it was a late night as young bianca was reading a book until she heard a sound, 'as she walk on her back porch she saw a Gargoyles , 'as she ran inside it was to late the Gargoyle saw her and took her into the night. 'pleas let me go, 'shut it you child you saw me and if anyone knew of me will you can image how it go.

'it was Demona she had captor bianca,Demona Took Bianca to her hideout "ok bianca whatever you do don't tell her about your power, she thought, 'pleas i wont tell just let me go home, 'shut it for now on you live here and do what i ask, "bianca was scared abut she knew she had to live, 'tell me what is your name,

"bianca what are you going to do to me, 'as i said you will stay here, 'but what about the day iv read that you need to sleep during the day, "as Demona turn on the light, 'it was a room fill with books, 'am sure you can read all these books to keep your self busy, 'but what about food and where am i to sleep.

'there on that couch. now no more asking go to sleep it late, 'no i wont, 'how dare you, 'pleas miss i don't want to i rather stay up beside you might hurt me when i sleep. "so you are that scared of me, 'yes pleas don't hurt me, 'am not child am not like those beast in books.

"when can i go home miss , 'Demona is what they call me, 'then when can i, "don't ask again if you do. 'as bianca shack like then left her "as bianca was left alone she sneak out she was able to clime down do to her skills, 'she ran off into the city, "till she was grabbed by a man, 'let go. 'not a chance miss.

'he took her to a house where they were children, "you live here now and you work for your food, "like what a theft not by a long shot pal, "then she smack him and thow him out of the house, 'the kids were shock to see bianca fight a huge guy, 'now listen up i know you guys don't have a home but i know place where it be warm understand.

" why should we listen to saw me take down the brute, isn't that reason enough?' Asked Bianca. "they all thought and agree, 'first off gather all the food now, "as they took every single food, 'now take his money we need it you know, "as they pack what money he had, 'and blanket now,

'then they pack every single blanket, 'now let move, 'as they walk though the shadow, 'ok so what are your names, ' , jayko, 'john and he wile why are you doing this, 'i have a home but i was stolen by this thing, 'really what was it, 'you wont believe me but all i can say she stronge.

'as she lead them to Demona home, 'ok clime up on those metal stair there a window go,They all climbed up the bar. "they reach the window and clime inside they all were wondering wh was this girl. 'ok this is where Demona live during the night she go off but during the day she sleep. 'gulp are you trying to scared us into listen to you.

'then bianca heard flapping, 'shh hide now, 'as they hide when she enter,I hope you haven't made a mess while i was gone." Said Demona. 'no been reading and fine some blanket, 'here , 'Demona give her an apple. "thank so tell me when can i go home, "forget it bianca you are here, "yeah but why,

"the kids were shock to see a monster they knew now that bianca was stolen by a monster, "look wise girl let get along who know some day, "are there more of you. "yes there , 'then go to them am sure they miss you. "no there something i rather not do. "as bianca ate her apple,

"there a fridge to the left and a shink you should get some sleep. "no am ok how many room are there in this place."At least 30 or more" Said Demona. "ohh good to know might make them into my bedroom since am force to stay here but you know il leave during day right. "alright during the day you can go out but only t the store and back got it.

"yes miss Demona, 'good i bring back some cloth, "do i really want to know where you got them, 'no don't ask, "there was a red shirt blue pant a red head band and a blue banner for her neck, 'now am going out il be back by 12 so you better be in bed, " yes miss, 'you know an hour you were scared but you are brave now why that.

"you are not the only nut that had kidnap me am use to it.I see." Said Demona as she left. "as the kids came out of there hiding place, 'see what i mean she worst then that guy you were living with, 'um is she going to eat us, 'no Mandy she not she seem to know about us humen she look like she know there way.

'so what do we do bianca, 'come on there are many room for yo to stay in and Billy as you heard her say we can only go to thee store in back, 'got it, 'as they fine many rooms the kids fine a lot of things, 'like couch's blanket chair rugs beds, "it seem demona knew about them,"Amazing." Said Billy.

