Here comes a blast from the past in the form of an old story I gave up on but recently remembered and got the inspiration to pick it up again. The first author of the story gave me some of the documents to get me going again so thanks again DarkAkatsuk 1. Check him out as he's a damn good writer.

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Chapter 1

If you asked me what my first memory was, I wouldn't be able to answer you, since I can't even remember who my family is, or what my family name is or what my mother or father looked like. Everything had been a blank slate, ever since that day, but...

There are three things I DO remember though...

One is a necklace. That one man in white all over told me I had held onto that locket without ever letting it go, which I took to heart. It must have been something really important to me in my mysterious past…

The next two…well you'll have to wait to find out. Call me an asshole all you want. You gotta give people something to come back to see.

Anyways, when I was placed in an adoption center, I was immediately adopted the following week by the Hyoudou family. They had a son named Issei, and he's about my age, 10 years old... but man, for a kid, he already has an assortment of "manly interests", especially when it comes to oppai, but I suppose that's what defines his nature. Even though he can annoy the hell out of me, I'd do everything in my power to help him and my new parents. It's the least I can do for them for accepting me into their loving family without a second thought, giving me a chance to be someone.

5 years later, when we both finished junior high, he immediately applied to Kuoh Academy, while I went on to a nearby public high school, since private schools, in my mind, always made assholes out of good kids; my brother obviously the exception. When Mom urged me to transfer to Kuoh, I had refused. The place may be co-ed now, but I have a gut feeling that the place is more than it looks. Eventually, after a year of public school, Mom and Dad secretly transferred me to Kuoh. Issei doesn't seem reliable to them, which I knew was just a way for them to push him to become the man he was meant to be…even if it was kind of messed up. And that's coming from me, someone who solves most of his problems with his fists. That doesn't stop me from using my own type of tough love for my brother. So, they rely on me instead to pass on the belief that I would make them proud and make sure my brother didn't get into too much trouble.

And to give them grandchildren. What can ya do? The Hyoudou family might be bat shit insane but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Exactly one week later, my life took a drastic turn...

But first, let's see what my life was like, a week before everything started.

A necklace with an intricate design swung slowly in front of his face, his eyes following it as it hypnotized.

Shadows appeared around him in the shape of people. Who are they? He couldn't tell.

Just then, a figure he couldn't describe shot towards the shadows, looking to fight it.

As the young man watched the figure get taken down by the shadow figure, his breath was taken away from him as he saw the shadow's glowing white eyes looking onto him. Before he could utter a sound, it was on him.

"AHH!" A sudden young voice shouted out as he flung himself out of his bed, clutching the necklace around his neck. Sweat was dripping down his greying hair as he tried to regain his breathing from the nightmare he experienced. Once under control, he ran his fingers through his hair. "Damn it. Another one." He muttered under his haggard breath.

Now fully awake, the youth decided to wash up. Getting out of his bed and opening his door, he saw that his sudden scream hadn't woken anyone up yet. "Good." He really didn't want to wake up his family before they got up naturally. Turning on the lights and the water, he splashed some water in his face, clearing his head, before taking in his appearance. He had untamed, which was usual for him, medium cut slightly dark gray hair that just barely reached his shoulders with brown eyes staring back at him. He wore no shirt, showing his lean with muscle of an Olympic runner, just thinner, and a four pack from his daily workouts and black sweatpants. The one thing that really stood out that he wore was the wolf-shaped necklace hanging around his neck.

Softly touching the necklace, he sighed. "Well, nothing else to do than get to work." He muttered to himself before going back to his room and do his morning routine.

Hours after the young man woke up, the rest of his family woke up to start their own morning routine. It was a normal day in the Hyoudou household. Dad, Gorou, was reading the paper downstairs while the mother, Mikki, was beginning to cook for her three favorite boys. Speaking of said boys, one was currently doing his usual morning routine.

"…174…175…176…" The boy grunted out through his teeth as he pulled himself up on the pull-up bar he had in his room.

"Kai? Kai, are you up already?" A mature female voice interrupted his exercise.

