A/N: This is a sequel to my one-shot Forsaken Friend. While it not really necessary (because it is summarised in this chapter), it is HIGHLY recommended to read the one-shot first. The beginning of this story take place after Harry and Sirius apparate away from the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade. The Epilogue of the One-Shot is disregarded, the reason being that when I had written the one-shot, I had wanted a somewhat happy ending. Since this story begin before the epilogue, the reunion between Harry and Hermione will be different. Harry won't forgive Hermione as easily as in the original one-shot. I still intend on making it a Harry/Hermione story but that won't happen until much later.

Also, Sirius and James' magical Assassin robes (which Harry also wear in the first few chapters of the story) are based on the robes Basim and Hytham wear in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Hermione and Harry's own robes (which they will wear later on) will be based on Altair's robes, more specifically the version seen in Assassin's Creed Unity (Since it look a lot better than in the previous or future games).

Harry's initiation into the Brotherhood is heavily based on Arno Dorian's from Assassin's Creed Unity. I even reused some of Mirabeau's lines for Dr. Granger.

Two individuals apparated in the middle of a big city. The first one was a man. At first glance, people would have believed that the man to be in his early fifties. They would have been shocked had they been told that the man was actually thirty-four-years-old. The reason the man looked so old was because he had spent more than a decade in prison, more specifically, Azkaban, the British wizarding prison, which was guarded by Dementors, the physical embodiment of depression. The man, named Sirius Black, had escaped that prison two years before in an attempt to protect the life the second individual.

The second individual was younger. The teenager was thin and small. Most would have believed that he was a year or two youngers than he really was. His most predominant traits where his black hair, round wired glasses and green eyes. The lightning shaped scar, which the teenager hated with passion was also something most associated with the teen. If someone told them that this teen was dangerous, the majority would have overlooked him as a threat. They couldn't be blamed, they didn't know that the teenager, named Harry Potter, had already seen more action, combat and death that nearly anyone else in Britain. Harry Potter had fought twice against the shade of Lord Voldemort, one of the worst Dark Lords in history and had fought his followers once. In that single encounter with his followers, the teen had taken four lives. This was one life more than the supposed mass-murderer standing alongside him had truly taken. How had a boy like him managed to kill four people? Well, it was all thanks to the contraption attached to his left forearm: The Hidden Blade. It was the signature weapon of the Assassin. Harry had inherited his from his father.

The Assassin Brotherhood was a very old world-wide organisation. Once known as the Hidden Ones, the Assassins were the arch-nemesis of the Templar Order, once known as the Order of the Ancients. The Assassins and the Templars had been fighting a millennium long war for humanity. Both wanted to achieve world peace. Where they differed was how they wanted to achieve it. The Assassins believed in peace through freedom and free will. The Templars believed in peace through control and order. The Assassins argued that the Human race would not stand having their every action controlled by others and would always rebel, which would lead to chaos. The Templars argued that freedom and free will would always lead to chaos. Their differences in philosophies had sparked a war between both factions.

This was the reason why Harry Potter and Sirius Black were standing in the middle of a big city. They had just apparated in, with the goal of meeting the rest of the Assassin Brotherhood. Harry, just like his father and grandparents before him, wanted to join the Assassins.

If anyone had been looking outside of their window or had been walking in this particular aera, they would have wondered what those two individuals were wearing. Sirius Black was wearing a pair of white battle robes, which included a brown, leather hood and a leather belt which was placed on top of a red strip of fabric. The man was also wearing two leather bracers. The left one had a Hidden Blade attached on it while the second one had something called a 'wrist wand holder'. Overall, Sirius Black looked as if he had come from anywhere between the ninth and eighteen centuries. He was certainly not wearing clothes fitting of the late twentieth century. Harry Potter was not much better.

