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Kiss My Hand At My Command

By Reppa

It was so much better to be lounging back in his seat, ignoring every word the teacher muttered. He wasn't sure if it was something on angles or on fractions, Jounouchi was too busy sleeping happily, head slung over the back of his chair. His papers and materials were still sitting in his backpack, he hadn't bothered to pull them out. He grunted from the nudging Honda was giving him with a foot and he swung an arm out as he sat up, "What d'ya want?"

"Try to stay awake, I know the teacher doesn't care if you don't pay attention, but I do cause I get tired of your whining on your grades." The brunette scowled, jabbing his friend in the back with his pen.

"Please, you don't do any better than me, and at least I have more than one class I'm excellin' in." That was art and soccer. Jouno actually loved to paint, for many reasons, plus it was a great excuse to make a real mess. Half his wardrobe probably had paint spatters all over it, which was something that had pissed his father off to no end, though he was always pissed off.

But now, he didn't have to worry over his dad. Jou had his own apartment near the Turtle Card Shop, and not a too shabby one at that. One bedroom, a bathroom, big enough place to appease his 'I've gotta pace around and run' and just small enough to make a single resident comfortable. Good neighborhood, close to friends, and the necessities like stores and the mall were a walk away. And all for a reasonable price he could manage with his current job at Otogi's Game Shop. He would have worked for Yugi's grandfather, but it wouldn't have paid so well.

Shifting in his seat, his brown eyes scanned over the other occupants of the class, his sights falling on his friends one by one. Ryou, he was totally cool save his smarmy yami. Yugi, who had to be the coolest out of the bunch. Anzu, she was growing on his nerves, he never did like cheerleaders. Malik, how that happened he had no idea but it was great to have someone besides Honda to get drunk and crazy with. And lastly Honda, who was just…Honda.

Then he looked over at his rival, Kaiba. His dark eyes narrowed for a minute before he shook his head and looked away. Kaiba was actually an odd case to him. He didn't truly hate the guy, his attitude just irked him to no end. How Jou would love to discipline it out of him. That thought made him grin as did the image of the billionaire on his hands and knees in front of him and collared.

If he wasn't in class at the moment, the blond probably would have started to drool all over his blue school jacket, but he made sure to save that for later. That would be something all right. 'Yeah, really something, but it'd nevah happen, someone like Kaiba don't bow to anyone! He'd probably only do that if he could get-'

Jounouchi's eyes suddenly bulged in stark realization, he slowly turned to look at Malik. Actually, he was staring really. And it took the pale eyed Egyptian quite a while before he finally noticed, cocking his head as he looked over at him, a brow raised, "I don't think I want to know, but what do you want, J?"





"Your God card, baka." The blonde hissed, looking very agitated, he didn't want to play at the time. Of all people, the Rod bearer should have understood better. It was bloody Ra for crying out loud! Wasn't it a God in his religion? He let his hand run over his face with a sigh, turning to him once more, "Remember, when we made that deal? About Bakura? And if I won, I got The Winged Dragon of Ra? You never forked it ova."

"I know." Malik replied with a snicker before he yelped as Jou grabbed his shirt collar and yanked him over, he tilted his head again as he regarded him thoughtfully, "Can't wait?"

"For your stupid yami to beat Yugi? Hell no! Tell him he needs to find another way. Give it to me now, it's, like, the golden freaking ticket of opportunity!" The somewhat curious glint that showed in the Egyptian's eyes told him he shouldn't have said that as he leaned back, letting the other go.

"What are you talking about? What kind of opportunity are we talking about?"

Jounouchi jerked his thumb in the CEO's direction and silently mouthed it to him. It took a couple more mouthed messages before Malik finally caught on, Jou could swear, the guy was as slow as him when he wasn't trying. The sandy haired boy had to grin wickedly at that, pulling his deck from his jacket, "I get pictures. Deal?"

"Sure, jes let 'im see the exchange." He received a nod, pulling out the God card and extending it to the blond, the picture of the golden dragon facing Kaiba. Jou slowly reached out to take it as he spoke rather loudly, "Thanks, this God'll make my deck top notch."

Whether Seto had looked up at that, he wasn't sure. On a side glance, he watched his friend take a not so inconspicuous look behind before turning to him with a smirk. Oh, so he had seen. That was good. And knowing Kaiba, the wheels in his head were turning and planning on getting it from him as they returned to paying attention, or looking like it at least. But Jounouchi already had plans, and he had to act on them quickly.

Quickly scribbling it all down, he wrote down a few special notes before handing the slip of paper to Malik, who looked it over and made a few inquiries on anything extra. Jou agreed to most of them and they both went along with the rest of the group once the bell rang. He didn't noticed the intent stare that bore into his back as he left.