Looking over his shoulder, the now named Kai answered. "I'm up, Kaa-san. Just twenty-four more and I'll be down." The teen went back to his workout.

He heard his adopted mother let out an exaggerated sigh. "Exercising again? Why can't Issei follow your example?" The woman asked.

Kai smirked at that. He remembered the first time he asked his brother if he wanted to join him working out. It went about as he expected. He replied by saying he didn't want to waste his time looking at boobs by working out. That, of course, lead him to eventually tricking him into working out with him sometimes by saying if he worked out, some ladies would look at him more. Worked like a charm. So, while not as athletic as Kai, Issei could try out for some sport team and make it. Shaking his head, he answered back. "Don't know, but if he's still sleeping, then-"


"…That alarm of his hasn't gone off yet." The teen answered with lidded eyes. He still couldn't believe his brother bought that alarm.

"Okay. Breakfast is ready, so come down once you're done. I'll prepare your uniform." Mikki replied before going back to the stove. Kai blinked at that. Uniform? His 'uniform' was just his regular cloths already laid out on his bed.

"Wait. Can you repeat that Kaa-san?" He asked, truly confused by what his mother said.

"I said I'll prepare your uniform."

"But my uniform is in my room."

"Oh, right. I forgot to tell you. We transferred you to Kuoh." Mikki told her adopted son like she did nothing wrong. Which, in her mind, she didn't.

It took the amount of time Kai got dressed, do his usual routine, and got downstairs for that to register in his mind. He idly noted a sleepy Issei lazily eating his breakfast, before yelling, "WHAT!?"

Gorou glanced up from his paper to address him, unfazed from his outburst. "Yes. We transferred you to Kuoh."

"But, but! I said I didn't want to transfer already!" Kai argued indignantly, no to avail as his parents seemed set on this decision.

"That's right, Kaa-san! Kai already said he didn't want to go to Kuoh!" Issei backed up his older brother, now fully awake after his shout.

"I want you to pass on our legacy. I can't trust my worthless son, who is a shame to society." While the words were harsh, they had no ill intent behind them. The mother just wanted her biological son to show the worthwhile side only they can see past his perversion.

"I'm right here you know…" Issei muttered. Kai laughed a little at his brother, his attention diverted to one of his favorite pastimes. Messing with Issei.

"True, true. He's gonna have to do better than that if he just hides his lecherous DVDs inside plastic model boxes, stuffed underneath his bed and taped underneath the drawers of his desk." The response he got was what he hoped for and expected.

"How the fuck do you know my secret porn locations!?" Issei yelled panicked and shocked that Kai had found his stash, before getting smacked behind the head with a rolled-up newspaper.

"No cursing at the table. And Kai, you know how much potential you have bottled in that body and mind of yours, unlike our son who might never get a bride." Mr. Hyoudou joined the fray, and immediately sided with his wife. And, like his wife, used a little tough love to try and push Issei to become a better man.

The slightly older sibling smirked at that. "Aside from Ise being single for life-" Issei began to sob. Kai made a mental note to cheer him up later. "-are you sure you want to spend more money than right now?" He truly didn't want to have them spend more money on him than they already have.

"Yes." Both of his adopted parents said in sync.


"...Okay... I can't argue against my loving parents." Kai said resigned but smiled a little at his stubborn parents.

"Good! Here's your uniform!" Mrs. Hyoudou cheered, handing Kai his new uniform.

"We're off, then!" Both young Hyoudou called as they walked out the door.

After Kai had finished getting into his new uniform, something that he truly hated, he and Issei departed to Kuoh.

"I swear, I think I did something wrong in my life to deserve this..." Kai grumbled, unbuttoning the first buttons on his dress shirt, revealing his undershirt. "What did I do to deserve this? I hate these dress shirts." The boy loosened up his necktie, feeling much better with wearing it like this.

"Umm, Kai. I don't think you're suppose to wear your shirt like that." Issei pointed out, not noticing his own alteration to his uniform.

Kai easily pointed it out which a dry stare. "Says the one who wears his unbuttoned as well, and wears a red t-shirt underneath it." Issei gained an embarrassed blush before shaking it off.

