Chapter 6 Fun & Work Never Stop

AN: I forgot to mention this in the prologue but this is not Main Marvel, Earth 616 world, but a different one. No luck on the numbers but note that a good number of characters will arc different from then main counterparts & a few events haven't take place yet. Now, that's out of the way, enjoy the next chapter :)

A new day has come, morning in New York and we see our web warrior web swing for a patrol. Well, not that kind of patrol as he chasing someone and doing their cat & spider game for fun or a morning workout if one looks at it in a different way.

Naruto and Felicia decied to have their chase on for the morning, get a good warm-up for their day. The blonde had posted his first story on the New Enforcers and their partner up with Spiderman & Black Cat, making a great hit in today's news. Not bad for his week on the job and now it's time for some fun.

Spiderman soon webswinged upwards and landed on the building rooftop, landing in front of Black Cat and stopped in her tracks.

"There we are. Looks like an easy game for me, Cat," Spiderman commented.

"Oh no, sweetheart. I thought you know me better by now. I don't give up," Black Cat said as she does a little spin on her feet before stopping to look at her boyfriend, opening her eyes which flashed a little green and become slit like a cat for a second which they stare right into Spider's eyes.

Spiderman blinked a couple of times as this was new to him, being both amazed and strange at the same time.

Black Cat smirked as she knows what she did before kissing her boyfriend's cheeks and kept running, not letting morning chase be done yet.

"No, the chase is over," Spiderman said as he brought his web-shooters to shoot his webs but something happened and caused different feedback instead of his normal web line.

The web-shooters feedback came back onto the Web Warrior, capturing him in a net made of web.

"What the hell?!" Spiderman said in shock, not believing this as this never happened before, and was surprised by it.

Black Cat giggled at that and said, "Didn't I forget to mention of a little power I have? Luck or rather Bad Luck like black cats have."

"You...," Spiderman started before getting upset on struggling with the next and used his talons to claw his way out of the web net.

"*Sigh*, you never told me that and I don't recall you having that power," Spiderman said as Peter's memories were unless as he never dealt with this before.

"Trade secret," Black Cat teased before blowing a kiss to the spider and kept the case going.

"Okay, Felicia has bad luck powers and it seems she needs to have eye contact with who she wants to have bad luck. But how long it last? Good question and something tells me I will have to find out the hard way," Spiderman thought, recalling how his girl's eyes shin and change for a second before his bad luck came.

Spiderman ran to the edge and was about to shoot a web towards Black Cat but a helicopter flew right past in front of him and his web attached to the helicopter instead. His eyes widen and know what was going to happen as he flew away with the copter.

Black Cat smirked and enjoyed the scene of Spiderman flying away.

Spiderman then let go of the web which resulted in his fall into a large garbage truck, much to his despair.

"Oh come on," Spiderman mumbled to himself before web-swinging out of the truck and follow Black Cat, noting his luck was returning to normal now.

Black Cat turns her head too behind her, seeing her boyfriend was not giving up and was catching up with her.

"Easy up with the birds," Black Cat commented as her eyes shined at the spider and caused another bad luck to come again.

"What?" Spiderman questioned with a raised eyebrow, not catching what cat meant until it was too late.

The wall-crawler swung but was stopped as some birds came smashing into his face and resulted in him crashing into the side of a building. He grunted in pain before using his left arm to swing at the birds and scare them away.

"Why is my spider-sense not working?" Spiderman asked himself out loud and couldn't understand why it doesn't work on Felicia or Michele when something like this happens to him. Why him?

Black Cat jumped from rooftop to rooftop and landed on a roof where the outdoor pool was out. She looked around for her boyfriend, seeing no sign of him, and almost thought that he gave up but not so much.

Before the white-haired beauty could move on, she was stopped when Spiderman jumped in front of her and blocked her path of escape.

"Okay, that's enough. Chase is over, Cat," Spiderman said, having enough of the bad luck powers.

"Not over yet, Spider," Black Cat said which she shinned her eyes at the web warrior who tackles her but was too late as bad luck hit him.

