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Guard Tamer: Associates of Anarchy
By: RB3

Chapter 17: Mission Accomplished

The cables continued to drag True GAIA into the pit and towards the whirling blades. True GAIA focused and slashed the cable that kept his foot tied down. He got up just as more cables burst out of the pit to nab him. He diced up each of the metal wires until only segments remained on the ground, writhing like worms. He fired a beam of energy into the pit which blasted the rollers into pieces. The avenging angel proceeded deeper into Galacticmon's innards by flying into the hole.

He travelled through the monolithic dragon's waste disposal tunnels and found himself in a large cylindrical room. At the centre was a massive column of made of metal and plastic. Surges of power travelled up and down the column, manifesting themselves as nimbuses of blue light. There were similar tubes running into this central column. The energy travelled through these transport tubes to furnish power for the rest of Galacticmon.

"So this is your power core..." mumbled True GAIA.

Suddenly, the metal of the room began to ooze off of the walls. It piled onto the ground and began to form into a Japanese man in his thirties. The man wore a khaki military uniform adorned with the emblem of an upside down red "V" with a circle in the middle. This stylized "A" was on a blue background, which meant only one thing; this was the emblem of the AoA. True GAIA knew this guy was an AoA member and recognized him from his status reports. He was Magami, the AoA's leader.

"Hello True GAIA, are you surprised to see me?" asked Magami.

"How did you get here?" asked True GAIA.

"You see, Galacticmon is more than just Vemmon and Gunslinger combined... He is Vemmon, Gunslinger, and I merged together!"


"Impossible? Hardly!" retorted Magami. "You see, those Tamers that are fighting Galacticmon outside are the same as I. What do you call it...? Oh yes, Biomerging! Galacticmon and I have Biomerged to make the most powerful Digimon ever."

"If you two are Biomerged, then how can you be here in person talking to me?" asked True GAIA.

"Oh ho ho! That's the beauty it. I can physically separate myself from him anytime I want, but that's not all. As long as I am linked to Galacticmon, I have powers that a normal man can only dream of!" True GAIA looked at Magami's feet and saw what looked like a metal umbilical cord connecting his back to the ground. "Ah so you understand... Now, Avenger of Humanity, let's see how powerful you really are!"

Magami rushed at True GAIA, turning his arms into silvery blades. The Avenger of Humanity parried the slashes until Magami blasted him into a wall with energy. Magami threw a spike of metal at True GAIA who dodged the projectile. The Avenger fired a wide arc of lightning which shocked the AoA leader and forced him to back off. The two rushed at each other and crossed swords. As they collided, sparks flew from the blades of Magami and True GAIA.

"Oh come on! My grandmother can fight better than you!" insulted Magami.

The two continued to exchange slashes and chops until their blades locked once again. True GAIA fired a negative energy eye beam which destroyed some of the flesh on Magami's face. He followed with a mighty energy blast which sent Magami into the wall. As the finisher for his combination moves, True GAIA sent a blast of flame which burnt off a large chunk from his body. The AoA leader's wounds quickly disappeared as his body regenerated.

"Looks like we can both regenerate," commented True GAIA.

Magami fired a blast of pressurized water which plastered True GAIA onto the wall. He followed that move with a blast of ice that froze the Avenger into a cocoon on the wall. True GAIA smashed his way out a few seconds later and fired a negative energy beam. The destructive beam tore a hole into Magami's shoulder and stunned him momentarily. After taking a gust of wind, it was Magami's turn to be plastered to the wall.

True GAIA encased the AoA leader in ice to keep him pinned to the wall. This last attack left Magami's umbilical cord exposed to attack. True GAIA threw his sword at the cord to cut off Magami's lifeline to Galacticmon. The cord suddenly snapped and reattached itself to the wall behind Magami's back. The AoA leader shattered his icy prison and slowly descended to the ground. He was impressed with True GAIA's ingenuity.

"Nice try!" complimented Magami. "...But you're going to have to do better than that."

"I'm just getting warmed up," said True GAIA.

Outside, the battle between the Digimon and the monolithic Galacticmon was titanic. Each shot rang out through the air and devastated the land like a natural disaster. It seemed that neither side could get the upper hand over the other. Beelzemon Blast Mode aimed his Corona Blaster and released a massive burst of energy. The shot struck with megaton-range force that would have annihilated virtually anything. However, Galacticmon was in a class of his own, as he took the blast without flinching.

Galacticmon returned fire with several bolts of golden energy. Beelzemon dodged the shots until one caught him in the chest. He fell from the sky and moments before crashing, he corrected himself and slid along the ground to a stop. That shot had hurt quite a bit and the demonic biker knew it could only be one thing; positive energy. Positive energy was the bane of all darkness-aligned and demonic Digimon like himself. Fortunately, the hit also knocked him out of the line of fire, giving him time to recover and rethink his approach.

