Hello dear readers, and welcome to my story!

This is Book Two of "A Song of Guns, Germs and Steel" - my medieval meets modern asoiaf crossover. I strongly recommend finding and reading the original first, for canon has been quite radically derailed by this point.

Please read no further here, unless you want to risk ***spoilers***

It opens one day – a colossal Ring, half a mile high or more, in the hills over Blackwater Bay.

What lies beyond is a whole new world, stranger and more wonderful than any can imagine. Beyond it is a world of magic and machines – the world of the flying men.

And their presence has changed the course of history forever.

After the great Battle of King's Landing Stannis Baratheon holds a tenuous grasp on the Iron Throne, his reign resting on an uneasy alliance with Mace Tyrell, the lord of Highgarden, who has betrothed his eldest son Willas Tyrell to the princess Shireen. Of the great houses, Stark and Tully have also sworn their allegiance to King Stannis, while the others sit on the sidelines, watching events unfold.

To the west, his great rival is found in the nine-year-old pretender queen, Myrcella Baratheon, claimed by her family to be the last surviving child of the late king Robert. Backing her is the former Hand of the King, the scheming Lord Tywin Lannister, who will stop at nothing to place his progeny back on the throne. The Lannisters do not stand alone however. They have rallied the newborn Faith Militant to their side, along with a rebellious House Hightower. Elsewhere, many other pious lords are sharpening their swords, fearful that the Stranger's Servants are descending on the realm.

And still none seem to know - who are these mysterious flying men truly? From what world have they come? And what agenda do they hold?

A SONG OF GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL is a Westeros meets the modern world fanfiction, where a mysterious portal has opened up between G.R.R.M's fantasy world and an unwitting modern day Australia. As cultures clash, suspicions grow and tempers flare, few conceive of what dangers Planetos truly holds - and even our own world is far from peaceful.

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