would be killed infront of me." He says and he links his fingers with hers. "Then they left. I got a taxi to work. I didn't trust my car."

"Fucking hell..." she says and she doesn't pay attention to their hands.

"David Jackson and Connor Jackson." Strickland says. "Ricky's brothers were the ones who attacked me. They got arrested just before you came up here. I let the officer who I put in charge of the investiation who your team are with know."

"Connor is only 18." Sandra replies and Robert holds the can to his face once more. "Do you want to go to the hospital?" She asks again and Robert smiles.

"No. I need you to do something for me, though." He replies and Sandra looks at him.

"Anything." She replies quietly and Robert smiles.

"Can you put the can on my neck?" Robert asks and Sandra smiles and puts a can to his neck. "I was going to ask you to dinner today." Robert confesses.

"Why?" She asks and Robert looks at her.

"I... guess we haven't done it in a while." He says quietly.

"You remember why we stopped doing it? Right." She says.

"I was angry that you and my nephew went out to dinner... yes I remember." Robert replied.

"I only did that because all of my team forgot my birthday, expect Jack, but he wasn't around at the time. Steve showed up... and we ended up going to dinner. Not like it's any of your business, sir. I don't recall a present from you either." Sandra says frustrated and sad.

"I assume that's a no then." Robert replies.

"We could have had something good you and me..." She trails off as he tries to get up and successfully does. He hobbles over to her but stops as she continues to speak. "I wanted it as well... still do. I wasn't angry at you Robert. I was upset that if there was one person I'd hoped would have even mentioned my birthday it would have been you. Especially after we slept together two days before." She says and he takes her wrist and pulls her into him, as she tries to leave his office.

"Sandra... it's okay." He replies quietly. "I knew what was wrong. I need to know this... Do you still want me?" He asks and she can't do anything else expect nod. He kisses her softly. Suddenly pull apart to the sound of footsteps outside of the door.

"About time." Gerry says opening the door after he knocks.

"Gerry... can't you see I'm busy." She says and he laughs and goes to leave. Robert leans into her as the older man begins to talk.

"Brian was going to be the one to come up here, so you are both lucky. We are going to be escorted home and have guards stay with us... Brian isn't exactly pleased. Be careful with getting home... although... I'm sure you will look after her, sir."

"Something like that." Robert says and the older man laughs and walks out of the room. Sandra looks at him before giving him a tight hug.

"We should leave too." She says into his embrace.

"We could... and get caught by your team leaving together like this... or we go in a bit and..." He says moving the hair from her neck. "We could... have a bit of fun here." He whispers.

"What are you 15? A bit of-" his lips connect to her neck. "Robert..." She says as he works his way up her neck his arms wrap around her stomach and pulls her into him. "You are feeling better then." She says with a smirk.

"Mmm..." he agrees messing with her hair. "Every time you got angry with me before what just happened I wanted to kiss you. I've never seen someone who can make me so fucking angry but can also be so fucking attractive at the same time."

"You don't do too badly for your self, Robert." She says quietly and he smiles. "Come on we should leave." He kisses her before smiling and getting his coat.

"Shall we call on the way for a takeaway?" He asks and she looks at him before smiling.

"No. I've got a number for one at home, let's use that one so we can get a shower." She says and he smiles.

"We?" He asks and she looks at him.

"Yes, we." She says with a smile.