Mako, one of Beelzemon's Tamers, decided to pull out a card for Ai. "Digimodify! Speed activate!" called Ai.

Beelzemon felt himself grow lighter and hence much faster. The demonic biker flew in a diagonal at Galacticmon which kept him out of the monolithic dragon's direct line of sight. Once in firing range, he ascended straight up until he was level with the monster's head. Ai slashed a power modification card which gave her Digimon a surge of power. Beelzemon took aim and unleashed a powerful Corona Blast shot right into the side of the dragon's head.

"OHHHH!" groaned the dragon.

To Galacticmon that shot felt like a hard punch to the side of his head. As the dragon reeled, it momentarily allowed Beelzemon's buddies a chance to capitalize. Mega Gargomon opened each of his weapon bays and unleashed a Mega Barrage. Countless missiles, bullets, and shells raced to Galacticmon and peppered his upper body with explosions. Clouds of thick smoke blanketed his chest and head. Mega Gargomon aimed his wrist-mounted Gatling guns and spewed a hail of lead into the smoke.

"Lopmon we have to help Akiwa! Let's go!" urged Suzie.

Cherubimon bounced into position and raised her hands into the air. Several dark clouds formed overhead and lightning arced across the sky. Deafening thunder ripped through the sky as the Storm of Judgement pelted Galacticmon ruthlessly. The lightning stunned Galacticmon again, allowing Beelzemon to move to his front. He drew an inverted pentagram in the air and proceeded to fire through it to amplify the force of his attacks. The increased power caused Galacticmon to stagger backwards.

"Amar, let's go for his legs," called Justimon.

"I'm one step ahead of you," responded Amar.

The two Megas launched themselves into flying kicks with Amar hitting the left leg and Justimon the right. It knocked the dragon's legs into the air and the two Digimon fled as Galacticmon came crashing down behind them. "Yeah, we've got him down!" cheered Gallantmon Crimson Mode.

Inside Galacticmon, Magami attempted to fire a beam at True GAIA. The room suddenly shifted, causing Magami to misfire. "Whoa!" commented True GAIA as he dodged the stray beam.

Outside, Galacticmon was lying on his back. "Now that he's down, it will be even easier to attack him," observed Renamon.

Sakuyamon waved her staff blowing several cherry blossom petals into the fallen dragon. The Amethyst Wind pitter-pattered against Galacticmon's armour annoyingly. The dragon pointed his claw at the priestess and fired a massive fireball which Sakuyamon dodged. Galacticmon fired a second which forced Sakuyamon to raise a barrier in self-defence. The dragon proceeded to get up but the others wouldn't allow that to happen.

Cherubimon pelted the space dragon with lighting but Galacticmon fired an energy blast which knocked her down. Gallantmon delivered his Final Justice, firing a powerful beam with his double-bladed sword. The beam caused the dragon to flinch only briefly. Galacticmon retaliated with a blast of snowy arctic air which forced Gallantmon to back off. The dragon nailed the approaching High Andromon and Marine Angemon with missile strikes.

At moment, Galacticmon regained a vertical position. "Clever move, but that won't be enough to stop me!"

Galacticmon charged energy for his Ragnarok Cannon. "Take cover! He's going to shoot!" cried Darkfryer.

The space dragon released his energy as a coherent beam of blue light. However, the Tamers were more prepared for the Ragnarok Cannon this time. Gallantmon immediately flew higher into the air to evade the beam. The other flyers like Mega Gargomon, Sakuyamon, and Lillith did the same. Cherubimon and those that couldn't fly immediately dove to the ground. Darkfryer simply teleported out of the way and wound up beside Gallantmon and Beelzemon.

Eventually the beam died out. "Damn, we've not getting anywhere!" commented Darkfryer.

"I might be able to cut through with my sword if someone could soften up a spot for me," said Takato.

"That would be a nice plan, but Galacticmon keeps interfering and breaking up our attack," observed Darkfryer.

"What we need is a few very powerful Digimon to team up!" said Beelzemon.

Gallantmon sighed. "That's the problem. Other than you, I am the most evolved and most powerful Digimon there here."

"Not quite," objected Darkfryer.

"What do you mean?" asked Gallantmon

"I can Digivolve further to Moon Millenniummon and Ziyd Millenniummon," replied Darkfryer.

"You can? Why haven't you done so?" asked Gallantmon.

"They are unstable forms, especially in the case of Ziyd Millenniummon. If I'm not in the Kernel Zone, I can only maintain them for a short time," replied Darkfryer.

"Damn," cursed Beelzemon.

"Actually, there is a way to get around that," noted Darkfryer. "If a Mega Digimon, any Mega Digimon, can DNA Digivolve with me, I can maintain my form for as long as I want,"

"Hmmm... This might actually work," muttered Takato.

