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Guard Tamer: Associates of Anarchy
By: RB3

Chapter 1: Onward to the Digital World

Science is a very powerful tool if used with wisdom. If scientific knowledge was great enough, one could perform the most miraculous feats. On an Earth similar to ours where science was more advanced, scientists worked on an ambitious project known as the GAIA project. It was to be the crowning achievement in the study of artificial intelligence; an AI capable of behaving like humans. This project was literally the creation of artificial life itself.

However, Murphy's Law stated that anything that could go wrong will go wrong, and the events that occurred later proved that dearly. At the centre of these events were two siblings, Esteena and Akira Violet. Esteena was one of the scientists responsible for GAIA's creation. Esteena's team created GAIA based on a fundamentally flawed, artificial brainwave pattern. These fatal flaws turned GAIA into a genocidal killing machine bent on destroying his creators; humanity itself.

GAIA kept his evil intentions hidden and secretly built up a group of followers. Among the followers he had assembled were Digimon, creatures created from computer data and the dreams of the peoples of the world. These creatures were capable of great destruction, but were also capable of great friendship with their creators, especially children. The Digimon lived in the Digital World, a dimensional plane connected to humanity's world, the Real World.

GAIA, now renaming himself as "Overlord GAIA," began his attack on the world with the Blight of GAIA. He had launched thousands of missiles from his headquarters on the Kernel Zone, a space station the size of a moon. The missiles contained a virulent and deadly biochemical weapon known as Blight. This initial attack had annihilated over a third of the world's population. Among these victims was Esteena's own brother, Akira Violet.

Through hope and a desire for repentance, Esteena used Akira's brainwave pattern as the basis of a new GAIA AI, True GAIA. True GAIA was also known as the Avenger of Humanity, the one who would finally end the genocidal conquest of Overlord GAIA. The two GAIA AIs met and their battle spilled into the Digital World of a Real World separate from True GAIA's. True GAIA sealed Overlord GAIA in his own Kernel Zone in Chaos Tower. True GAIA separated himself into two parts to recover for his final battle with Overlord GAIA.

The part that represented Akira Violet became a Guard Tamer, a hero who defended this new Digital World with the help of Digimon. Overlord GAIA had amassed a new set of followers called the Blood Knights, the evil equivalent of the Guard Tamers. As the time of the final battle grew closer, Akira and those around him began to experience visions from Akira's past. These visions guided Akira in regaining his true identity. The two halves of True GAIA merged and defeated Overlord GAIA once and for all.

The Guard Tamers began a campaign against Overlord GAIA's followers in Akira's home world. After severe initial setbacks, the Guard Tamers went on the offensive. The Guard Tamers' latest battle led them to a desert in the United States of America. This desert was seemingly devoid of any life. The sun beat down on the dunes of sand below, as though turning it into glass. The air was dry and hot, and there was no water to be seen for miles around. The wind picked up and blew the grains of sand into the air.

In this desert was a campsite painted over to blend in with the sandy wastes. Several heavily armoured vehicles gathered just outside this camp's sensor range. These vehicles had six wheels joined to their chassis by stalks. At the front of the vehicle were eyes that scanned the area looking for anything of note. On the top of these vehicles were dome shaped turrets sheltering powerful cannons. The beetle-like bodies of the vehicles shimmered with the colours of sand, as though a strange force was camouflaging them. These vehicles were appropriately named Digibeetles.

In one of these Digibeetles was a twelve-year-old boy who was half Japanese, half Caucasian. He had red hair, and wore a pair of night vision goggles on his forehead. He was in a set of black camouflage army fatigues, and boots. He wore a black jacket with the emblem of a sword stitched on the arms and chest. This emblem was the emblem of the boy's Guard Team, the Black Sword. This boy was Commander Akira Violet, the hero who defeated Overlord GAIA. Akira was seated in front of the controls to the Digibeetle's cannon.

Akira looked into the viewing screen of his instruments. "The enemy camp is dead ahead. There's some gunners manning the turrets, but I don't see any Digimon or troops out there. It looks like a trap."

