Arya walked into the Batcave again, a few days later, to find Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) sharing some important information with Bruce. Arya made sure to stand close enough to hear what Diana had to say but not so close where Bruce would be able to see her.

Diana was sharing a story of an ancient threat that Earth's mightiest Heroes were once able to thwart but it was back, and more dangerous than ever.

Arya knew she needed to be in this fight but she still wasn't sure how to get through to Bruce to allow her.

Once Diana finished sharing the terrifying story with Bruce, he almost immediately left to find someone to help them and join his team of superheroes leaving Diana alone where Arya could approach her, in hopes of getting someone on her side.

"Diana," Arya said her friend's name as she popped out of her hiding place, "I couldn't help but overhear that the end of the world is upon us. Any chance you'd put in a good word with Bruce to let me join the fight?" she asked with an optimistic smile crossing her lips.

Diana made her way closer to Arya, "Why would you need me to put in a good word? You fought very well as Batgirl the last time we crossed paths on the battlefield," she added, her expression showing confusion.

"I was shot about six months ago," Arya began, "Ever since then, he's been extremely protective. I haven't even put on my suit since the night I was shot. But, I know that you guys need every one of us for what's coming," she added, again hoping for a vote of confidence in her direction from Diana.

Diana looked down, shaking her head, "I would hate to get into the middle of a couples scwal, however, I do know that we will need every able bodied hero in this upcoming battle. I'll put in a good word for you, but just know that if he's made up his mind there's not much I can do to change it," she added.

"I completely understand," Arya replied, "And, trust me, I know that better than most. There's one more thing I should share for complete transparency," she began, her voice quieter, "Bruce doesn't know this yet so it needs to stay between us. Understood?"

"I don't like the sound of this…" Diana shared as she gestured for Arya to share the other detail pertaining to her being Batgirl again.

Arya tried to suppress her laugh as she continued, "You really shouldn't, but just know that I wouldn't ask to fight if I wasn't one hundred percent sure it was safe," she paused, "I found out that I'm pregnant this morning," she confessed, placing the ball back in Diana's court.

Diana sighed, "How long are you going to wait until you tell him?" she asked, already having a feeling she knew what the answer would be.

"My plan was to wait until this crisis was over," she shared, "I won't do anything that will put me in any extra risk but I have to be able to fight by his side. Sitting at home and worrying about him will do far more damage than whatever I encounter in battle," she revealed.

Diana shook her head once again, "I'll keep your secret and put in a good word, but if anything happens to the baby, he can't know that I knew," she requested in her beautiful accent.

"Of course," Arya agreed, "I'll be doing my workouts if he's looking for me," she shared before she disappeared into another cove within the Batcave.