"ok here are the rules during the day we can do what ever we want but we must leave her alone got it gang, 'they all agree. 'next during the night stay in your rooms if she gone il knock on the floor is that clear, 'they agree, "but what if she fine out bianca, "Mandy it ok you have a place now so what are your storys,

"Mandy and i Billy are brother and sister are mom was kill and dad lift us, "ohh boy it ok you are with me everything is fine ,my parents left me with my nasty uncle he chase me into the street, "then bianca hug jayko, 'iv met a lot who had those parents if they love you they would of keep you what was the reason.

"jayko didn't say anything, 'it ok it up to you how about you too. 'Willi and i are brother we ran mom drink dad in jail,"oh dear." Said Bianca. "there was only silence in the room.

"ok guys we should get to bed before she back ok here key to your room, 'but how did you get these, 'never mind now good night, 'as bianca fell a sleep on the couch,

"then Demona fly in, 'she notice bianca sleeping. "hmm night bianca, "as Demona patted her head and put a teddy under her arm, "meanwhile aunt anne reported that her great nice bianca was stolen,

"Hello police, my great niece Bianca is missing ." Said Aunt Anne on the phone, "yes we will fine her do you have a picture of her. 'yes pleas, 'ok il send our best over there .

'as he got off the phone and call his best ,'Elisa Maza we have a case, "what the story, 'some creep took anne.g great niece bianca, 'ohh how old is she , 'don't know but go see if you can get a picture of her,

"as Elisa Maza drive to anne home, 'as knock at the door, 'ohhh good your here, "hello am Elisa Maza and am here to help you fine her, 'ohh good her name is bianca here,

'ohh she cute how old, 'nine she love to read and write and ride her bike . 'did you see anything, 'no but i heard her yell ples fine her she so special, 'don't worry she be saved, "as Elisa Maza enter bianca room she fine claw mark on the porch,"I know these claw marks anywhere." Elisa thought to herself.

"as Elisa took the picture of the marks and left her home, 'don't worry miss she be find, 'thank you , 'as she drive to Xanatos towers . "aww come this way, "as she enter the burden they enter a secret room where the gargoyle live. "lex was reading a book on the science of emc.

'Broadway and Angela watch a movie on shelock homles. " Brooklyn was student the maps of the world, 'Bronx was being peted by Hudson, 'hey guys, "ohh elisa hi what up anything new, 'i need to talk to Goliath . 'come on il take you to my father, "as the too lady walk away. "meanwhile Goliath was watching the city.

""Goliath, We have a problem." Said Elisa as she walked up to Goliath. "What kind of trouble?" Asked Goliath, as he turned to face Elisa. "The Demona kind." Said Elisa. "Angela this is between, 'i know father, 'as Angela walk away, 'so what happen. "i don't know why but she took a child,

"what why, ' good question am thinking the child must of saw her and as she ran as fast as she could but she enter into her room and grabbed her and fly away,Then we must find her before she harms this girl." Said Goliath, "What the child's name?" "her name's Bianca rose Grottolo." Said Elisa, as she showed Goliath the picture she was given.

"then Goliath told the group what had happen, 'why would mother steal a child i don't understand her,She most likely didn't want the child to tell anyone." Said Brooklyn. "We'll split into teams and look for her." Said Goliath, "Hudson and Lexington will take the north side of the city, Broadway and Angela will take the south side, Brooklyn and Bronx will take the east side and Elisa and I will take the west side."

"after you my lady, ''Angela smile Broadway as they fly, "why doe he get to go with her, 'yeah i could be pare with her, 'no i would no i would, 'Eough! go. 'as Brooklyn took Bronx and why away as " "lex follow Hudson,Elisa then climbed on Goliath's back and held on tight as he took off.