Like his godfather, Harry was wearing robes. That was where the similarities ended. Harry's robes were black with scarlet red and gold trimming. On his left breast was located a red shield with a golden lion on it. Unlike Sirius, Harry's robes were not for combat. They were actually a school uniform. A uniform from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A school of magic. A school of magic he had just left after publicly announcing his upcoming suicide in front of the entire staff and student body.

You see, Harry felt like his life in the magical world was a mess. It had been the case ever since he had been a year old, as a matter of fact. When he was slightly over a year-old, the Dark Lord Voldemort had attacked Harry's family, murdering his father and mother before turning his wand on him. Voldemort had cast the Killing Curse on baby Harry. Harry would have died with his parents had something totally unexpected not happened. The curse rebounded and hit Voldemort instead, destroying his body and blowing up the room. Voldemort fled, greatly weakened.

Harry spent the next ten years living with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin: the Dursleys. His life at the Dursleys was miserable. When Harry discovered he was a wizard and would attend Hogwarts, he was overjoyed. It meant he would be able to leave the Dursleys.

What Harry had lacked the most during his years at the Dursleys was friendship and love, something he had found at Hogwarts. While Harry did not trust people easily after his upbringing, he had managed to become friends with a wizard and witch of his age: Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. Together, the trio went through more hardship than most. After the end of their third year, after noticing how Ron and Hermione had put themselves between he and Sirius Black, ready to sacrifice themselves so that Sirius, who they believed to have been a mass-murderer trying to kill Harry, wouldn't be able to kill him. Had the situation not been so dire, Harry would have shed tears for his friends. He loved his friends and knew he would die a hundred times before seeing either of them get harmed. He was even more overjoyed when he learned the truth about Sirius, that he was innocent and his godfather. Harry finally had a family, a family that loved him and wanted to spend time with him.

Unfortunately, the moment hadn't lasted as the real betrayer and mass-murderer, Peter Pettigrew, had escaped. The trio, unable to provide proof of Sirius' innocence, had been forced to help Sirius escape. Harry would not hear from him again until the end of the school year, where he announced that he was visiting "some old friends". He didn't know it at the time but Sirius was getting reinduced in the Assassin Brotherhood. The discovery of the Assassins had been a shock for Harry when Sirius had told him that summer, but not as much as learning that his father and paternal grandparents had been part of it. Not only that but his grandfather Fleamont had been the leader (or rather 'Mentor') of the British Magical Brotherhood of the Assassins, a temporary branch of the Assassins created in the 1960s to fight Voldemort and his supporters. Sirius had given Harry his father's Assassin robes (which were the same as what Sirius was currently wearing) and his Hidden Blade before leaving. Sirius had originally only given him those objects so that Harry would have a way to defend himself if needed. Of course, neither had believed it to happen so soon.

A few weeks later, Harry attended the Quidditch World Cup, which was taking place in England. During the post-match celebrations, a group of Death Eaters (Voldemort's supporters) had attacked, taking the muggle family owning the lands hostage. Harry, unable to just run away to safety without trying to help, had put on his robes with a flick of a wand (possible thanks to a neat enchantment) before taking down four Death Eaters. He had managed to get the family to safety before he had to leave, leaving the family in the hands of the Aurors, Magical Britain's law enforcement. Another week later, Harry took the Hogwarts Express with his friends, en route toward Hogwarts to attend his fourth year at the school. This is where things took a turn for the worse.

On Halloween, Harry's name had been entered into the Triwizard Tournament, a tournament where only adults could enter. Harry had wanted no part in it but people believed otherwise, believing him to have somehow cheated his way in. Things would have been manageable, had he had his friends with him. Unfortunately, both Ron and Hermione believed the same as others: that he had willingly entered his name in the Tournament and had cheated his way in. Learning of their beliefs had felt like someone had stabbed Harry's heart. He failed to understand how his two best friends, who he had shared everything and trusted beyond belief had turned their backs on him. Harry knew that the same thing happened to one of them, he would have accepted their stories without question. If they had said that they hadn't entered, he would have believed them. The fact that neither did hurt him.