"Touché, but hey, don't be so let down. There's girls there!" Issei tried to cheer his adopted brother up.

"No, Ise. I will not talk about girls and how oppai is the center of everything that exist. I'm not interested in getting a girlfriend yet." Kai deadpanned, knowing what happens when Issei starts talking about girls. Sure, at first, it annoyed the hell out of him, but Kai also knew his brother would treat any girl he would get like a queen. That and, unlike most people he's met, his brother was open and honest with his tastes and of himself. Issei never tries to pretend to be something he's not. Another good trait he had but was pushed down by his perversion.

"Hey! Oppai is not just beautiful! It is the law! It is justice!" Issei yelled at his brother. His brother just didn't get it! Even after all these years!

"...Under what jurisdiction? Chichigami?" Kai said sarcastically. "I really doubt that there's such a deity. If there is, I'll jump off Tokyo Tower." The youth chuckled.

"And knowing you, you'll survive. I swear, you won't die even if someone kills you." Issei playfully complained. Kai had gotten in a lot of fights over the years, some because he was protecting him while the others were some punks who thought they could take down the wild looking guy, and, even when he got beat up, which was rare, he never stayed down till his opponent was down first. He admired that about his adopted brother.

Kai laughed blandly at that as a few memories of Issei getting into trouble with some thugs before he beat the shit out of them and him just beating up others who thought they were all that. "Yeah... anyways, aside from girls, what about you? Got a girlfriend, yet?" Issei slouched once the question was processed in his mind, answering him.

"No... damn it! It's because of bishounens like you that I can't get a girlfriend at all!" Issei complained childishly while waving his arms up and down.

"Well, maybe if you weren't so openly perverted, you would already have one." Kai pointed out easily.

"Still, it's not fair! I'm already in my 2nd year at Kuoh, and there are already guys in their 1st year that have girlfriends already!" Issei continued.

"Don't worry, you still have another year." Kai tried to console his brother with a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"I don't want to hear that from you!" Issei yelled, shaking the hand off. They have now reached the park, and some girls were whispering who Kai was, clearly interested in his wild appearance and why he was walking with Issei of all people. "You damn, wild handsome! You're already bringing home girls and that's all you have to say?!" His brother really can be a ladies magnet and it irritated him.

True, Kai brought home girls before, but that was only to tutor them in subjects they didn't understand and he excelled in. Well, if you count the attempted seductions out. At the time, Kai had a legitimate reason for why he didn't want to jump at his first opportunity. So either way, they pass whatever test, they kiss, and that's that. At best, those girls are just friends. Though he'll have to go tell them why he didn't go to school and hope they don't do anything stupid to him. "Hey, those girls only needed help in their respective subject. Nothing else." Kai defended himself.

"You can't fool me! I know the look in their eyes! They obviously wanted to get in your pants!" Issei wailed, attracting attention, mainly disgust from the girls. "You're just saying all that for the hell of it, right? It is all just to make me pissed off some more, right!?"

"Yes." Was Kai's immediate answer, truly enjoying how easy it was to rile Issei up, even after all these years.

Issei stared at him blankly. "I hope you fall into some unlucky situation and go to hell, you damn bishounen." He cursed.

Kai snorted playfully. "Then karma will be a bitch and make it my lucky day instead, since your reputation precedes you." At that moment, a gust of wind blew hard, causing the skirts of three nearby school girls to lift up. Yelping in embarrassment, they pushed down their skirts, but during the time it took to do, Issei and Kai had gotten a clear view of who was wearing what.

"Pure white..." Issei muttered.

"Lacy purple with garter belt... damn..." Kai followed.

"And black thong..."



"Uhuhu~! Who was saying what now, huh?" Issei took the chance to tease Kai for once. Sure, the chances were far between, but the sixteen year old relished it.

"...I suppose I have to eat my words for now." Kai sighed, before pausing. He turned his head in another direction and started to sniff, earning a confused expression in the process.

"Your oversensitive nose at work again?" Issei asked, not really that concerned. It was a concern at first since it got out of control when they were younger, but Kai had learned to keep it under control as they grew.