'where do you think she took bianca Elisa , 'hmm some where that abandon, 'but Elisa there are many abandoned burden where can fine her, 'i good question , 'meanwhile the other were looking high and low, 'my mother should of not done this it so wronged, "there it going to be fine, 'but what if she keep doing this i know she my mother but it like she .

""I'm guessing she feels like a stranger to you at times?' Asked Broadway. 'she is i mean when i first fine out that i had a mother i wanted to hug her but when i spend time with her it like she has no heart no soul nothing no wonder father didn't want me to meet her. "ohh it getting late we should head on home,

"yes let go, 'as they head back to the tower they sate at there places, "we will fine her but it time for you guys to rest, "as they turn to stone. "Elias left the tower meanwhile bianca awoke and fine a Demona changing into a humen,"Amazing, she turns into a human during the day instead of turning to stone." Bianca thought to herself.

'so you saw me change, "yes , "are you sill afraid of me, "nop iv seen worst. 'so bianca stay put i have business. 'what kind, "it one of your business, 'will it is miss you had taking me form my home and you are the only one here. 'bianca i know you sneak out, 'no i didn't.

"don't play dumd i saw the kids coming in here, " felt like she was in trouble. 'it only me here where your prove, "then she press a button and a tv screen came out of the wall, "you had camera, 'of course child don't think you know everything about me i keep my eyes on everything now here the deal il let them stay just as long you do what i say or i hurt them,

'you wouldn't dare would you."yes i would." Said Demona. "then you leave me no chose i didn't want this to happen but it must, then bianca begin to glow and fly in the air, "Demona was shock, 'what are you. "as i said am Bianca.g and am a witch i can kill you with one finger,

"why did you hide this from me, Demona i know of your past you done things that had hurt your mate and your daughter let the children stay here they have no place to go i will stay to keep them safe from you until i fine them there new homes is that a deal or do i have to kill you.

""Alright you win they can stay for the time being." Said Demona. "you see you of thought before you kidnap me , " as bianca went to talk to the kids, 'so what happen bianca, 'i was able to make a deal with her, 'but she a monster, 'will yeah but she has the power to be humen come just hold my hand many it ok,

'as they follow bianca to the room they saw her as a humen, "woh so you are letting us stay here, 'yes but until you have home of your own now i must go you are free to do what ever you want but you can only, 'walk to the store they know, "as work out of the builden, 'so what do we do now bianca.

'Billy can you get these guys to go on the streets and earn money, "what for bianca will wile if you show them your Talent to them there see you need it, 'but we have her now, 'i know but let just say that it best to go out then wait for it to happen now mandy what your talent,

"Mandy thought for a moment. "juggling, 'then bianca took three balls out of her pocket, 'they were surprise , 'wait you do magic bianca, 'yep here you go mandy, 'as she toss them to mandy, 'as she juggle mandy remember how much there mom love juggling, 'ok billy how about you, 'will i can play a flute,

'as he took a flute out of his bag he play like an angel. 'lovely you john, "i can flip cart wheel and walk on my hands, 'good show us, 'as he did a back flip then a cart wheel and spine in the air, ok how about you Willi, 'um dancing, 'which kind, 'tap dance, "then begin to tap dance and he dance like a pro .

'good you jayko, 'poem the sea oh how it charm me to sleep like a mother voice it sing me to sleep. 'good now meet back here at 3:00 got it, "yes boss, 'boss i like that go. "as they walk out of the buildens, "they all went to diffent places to earn money food and other things meanwhile,

"bianca went to send a message to a elisa maza.I hope she gets this." Bianca thought to herself. "thn bianca ran outside and did some magic, 'look at these cards pick a card, 'i pickred heart 7, 'then she mix the cards and show her the card, 'is this your card , 'yes it is, 'ta-da, "they clap and thow corns into her hat,

" meanwhile mandy juggle in front of many adult at the train statin ,They were amazed at her skills. "as thow them in the air then spine them like top in the air then they all clap and thow five dollars in her hat, 'next was billy, 'he blow his flute infront of the music hall"" the boy was a wiz kid,he received a lot of money.