Suddenly, Harry was alone in the world. Harry only had the support of his godfather Sirius (who had believed him without question), Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledore. They had apparently been the only ones to completely believe in his innocence. Even others who claimed to believe him looked at him with some suspicions.

The week following the selection of the Champions had been horrible for Harry. When Harry was cursed in the back by Ron Weasley, witnessed by a laughing Hermione, a crying Harry had finally snapped and went to find his godfather. Harry wanted out of the Wizarding World. He had enough.

Both had conceived a plan to fake Harry's death. The idea was that nobody would seek out Harry if they believed him dead, and it would also offer some protection against Voldemort. The idea was shared to Remus and Dumbledore. Neither liked it but both understood why Harry wanted an out. Had he been a normal wizard, he would have simply walked out but Harry was a celebrity in the Wizarding World. He couldn't just walk out of the magical world. The Ministry of Magic would have found a way to drag him back and force him to stay with them.

That morning was when Harry and Sirius put their plan into action. Harry arrived in the Great Hall and did a magical vow in front of everyone to prove that he had never willingly entered in the Tournament. People were shocked, but not as much as when Harry announced that he had enough. He had never said outright but had heavily hinted that he planned to take his own life. Hermione Granger had tried to come back in his good graces by apologizing, tried to stop him from ending his own life but Harry didn't care. He confronted her and Ron in front of everyone and publicly denounced them before leaving. The last thing he did in the magical world was to put on a message in red paint on the wall facing the entrance of the Great Hall: "HIS BODY WILL LIE IN THE CHAMBER FOREVER". It was meant as a last insult to the magical world, forcing them to remember the last time they had ridiculed him because of a simple belief. Harry had then gone to the Chamber of Secrets and called Dobby, apparating him in front of Sirius. After a small talk, Sirius had grabbed him and apparated him away. Which led to now.

Harry and Sirius had apparated in front of large metal gate. The gate was attached on two stone pillars, which had an arch of metal connecting both over it. Beyond the grate held a small, private courtyard with a fountain in the middle. The square was surrounded by the building, which was in a shape similar to a 'U'. From what Harry could tell, the building was four storeys high. Glancing around, Harry noticed the skyline, which he recognised immediately. They were in London.

"Sirius?" asked Harry to his godfather. "Where are we? Is that a Victorian-era mansion?"

Sirius grinned. "Harry, welcome to Kenway Mansion in Queen's Square, London!"

"Kenway? Why does that name seem familiar?"

"You might have heard the Kenway name from the famous pirate Edward, perhaps?"

"Yes! That's it! That's where I heard it from. Is that his mansion?"

"Was, yes." said Sirius as he led his godson toward the gate. When they approached, Sirius made a sign for Harry to stop walking, which he did. Sirius approached the left pillar where a small, electronic box was located. On it lay a single, red button and a small grid. Sirius pressed the button. They waited.

"Identify yourself." came from the box after nearly a minute.

"The white sheep of the Black family come with The Fawn." said Sirius in a serious voice. Harry raised an eyebrow.

A small buzz sounded from the box as Harry heard the gates unlock. Sirius made a nod to tell him it was okay before marching toward the gate. Harry's godfather opened the gate and led his godson inside before closing the gate again. Harry heard the gate lock itself again.

He was surprised when he suddenly noticed two pairs of Assassins in the square. Unlike his and Sirius' robes, those Assassins were wearing light-grey tailcoats. The inside the hoods and sleeves were red. Harry understood that their robes were a much better fit in a muggle crowd while the robes Sirius and Harry were better for the magical world. It meant that those two pairs of Assassins were muggle Assassins.

"Now we can talk openly." said Sirius, stopping. Harry placed himself in front of Sirius. "A few of the magical Assassins helped install wards around the property so nobody outside will be able to notice us or overhear."

"That's... cool?" hesitated Harry. He didn't understand why they were at the Mansion of a famous pirate from the Golden Age of Piracy. "But, why are we here Sirius?"