Spiderman had fallen towards Black Cat, making her smirk and hugged him very tight which resulted in them falling into the pool, making a splash, and caused them both to be wet but hey, clean up after everything.

Soon enough, the pair came out of the water, Black Cat still hugging Spiderman tightly as the said spider swam them to the edge of the pool and he sighed after everything that has happened.

"Well at least I'm clean up," Spiderman remarked, taking a good note to all of this mess.

Black Cat giggled at that remark and said, "True. Sorry about the bad luck swing your way."

"It's cool Felicia. I can never be mad at you and was a good tease, prank too," Spiderman commented.

"Nothing like your crazy pranks?" Black Cat asked.

"I was a kid at the time and did a lot of crazy stuff but this one has new meaning," Spiderman admitted.

"And how about this?" Black Cat questioned with a smirk as she brought her hands by the spider's mask to pull it up.

"Totally different," Spiderman said.

"Let's see."

Spiderman and Black Cat kissed while holding each other tightly in the pool which their simple kiss turn more heated. It would have gotten more heated and bolder but the need for air stopped them and a phone ringed.

Spiderman sighed with a groan which Black Cat shared on their moment was stopped but life is life.

Spiderman answered his phone which he was lucky to get withstand water and got out of the pool with Black Cat sitting next to him.

"Naruto here," Naruto said.

"Hey, Naruto. Just want to say great work on your first report and Robbie says to keep it up," The editor, or one of them, Ben Urich.

"Thanks, Ben. Glad that everyone liked my first news report," Naruto said.

"Some, yeah but everyone in the office loved it. Keep it up and you might run the company," Ben joked.

"Yeah, I don't think so," Naruto said with a small laugh as Felicia kept on hugging him close and rubbed his chest while purring and enjoyed this close with her boyfriend.

"Indeed. Now writing stories like this is good, Robbie wants you to take some pictures of New York's lifestyle, get a good image of what the city is like, and away from a criminal activity if can't be helped. Mayor Jameson would like it, and not you know what," Ben informed.

Naruto sighed, knowing about JJJ from Peter's memories and how the mayor was onto him lately. Not like he was back in the old days but still, Jameson is Jameson who is lucky that the blonde is not a kid anymore or else he would be unleashing his pranks.

"You understand?" Ben asked.

"I understand Ben. I will get onto that and send you pictures of the lifestyle. And if something happens, I will get that too," Naruto replied.

"Good. Take care Naruto," Ben said.

"You too Ben," Naruto said as the two ended the phone call.

"So much for a whole of hanging out," Felicia said.

"Yeah, but it happens. I promise to make it to you and Michele tonight," Naruto said as he pulled his mask down while putting his phone away.

"We will hold you up to that, Spider," Black Cat said as she kissed the spider's cheeks.

"I know you will, Cat," Spiderman said as he kissed the cat's forehead.

"Good," Black Cat commented with a smirk and enjoyed spending time with her boyfriend who she is sharing, and might get more to join his harem unless she says the okay and judges them first. And yes, has plans for later tonight.

Time Skip

"Wow, I never know you did this kind of modeling and I buy most of this stuff," Michele said in surprise as she learns more about Felicia's special skill in modeling.

"Thanks. I sometimes suprise myself on what I can do," Felicia said as she hands Michele her clothes as she was changing back to and found what she needed.

Since Naruto was working and taking pictures until the afternoon, Michele decied to have a girls time and took Felicia with her shopping to pass time which the white-haired beauty was cool with it.

"So we are going to surprise Naruto tonight?" Michele asked as she comes out of the dressing room.

"Nah, not tonight. Later this week, I want to get him to relax into this status, new to him and needs to welcome them," Felicia said, knowing that Naruto is working about it and needs a good amount of people in his heart in this new world.

Unknown to the pair is that Naruto will bump into a certain redhead by accident when taking pictures and should be a very interesting interaction between the pair while a certain cop is onto the New Spiderman, but doesn't have the clear picture.

Avengers Tower (Meeting Room)

The first one stands out as one of the greatest heroes, the First Avenger, Captain America (Steve Rogers) who put his shield behind his back took a seat which three more joins to start the meeting.