'until a cop came, 'hey get lost kid this not a place for little punk like you, " a women in front march up to the cop. 'leave him alone he play like an angel. 'sorry lady mayor, 'go on boy play as much as you like, "thank you miss, "wile dance in front of the dance school and ton of student were watching him dance including a teacher,

"ohh what style, 'he was known as Mr. cody the brother of the principal ,"Wile continued dancing. "meanwhile john was flipping cart wheeling all over the park he was being watch by a man with a top hat, "as for jayko he sing poems to old people and they love it, 'ohh why am i alone in this world i see ahh i see a light shinnying on me .

"as they clap 'by 12:00 they met each other at a hotdog cart,They all bought a hot dog. "as bianca walk up to them, 'good your all here, 'hey bianca where you get the raven, 'ohh this guy i fine him in the water poor little thing was being bully by these boys so i scared them, 'how so, 'i rather not say mandy.

'ohh look at him he tiny, 'will he baby raven john so he be my company i read book on raven isn't that right there, "caw caw, "the little raven was resting on bianca shoulder. 'there here have some bread, 'as the little raven ate some, 'yeah good boy so how much did you all get, "hmm will mandy got 20 john got 30 Willi got 13 billy got 40 and i have 50 you bianca,

"60 if we put that all together we have enough to buy cloth since will , "they look at them self and bianca was right, "so what should we name the raven,"How about Shadow?" Asked Mandy. "mandy good call now let get you guys some outfit, "hold it bianca you maybe nine but am older,

"how old are you john, am "ten billy and mandy are eight Willi seven and jack is eight "will sopose you can lead but do you know all the rich places, 'um i no. 'then follow me, 'as they march to new York mall. "bianca group was notice by cops. "um bianca there cops watching us, 'just wait here,

'as bianca walk into the shadows she turn into age 20. "shadow was scare, 'shhh it ok shadow it sill me shhh, 'caw caw, 'as she petted him, 'meanwhile , 'his kids where your parents, 'um we came to meet her here, 'mandy lie. 'then where is she, "then bianca walkup to him, 'ohh here are my angels come along sir why are you bugging my kids,

"sorry miss, 'caw, 'there shhh come down shadow now come kids, "as they enter the mall. "who are you lady where bianca, 'i think she is shadow with her, 'guys i have a few talent now hand me the money pleas or there think something up. "they hand it to her,"as they enter the cloth store 'ohh sir "bianca call one of the worker, 'yes miss, 'i would like you to help my poor angel with trying on new outfit, 'as she shown him the money,

"yes ma'am." Said the worker "as they work fast they made sure that the kids were dress as smart as other rich kids, 'and done, 'here you go thank you sir come on kids it late, 'as they walk out of the mall. 'i love this dress, look at these shoes, 'so bianca you have, 'a gift yes i do billy,

'as they walk back to the buildens bianca turn back to age nine, "caw caw, 'there shh it ok shadow you have to get use to it ok guys hide the money, 'Rodger bianca, 'as they hide it in there things , 'meanwhile Elisa fine a message on her desk,"Where did this come from?" Elisa thought to herself as she picked up the note.

"as she read the note, 'miss maza am bianca i was stolen by Demona the only reason why i was took that i saw her nd she took me am not scare iv deal with worst i cant leave those there are other kids and no she did not steal them away i escape but saw how they were beat so i bring them to her hide out she say they can stay for a monster she nice but pleas help us sign bianca,

"Elisa went straight to her car and went to tell Goliath. "meanwhile bianca was helping mandy to read, 'that it sound it out, 'R red, 'good now try reading it, 'little red riding hood went to see her grandmother, "that right good. 'then dinner was riding , 'john i didn't know you could cook, 'i was force to learn mom was a bad cook come ,

"what it is brother, 'i was able to fine can of corn in the cover, 'then as they ate Demona came in with bags of food, 'mandy ran be hide bianca, 'so what did you do today, ''nothing we read watch birds fly, "i see will i bring some easy cook stuff for you, 'then as the sun went down she turn back to her true self, 'the boy watch,

"as for mandy she was scared, "as Demona left bianca up." don't lie to me bianca i notice you and the kids were out why is that, 'to get money that why they need it cloth you cant expected them to wear old rip stuff, "bianca hated her she was a bully.