"...No, I thought I felt someone watching us." Kai said, his sharp eyes scanning the area. Grey eyes not picking up anything unusual.

"You're just being paranoid. Let's go." Issei shrugged it off and continued walking.

"...Right." Kai took one last lingering look at the scent's direction, before following Issei. Hopefully it was just him being a little paranoid, but he had a gut feeling that something was gonna happen soon.

Kuoh Academy. Originally an all-girl private school. Date established unknown. History unknown. Unknown benefactors, but still a prestigious school.

At least, this was Kai's impression before attending. And now, up close... Kai sniffed the air and frowned. "I know there's more to what I'm seeing..." His eyes narrowed even more at the building.

Issei had abandoned him in favor of hanging out with his two friends, Hotogama and Katsudon, or whatever their names were. He had this gut feeling that once they were out of earshot, the two ganged up on Issei demanding why the hell the bishounen (Kai) is here and not in public school like last year. Issei had met the two when they were in middle school, and instantly became friends with them as they shared his perversion. The ONLY reason Kai hasn't tried to get his brother to break his friendship with them is because they helped Issei when he was lonely. Kai couldn't always be their for him.

Anyway, he couldn't understand why he's a bishounen. Aren't bishounens suppose to be those guys who are all dressed up in fancy clothes and all that, which attracts girls? Nope, he didn't understand at all. Dressing up in fancy cloths weren't his style. In fact, he despises ever dressing up for some kind of formal event.

Aside from that, his guy friends weren't like that back at his old school. At best, they throw a congratulation party whenever someone among the group got a girlfriend.

'Seriously, once I find the bastard, I'm gonna skin him for leaving me... with these girls...' Issei was in a world of hurt as the teen shivered at the looks shot his way.

He was walking down the hallway inside the school building, trying to ignore his flight instinct. Unfortunately for him, all eyes were on Kai, from his attire, which screamed 'bad boy', to his face, which was feral to the point of handsome, plus his untamed hair. Needless to say, he's the topic of scorn and attraction.

"Kya, he's so cute!"

"He looks so wild!"

"He kinda looks like a delinquent..."

"Kuh! Another pretty boy!"

"Please do us normal boys a favor and die!"

"Is he trying to be badass or something?!"

'It's because it's more comfortable wearing my clothes like this... how else can it be? No one questioned it back at my school...' Kai grumbled mentally, trying hard not to knock those idiots out.

Little did he know, Kai had always been a target for the role 'guy you like to have as a boyfriend' with a majority of his last school's population of schoolgirls alongside some of the younger female teachers. With his already impressive physique, and combined with his wild appearance, smart mind and open personality, with a hint of chivalry, you got yourself an average girl's dream boyfriend.

Of course, Kai didn't need to know that, since there were already some rumors that some modeling agencies were searching for him, and he didn't want to get involved with that. Fame can be a double-edged blade most of the time.

"Class 2-A... Class 2-A..." Kai muttered to himself, searching for his new class. "Ah, found it." He knocked on it, and the teacher opened it.

"Ah, you must be the transfer student?" The teacher asked, not at all concerned at the casual violation of Kuoh 's uniform. Most students do that anyway.

"Yes, I am, sir." Kai responded politely.

"So, I take that you want to introduce yourself to you new classmates?"

"I suppose I should. Class unity is critical, after all."

"...Has anyone said that you're an unexpected individual?" The teacher asked, amused about something.

Kai could only laugh. "Yeah, I get that a lot."

"Class, today we are going to have a new classmate. He just transferred from a nearby school, so please treat him well."

"The new student is in this class!" The class whispered to one another excitedly. News of Kai had spread like wildfire and reached pretty much everyone at the school.

'Kai is going to be in this class...' Issei thought to himself, not expecting him to be in the same class. His friends let out depressed groans hearing that.

"You may come in now, Hyoudou." The teacher continued. Confusion spread amongst the student, except Issei. The class was wondering, 'Hyoudou? Isn't he already in class?' before their attention was directed at the new transfer student.