Both boys had separated from the others as they went outside into the parking lot. Jou had yet to get a car, so he depended on Malik and the boy's motorcycle to get to and from some places. They both lived in the same apartment complex, which made it all the more easy. Leaning on the car parked by the bike, Katsuya crossed his arms, "So until tomorrow, I avoid Kaiba at all costs, maybe even by ditching school tomorrow. And then, I go to him for the deal."

"You've actually put a great deal of thought into this, I'm surprised. If you're ditching, I'll ditch with, I'm passing anyway." Malik chuckled at the bird he was shot for his one comment as he settled onto the seat of his bike. Jouno then got on behind him, wrapping his arms about his waist after slipping the helmet on.

"Yeah, you need to type it all up for me. Being the suit that he is, Kaiba can't say no to somethin' like that, plus he likes to keep his word. You jes gotta type it up for me." He snickered, taking a moment to enjoy the wind on his face as they drove off. It was a relatively short ride, but it was always an enjoyable one. It was also to get crotch to ass on Malik.

Jounouchi would admit it, he found the Egyptian pretty attractive. Well, very attractive. Gorgeous amethyst eyes, tanned skin, and sand blond hair with a very fine, lean figure. The two had actually screwed each other a couple of times. And with a great deal of passion too. It was all just for fun, but they eventually stopped when the albino tomb robber got wind and became one hell of a jealous spirit. Gave Jou a black eye for a bit, funny thing was, Malik and Bakura weren't even involved. And the Egyptian boy had no idea what to do over all of it.

When they came to a halt in the complex parking lot, both simultaneously pulled off their helmets. Jou slid off and collected their stuff as Malik got off when he was done. They both made off for the Egyptian's apartment, figuring they could do the homework quickly before the papers could be typed up, the sooner the better in the blond's opinion.

The homework took little time. Nothing but easy math and equations. Now it came down to the brunt of their labor, Malik took a seat before his computer, waiting as the machine started up so he could begin the text program. His fingers flew across the keyboard as he made out the document, pausing occasionally to listen to Jounouchi tell him something or to briefly glance over the notes they had both put together.

"Well, the basic gist is there. Ten pages…though it may not be convincing enough. Well…all the convincing he needs is the card, but is there anything else?" Malik inquired, leaning away from the soft glow of the computer screen to turn to him. It was pretty late by now, near midnight. It hadn't taken that long to type, but of course, the two had goofed off quite a bit.

"No, it all looks good. I jes don't want Kaiba trying to find a loophole."

The Egyptian laughed at that, leaning forward now with his hands placed on his knees. "No way for him to get out of it. You could treat him like shit and have him sleep outside, and there'd be no breach. But, just so that we can really get him to sign, we'll do an imaginative loophole. Should such an event happen, which won't even be possible, that'd be the only thing to break it. We just hope he doesn't realize it."

"Tough luck, Kaiba would be lookin' for the fine print."

"Ah, but remember…He's also known for underestimating you, J, and that's where you get him. He'll glance it over and sign. He won't worry to fully read it."

Jounouchi hadn't thought of that and an evil smirk played across his lips. He really couldn't blame the brunette for underestimating him. "You know, even if you are on our side, you're still an evil bastard."

The Egyptian smiled wickedly, drumming his fingers together, "Oh, I know. And I'm so very proud of it, my sadistic friend."


Never once had someone done that and it'd be best if it were the last time. Up and out of the blue, a ten leafed packet was dropped on his hands as he typed. Seto stared down at the papers with a bit of surprise before looking up at Malik, his icy eyes baleful. The boy had a wide smile on his face and both hands hidden behind his back. The CEO scowled lightly at him, "What is this?"

"Ah, master Jounouchi Katsuya wished to make a proposition with you I'm sure you can't refuse! All you need to do is sign…" At that, the Egyptian brought his left hand around to hold a black red flecked rose set in an ink bottle to the CEO who just stared at it. Malik snorted as he sat the bottle on top of the papers to continue, "…and the possession of The Winged Dragon of Ra is yours!" Then, his other hand came around to show off said card.

Kaiba's cold eyes widened a little as he eyed the card hungrily, brows knit together as he looked down at what he was being told to read. He was sure it was some stupid proposal of Jounouchi's to have him leave him and his friends alone or something of the sort. Seto smirked up at Malik as he plucked the rose up, casually glancing the packet over. He tossed it back onto the desk, "Do I really need to sign this?"

"Yeah, it's his insurance you'll stick to the terms. And don't ask me what they are, read them. That's why they're typed out, moron."

"You do all of this?" Came the suspicion driven question.

"Nope. Jou did it all, his idea and his terms in every sense, dip."