With Akira was an attractive twelve-year-old girl of Caucasian descent. A silver helmet covered her pink hair, and on the helmet's raised visor was a gold cross. The girl was in a uniform with a white jacket and blue camouflage pants. On the jacket's arms and chest was the emblem of a golden hawk with its wings open. This was the Gold Hawk Guard Team's emblem. This girl was Esmeralda, an Elite ranked Guard Tamer, and Akira's second in command. Esmeralda operated the Digibeetle's movement controls, and she looked at her viewing screen.

"It seems strangely quiet," she replied.

"Darkfryer, Lillith, Amar, you guys ready for some action?" asked Akira.

On Akira and Esmeralda's screens was the image of three Digimon. The Digimon were in a world filled with various strange green characters like letters of the alphabet and numbers. The leftmost Digimon resembled a biped black lizard engulfed in flames of darkness. A pair of red eyes peered through the holes of the golden helmet on his head. On the helmet was the same sword insignia on Akira's jacket. His claws were a golden colour and looked very sharp. This Digimon was a Dark Lizamon, Darkfryer.

====================Digimon Analyzer====================
Name: Dark Lizamon
Type: Virus
Level: Champion

Dark Lizamon is the dark version of the fiery Flare Lizamon. Flames of darkness surround this Digimon's body.

Dread Fire - Dark Lizamon can spray jets of energy rasping black fire from his claws. The flames aren't truly fire, but rather dark energy made to look and act like fire.

Snipe Fang - Dark Lizamon enhances his claws with power, then slashes his foe. This empowered slash can fling a blade of energy at an enemy.

The middle Digimon was humanoid, had black skin, and resembled an Indian god. This Digimon had two pairs of arms, and three faces. He was wearing a lot of jewellery, including golden bracelets, anklets, and the statue of a broken ring on his back. His hair was a fiery red, and his body was engulfed in flames. On his muscular chest was a gold tattoo that resembled the emblem on Esmeralda's jacket. This Digimon was an Asuramon named Amar.

====================Digimon Analyzer====================
Name: Asuramon
Type: Vaccine
Level: Ultimate

Asuramon is based on a figure from Indian myth. This three-faced Digimon has great power over fire.

Hand of Asura - Asuramon can engulf his hands with fire to enhance his punches or spray the fire outwards like a flamethrower.

Multiple Faces - Asuramon's faces light up, causing three different beneficial effects to occur. These effects include attacking enemies with a random elemental, giving allies minor healing, enhancing the attributes of allies, and weakening the attributes of enemies.

The rightmost Digimon looked like small black cat with wide yellow eyes. On her front paws was a pair of purple gloves with tiger-like black stripes. The same sword pattern as Akira's jacket was stitched onto the back of her gloves. Her tail was long with purple stripes and ended in three spikes of purple fur. Her ears were pointed and each ended in a pair of spikes made of purple fur like her tail. This Digimon was a Black Gatomon who went by the name of Lillith.

====================Digimon Analyzer====================
Name: Black Gatomon
Type: Virus
Level: Champion

Black Gatomon is the dark counterpart to the normal Gatomon. She is a cunning, agile fighter who can hypnotize foes with her eyes.

Lightning Paw - Black Gatomon can punch and claw foes so fast, that her paws look like blurs to a bystander.

Cat's Eye Hypnotism - Black Gatomon's eyes glow violet, and if a foe looks into her eyes, they fall asleep.

"I'm ready!" stated Amar.

"Any time!" said Darkfryer.

Lillith winked at Akira flirtatiously. "I'm going to show you my stuff, darling!"

Akira blushed before giving the order to attack. The Digibeetles sped to the campsite, leaving several grooves in the sand. One of the Digibeetles took aim on a turret, and fired several bolts of yellow energy. As the shots hit the turret, sparks flew from the turret's metal, leaving dents behind. A missile swooshed from another Digibeetle and slammed into the turret. In a vibrant red conflagration, the turret fragmented into pieces. In a series of fast and hard attacks, each turret fell to the Guard Tamers' Digibeetle fire.

"Cease fire!" ordered Akira. "The enemy isn't retaliating. Release our Digimon and secure the area."