Kai walked in casually, taking in the surrounding, before grinning at the sight of his younger brother. Once at the front, he saluted in a laidback manner. "S'up? I'm Hyoudou Kai, and I'll be in this class for... whatever month this semester ends. Pleased to meet you all." Kai finished, leaving the class dumbstruck. They were not ready for this introduction, and they definitely didn't expect another Hyoudou, who wasn't what they would expect from a relative of one of the three perverts.

"Wait, you're another Hyoudou? You don't look like him at all. You're too cute." A girl blurted out, making Kai laugh at the indirect, or direct as he knew how Issei can be around the opposite sex, insult to his brother, while Issei slouched in depression.

"Well, I'm still a Hyoudou. Adopted. But still a Hyoudou." Kai answered back, making them nod in understanding.

Either ways, after class, Kai immediately left the class to escape questions *COUGH* interrogation *COUGH* and went straight to the cafeteria, where there was brunch ready to be served...

What? He had to find some way to escape the persistent odor that the school kept emitting. The food there is just a plus. A PLUS.

"I swear, Ise, how you managed to get in this school is beyond me... the odor here is too much..." Kai muttered to Ise, who had followed him.

"Huh? I don't smell anything..." Issei sniffed around for second but smelled nothing out of the ordinary.

"I don't know... there's something strange about this school, Ise. I just can't put my hands on it."

"It's just your paranoia kicking in, Kai. You'll get used to it, like you always do." Issei assured him, but Kai was only half-listening. Something had snared his instincts.

"...Alright, besides that, why do I feel like chasing after that girl over there?" He pointed at a petite 1st year girl with white hair and hazel eyes, causing Issei to blanch when he found who Kai was pointing to.

"Muh?! That's Toujou Koneko, Kai! You can't just chase after her! Trust me! She's the mascot of Kuoh, and God knows what will happen if you just chase after her..." Issei warned his brother of what could happen.

Kai just stared at the girl, now named Koneko. 'Hm, why does her scent feel... familiar?' He shook his head and went back to his lunch, talking to Issei about nothing really.

Koneko could feel it again. The feeling of getting stared at. Sure, it's natural for her to be stared at; it's been like this since she began attending Kuoh to be together with her new family members. Subsequently, she was nicknamed the Mascot of Kuoh on her first day because of her cuteness and childish face and small body.

This time, it wasn't the stare of people simply marveling at how she looks so much like an elementary school student, or how cute she can possibly be. Hell, it's not even about how MUCH she can eat.

It was the kind that someone is appraising you via visual dissection, trying to look past the surface.

Also, it was similar to how a dog would watch a cat intently before beginning their chase.

Naturally, she picked this up through her feline instincts, which helped her determine that someone within the crowd behind her is watching her. She sincerely hoped that it isn't her perverted 2nd year senpai... but then, she reasoned, Issei isn't the kind of person who would just look deep into someone on the inside, only the breasts. Yep, her impression of Hyoudou Issei isn't exactly good natured, and she'll be damned if one day, Issei decide to make his move on her, not that he would anyways.

That then leads to the next question... Who is it that is looking at her?

Last time she felt like this, it was Rias who watched her training method... and to say the least, she was very aware that her master was watching her. So, since she hasn't felt like this since Rias' scrutiny, and since there was a transfer student today... does that mean he's the one?

Regardless, she'll have to alert her master/surrogate older sister about this if he managed to find out about the existence of devils, even if it's just suspicion. It will be even more problematic if he finds out who she really is.

Even though Kai decided to stop watching her, some part of him screamed at him to just jump her... not in THAT sense, mind you. Also, something about her just perks his interest, minus the part that she feels familiar.

Well, he would have continued watching if it wasn't for an interference that sprung without his knowledge.

"KYAAAA~! It's Rias-oneesama and Akeno-oneesama~!" He heard a girl squeal high-pitched, which made him cringe.

As if on cue, two absolutely beautiful girls walked in, just like those models Kai would see on television, except in Kuoh's female uniform.

"Waaaaah~ They look so elegant and beautiful today~" Two girls held each other and sighed dreamily.

"Truly the ideal images of women~" Another added in, getting several nods of agreement.