The three Digimon watched the others fight Galacticmon. "All we need to decide is who will join with me," said Darkfryer. "You and Beelzemon are out of the question. How about Cherubimon?"

Gallantmon waited until Galacticmon turned his attention to someone else. "Cherubimon!"

The angelic rabbit came over. "Yeah?"

"We've come up with a great plan to beat Galacticmon. We need you and Darkfryer to DNA Digivolve into a more powerful Digimon. The four of us are going to aim for the same spot on Galacticmon's body," informed Gallantmon.

"Are you ready, Cherubimon?" asked Darkfryer.

"Okay!" she replied.

"...Then let's go." The two Digimon began to join their powers together. "Millenniummon..."


The two Digimon began to glow and their bodies turned to energy and entwined around each other. "DNA Digivolve to... Ziyd Millenniummon!"

Where Cherubimon and Darkfryer once stood was a bizarre new Digimon. He had a spectral body that consisted of two dragons entwined together into a knot. The creature's right portion was a rich blue in colour, which could be mistaken for violet by the unobservant eye. The left portion was the opposite being red in colour. Three rings of data symbols spun around him, making look like an atom. This was Darkfryer's highest form; Ziyd Millenniummon.

----------------Digimon Analyzer----------------
Name: Ziyd Millenniummon
Attributes: Virus, Mega Level, Dark Element

This bizarre atomic Digimon is feared for his control over the fabric of time and space. His data rings are there to keep his power from growing out of control. He has the powers of Cherubimon and Millenniummon as well as their previous forms.

Special Abilities/Traits:
Hovering, teleportation, dimensional travel, Guard Tamer Digimon traits, controls time/space, elemental powers: darkness

Time Destroyer - Ziyd Millenniummon can fire violet energy beams which disrupt the fabric of time and space so much that it causes a devastating explosion.

Chrono Paradox - Ziyd Millenniummon's mastery of time and space is such that he can create pocket dimensions. He can suck victims in and destroy the dimension to wipe them out.

"Okay guys, I'm ready when you are. Let's carry out the plan," said Darkfryer.

Gallantmon watched as Galacticmon turned his attention onto Lillith. "Now!"

Beelzemon and Darkfryer moved into range and unleashed a powerful blast of Corona Blast and Time Destroyer respectively. The resulting explosion created a loud boom and shook the earth. Gallantmon moved in under the cover of his comrade's fire. The shots of the Dark Digimon put a noticeable crack into Galacticmon's armour. Gallantmon proceeded to thrust his single-bladed sword into the crack. The space dragon screamed in pain and proceeded to throw the angelic knight off of his body.

Meanwhile, True GAIA and Magami continued their battle within the power room of Galacticmon. The two warriors exchanged slashes with their blades, each parrying the other's attacks. True GAIA fired a heat beam at point blank range which Magami dodged by tilting his head. Magami charged at the Avenger of Humanity and pinned him to the wall. The AoA leader proceeded to choke True GAIA when a blade came bursting through the wall.

It missed the two by several inches but caused Magami to have a momentary lapse of attention. True GAIA kicked the AoA leader in the face, forcing him to release his grip. True GAIA charged into his opponent and tackled him into the ground. Magami threw his opponent off of his body, and then fired an energy burst into his opponent's chest. As True GAIA hurtled upwards, Magami leapt up, snatched his opponent, and accelerated to drive him into the roof. Magami held on fast and prepared to repeat the move onto the ground.

True GAIA recovered and began struggling to break free. However, Magami's grip was too tight and he was unwilling to let go. The Avenger watched as Magami dragged him to the ground on a collision course. True GAIA fired a beam of energy directly downwards which halted their descent. Magami released his grip and came at True GAIA with blades drawn. Instead of getting hit, True GAIA thrust out with his foot, landing a hard kick to Magami's abdomen.

The AoA commander went flying towards the wall, right where Gallantmon Crimson Mode's sword protruded. The blade sliced through Magami's umbilical cord, severing it and his link to Galacticmon's power. The sword's blade cut through the flesh on his back and burst out of the other end through the stomach. Magami tried desperately to break free but with his lifeline cut, he was done for. His head slumped forward as the last of his life force fled his body.

Now that Magami had been dealt with, True GAIA retrieved his briefcase. He opened his luggage, revealing the circuitry inside. There was a console within for the purpose of arming the bomb. The Avenger punched into the code and the timer displayed a twenty minute countdown. After entering another code, the minute indicator turned to nineteen as the second indicator decremented rapidly. True GAIA sealed the bomb and welded it to the power core with a heat ray.

Back outside, Hypnos detected the signal emitted by the antimatter bomb. "Tamers, Akira has activated the bomb. You have less than twenty minutes to get out of there! Move it!" cried Yamaki.

