Something that I got from the end of the Avatar arc in 'Charmed.' As much as I disliked the Paige/Kyle romance, mainly because Paige was Kyle's yes-man because of his Avatar obsession, the ending of that one was well done. Takes place post-BTVS series finale and Willow and Kennedy are broken up, since do I need to go on about that one?

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Willow was in her apartment, pulling out a box with old possessions she used to share with Tara and smiling in nostalgia, barely keeping her tears at bay as she found a snow globe she used to have with Tara, wrapped in a paper, sadness filling her before she placed it on a shelf but cut herself in the finger and hissed and put her finger in her mouth to dull the pain.

"Does it hurt too much?"

Willow froze, not believing her eyes as she turned around, shock flooding her. "Tara…"

Blue shimmering light surrounded Tara before it faded as Willow slowly approached her and poked her to be sure she was not dreaming or that it was not the First Evil as she felt the wool on Tara's shirt as Tara chuckled.

"In the flesh. More or less." Tara smiled.

"I watched you die…" Willow whispered, not understanding.

"Yes. You did. But we both know that doesn't necessarily mean the end." Tara said cryptically before she touched Willow's finger as glow emanated from Tara's hand, healing the cut on Willow's finger and dulling the pain.

"How is this possible?" Willow whispered, not understanding.

"You know that there are higher powers at play that sometimes come to us. More often to Angel and his and your friend, Cordelia." Tara said as it hit Willow.

"The Powers That Be…" Willow realized.

Tara nodded. "They have their own agents. Whitelighters. Guardian angels. Protectors and guides of good witches and future Whitelighters, who serve the greater good. The Elders, their leaders, they seek people, who had died, who had done enough good in their lives to join their ranks. I guess that the Elders decided that I'd done enough good in my life… which I can only thank you and Buffy and others." She smiled as both girls kissed.

"So… does that mean… you'll stay with me or… you have to go?" Willow wondered.

"As it happens… the Elders have decided that you're my charge now. Which means that I'm your guardian angel now. So… I'm not going anywhere. Not this time." Tara said. "You and I… the Elders said that we have a destiny… and it's yet to be fulfilled. And it was never supposed to end with us being separated for good."

Willow pulled Tara in for a kiss as tears filled her eyes, both girls making out before Willow pulled away. "Wait… are you allowed…"

"Usually… Whitelighters are forbidden to fall in love with their charges. It gets too complicated and things can get complicated with children having Whitelighters powers but as it happens, you and I are one of few exceptions. That's why I'm here. Not only as your guardian angel… but I'm here for you." Tara said, her eyes getting wet as well.

Emotions flooding both girls, they kissed fiercely, as Tara undid Willow's top, while Willow unbuttoned Tara's shirt, both girls tossing their clothes, bras and panties aside on the floor as they laid down on the bed as Willow placed herself on top of Tara, running her hands down her breasts as Tara moaned, before they kissed again, their legs entangled beneath the covers of the bed.

Tara's and Cordelia's deaths are the ones I can never forgive in Buffyverse. While Jenny's was painful as well, the same with Joyce, these two, while gut-wrenching, were understandable from the storyline perspective, but Tara, that was because of Marti Noxon, who wanted a plot twist, but she did admit later that she regrets that decision and as for Cordelia, that was because Whedon was an asshole, who got pissed with Charisma Carpenter's pregnancy and I'm more furious at him than before, considering the recent allegations the former Buffyverse stars made against him.

What is annoying that Tara never got a chance to return back, even in the follow-up comic books, either as a ghost or anything like that and just stayed dead and Willow had to end up with Kennedy, of all people. Plus, Whedon also considered at the end of the show to let Buffy to be granted one wish, with her wishing for Tara to be back, but that never happened, which is pity.

But, I can see the Elders, Charmed's equivalent of The Powers That Be (they were also referred to just like that in Charmed, so it's not off the stretch), the council of senior Whitelighters, deciding Tara to be worthy of becoming a Whitelighter, a guardian angel of good witches and future Whitelighters and who else would be her charge than Willow? Plus, given that Whitelighters pacifists by nature and are allowed to defend themselves but NOT kill, that fits Tara's bill. And yeah, the Whitelighters are forbidden to have romantic relationships with the witches but come on, the Elders have allowed exceptions before, counting out the Piper and Leo or Patty and Sam and it's not like Willow and Tara would have half-Whitelighter children together.

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