"Didn't I tell you? Edward Kenway was also an Assassin!"

Harry's jaw dropped. "No way! How? Doesn't piracy contradict the ideas of the Assassins?"

"Edward Kenway only became an Assassin near the end of his stint as a pirate." said a new, male voice from behind Harry. "Once he returned to Britain, he was given a pardon by Robert Walpole and, thanks to the riches he had gained from his career as a pirate, bought this estate, where he raised his daughter Jennifer and son Haytham." The way the voice had spouted that fact reminded Harry greatly of his former friend Hermione Granger. Turning around, he understood why.

Sirius was amused when his godson let out a terrified 'eep' and an exasperated groan at the same time. Harry had only seen this man once yet was horribly familiar to the teenager. A man was walking toward them. Unlike the others, he was not wearing anything that indicated he was an Assassin. In fact, he was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a light blue polo. Harry did notice that the man had a Hidden Blade strapped on each forearm. He didn't even know some Assassins had two.

While the man himself had no special facial traits, his brown, curly hair and chocolate eyes were deeply familiar to Harry. They were the same as Hermione's. Harry had seen the man once and it was in Diagon Alley in before his second year at Hogwarts.

"This, Harry, is Dr. Daniel Granger, Mentor of the British Brotherhood of the Assassins." announced Sirius to his terrified looking godson.

Harry cursed his luck. He really didn't need to be face to face to the father of one of his former best friends. He knew that after the performance he had just pulled in the Great Hall, Hermione would write to her parents about his suicide. He really didn't want her father to confront him about that fact or worse: tell Hermione the truth, which could lead to having Harry discovered alive by the rest of the magical world. "Fuck me." he muttered to himself.

As if aware of what Harry was thinking, Dr. Granger's next words managed to calm the boy. "Sirius told me about your... uh... 'prank'. I was shocked at first but I understand why you wanted an out. To be honest, after what Sirius told me of your Hogwarts years, I almost pulled Hermione out myself. The only reason I didn't was because I knew she would never forgive me if I did." Then, he sighed. "Sirius told me how my daughter had been treating you since Halloween. For that, I can only apologise for you. We did not raise her to be that way so we fail to understand why she did what she did."

Harry nodded weakly. "Is Hermione an Assassin?" asked Harry with trepidation.

"She knows about the Brotherhood. Her mother and I have been training her since childhood. She was only trained in the basics, just enough so that she wouldn't need to start from scratch if she decided to join when she was older. As if she will become an Assassin or not, the choice is hers."

"Does that mean that Hermione will discover the truth?"

"I will not tell her myself," started Dr. Granger. Harry was about to let out a sigh of relief when he added "but, I believe she will eventually discover the truth. It is inevitable. As her father, I would prefer if she knew right away to save her from the pain of losing someone that had once been close to her but, like I said, I understand why you did what you did." Harry nodded again.

"Now, why don't we go inside?" asked Sirius. The trio was still standing in the square.

"Of course." said Dr. Granger as he turned around, leading them toward the entrance. When they passed the fountain, he asked "Harry, do you have your own robes?"

"Of course, he has!" answered Sirius for Harry. "Gave him James' robes and Hidden Blade last summer!"

"Excellent! So, we don't have to give you one then!" he said cheerfully.

"No, sir." said Harry.

Dr. Granger opened the front doors of the Mansion and Harry and Sirius entered inside. For a moment, Harry believed he had walked inside Gryffindor Tower. The style of the Mansion was reminiscent to the Gryffindor common room. A red and gold carpet led from the doors to a staircase which led in two different directions. The walls inside had a red and gold pattern while everything else was in a dark but inviting looking shade of wood. Two set of doors were located on each side of the hall, leading to other rooms and corridors. Looking upward, Harry saw a fancy-looking chandelier, which seemed currently unnecessary as the various windows around the hall managed to let more than enough sunlight. From time to time, Harry would see an Assassin or two enter the Hall, only to leave right after by another door.