"Play his pet? You're joking right?" Seto hissed, glaring daggers at him. This sounded unusually fishy to him, as he looked away from the other boy to glimpse at the papers. He wondered where Jou had gotten the gaul, and the balls, to do this. "He wants me to act like a slave for him?"

"Only for a short while." Malik replied with a somewhat sensual purr, hands folded in front of him. In truth, Jou made it out for a month, but the Egyptian wasn't sure whether what Seto considered a short time coincided with what Jou thought a short time, though in all honesty he knew better. The blond had written it out to cover an entire year. But the papers stated a certain amount of time, he was sure Kaiba wouldn't even bother asking.

This time, the brunette picked the packet up to flip through it, reading it intently. He didn't like most of this. 'Do as I'm told, for a short amount of time and cope with all conditions… obedience… None of this looks like anything the mutt would write…'

"Well? Jou is setting a time limit to how long you take to decide, you twit."

That caused Kaiba to tear his eyes from the text. His cold eyes narrowed fiercely, placing the packet down on his lap. "Excuse me? Call me one more name and I'll take that Millennium Rod of yours and cram it where it will hurt the most. And what time limit are you babbling about?"

"You have an hour to read and sign before it's lunch, and then you find him at the table near the back and hand it to him. If you agree, come to him with your head bowed and when you give it to him, take a chair and sit down with your back to him. If you disagree, tear it in two and give it to him. Happy reading." Malik left him with that, hurriedly leaving to head on his way back to class and to inform his friend he had made the delivery.

Seto frowned to himself, flipping through it all once, then twice, and then for a third time. It paid to be as quick a reader as he was. He rubbed his chin as he thought his decision over, it was a God card. A damned God card and one of the strongest of the three. The brunette was finding it hard to resist the chance. He was sure, with this chance in hand, Jounouchi would probably refuse his demands for a duel to win it.

'It's only for a short time…and I doubt he'd be mean and set out to humiliate me in any way. And even if he does, I can get him back ten fold when the contract is up.' Kaiba smirked confidently as he turned to the very last page to dip the rose tip in the ink and swiftly write his signature out. With a rough sigh, he wiped the ink away from the stem and carefully placed the flower in his suit case. Blowing on the wet ink till it dried, he stood from his seat the instant the class was dismissed to head on his way to the cafeteria.

If memory served him as faithfully as it always did, he had to find Jounouchi and approach him with his head bent, present the papers and sit in a chair with his back turned. Why, he didn't really want to know as his arctic eyes scanned the lunch room for a head full of honey blond hair.

He found him indeed, sitting near the back and on top of the table, and Malik was sitting before him in a chair with his back to him. Seto stood there for a moment, watching the blond pet the Egyptian in a loving sort of manner as the smaller boy cooed at the attention. The CEO was sure somewhere in the room, a jealous tomb robber friend of theirs was watching, he had heard things after all.

Taking a deep breath, Kaiba began striding forward towards the two, only bending his head down when he was within a few feet of them. He stopped two feet from the table and held out the packet. Already, he felt completely stupid for the way he was standing and he wondered when the papers weren't going to be taken. His grip on his briefcase tightened in annoyance as he continued standing there, before he cleared his throat loudly.

"I see you, I see you. Jes wanted to make you stand there for a while." The packet was forcefully snatched from his hand and the CEO had to fight the urge to shout at the blond for his attitude. He felt Malik grab his arm and sit him down on the chair he had been sitting in and he remained silent as he listened to Jouno shuffle the papers, making a few grunts of approval. "Okay…all looks in order. Gimme the collar, Mal."

Seto's head then whipped around at that. No one had mentioned a collar. The blond grunted at him, reaching out to grasp his chin and turn his face away. The brunette frowned as the Egyptian came around in front of him and cupped his face, tilting his chin up. His slanted eyes darted from left to right as he felt Jouno's hands come around on either side in his neck. He saw the collar, gold with sapphire studs in it and a cat head shaped tag that said 'Seto' and a bell on it. He watched with disdain as the other teen attached the collar to him and Malik let him go.

"You are nevah to take that off, you are nevah to try and cushion the bell so it makes no noise. You nevah question me, talk back, protest, whine, complain, nothing. You go home today, tell Mokuba some excuse and let him take care of your company with some guidance at a distance. Then you come to my apartment and you come to my place, not yours." Jouno explained, turning the CEO's face away when Seto tried to look at him, "In public, we call each other by our official names. But in private, I am master, and you are slave."

Seto sighed noisily at all of these terms, crossing his arms. This time he did not turn to the blond, taking the hint after his face kept being turned away, "And how long is this supposed to last? Your papers were sketchy on that."

"A year."


End of Chapter 1