"Bianca then kicked her in the face. 'so what Demona what do you except us to do nothing we are kids we need to move around look at them they need to go out and learn i may be nine but am not heartless,"Alright you've made your point." Said Demona, as she rubbed her face.

"bianca was defended them from her she had too with Demona here it made thing difficult, "come on guys let eat before it cold, "as they ate there meal Demona watch them, "she knew that this was no kids and she to dig up some dirt on her , 'meanwhile at the tower the gang a woke with the new,

""And you just found this note on your desk?" Asked Hudson. "jack said a little girl walk in with this note it must be bianca, 'how can my mom take this child i must save her, "Angela don't be a fool your mother is dangerous, 'i don't care bianca child she should be home with her family.

'then lex walk in, 'hey guys you better check the news, 'as they watch the new, 'hello new York city news has that a child by the name of bianca was stolen too night ago her great aunt is worry sick of her and other new bianca was spotted with other kids, 'earning money in the street ,

"the gang watch and wonder, "why is that happen i don't know why but there been six kids preforming for money is some jerking use kids to get money or is this a trick no one know more news at ten. "the gang were confuse, "but if bianca sill with her but why didn't she leave,

"Goliath there more in the note bianca fine kids with out a home she staying there until they fine home she made a deal with Demona. ""How is she able to get Demona to cope with these other kids?' Asked Brooklyn. "have no clue wait where Angela . what did you say Broadway Angela ohh no she went to look for her mother quick go after her if i know Demona she be fighting to keep bianca.

"but Goliath she would never hurt her own child, 'i don't know Brooklyn just go. 'as they all fly. ' Angela fly she knew her mother hide out, 'meanwhile back at the buildens Demona was out and the kids were reading, "as bianca feed shadow, 'caw caw, 'there who my little bird. 'you stand up for us why.

"you have no family and will some day i want to own a orphans so i can help kids who have no homes, "the kids knew that bianca was brave but they didn't want her to get hurt by that monster,"You're the greatest Bianca." Said Billy. "shh everyone there something out there hide, 'as they hide,

"Angela fly in, 'hello anyone here, 'then bianca came out with a sword, 'don't move who are you. 'am not here to hurt you am Angela . 'wait you look like Goliath. 'how do you know my father, 'will last year i went on a walk in the woods i was lost then he fine me and he fly me home .

'as bianca put her sword away, 'come out guys she a friend,The kids came out and saw Angela. 'why are you guys doing here don't you have home, 'they don't Angela they were kick out and ran from there nasty family a guy took them off the street to use them to pickpocket so i told them about this place and i made a deal and let me guess she your mother.

"yes Demona is so what is your plan, 'once i help them fine homes then il go home, 'why don't you, 'she hurt them and more to the point i scared her into it, "what do you mean by scaring her into a deal."I have special powers." Said Bianca. "the n bianca turn into a monster, 'now i get it,

'as she change back, 'anyway until i fine them homes am here to keep them safe , 'caw caw, 'you know you kids could come with me and am sure would help you. "they whisper to each other, "il talk to them and maybe we will. 'as they enter a diffent room,"What should we do?" Asked jayko.

