My Brother the Sun

The king looked around at the devastation that was surrounding him on the plain. The ground was nearby his castle that he lived in mostly all of the time. He felt a bit let down by the battle. They had won mostly but it had all come almost too easily. He had brought his sister with him. She helped him somewhat to keep a steady head about himself.

"What's to become of us?," he asked his steady companion Deadhead his falcon. The falcon returned his question with a puzzled look. He did use Deadhead the falcon to hunt at times but also as a companion to himself. The falcon seemed very bright to him. He was always able it seemed to be able to get things done. The falcon stared at him steadily. Then he began to rise into the sky.

King Grimkin watched him going up in the sky with fascination. "My falcon come return to me," he called to his falcon. He longed to be able to fly also but it would not be so. At this time having reached a great height the falcon began to veer off into the direction of the retreating army of the other side. He had left to go on alone. Many of his enemy were killed in the battle and he had won. Even so there was something missing. Yes, there was something greatly missing he supposed.

"Deadhead, you stupid bird he began screaming into the wind," then he looked around him mainly at the protruding rocks that were nearby. He wanted to see if anyone had heard him. The falcon continued without coming back to him. "Deadhead," he yelled again but the falcon continued on his journey away from his master without turning back.

"Where is the falcon master?," inquired Wilton his servant having returned from his hiding in his house. "Didn't the falcon come back to you, what has happened," he asked with a concerned mind.

"The bird just left," the king said back to him. "He doesn't seem to have remembered his training at all. He has just left me. I will have to find another bird," the king stated in a big huff. "Up and up he went never to come back," the king said very tired.

They were to see the bird again later, the falcon. But it would be later. Deadhead would be perched on his new master's hand with a gleeful, devilish look in his big bird eyes. He would stare straight at the king without feeling any remorse at all for leaving. That was how Deadhead the bird was. The man was a kindly looking older man that seemed to have found the bird. The falcon seemed to have had no mind at all to come back to his rightful owner at that time.

Grabbing his light brown cloak the king began to look about for his horse that was there. He climbed aboard and bid his servant to follow. He was all ready to return to his castle. He called for his sister to come to him but she had gone on ahead. He looked about to see where his sister had gone to.

His sister Cerella was looking after the children that were hanging about in the aftermath of the battle. Cerella was young and had light blond hair and the blue eyes of many of the barbarian people. "Leave the bodies alone," she said to them with a watchful eye. "They have died and you have to care to leave them alone now." The children were pulled away by their mothers and by the servants.

Blood was everywhere. It was a disgusting sight to see. Many would be heartbroken that day. Many would have their loved ones taken from them. This tribe had also had people that were killed but it was not at all as bad as the other tribe. They had not had time to really get an attack force ready to go out and do something.

The vultures had come to see what they could get there also. It had all happened early in the morning as it was according to their plan. The vultures squaked and flapped about. It was not a pretty sight at all to see. They had begun tearing some of the bodies apart. They had come down from the mountains.

The people were very happy that they had won the battle. The tribe was very excited and pleased. It had been a long and glorious battle to them. They had also brought musical instruments with them some of them. They were a cruel tribe and they had defeated the other. In battle they were ruthless. That is although they could be merciful at times. That would depened on if the person that had been fighting had any sort of money or inheritance coming to them.

They had taken some prisoners. The prisoners would be used for work then. It could be kitchen work or even in their army. If there were some women they could sometimes be put in his harem for the king. He was not mean to them though. If they did not want to stay in the harem he could find them something else to do. He had other things to do.

The prisoners would look around with great despair. It was not a good place to be captured. They were barbarians, not the least of which was the king. They did not even know they were barbarians. They were just that. It would be impossible to train them into behaving themselves without great effort on one's part.

That day, they had won their battle. They were always winning. They were ruthless and did not care what they did as long as they won. The women were just as bad as the men. They mainly won at everything that they did because they were just very ruthless. It would take a great deal to change them at all.

A few months later they had another campaign. It was also to be led by her brother, the King Grimkin. Cerella was his sister and would sometimes go ahead with him on their fights and squabbles with other tribes. This time they were going to be going after a large kingdom that might give them a hard time. It was also rumored to be a very wealthy tribe. Actually only a person that was not terribly bright would have attacked them unless they had a very good reason to.

It was a larger kingdom of actually very nice and good people. That did not really mean very much to their tribe of really a lot of trouble makers. They did always stop themselves before getting into any real trouble. But what they had was enough to keep them in trouble for half of the time.

This time King Grimkin imagined himself to have been slighted by having been ignored more or less by the king of the larger kingdom. He had been awaiting some acknowledgement but it was all not at all forthcoming. He had sort of decided that the way to really teach them a lesson would be to attack them. Then they could take prisoners if they did wish so. That should teach him a lesson they all thought. So it happened that an attack was planned. They would not be ignoring her brother the Sun and the rest of his people any longer.