"Everyone, Akira has done it! Let's get out of here!" cried Gallantmon. The Tamers and their Digimon immediately fled the area as fast as they could.

Inside, True GAIA had reached Galacticmon's waste disposal area in his flight from what would become ground zero of a massive explosion. "If I must die, then I won't go alone!" vowed Galacticmon over an unknown speaker.

Several wires burst of the pit and began to pursue the Avenger of Humanity. He launched a flurry of slashes with turned the cables into a writhing metal salad. He fled into Galacticmon's lengthy oesophagus and continued on his way to freedom. Several cannons emerged from the walls and rained their energy at True GAIA. He materialized his sword and proceeded to absorb the energy into his blade as a defensive measure.

True GAIA returned fire with energy shots of his own, destroying several of the guns. More guns appeared in front of him. Their shots struck his head and then his shoulder, knocking him back down a few metres. The Avenger of Humanity landed near a wall and dug his feet in to stop his descent. He became airborne once again and continued his beeline up the tunnel until he reached the dragon's jaw. Galacticmon deliberately kept his mouth closed.

"I won't let you out! You will go to hell with me whether you want to or not!" swore Galacticmon.

True GAIA charged into Galacticmon's tooth in an attempted to bust through. The tooth was strong as it was made from solid Chrome Digizoid. After several tries, True GAIA managed to break the tooth, causing Galacticmon to cup the area painfully. However, he continued to keep his mouth shut. True GAIA suddenly realized a good way to make Galacticmon open his mouth. He began to thrust his sword into the hole where the tooth was, exposing several wires underneath. The pain was so unbearable that Galacticmon gave in.

"Owww!" he yelped. True GAIA took this opportunity to break out. "Oh, no you don't!"

The space dragon proceeded to fire elemental blasts of all kinds to knock out True GAIA. A fireball exploded in the sky just metres away from his body. A sphere of ice exploded next, scattering its freezing air all over. A ball of lightning burst, arcing lightning all over the area. The bolts caused True GAIA to stagger, but he recovered and continued to fly. Inside the space dragon, the bomb's countdown neared completion. It displayed five seconds and counted down to four, three, two, and then one.

At that moment, a blinding light filled the air and instantly subsided. In the throes of death, Galacticmon screamed before bursting into a violent explosion that produced a massive, mushroom-like plume of flame. A deafening boom ripped through the air as a vicious shockwave raced from ground zero. The wave of force overtook True GAIA and hurtled him far into the distance. Galacticmon's death was swift and brutal, leaving nothing other than a deep crater in the ground as a reminder of his existence.

Akira opened his eyes to find himself staring at the lights on the roof. "Ow... Where am I?" he asked. He looked around and realized he was in a hospital somewhere on the Kernel Zone.

"You're awake!" cheered Lillith as she licked Akira's face.

Akira began to laugh. "Oh, Lillith cut it out!"

Darkfryer brought the Tamers, Nassor, and Megadeath into the room. "Akiwa, you're up now!" said Suzie as she hugged the Guard Tamer.

"Yeah, way to go!" cheered Ryo.

"Man, that was an awesome explosion," said Kazu.

"Yeah, I was kinda thinking that we put a tad too much power into that bomb..." remarked Akira.

"We brought this for you," said Jeri as she put a pot of flowers beside Akira's hospital bed.

Akira read the card. It had the names of everyone who took part in the war against the AoA, from the Tamers to Nassor and Megadeath of the Megadeath Faction. "Thanks Jeri, I really appreciate it. Well guys, looks like we've won the war. What are you are all going to do now?"

"Well, Megadeath and I are going to rebuild Amaterasu and the other Servers," said Nassor. Megadeath nodded in agreement. "Galacticmon and the AoA did a number on them all. Once we're done, we'll take a nice long vacation."

"What about you, Tamers?"

"We'll go back to our old lives," replied Takato who then leaned in close. "Just between you and me, there's a special girl waiting for me."

Akira watched as Takato batted a glance at Rika, who smiled. "Oh, I see... Good luck, lover boy!" whispered Akira.

"What about you, Akira?" asked Henry.

"Oh, I was thinking of getting some rest and relaxation after such a hard mission," replied Akira. "I was thinking of spending it with you guys. I may have met you as Commander Akira Violet, but while I'm on vacation, I'm just Akira Violet."

"Yeah, that would be great," said Henry. "We can even show you around town."

"Thanks I'd like that," said Akira. "...And thanks for your help, especially you, Takato and Guilmon."

"Us?" asked Guilmon.

"Yeah, as Gallantmon Crimson Mode, your sword helped me a lot. It really helped me make sure that Magami 'got the point.'"

Akira chuckled. "Hmm?" asked the red dinosaur with a puzzled expression.

"Oh, I'll tell you about it some day..."