'for what i see in her eyes she tell the truth and he a rich fellow so agree. 'they raise there hands and pack there money there thing, 'mandy walk up to Angela. 'mandy hug her, 'ohh you are so cute, 'Angela smile at her, 'they agree to go. "good bianca but there are too many to carry,

"then Goliath few in, "Goliath, good to see you again." Said Bianca. "I feel the same Bianca, is Demona around?' Asked Goliath. "n she gone some where i had a feeling you were following her since she is your child did you hear everything, 'yes i did and let get these kids out of here,

"so Goliath carry billy john wile, "as Angela carry jayko and mandy, "and they few off, 'bianca turn into a angel and fly with her shadow at her side,The kids enjoyed the ride. "Goliath when we get to the tower don't say anything about this to , 'you fear him right,

"yes he a power guy and if he knew about my powers, 'i will not tell anyone, 'thank you Goliath am sorry i never told you about my powers, 'it alright so are you a, 'yes but a good one look we are close, "as they landed bianca change back to humen, 'ok guys you know what to do so shhh, 'they knew to keep her secret then .

" came with his wife and there baby boy,"Looks like we have guests." Said Xanatos. "Xanatos am afraid Demona had taking these children away we have bring them here to stay will you let them, 'hmm fox what do you say, "i say yes they can be playmate for our son.

"then that a yes so are they orphans, 'yes but bianca is not, 'ohh yes you are anne.g great niece she be happy to see you. 'sir i would like to ask if you can help them fine homes then il go home, 'will fox, 'i think we should dear but they did fine a home, 'wait fox are you thinking what am thinking,

'yes i am children i would like to take you in as our sons and daughter,They all cheered. "doe that mean you are our mommy and daddy, 'yes my little girl am fox but pleas call me mom, 'am mandy, 'am billy, and jayko , call me john , and am wile , 'um sir i hope you be a good father to them they were hated by there,

'shh stop talking about there past they should think about the future, "are you guys sleepy, 'fox ask them, 'they all raise there hand, 'then follow me, 'as they follow there new mother, 'you see bianca there fine but you is there something wronged, 'if i go home she attack me again and my family i rather hide here,

'as he pated her head , 'go on, 'as bianca ran off as shadow follow her."She's a sweet girl." Said Fox. 'as david walk beside fox, 'who do you mean ," mandy il raise them all with love but what will we do about demona she goe after them since they were in here care,
"don't worry il handle her,

',meanwhile Demona came and fine out they were gone,She let out a roar of anger. "so you left brat so the hunt begin, "meanwhile fox had put the children in bed, 'night little one, 'meanwhile, 'hello anne bianca here with us, "mr. Xanatos is she alright, "she fine but there someone after her,

"he was talking to her on the phone, "she in danger so il keep her here she be save, 'thank you sir tell her i love her, 'night anne, 'as Xanatos walk to fox, 'how did she handle it, 'anne was crying but i would feel the same for our son if you remember, 'i know those too tried to take our son .

""Sometimes it's hard to believe you have a magical mother." Said Xanatos. 'let hope they don't show up. 'meanwhile bianca was up she didn't feel like sleeping she was chatting with Angela. 'so how do you feel about your mother and you can let it all out,I don't know what to think, One time i tried to bond with her when a creep was after her but it was all a scheme to win my trust. Now I know how Brooklyn felt when she tricked him." Said Angela.

"will no one know what she want or think i think those she lonely but she forgot how to treat people and family she want to bond with you when she think she a alone in her room i hear her mumbling to her self she say i want to get close to you my child my daughter but al you see me as a monster,

"She hates humans because of how they treat Gargoyles and because of what happened 1000 years ago when the castle was back in Scotland." Said Angela. 'ahh yes history is started to repeat it self but that life Angela, 'even those you are nine you have wisdom, 'will let just say iv been teach by a lot of people.

"hmm i see, 'so are you in love with Broadway,He's my mate so yes." Said Angela. "you mean you father let you to become mates that wonderful have you have any eggs, 'come il show you,Angela took Bianca to see their eggs. "there were for eggs, 'ohh there lovely,

'yes he and i will have family Xanatos had this built for us and he has plans to created a land for children to live with out fear it we don't know where it is but in time we will love it as our home, "puck was hiding , 'puck come out, bianca call.'as he walk out of hiding,How did you know i was here?" Asked Puck.