"Wow." whispered Harry in awe. Both Sirius and Dr. Granger smirked.

"Fancy, isn't it?" asked Sirius. "Much better than my family manor." he added with a shiver.

Dr. Granger smiled at Sirius before he began walking again. The trio took the staircase and turned left before they began following a long corridor. Harry wanted to ask where they were going but he kept his mouth shut.

At the end of the corridor, they turned left into a new room. The room looked similar to the rest of the rest of the mansion, at least as far as Harry could tell. The room was dark, really dark. If he was honest with himself, he couldn't see more than a few feet in front of himself. The only light coming in the room was from the doorway. Harry almost took out his wand to light the room more but Sirius stopped him with a shake of the head. Harry wouldn't have been able to tell how big the room was. He just couldn't see enough.

Dr. Granger, who had so far looked cheerful, suddenly looked dead serious. Staring at Harry, he asked. "So, you want to join the Assassin Brotherhood?"

Nervous at Dr. Granger's sudden change of personality, Harry didn't say anything. He only nodded.

"Good." said the Mentor. Harry heard the door behind him close and the only source of light disappeared. Suddenly, Harry couldn't see anything. It was pitch dark.

He, again, was about to take out his wand when he felt someone grab his arm. "Don't move." whispered Sirius before the arm dropped him. Harry obeyed Sirius and didn't move. He heard two pairs of footsteps walk away. Harry waited, and waited.

Harry was seriously starting to ask himself into what he had walked in when, suddenly, at the other end of the room, a torch lit. The torch only lit a small aera, revealing Dr. Granger who was wearing a black muggle Assassin tailcoat. One by one, other torches lit, revealing other Assassins, this time in light-grey and red tailcoats. The last Assassin revealed was Sirius himself, who was standing to the far left.

"Harry James Potter, grandson of Fleamont, the last Mentor of the British-Magical Brotherhood... We believed we wouldn't see you until you were older. What changed?" asked Dr. Granger. Harry was confused. Didn't Dr. Granger already know that? But, as he looked as the other figures, Harry realised that Dr. Granger didn't necessity require an explanation, the others did.

"I grew tired of the magical world." answered Harry truthfully. "Its population is more brainwashed than its muggle... non-magical counterpart. Witches and Wizards only believe in two things: magic and the Daily Prophet. They change their opinion more frequently than an old lady suffering from bipolar disorder." Here, Harry heard one than more snickers. He grew slightly more confident. "I'm well known in the wizarding world, simply for surviving where others didn't. My every action was watched with scrutiny and I would always suffer whenever I did somethings other considered bad. A week ago, I was illicitly entered into a Tournament against my wishes. The rumour said that I had cheated my way in and the medias ran with it. The next day, nearly everyone had abandoned me, including my two best friends, the two people I considered more important than my own life. I was mocked and abused by everyone. I was tired of how I was treated in the magical world and decided to quit.

"When Sirius told me this summer about the Brotherhood and the part of my family in it, I wanted in but both he and I agreed that we would wait until I was older. When I told myself that I didn't want to stay in the magical world, I asked Sirius to bring me here now so that I could join you and train with you. I know Voldemort is after me and from what I figured out over the years, there is a high change that I will have to be the one to kill him. I still want to fight to save the innocents but I do not want to do it in a world where I would be treated like a pariah simply for doing what I believed was the right thing." finished Harry, looking down.

Unseen and unheard by Harry, the Assassins began whispering to each other.

"He seems to carry a lot of guilt. It would do no good to have someone join the Assassins simply to follow a similar path to Arno Dorian." said one male Assassin.

"Harry's life has never been easy." said Sirius, coming to the defence of Harry. "His parents died to protect him when he was a child. James and Lily were not the targets that night, he was, and Harry know that. From the little I learned; he believes it is his fault his parents were killed. He does not believe his life is worth as much as others, thanks to ten years spent in the unloving Dursleys household and, like you just heard, things only became worse when he joined the magical world because of the constantly changing public opinion.

