Deadhead Hawking Training

The king's hawk was now being threatened by another man that thought the hawk had bothered his animals. The king decided he needed to do something to protect the little hawk from any trouble.

"I'm going to get rid of that stupid bird," stated the burly looking trouble maker with messy black hair and a big face with a kind of beard. The bird still remained unperturbed by what was going on. As a matter of fact he was just getting started.

"Come Deadhead," the king said to him, "we're going to go on a trip. You'll like it, we're going to see a great castle. The man van Gustafson is doing hawk training. Won't it be fun for you to learn what to do and to be a good hawk?", the king asked with a plaintive resolve.

The bird then was moving up and down and flapping its big wings with excitement that he could only guess would be there. "Squak, squak," went the determined little bird. He saw the king at his side and gave him a little birdie smile with a side glance.

On entering the castle, the servant declared to them,"Here's some nice mice for you good falcon,". The hawk was quite pleased with that idea. They then took him out and down the hall. A princess was standing there and saw the hawk with some interest.

"Oh, a hawk," the princess declared. "Has he come for training?." she asked with some interest. At that Deadhead threw up his dinner of the mice in front of her. He then looked at the princess with a pleased air. "Oh no," she declared then with disgust on her prim face. "Oh, it's disgusting," she said to the gathered bunch. Deadhead was undeterred by that but a little puzzled.

The king next decided to hide the bird Deadhead out in the forest. "Here we go here good bird," he said, "this should be very safe for you,". Then he left him there in a little outpost building for then.

The man came later looking for the little stubborn bird. The bird again made horrible hawk noises at him. He actually was screaming with his little bird voice to go into the kill. He felt as if he was in danger. They pick up on those things. "Screech, screech," went the bird to defend himself. He then looked around at the poor man with disdain. The man had some of his soldiers there with him. They were staring at Deadhead. They had really never seen anything like him.

Then the bird decided he would do something to get rid of the nasty man. He saw a pile of rocks nearby on the sort of cliff nearby there. There was slate and other rocks. But also there was a little wagon. There was string on it. The bird noticed that he might be able to disturb it and the nasty man with the wagon. He then took the wagon and set it off with the rocks it had in it. It all made a nasty clash with the men. Deadhead then went off with screeches and threats to the man. The men finally left after hurling all sorts of curses at the bird. The bird then was sitting high up in a tree and watching them.

King Grimkin came a little later and saw the bird afraid to go down up in the tree. "There you are Deadhead," said the king. "I am so pleased to see you that you are okay," he said to him. The little bird seemed a little frightened and flew back to the king. Then they set out on their journey back together.

The King traveled on and had a plan of going to see the witch, Granny Weatherwax. He had heard good recommendations about her.

Before going there had been an incident with the bird. He was called Wilbur by some of the people there instead in the tavern. The little hawk had been outside and there he had caught a snake that he brought into them. They all screamed at that point.

"What is it?, help us please," they all cried and ran in all directions. The falcon Deadhead or Wilbur as some called him stood there puzzled at the commotion. He began shaking the snake. That might not have worked out well. It did turn out to be a dangerous move as it was filled with poison. But right then the snake was pretty puzzled and waiting. The people all ran and got out of the building.

"Deadhead went off with the snake and was not hurt, we think it was poisonous," so one of the people said to the knight there. "It looked like a poisonous snake. Could Deadhead have killed the snake?," he asked.

"Only, well if you had given the kill command the bird would have killed the snake," the knight told them in a polite manner.

"Oh no, if only we had known we could have had him kill the snake," the man said in a morose way.