The prisoners would also be taught a lesson by having been being caught and also put to work. But the worst part would be to really be caught at all. Think of how stupid it would look to have been caught by such a tribe. That is because they were not really that important at all. The king was not really a Sun god or anything of the sort. But it did please him to think so. Many people in the tribe really liked the idea that they had such a king. Many others did not care that much but it did not really matter to them.

On this day one of the daughter's servants came in to greet her. He greeted her in his usual fashion. He was an older man, with gray hair now and actually white. He had been in the family for a long time. He greeted her thus:

"Oh she of a thousand suns, whose brightness outshines the night, and always will," you are well this morning?" he questioned her with great expectation.

"I am fine today," she answered with a pained expression. She did not really feel that well that morning. Really she wondered about the good reasons for going out to attack that day. What if something should really happen to them all. It would be terrible if their tribe would really be defeated. After all, they could all be taken into slavery themselves or worse just killed.

"I am glad, highest of the high ones on high of the beautiful gardens of the sun," said the trembling servant. He had brought her some breakfast treats. They were little cakes that she would eat one by one today. It would be a good day for her brother, the sun and their tribe.

They would go out and attack and gain many prisoners that day. It would be a very early attack. The old ones had come to figure that an attack such as that might not be expected. It was a large tribe the one that they would attack, but it had grown fairly lazy. It would not fear an attack from them really at all. That is why they all thought they could be so funny about it.

The women of the tribe and also the ones from the harem stood about the courtyard of their residence and waited for them all to depart. There was an excitement in the newness of it happening and the attack. They would then if they succeeded be able to take over many things. It would give them more money and riches. If they were chosen to go, they could also gather more items to be scavenged from the other tribe. They were rich the other tribe and it could make them all richer. They were not afraid at all. After all were there not many men to protect them. Then there was her brother the Sun. He was considered a God in a way.

One of the harem called Zerelda had noticed the king, King Grimkin as he was leaving with the rest of the army. "He is so stupid that guy," she said in a relay to another harem occupant.

"Oh, yes, he probably is so, as he is not the brightest guy in the world, but what are we all to do," the other lady of the harem replied.

"I would like to leave really, I am getting tired of this. He has other favorites in the harem. But I will stay for now, then I will find something better," the first lady said to her and then she went on staring into the distance and hoping for a better chance at life.

He was not really a God to many of them. He was really considered to be something of a not so good person. But that was how some things went. He was what they had right then. He was what they had to deal with. Many thought that God had made the decision to give him to the tribe to rule over it all.

And so they did go on to their little war. Men did go with them and they were hopeful that they would prove themself in that. For they were to be rewarded for doing well in the war. They would also be able to acquire different goods if they were successful.

Unfortunately, for some people that would include getting slaves to come with them. The women could be added to the harem. But he was not a cruel king as I have said. He just wanted everything that he wanted to go well. He figured that if they did not want to be in his harem he would get someone else.

In this case he had acquired the other king's daughter without knowing it. King Grimkin was also in a deeply troublesome area there without knowing it. Different tribes were also keeping track of him to see just what he was doing. The reports that came back to them did not exactly make them look good. The girl, the king's daughter was not taking it at all well. She was screaming at some points to the heavens.

"You will let me out, I am the king's daughter," she screamed and yelled at the other women and the people that were watching. Her cries would be answered soon. Her father was already getting a good part of his kingdom ready to protect her with his watchful eyes. He was maddened the other king at the idea that his own daughter had been taken. King Grimkin was going to be punished in his own time for all of this. The people there were not used to such a girl that was actually serious and who would fight them. It seemed that she would fight them all if she could.

The girl was quite beautiful, the other king's daughter. The other king's name was King Leonard. He was a pretty good king for his time. He was not cruel, but he was not exactly a paragon of virtue. His daughter must be left alone. He would look pretty stupid also you see if his own daughter was taken. She was taken by a group of really pretty idiotic barbarians. They were barbarians also but that king did not exactly think that they would be put in that group. They saw themselves as being the true and wonderful characters that they imagined. Years later they would all still be known as barbarians though in that light.

His daughter's name was Hilda. She just glowed in the red light with the dawn, her hair picked up the color. She was angry and did not want to have the cruel, stupid men that were about go on touching her. The next thing she saw was Cerella coming to see her. She wondered really what was going on. What was that girl doing?

The next thing Hilda knew she was being pulled into the harem. Cerella noticed that the girl was very upset and went to see if she could help. Hilda then began yelling that she was going to tell her father the king. The men were confused and let her go as she was. Their king Grimkin was coming to see her. He had heard about her great anger. But the king was actually taking it in stride and just saw her as being someone that he would need to be patient with.

King Grimkin set his eyes on her and tried to be patient about what was going on.

"Did you have a nice journey today, I hope you are well and not too upset," he said kindly, "we certainly did not mean to upset you so much. I do hope that you enjoy your stay here," the pleasant now anyway king said to her. "This is our harem here he stated in a pleasant tone of voice."

At this point Hilda began to scream and scream that she was going to tell her father. "I will tell him and you will be very sorry," Hilda yelled right at him, "he will kill you, I hope he will kill you," that is just what Hilda said to him.