Dr. Granger looked in deep thought. "Do you believe he would make a good Assassin?" he asked to Sirius.

"Yes." answered Sirius immediately. "Harry has the drive to be one of the best Assassins. Harry is the type of person to give his best for a cause he believes in."

"He is still a child." said a female Assassin. "Aren't you worried that he might take a life too soon? It might terrorise him forever."

"He already killed four people." said Sirius, shocking the rest of the Assassins into silence.

"When?" asked Dr. Granger. Sirius had told him that Harry had already killed but not how many lives he had taken.

"This summer, at the Quidditch World Cup." answered Sirius. "Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort's followers attacked. From what Harry told me later, they were holding a non-magical family hostage, parading them around and playing with them as if they were toys." he said with disgust. "Harry decided to try to save them. He killed four of the twelve Death Eaters present that night."

"How?" asked another female Assassin. "How did he manage to escape unharmed from a confrontation against twelve dark wizards?"

"He never confronted them." said Sirius. "Harry told me that he hid in bushes and tents and took them out one by one. He had killed three Death Eaters when the Dark Mark appeared. The Death Eaters ran away, all except one who stayed. He wanted to have his fun; you see." he spat. "Wanted to rape the woman in front of her husband and daughter. Harry killed him from behind before he could do anything."

The other Assassins looked impressed. A teenager without any training whatsoever had used Assassin techniques to eliminate a threat, all while never being found out? The Assassins looked their Mentor. One by one, they all nodded to Dr. Granger.

Dr. Granger began speaking. Harry looked up as he heard someone talk again. "Are you prepared to travel the eagle's path?"

Harry, looking surer than ever, answered with a single word. "Yes."

Dr. Granger smirked. Indicating something in front of Harry, he said. "Then, drink!"

Harry looked in front of him. He was startled to see something he hadn't noticed before. It was a goblet filled with some type of liquid, sitting on a small table a few feet away from him. Harry took a few steps forward and grabbed the cup. Looking up, he found the other Assassins looking at him with interest.

"Well, cheers." said Harry before he drank the goblet. Immediately, Harry's vision turned fuzzy has his head felt lighter and lighter. The last thing Harry felt before blacking out was his legs give under him and as he came crashing down on the floor.

Harry opened his eyes, realising he was lying on the floor. Groaning, he raised to his feet. He had begun wondering what had happened when he noticed where he was. He was in a new pitch-black location. Unlike the room at Kenway Mansion, Harry was standing in front of a set of stairs, leading to what appeared to be the entrance of a cave. Shrugging, Harry decided to walk down the stairs.

As he went further and further in the cave, Harry found that things became clearer and clearer. There was a white light at the end of the cave. When he exited the cave, and saw what he saw, he started to question what in Merlin's name he had drunk.

He was standing on the ledge of a cliff. In contrast to the first room he had been in, everything around him was white. Harry had to blink multiple times to let his vision adjust to the light. A huge number of paintings were moving around him, with five of them floating still in front of him. From what he could see in the paintings, all of them were about his life.

The five paintings all had a title to them. The furthest to the left was named "NATUS". Harry recognised the subjects of the painting. He could see his mother Lily, lying on a bed, sweeting and looking incredibly tired, yet she was beaming at the baby she was holding in her arms. His father James was standing alongside her bed, grinning goofily at them. The painting was about his birth. Harry's heart warmed. In a way, it was proof that his parents truly loved him. They looked so happy to have him.

The painting to its right was titled "PUERILIS". Harry had no idea what it meant but from what the painting showed, he guessed it was about his childhood. Already, things looked a lot more depressing. Harry guessed that the Harry in the painting looked about six-years-old. He was alone in a bush, looking sad. He noticed a purple bruise was on his younger-self' left arm and he couldn't help but wince. He remembered it had been the first time his cousin Dudley had hit him. It had been done in front of his Aunt and Uncle who hadn't said anything, as if Dudley hadn't done anything wrong. Harry had proceeded to leave the house and hide in the park.