In contrast to gazing at the two beautiful women like a dumbass, like most of the students and his brother... Kai was instantly on edge instead and frowned. His instincts were telling him that these two were MORE than they appeared, and his instincts has yet to be wrong.

So, to help him decide what he should do, he decided to employ his little trick he picked up as he got older to read their aura. To say he was surprised would be extremely... accurate. Although they were obviously leaking some kind of devilish power, it isn't the kind that hold malice at all, which mostly relieved Kai. Read, MOSTLY.

"What beautiful pairs of oppai as usual..." Ise commented with a lecherous expression. Luckily, no one heard him except his older brother.

Kai regarded his brother blankly, before asking something that would surprise a fair amount of people. "Um... breasts aside, who the hell are they?" Even though he relaxed a bit, the fact that they're unknown anomalies still freak him out, causing him to be a tiny bit hostile towards them, ready for any kind of altercation.

"What!? How can you not know who Kuoh Academy's Two Great Ladies are?!" Issei literally shouted out loud, attracting everyone's attention.

"Ise. This is my first day. I don't know who is what, and I could appreciate it if you stop acting like an idiot and sit down on the chair instead of standing on it." Kai deadpanned, not bothered by the people watching them. It was like this whenever they argued.

"Still! Even transfer students know who they are when they come here on their first day!" The slightly younger one argued, trying to get his brother to see the point that not knowing those two beautiful ladies was just terrible.

"Unfortunately, I'm an exception. Now gimme info." Issei opened his mouth, before Kai interrupted, having caught his signature perv face. "And for the sake of my sanity, something not related to oppai." Issei closed it, then opening it again, and then closing it again, mimicking a goldfish. "I knew it. Aside from that, you don't know anything... and to think I would rely on you, of all people..." Kai sighed dramatically.

"Hey! Why are you sulking?! Aren't you suppose to be the older brother!? At least I know what their three sizes are!" Issei "argued" his point.

"The older brother can still complain about his stupid little brother, can't he?! And the fact that you know their sizes just reinforces everything I just said!" Kai yelled back childishly.

Kai and Issei began to bicker, causing everyone watching to begin surrounding them in case a fight began between them, in which most girls began betting on Kai to beat up his brother and the guys (most jealous) betting on Issei to beat up his more attractive brother.

"Ufufu, they're interesting, aren't they, Rias?" Akeno giggled, one hand up to cover her smile as she looked at the amusing scene.

"Hmm, the brothers are unique, indeed." Rias smiled, watching as Issei began to fish hook his brother at the mouth, while Kai began to slap his brother repeatedly in a childish manner. She couldn't help but giggle at the dynamics of the brothers. Even though they are fighting, she could see that they mean no ill intention towards one another and are just releasing their childish pent up frustration.

Unlike her and her brother. He just goes out of his way to pamper her. Sure, she loved it when she was younger, but now she didn't want all that pampering.

"...Buchou." Koneko walked up to Rias.

"Hm?" Rias looked at Koneko, and became concerned. It wasn't everyday that she sees her surrogate little sister nervous. "What's wrong, Koneko?"

"...I have a bad feeling about him." Koneko pointed at Kai, who somehow managed to gain the upper hand by pinning Issei, claiming his (Issei) legs and pressing one leg at Issei's crotch, causing him to writhe in pain and begin slapping the floor for mercy, screaming, 'Not my base of operations!'

"What about him, Koneko? I don't feel anything strange about him." Rias looked confused.

Koneko hesitated, before speaking her mind, "...He feels a little like me."

Note that while Kai and Issei began having their little scuffle, Kai had accidentally leaked a bit of his own aura, which caused a reaction in Koneko. In her case, it was the kind of reaction that cats feel when confronting their nemesis, the dog. But since she doesn't have fur on her back, her ears almost sprung out instead and her back slightly arched.

"...Are you sure?" Rias wanted to make sure with Koneko, who nodded. Trusting her, she continued. "If that's the case, then we'll have to keep an eye out on him as well. Who knows what he can do without restraint."

"Ara ara, then I think I can do that, Buchou." Akeno stated, licking her lips with a sparkle in her eyes. Rias sighed amusedly at her best friend's statement. Even though she herself isn't a sadist, she still found her Queen's sadist attitude amusing.