Several azure beams emanated from the Guard Tamers' Digibeetles, and their Digimon appeared. Darkfryer, Lillith, Amar, and Akira's Digibeetle took a defensive posture in front of the entrance of the captured camp. The other members of the squad surrounded the camp and kept a constant visual watch for any enemies attempting an ambush. The camp itself was vacant and seemed to be abandoned.

Several large, sand-coloured APCs moved into the camp. They had tracked wheels and were heavily armoured and armed. The APCs had a rectangular shape and on the top of the vehicles were swivelling turrets. The APCs' front was wedge shaped and had a pair of mechanical eyes similar to that of the Digibeetles. These APCs stopped at the edge of the camp and their rear doors opened wide into ramps.

Several seemingly faceless men and women in mottled khaki uniforms stormed into the camp. Each wore boots, a set of goggles over their eyes, and a helmet on their heads. They were all armed with military level weaponry ranging from assault rifles to submachine guns. With a gunshot, they forcefully opened the door to each building, beginning with the operations centre. One by one, they stormed into each building with expedient efficiency, only to find no one inside.

A squad of these soldiers, Digital City marines, stormed a burning defensive tower. One of the squad's members armed his grenade launcher and fired an ice grenade into the flames. The grenade descended into the roaring inferno and exploded with a hiss. Instantly, a massive amount of ice burst out of the grenade and the air in the tower cooled down. The flames abated, leaving a charred cockpit with a set of burnt equipment, and a charred mannequin seated in the chair.

"Sir, no one was manning the turrets. They were set to rotate automatically," reported a marine over the radio.

The leading marine heard several similar reports from other squads. "What's going on here?"

"We can't find any signs of the enemy here. It seems the enemy has abandoned this camp," reported another marine.

"Keep looking, we might find clues," urged the leader.

The Digital City marines continued the search until they found a metal hatch. The marines forced the hatch open and descended down the ladder to a bunker built underground. It was dark and the marines walked down the hallways using night vision goggles to see. Eventually they found a large room with an archway built onto a platform in the middle. After a thorough search they found the bunker was empty as well, and the marines returned to secure the archway.

The archway was made of metal and had its circuitry exposed. There were several computers nearby and connected to the arch by wires. The marines concluded that this arch was Digiport technology, which could create gates between dimensions like the Digital World and the Real World. A computer specialist came in and hacked the computers for clues. He found logs in the computers files and proceeded to read them.

"What did you find?" asked a marine.

"The enemy was getting those Data Loaders from another world as we suspected," replied the specialist. "These logs show that several portals had been opened into a Digital World, and several Data Loaders had passed through. This Digital World is not connected to the world we're in."


It had been many months since the defeat of the D-Reaper by the hands of the Digimon Tamers and their allies. They returned to their former lives as normal children, not forgetting the partners they've grown to love. It was a summer day and school was out for months. A twelve-year-old boy walked in Shinjuku park of Tokyo. He wore a pair of yellow-rimmed goggles over his brown hair . He was wearing a blue T-shirt, and a grey pair of pants. His thoughts were of the promise he made to his Digimon partner to reunite one day.

The boy, Takato Matsuki, sighed. "Guilmon, it looks like I won't be able to keep my promise..." he said mentally.

Takato made his way to a familiar area. It was where he and his Digimon Guilmon spent much of their time. The verdant trees and grass concealed a set of cobblestone stairs leading upwards to a small bunker. This bunker was made of light grey concrete, and had metal fencing made of black iron. This bunker was Guilmon's former hideout and home, and the site of many meetings between Takato and his Tamer friends.

Takato was wrapped up in nostalgia and paid this place a visit. Unknown to him, a glowing white, groundhog-like creature flew above him briefly before flying away and vanishing. As he approached the bunker, he saw a shimmering light. Inside the bunker was a nexus of energy that glowed white. At the centre of this nexus was a grid-like series of red lines. The nexus seemed to draw the world around it inwards, and distort it. Takato moved closer and soon recognized this nexus as a gateway to the Digital World.

A smiled formed on his face. "Looks like I will keep my promise after all!" said Takato mentally.

