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Kiss My Hand At My Command

Chapter 13

By Reppa

Kaiba was hanging his head, tired of hanging there still. The tomb robber was nevertheless having his fun with him, as unrelenting as he was known to be. "Aren't you the very least bored with this?" The brunette hissed with severe annoyance, glaring at him through narrowed eyes. All he was given in return was a haughty laugh and a smart smack across the cheek, something the white haired thief seemed very fond of doing.

"Why…I can't be bored yet because we haven't gotten to my absolute favorite part…Then when I'm done, well, your misery can ease away to nothingness."

That didn't sound like it would bode well.

And it didn't look to bode well either as he watched the tomb robber twirl a small dagger in hand, gold hilt of intertwining snakes and the blade six inches in length. The CEO stiffened as the edge was ran it's way lightly along his jaw and down over his throat before the metal cut across his collarbone swiftly, making him flinch. Naturally, on sight of the weapon he had expected that to come as well as the flick that gave his cheek a small cut. He expected much more as well.

"See, while everything else has been all well and good, nothing amuses me more than to watch you bleed and squirm. I take pleasure in blood play above anything."

Freak. Psycho. Pervert. Sadistic son of a bitch. A whole vocabulary of terms he wanted to spit at the fiend ran through his head, feeling more small, stinging wounds being inflicted along his arms, sides, and a few on his thighs. But the worst came when he pressed the dagger against the small of his back, which was still sore and wounded from the damage Jounouchi had done before, and dragged the blade painfully down to his tailbone. The idea of someone reveling in another's misery in such a manner had never really been something Kaiba considered to happen for real. He never cared nor had the time to consider it, but he was unfortunately well aware of it now.

He winced, feeling the tomb robber lazily lick an exceptionally deep cut on his upper arm. The more the cuts were lethargically bleeding, the more lightheaded Seto was starting to feel. That was just great, he was going to hang here, molested and tortured, strapped up and bleeding to death with the resident freak sucking on his wounds. It was no where near appealing though unconsciously the brunette smirked weakly, he knew he'd die as a bloody mess, he just hadn't pictured ending up like this.


"Of all the most obvious places…Malik, tell me, Ryou's yami is partially retarded isn't he? I mean, despite the clever thing once or twice, he's pretty damn stupid right?"

"This coming from the mental wreck who tortures the richest and most powerful person in Domino that can have him dragged into an alley and pulverized by his men?"

At that Jounouchi turned around to balefully stare over at Yami, brown eyes narrowed at him. That pest was going to keep riding him for this until he cracked or something. How many times was he going to have to explain to him Kaiba agreed to the whole thing until he finally accepted it? Geez. "Look, Yami, I got two words for you. Shut. Up. Now, can you do that?"

"Am I going to have to throttle the both of you? Just the two of you shut up, I could swear he'd hear you two blocks away by now." It was now Malik's turn to get a little annoyed with the two. Ever since he and the Pharaoh had tracked Jounouchi down to find Bakura, the two had done nothing but hiss and spit at each other and act like a couple of children. It just wasn't like them. He was used to them being friends. "Jounouchi, chill. Yes, Bakura is stupid, why do you think he can't understand 'I am not yours' when it's said to him fifty-two times? And Yami, stop letting your panties get in a bunch. Jou is genetically mental, get over it."

"I am not mental." The gold-blond mumbled to himself, arms crossed as they neared Ryou's home. It was kept so well, it was eerie really. Finely trimmed hedges and mowed lawn to perfection. But what would you expect? With his father always away, the boy's mother really didn't have much else to do with herself except clean and gardening. As they advanced to the door, Malik was in the lead and threw them both another warning of pain in order to get them in line before knocking on the door. When he had no answer after the first knock, he did as he had done back at Shizuka's and mercilessly pounded on the door. Jounouchi gave the spirit next to him a quizzical look, "And I'm the mental one…?"

Yami hummed to himself, looking back at him wearily, "I may take that back…"

Malik hissed a 'shut up' at them as the door cracked open, the brown eyed white haired boy peeking out before opening the door fully and stepping out, shutting it. He gave them a warm smile, propping himself against the wood. "Hello, guys!"

"Yeah, let us in." Jounouchi grunted, causing the Egyptian in front of him to slap a hand to his forehead. How subtle.

"Oh…no. I really can't do that, my mother wouldn't approve…"

"Your mom isn't here."

"Y-Yes she is. Why wouldn't she be?"

"Her car's gone."

"That doesn't mean anything…" The Pharaoh commented, rolling his eyes at the redundancy.

The blond shook his head, "Yeah it does…they have no garage! So they can't hide it…And there's no car in the driveway! She's not here!"

The timid boy leaning on the door shook his head back at him, smiling weakly, "That's not true…it's in the shop and my mother is in the kitchen. Really."

"Move, Ryou…"


"Did he just tell me no?!"

Yami blinked, "I believe so."

"That's it! Move!! MOVE!" Malik all but screamed, hair standing up on end as his darker personality took over. He looked as he had when he first changed on the Battle Ship. Fists shaking in the air angrily, Marik scowled at him and practically shoved him aside for entrance, "Let me through already!! Move!! I want this over with so Malik will cease ranting about that obnoxious tomb robber and I don't have to listen to those two morons gripe at each other!!"

