Not A Clone

By Goth-girl

            Amy turned around.  "Mom, you know, don't you?"

            Nancy Candler was short of breath, frantically stuffing various belongings into a gray duffel bag, which was lying unzipped on her bed.  "Know what?"

            "What's been happening to me!" Amy shrieked.  "The strange birthmark appearing on my back, me suddenly being able to perform amazing feats, the strangers trying to identify me.  What's going on?  I deserve to know!"

            "Amy, don't be silly," Nancy urged her, without much sincerity in her voice.  "There is nothing wrong with you.  You're absolutely perfect, sweetie.  I told you that."

            "That's the thing!  I am perfect.  And you've never given birth, have you?" Amy asked.  "Have you?"

            Nancy sat down on her bed, and respired less and less consistently, looking close to tears.  "No, Amy.  You're right.  You are different from other twelve-year-old girls.  In fact, you're different from all the people in this world."

            Amy wondered if she wanted to know what Nancy was about to tell her.  Still, she couldn't live without that information.  "I know," she said fearfully.  "But how?  Why?"

            "You come from a special place, Amy.  Thirteen years ago, a group of astronomers discovered a faraway planet inhabited by identical people.  Yes, they were all in different stages of their life, but the planet these people occupied was pretty close to being a perfect place.  Everyone looked the same, and everyone had the same capabilities.  No one had any differences, so the people never fought, never hated, never got sick, or had many problems.  No one knew how the children kept on looking the same, or how they all remained consistently perfect, but they did.  All of the women had brown hair, and brown eyes, and all of the men had blonde hair, and blue eyes.  Anyway, a group of scientists had an idea, that they could kidnap babies from this planet.  Upon reaching puberty, these babies would, obviously, be perfect, like their parents.  These scientists planned to clone you all, and figure out what made you all so perfect, so that they could make money off of these genetics.  They planned to tell people that they could make them faster, stronger, smarter; you name it, for a price.  They would become the richest people in the world, because whoever did not pay to receive the treatment would become inferior.  My point is, Amy, you were one of those babies, the seventh female to be kidnapped."

            Amy shuddered.  "That's terrible!  They can't do that, it's completely inhumane!  But, there is one thing I would like to know.  Who was Dr. Jaleski?"

            "Dr. Jaleski and I were originally working with this Organization, until we discovered that they planned to kidnap babies.  Since we couldn't stop them, we secretly adopted you into good families, for the most part, and managed to destroy all radar systems that could view this planet.  We wanted to return you all to your real families, rather than having you adopted, but if these perfect people had known what Earthlings had done, they could have become hostile, and declared war.  Amy, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true."

            "So, I'm an alien?" Amy asked.  It was such an ugly word, and it certainly couldn't begin to describe a girl like her, could it?  "No.  You're lying, that…that can't be true!"

            The phone rang, and Nancy picked it up.  "Yes.  Okay.  Are you sure?  Okay, fine.  Bye.  That was Mr. Devon," she said, speaking now to Amy.  "He says that no matter where we move to, they'll find us.  You'll just have to learn to protect yourself."

            Amy ran out of the room, and fled into her own, shutting the door behind her.  So, all this time, Nancy hadn't been her real mother.  There was a woman out there, who looked exactly like she would, as an adult, who was probably still wondering what happened to her baby.  After Amy cried on her bed for a while, she slowly got up, and looked in her full-length mirror.  She still had the same brown hair, the same brown eyes, that were reddened from the tears, the same, moderately narrow face, long nose, and full lips, the same figure, which made her look mature for her age, and the same white t-shirt with the flower in the middle, and jeans.  She was still Amy Candler, but she now carried a new identity.  Amy, Number Seven.

            In about an hour or two, Nancy decided to see if Amy was ready to talk yet.  She opened the door to her bedroom, and slowly entered.  "Amy?"

            "Hi, Mom," Amy said.

            "I'm sorry I lied to you," Nancy said, sitting down on Amy's bed.  "I was worried that if I told you who you really were, you would tell Tasha, and somehow, word would get out."

            "Tasha would never betray me like that," Amy said.  It annoyed her what little trust Nancy had in her friends.

            "Not consciously, Amy, but under some circumstances.  It would just be best if no one knew," Nancy said.

            "So, what was my real name, then?" Amy asked.  "Just out of curiosity."

            "I…I don't know, Amy.  Honestly," Nancy told her.  "If I knew, I'd tell you."

            "And, how many of me are there?  I mean, on Earth?" Amy asked.

            "Twelve, as far as I know," Nancy said.  "Although, there may be more."

            Amy went through the next few days of school, pretending to be a normal twelve-year-old girl.  She wasn't one, of course, but that was the way things had to be.  For now.

Sorry if it was lame, I was just trying to break away from the usual way I write replica fan fiction.  I will add more chapters if anyone reviews.