The next painting was both a happy and sad one, simply because of the subjects of the portrait. Titled "IUVENTUS", it showed Harry with Ron and Hermione, laughing about something in their first year. It made Harry remember his friendship with his former friends and he felt a huge sense of loss at the sight of the painting. Harry missed his best friends, very much so. If he was honest with himself, he didn't know if he would be able to hold a grudge against them. He suspected that the moment they would begin apologising, Harry would immediately throw himself at their feet and take them back, as if it had been his fault their friendship had been broken in the first place. It was one of the reasons why he hadn't even let Hermione attempt to apologise in the Great Hall earlier in the day. He knew that had he let her, he would probably have accepted her apologies, even if she and Ron had greatly hurt him.

The fourth painting was titled "ADULTUS." Harry had expected it to be blank as he hadn't reached adulthood. Yet, it wasn't. The painting showed him wearing his Assassin robes, the night of the World Cup. In a way, Harry could understand why. Killing four Death Eaters certainly made you lost the last of your innocence.

The last painting was titled "MORTIS" and the content of the painting made him blanch. It showed himself as he currently was, standing on the edge of the cliff. What was surprising for Harry was how his portrayed-self stood. He was at the very edge, his arms completely extended on each side, as if he prepared to jump. Looking back, he saw that the entrance of the cave was sealed. He sighed to himself, realising he only had one option. He imitated his painting-self and let himself fall forward.

Harry felt down the cliff as he gradually built speed. He saw a new painting appear on his path down. The painting showed himself and Hagrid in Diagon Alley. Before he could do anything, he crashed into it and destroyed the painting. He continued to fall. As he was getting back his bearings, he noticed another painting in his path, showing Harry standing in front of the Mirror of Erised. Again, he crashed into it before he could do anything. The process repeated itself a few more times as Harry crashed in various paintings. One showed Harry taking Polyjuice Potion, another was him and Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets. A painting showed himself standing in front of Sirius in the Shrieking Shack and the last one showed the Great Hall the night of the selection of the Champions.

Finally, he landed on something solid. Harry kept his eyes closed, unmoving. He was hoping that he wouldn't start falling again. When he finally realised that his fall was truly over, he opened his eyes and looked around. He was somewhat shocked to see himself standing in front of a small house in the middle of a village. Before he could analyse his situation any further, a huge lightning bolt crashed a few houses away. The sound of the lightning almost knocked him out but he persevered and raised to his feet. It had begun to rain heavily the same time the lighting had hit the ground. Having nothing to cover himself with, he ran toward the closest house.

As he stood in front of the door, protected from the rain by the roof. He heard a huge commotion and yells coming from inside. Realising that someone was in danger, his instincts took over and he went through the door before entering the parlour of the house. He froze when he realised what he was seeing.

A young adult and a hooded figure wearing black robes where fighting in front of a set of stairs, launching spells at each other. The young man was clearly losing. Harry was terrified to see the young man was his own father James. This was the night Voldemort had attacked his family!

"DAD!" he yelled as he began to run toward the duo. To his horror, the distance between Harry and the duellers never decreased. It seemed as for every step Harry took, the parlour between them would become a step longer. Harry ran and ran, trying his hardest to get to his father.

Harry did not arrive in time to save his father. He was forced to witness Voldemort kill his father. "NO!" he yelled. Suddenly, he was standing in front of his father's corpse. James Potter was staring lifelessly as the ceiling, his wand a foot away from his hand. Voldemort was nowhere to be seen.

He suddenly heard a female yell coming from up the stairs following by a dark, chilling laugh. "MUM!" he yelled. Harry climbed the stairs and found himself standing at the end of a very, very long hallway with one single door on the other end. His mother's screams were coming from beside the door. Harry began running again. He ran, and ran, and ran. As he ran, he heard echoes of his parents, echoes he had already heard when he had been attacked by Dementors...