Ryou yelped as he was moved aside forcefully, knocked to the ground and into the flower bed as Marik stormed in, leaving the three to watch him retreat inside. The white haired boy blinked, sitting on a bushel of pansies before looking to Yami and Jounouchi, "I'm sorry, guys…Bakura was really insistent that I don't let anyone in. I don't know what he's doing, just that one or all of you'd come and I shouldn't let you in. What's going on?"

"You don't know he has Kaiba?" Yami inquired, kneeling down next to him and brushing a little dirt from the other boy's knee.

"He does?"

Jounouchi nodded, following after the raging Egyptian, "Yes. Naked Kaiba."

"Wait a minute…" The look on Ryou's face was one of gears turning as he could only imagine what he had missed. "Oh no…Oh no, no, no…"

He jumped with a squeak at the sound of a crashing door and the insane bellowing following suit, all compliments of Marik as he was well on his way to barging in on Bakura's fun. After which, a tremendous ruckus ensued; Bakura screaming in what was more than likely fear, Gods know what breaking, Jounouchi swearing, a few more crashes and breaking things, and who knew what else as Yami and Ryou remained outside. They stared inside, wide eyed in awe at the commotion. In seconds, they saw a flash of white whip past them followed by a very deranged looking Marik and they watched as one chased the other up and down and all over the neighborhood, breaking and trampling everything in their wake.

"This has to be the most fucked up rescue operation ever." Ryou nearly jumped from his skin, being enthralled as he watched the rampaging chaos too much so to notice the blond joining them, shirtless as well. His shirt was now on a very cross looking Kaiba he was holding, whose arms, legs, and upper body were riddled with small cuts. As he took in the damage his yami had done, Jounouchi watched as Marik finally caught Bakura for a good assault. "So…back home?"

"If you mean my home, yes." Kaiba scowled lightly, hands rubbing his sore arms despite how the cuts hurt to be rubbed. He shifted a little, ready to lay down anywhere and rest the pain away.


"Yes, Jounouchi, this has gone on long enough. Let Kaiba be and give him the God card so that this will all be done with." Yami ordered, frowning at his friend. He wanted to be able to go back to his aibou without worrying that Jounouchi was going to do whatever else to the brunette. "Put him down, give him the card, and we'll all be on our way."

"I have one objection to that…I am not going home to Mokuba covered in cuts like this. Or at least visible one." Seto hissed at him, his voice a little weak. He had done a good deal of bleeding and the sooner he was cleaned up and fully clothed, the sooner he could go home. And with Ra in hand.

"Fine…I'll let Kaiba go home…but he can't have the God card."


Kaiba snarled, despite his weakened state, he gripped at the blond teen's hair, "I survived all this hell…that God card is mine! Mine, damn it! So you give it to me when we return to your apartment for my clothes!"

"So? You're not filling out the year requirement, so you can't have it. Want someone to blame, blame Yami." Jounouchi winced some at the hair grabbing, one eye closed. He had to admit, Kaiba was still attractive when he was mad, even if he was a bloodied mess now. He wouldn't mind licking any of that up as long as he didn't end up getting the stuffing beat out of him. "I'd rather just send you packing for home so I don't have him up my ass over you."

The brunette gave the Pharaoh a severe glare, laced with venom. He just couldn't win. He really couldn't win. If it was one thing, it was another. And it happened again and again and for the first time, he really wondered if getting Ra and all the God monsters and reclaiming his former title was really worth it. At this point, he'd just be lucky to count his losses and just go home already. But that didn't mean he couldn't be furious with Yami…or Jounouchi for that matter as he glared at the blond again, "I will get that damn card! One way or another!"

"Yeah? Well, you'll have to save that for another day. Now that Marik's done pulverizing Bakura, it looks safe to get back so you can get all spruced up to go home."


It felt good to be back in his old clothes. No more nakedness. After he had showered and thoroughly cleaned his stinging wounds, while managing to keep the mutt from imposing on him, Kaiba was getting redressed in his black and long white jacket. He could remember the last time he had it on, when the blond was ordering him to take it off and get down on his knees. He made a face at the memory, though thinking about it made his stomach feel strange. Shaking the feeling off, he neglected the collar about his neck as he stalked into the living room.

Jounouchi was lounging back on the couch, a magazine in hand and he didn't really look up immediately at the CEO's entrance. Then he perked a brow, looking up with a grin, looking him up and down appreciatively. "Decided to go then? Yeah, for the better I guess…don't want Yami to hassle me…"

"Knowing you, I don't really think you'd be too bothered by him either way…" Seto snorted, taking his briefcase up. At least the mutt had the decency to not roam through it. A particular question was on the tip of his tongue, one involving what Yami had informed him on the blond's parents. It was rather disturbing, the thought of it. And he was sure it was something he didn't like discussing, "So…is it safe to assume you've got some natural brain damage?"

That was asked with a smirk and replied to with a raised brow before Jounouchi shook his head with a low laugh. Sometimes Yami was a pain in the butt, he really was. Why'd he have to tell Kaiba about that? "What, they told you about that? Not really any of your business, I don't ask you about Gonzo."


"Same thing, they're both ugly and stupid."

Sometimes he wondered…Kaiba shook his head before settling him with a decent glare, "Don't think I'm not going to get you back for what you've put me through."

"Yeah? What could you possibly do that I won't see coming?"

A good point, but one he had thought over, "This was all some silly little game you wound my up in…maybe I'll have my own. Then you'll see how I play with my toys…then you'll have no choice but to give me Ra and lick my boots like the mutt you are."

"Oh, I'm shaking…Bring it."


(Upcoming sequel will be titled, 'Lick My Boot At My Order'.)

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