Takato wasted no time in calling his Tamer friends over. The first to come were two half Chinese, half Japanese siblings. The older sibling was a boy Takato's age, and had dark blue hair. He was wearing an orange vest with black clothes underneath. The younger sibling was a girl about six years old, and wore pink Chinese style clothes. Her hair was a mauve colour, and tied to the side. These two were Henry and Suzie Wong respectively.

"I'm here Takato, where's the portal?" asked Henry.

"It's in the hideout."

"Yeah, I get to see Lopmon!" cheered Suzie with a lisp.

The second group consisted of two female Tamers of Takato's age. The first wore blue jeans, and a white shirt with blue sleeves and a blue heart on the front. Her brown hair was tied backwards, and she seemed somewhat tomboyish with her tough, no nonsense aura. The second was more feminine, and had brown hair that was a darker shade. She wore a green dress with a yellow collar and sleeves. She wore a purse that had a picture of a cartoon dog on it. These two girls were Rika Nonaka and Jeri Katou.

"Hi, Takato!" greeted Jeri.

"Hi, Jeri!"

"You'd better be right, Gogglehead..." said Rika.

The next group consisted of two boys. The first had black hair in a bowl-shaped style, and wore glasses. He wore a grey T-shirt with an orange shirt underneath and brown trousers. He seemed to be a very meek person, unlike the second boy, who was more of a show-off. This second boy wore a navy blue cap, and had a spiky, upright, hairdo. In particular, he was wearing a black shirt with a yellow cross emblem on it. These two boys were Kazu Shioda, and Kenta Kitagawa.

The next boy was Ryo Akiyama, the eldest of the Tamers. He was a handsome boy with brown hair and tanned skin. He was wearing a grey shirt, khaki pants, and a red bandanna around his neck. Following him was the last group, a pair of siblings who looked like twins. Both of them had brown hair, but the girl's hair was tied up into ponytails with pink ribbons. She was wearing a pink dress. The boy had a handheld, electronic device protruding from the pockets of his denim suspenders. These siblings were Ai and Mako.

"Everyone, the portal is inside Guilmon's old hideout!" said Takato.

Everyone took a look to see if Takato was correct. Indeed he was, and everyone was happy about seeing his or her Digimon partners again. The Digimon Tamers agreed to make preparations and meet again the next day. Though they were reluctant, the Tamers' parents knew how much this meant to their children, and let them go to their reunion. The Tamers returned to the hideout with backpacks filled with food and other useful provisions.

"Where's Takato?" asked Henry.

As if on cue, Takato came running down the road with a standard made out of bamboo and canvas. Along the flag were caricatures of the Tamers themselves, and next to each face was their Digimon. Takato was at the top next to the face of his partner Guilmon, a red dinosaur-like Digimon with black markings. At the bottom were the pictures of Ai and Mako next to the purple picture of the devil-like Impmon. This was what Takato dubbed the "Tamers' Flag."

"Not this again..." sighed Rika.

"This is our new Tamers' Flag. It now has pictures of everyone and their Digimon!" proclaimed Takato.

Jeri looked on the picture of the lion wistfully. "Leomon..."

The meeting was bittersweet for Jeri, as her own partner, Leomon, had fallen in battle. Ai and Mako's partner, Impmon, had received the power to Digivolve from the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon in exchange for the extermination of the Tamers. This power corrupted Beelzemon and he became mad with power and attacked the Tamers. Though Leomon tried his best to resolve the situation non-violently, Beelzemon killed Leomon with a stab to the gut.

Takato looked upon Leomon's image with regret. "Maybe I shouldn't have drawn Leomon. I kept his face only because I felt he was with us in spirit. I'm sorry Jeri."

"Don't be sorry Takato, I know you didn't mean it," said Jeri. "I feel Leomon is still with us even though he's gone."

Jeri remembered Leomon's words, and how she finally realized the truth behind them. A person had the power to change his or her own destiny. Each destiny was an important part of the whole world. The static on her Digivice finally subsided, and Leomon's image appeared to give a final affirming nod. The image vanished and the Digivice went dead, and Leomon was at peace having finally shown Jeri the truth.

She decided to change the subject. "Let's go, I want to meet Guilmon and the others!"

Takato smiled. "Okay everybody, let's go to the Digital World!"