"Anyways, we should still watch them... after all, they both have something unusual in them... Akeno, Koneko. Keep an eye on the both of them." Rias ordered.

"Hai, Buchou~"


"Seriously, I think you're the only reason why I didn't go insane yet, Ise." Kai stated, wolfing down his lunch.

"How is that possible? You got almost every girl chasing you." Issei replied, confused. If it was him, he'd be cheering to the heavens.

"You act as a ward that repels them." Kai answered.

"...You have a unique way of describing me, don't you?" Issei gave Kai a dry stare.

"I never knew the day that my little brother would use a smart word would come. Congratulations." Kai mockingly praised his perverted brother.

"Are you mocking me with that dictionary head of yours?!" Issei yelled, shaking his fist.

"No, I'm serious. Congratulations."

"...I still feel like you're mocking me."

"Get used to it, Ise. I've been like this for six years now. It may as well be how I act when I was younger."

Issei began to sulk, while Kai resumed eating.

"Well, there are some things that this school taught me so far. The first is that there's an abundant amount of girls that are all perfect in their own ways-"

"Hear, hear!" Issei instantly agreed, while gaining a lecherous expression. Kai sighed amusedly, before continuing.

"The second is that the more unique they are, the more mysterious they are as well."

"Well, I don't know about that, Kai."

"Intuition. Anyways, there's more, but the third one is..." Kai's eyes glazed for a moment, before shaking his head to finish, "There's always something or someone who has more secrets than normal people. Like that kitty cat."

"Kitty cat?" Issei questioned, not aware of the new nickname. "Who's that?"

"Her name, Ise. Did you not pay attention to her name? Plus, Koneko-chan reminds me of a kitten."


"...And there are those two ladies." Kai paused. 'What were their names again?' He thought hard for a few seconds before giving up with a shrug. "Rihan and Ahoge."

"Um, it's Rias Gremory and Himejima Akeno, Kai." He corrected his brother. Normally he'd be mad at anyone forgetting their names, the brunette knew Kai wasn't great at remembering names.

"Whatever. What I'm trying to say is, those two may have good intentions, but I keep having a bad premonition. And this is coming from a guy that trusts his instincts more than his head." Kai tried to make him see his side but he sighed a little at his next words.

"Paranoia again, Kai. Those oppais will never lie to us!" Issei pumped his hands, steam snorting out his nose. Kai was taken aback by the glimmer in his brother's eyes, before snorting.

"...I hope that's the case." He really did.

"In either case! Wanna come with me and hang out with my friends? We have this DVD that was recently shipped to Motohama and we haven't started watching it yet!" Issei began drooling as his imagination began going full overdrive.

"No. I don't think I wanna know what things are no longer safe from the minds of those depraved people who are part of this long chain called po-" The teen was cut off before he could finish.

"We both know you're a pervert! Admit it!" Issei pointed his finger at Kai for emphasis. "I've seen the things you read! You read those books written by the elusive Eroiya-sensei, and have a full set of volumes on your shelf disguised as martial art manuals!"

It wasn't just Issei doing some snooping. In fact, it was one of those rare times Issei got curious of his brother's possessions, or was looking for blackmail material, and stumbled upon the 'manuals' by accident. Of course, because most of the pictures inside the 'manuals' featured a lot of girls in erotic poses while in combat gi, Issei automatically assumed that his brother had a fetish for girls in martial art costumes, or were just plain strong.

"Of course, your books will never beat the glory that is known as oppai!"

Kai flinched slightly, before recovering as quickly as he could. "Those ARE martial art manuals, you idiot! I don't know why the author decided to throw in those... those... boink materials!"

And the bickering continues, for like what? Ten minutes?

Well, here's a brief of what's going on in it...

"Yeah?! Well, the day you can strip girls just by touching them is the day I'll admit I might have a fetish for strong girls!"

"And the day you become a dog is the day I will begin talking to oppai!"

"That's not even a plus for me! And knowing you, you may as well create a new religion revolving that!"

Yeah, it went like that. Normal life is cool, isn't it?

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