The second is an amazing and gorgeous woman with beautiful long red hair, stunning blue eyes, and her body was very developed which showed years of training, making women jealous of her. She wore a tight black suit that hugged her figure in the right places, golden wrists gauntlets which are known as her Widow Bites, a golden belt with a black widow symbol in the middle of it, and black boots. This was Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), one of the world's super-spy and member of the Avengers.

The third is a gorgeous, tall woman with long, silk black hair, her body showing to be a very developed one, with a chest that can make any other women feel jealous of her, while her lower half and other features could make any men fall on his knees. She was dressed in an orange/red suit, which had her belly yellow in color along with the area between her breasts, black lines being seen all around her suit. A mask that covered only her eyes, allowing her pink lips to remain free, a pair of spider-like themed visors, and a black and golden triangle on her forehead.

She was also wearing a pair of yellow gloves, yellow boots and one of the most noticing aspects of her suit was the web-like wings that could be seen attached to her arms or more accurately under her arms. This was Spiderwoman (Jessica Drew), another member of the Avengers.

The fourth was Wolverine (Logan) who was wearing the familiar yellow and black suit with the black cowl as well.

These four were having a meeting about the sudden appearances of the New Spiderman. They first thought it was the old one with a new look during the past month or two but changed when seeing him in action and his personality was a bit different from the original. And how he had given a group of criminals a chance & a certain thief as well. Hmm, they will need to have a look into that.

Black Widow hummed in thought as she read the news report of Spiderman & his allies taking Hammerhead down. She found the article too specific and on the list, too good to be added. She also found out that the person that wrote this, Naruto Uzumaki, was new around here, too new and something to keep an eye on. Hmm, this should be interesting.

Outside of New York

On the aircraft, we see a group of men wearing yellow hazmat suits and were recording everything they have on this New Spiderman for their leaders. This might be a breakthrough for their group as capturing the New Spider and running tests will create super soldiers of their own kind.

They need to call in a few favors and see if one of them can capture the Spider which one might have better luck than the rest.

Underground Base in Washington DC

In underground base, green & yellow in color with a familiar skull & octopus flag symbol. A lone figure sits in a throne-like chair while crossing the legs and hummed in thought as they watch the motor that shows different showings of the New Spiderman in action.

The light came on and showed who was sitting on the throne who was a beautiful young woman with long black hair as the night itself, a pair of deep green eyes, which looked like the eyes of a snake, and black lipstick located on her lips. Her body showed to be at her prime, her figure outmatching any normal woman, her breasts being extremely big and her bottom being able very developed, her slim figure making any man and even woman fall for her.

She was dressed into an extremely tight, green, sleeveless bodysuit made of leather, two light green belts around her waist with two bags attached to them, a pair of long leather green gloves on her hands, a pair of light green high-heeled boots, and a long black whip being present in her hands. This was Madame Hydra or she likes to call herself, Viper.

Viper hummed thought, watching the video of the New Spiderman very closely while other members of the Hydra High Council had the information on it as well and know that Otto is not in control but rather someone else. Oh, they know from the getgo what that good doctor had planned and even give him technology support in return for his membership in Hydra but it seems that plans have changed and become something else.

However, Viper, like a snake, can use this to her edge and something for her uses.

This should be interesting.


Naruto's Harem: Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Gwen, Michele, Julia Carpenter, MJ, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Silk, Spider-woman (Jessica Drew), Kitty Pryde, She-Hulk, Rogue, Jean Grey, Songbird, Tigra, Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel, Mockingbird, Elektra, Emma Frost, Psylocke, Domino, Scarlet Witch, and X-23/Talon

In works, 50/50 for sure: White Tiger, Beetle (Lincoln), Amora, Wraith (Yuri), Storm, Diamondback, Asp, Black Mamba, Deathbird, Polaris, Jet Black (Zola), and Viper others I might have missed but no more than that.

Side Pairings (So Far, and open for opinions as I might add other Naruto's characters into the story, and should I do it? If so, got any ideas for that?)

Steve Rogers x Sharon Carter

Tony Stark x Pepper Potts

Rest open for more