"Let's not get too upset about this," King Grimkin said with a tired eye, "we must be able to straighten all of this out.
So you're father is the king," he said puzzled, "I see, I see."

But Hilda still yelled and yelled. Grimkin went back to his quarters. He was a bit shaken by the girl yelling and screaming. There was usually not such a fuss about being taken back to the harem. He thought it was probably a good idea to just let her go. She was a beautiful girl though. He thought of returning her to the king. It was all just so much trouble this way. He wished it had not come to this. He did not want to have to deal with the angry king coming for him. But that is what was to happen.

Cerella saw Hilda later. "I am sure that my brother will let you go if you tell him how you are the king's daughter. He did not know that was it. He did not mean to be insulting you. But other girls are taken. They really don't mind it. It gives them a lot of leisure time. But I understand you not wanting to stay here." Cerella tried to think of a decent way of going on with this.

The king stayed in his quarters then a little upset and thinking to himself of what to do. He had discussed letting the girl go that had been taken with the guards. But did he really want to let her go that was the question. Many women just put up a slight fight about it all at first and then they would change their mind. It was not all that difficult to change most of their minds. He was fairly good looking and he was a king after all. At least he thought that he was.

At this point Cerella had already taken the girl out. She asked her if she would like to just leave.

"Yes, yes I would like to leave, now would be good," Hilda answered her in a relieved manner. "I would really appreciate it. Can I get away easily?"

"Oh,yes," Cerella went on in her calm manner, "they know what is going on and they will just leave you alone. Everyone really wants no trouble to come to them. I am sorry really that you were bothered in that way. The men should not have annoyed you so much either with their bad manners. I am sorry. I have a horse waiting for you. He is a strong gray horse that will take you back to your castle so you can live your life back in freedom." Cerella stared at her a bit in disbelief at what was happening there.

"We will all make do," Hilda said then in a breath of relief then, "I do thank you for letting me go. But it is not a good way for you all to be acting. You must watch what you are doing." Hilda was really beyond herself. She had never been treated in that manner before.

Cerella took the latch up off the door softly so that she could let the girl go out the door. "I am sorry," Cerella now said to the soft wind as Hilda was heading out on the horse that she had given to her. They had many horses so she could do that. As a matter of fact it could have been one of the horses that they had taken that day.

Cerella thought to herself that they should probably watch just what they were doing after this. But they could have gotten in a lot of trouble anyway attacking another kingdom couldn't they? Well, they would go on and learn to be better at getting along with other people and other kingdoms in the future.

Cerella wondered what would happen after she went back to her father and to her own kingdom. She wondered what she herself would have done in her shoes. She did not really herself want to be a part of a harem. It was the way things were done in her time. The girls or women usually did not protest that much or at all. It gave them all a lot of free time.

The other king's daughter was such a pretty girl and so spirited. Cerella wondered how she would have handled things if it had happened to her. She was almost shaking in wondering all about it. But she knew that her brother would not do anything to her about her having let her go. It was all already in the process. She had heard him talking to all of the guards there.

It was also not that hard for them really to escape if they wanted to. No one was really watching them at all that much. There was the harem master. But he did not really care at all what happened to them or if they left at all. His business was really in his own business. There was a different master at night that could be worse. There had been incidents where some of the girls were sometimes whipped if they did try to leave. It could not be a good thing at all times. It was not something that many women or girls might look forward to.

The king from the other kingdom, King Leonard had sent his men to go get her back from King Grimkin. So they saw her on the way going back to them. The girl was not hurt at all so they considered not going back to go in for an attack. But then they did decide that they had gone way too far in attacking them and taking the king's daughter as if she was more loot for those idiot barbarians.

King Grimkin was tired of his battles. He went down into the town, such as it was and looked about. There was his faithful or unfaithful as it turned out to be falcon. The light hearted bird Deadhead was still in the hands of the same man that he had seen him with before that. The man had him tied to himself with a rope. It was not that man's fault really that he had found him. Many people at that time took their pet falcons very seriously. It was one of their favorite pastimes.

The bird Deadhead the falcon seemed to have its own plan in mind. The plan was mainly half of the time to fly away. But right now he was in the hands of the other man that had found him so to speak. The falcon looked about the town also as had his owner the king. He was a devious little bird at times.

Right now he saw that his real owner was looking at him and following him about. The bird hid his little head in his wing with a mind of how striking he must look at that time. Then he came out and glanced over at his owner with a little funny, sarcastic somewhat mean grin of the smart little falcon to shown off to his owner.

King Grimkin was beside himself with worry and grief over the errant falcon. He did not want to make a big thing of it. If the falcon had been trained correctly it should have returned to him itself by now. But it had not done that. He figured that it was just as well to leave well enough alone. He would get another bird maybe. It would be a better falcon that would mind its master. The falcon did a little dance with its feet and gave a coy look back to its owner to see if he was watching. The owner had looked at him but then he had left with himself in despair.