"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" he heard his father shout. His voice sounded ethereal. It was followed by a terrified shout from his mother. "JAMES!"

Harry couldn't take it anymore; tears began leaking out as he ran even faster. He didn't care if he hurt himself trying to arrive to the end. He wanted to be there as fast as possible.

As he finally started getting close to the door, he heard his mother begin pleading.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"

"Stand aside, you silly girl... sand aside, now!"

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead..."

"Stop! Stop it!" whined Harry. But it was no use.

"This is my last warning!"

"Not Harry! Please... have mercy... have mercy... Not Harry! Not Harry! Please... I'll do anything..."

"Stand aside. Stand aside, girl!"

Harry finally reached the door. He crashed it open, just in time to witness the hooded figure shoot a jet of green light and his mother to fall on the ground, lifeless.

"NO!" he yelled, throwing himself at his mother's body. He began sobbing, hard.

As he held his mother, Harry felt her body slowly turn into ashes. "No... no!" he yelled. Yet, the body slowly disappeared and Harry was left standing, alone. Raising back to his feet, he realised he was now in the hall of a luxurious manor, surrounded by masked Death Eaters. He almost panicked. Looking at the Death Eaters, he noticed that they weren't looking at him. Indeed, they didn't even seem to realise he was there. All were facing in one direction. Looking through the crowd, he saw the hooded figure, Voldemort, doing a speech. He was surrounded by Death Eaters from all side.

Harry could not understand the hooded figure's speech, nor did he care to. He wanted to kill Voldemort and the only weapon he had was his Hidden Blade. He slowly walked through the crowd, making sure to walk around Voldemort. When he finally arrived behind him, he jumped out of the crowd and stabbed the hooded figure in the neck.

The Death Eaters all yelled before disappearing. Harry was left alone with the body. He turned it around. When he saw the face under the hood, he collapsed.

It wasn't Voldemort. It was himself! He had just seen himself duel his father, kill his unarmed mother! He had just seen himself give a speech to Death Eaters as their leader! Harry wanted to throw up. What did all of that mean? Harry didn't want to kill innocents! He didn't want to be at the head of a terrorist organisation. Fuck, the only reason he was fighting in the first place was to stop them!

And, as he stared as his own body, he realised what it meant. This figure represented his insecurities. He saw himself kill his parents because, deep down, he believed that he had been the reason he had lost everyone that had loved him, be it his parents or his best friends. He had seen himself speak to a bunch of Death Eaters because he feared that he would grow up to become a Dark Lord himself.

Harry didn't want that. It was time to get rid of those insecurities. Slowly, he drew his hand to the figure's face. He removed the glasses and closed its green eyes. "Rest in peace." he muttered.

Harry felt his head become clearer and clearer. He closed his eyes and took a long, deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he saw that he was back in Kenway Mansion, back in reality. A few feet away stood all of the Assassins that had been there, including Dr. Granger and Sirius.

"These are the words spoken by our ancestors. The words that lay at the heart of our creed:" began Dr. Granger.

"Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent." said a female voice.

"Hide in plain side." said a deep, male voice.

"Never compromise the Brotherhood." said a third voice.

Dr. Granger continued. "Let these tenets be branded upon your mind. Follow them, and be uplifted. Break them at your own peril." Slowly lifting his arm, the Mentor of the Brotherhood said "Rise, Assassin."

Harry raised on his feet.

"Harry Potter the wizard is dead, dead at the bottom of the Chamber of Secrets. He has been removed from this world, his sins and failures turned to dust with him. Tonight, he is reborn, a novice of the Assassin Brotherhood."

Rather than say something, Harry activated his Hidden Blade and showed it to the other Assassins. He saw Dr. Granger smile. Sirius walked behind him and gave him a fatherly pat in the back.

"Welcome into the Assassin Brotherhood, Assassin Novice Potter."

Harry Potter the Assassin was born.