"I could sense you." Replied Bianca. "i was told to bring bianca to Oberon "what why i thought you were done with Oberon, 'i am but bianca isn't, 'what is he talking about, "Angela my family have been service to him for million of years his last service was my great aunt and she getting old so i must go.

"no don't bianca you are young , " Angela stop i have to go you know his power puck take me to him, "as puck was about to teleport her jayko grabbed on to bianca and they were both teleported .Angela was just stunned to see Jayko do that. "as she and him were teleported to Avalon,

'jayko why did you follow me, 'but i thought you were kidnapped. 'look you have to hide your humen they detest humen, 'ohh right you are um wonderful friend who has power, 'nice try but il ohh no he coming hide, "as jayko hide. "as bianca bow. master Oberon it been over a thousand year she told me that you are a god of great power.

'then you are her great niece, 'yes my lord half dragon demon witch. 'will i sense your power and there a humen hiding "Oberon use his power to remove the bush, 'hello sir, 'bianca did a face pam, ''ohh um forgive him my master he is my protector , 'he look like a humen tome,

"i knw but he has power he not like anyone i know, 'then bianca give jayko some power, 'as she send him a mind message, 'listen to me for the time being you have power don't blow it, 'what is he call bianca, 'jayko of the wind he can turn into a monster that can control wind. "then jayko thought up a monster and change into one .

"He became a humanoid dragon and then formed a miniature tornado. "that remove a tree and thaw it in the lake. 'very will bianca but he not act like a fool. 'he wont master . 'good, "as Oberon teleported away. 'why did you lie like that. 'i had to jayko you have no idea how dangerous he is he destroy Atlantis for becoming more powerful then him.

""Yikes." Said Jayko. "i know come il explain it all. "as jayko follow, 'it all started a thousand years ago my ancestor was sailing to her home but got lost in a storm then she fine her self on Oberon island back then humen were welcome and she was treated will by Oberon son puck.

"what you mean him, 'yes he was in love with her and she was name red rose heart, "she love by puck and the humen who once live here but once Oberon fine out that his son was in love with a humen she was told to leave since puck was in love with her, "but she didn't she vow to never leave puck and puck vow too as will,

"so they were remove from the island puck was able to live with his dear red rose and he give her a ring that keep her young and they grow a family of sons and daughter they traveled across the sea to meet others and years past and Oberon need it puck but he didn't want to leave rose. "so since his son was marry he give her a gift,

'each daughter that will be born in your family will possessed a power that will let them come here to serve me so that puck will watch over them but you cant be with him your time is up. 'as he remove the ring she would of shrivel up like a raisin but she didn't she was protected by Titania,

'i will keep red rose heart as my service, "then Titania took her away and puck never saw her again but once every thousand years a descendant would have the gift sadly it skip my dad sisters they never had it so it came to me , '"meaning it's your turn to serve Oberon." Said Jayko.

'yes i have too once every year, 'wait so that mean i have to stay here too. 'yes jayko am sorry i got you into this mess, 'it ok but is puck your, 'yes he my great grand father that where i learn most of his trix, 'is he aloud here, ' yes he is when i first met Oberon i beg him to let him on here and since am a child he agree,

"why is that, 'will i told him that if puck not here then how can i learn any magic so puck is my teacher but a he good grandfather and he is ,"I see." Said Jayko. 'no i mean he right be hide you, "as jayko turn, 'so you are my grand daughter new boyfriend,Jayko blushed. "Who Me? well." Jayko didn't know what to say.

"grandfather he not he my new protector. 'i thought i was the protector, 'no you are the teacher grandfather, "right will what be your name, 'jayko of the wind, 'ahh yes bianca i know he was once humen, 'i know but he would of die you know Oberon law no humen, 'will i hate to brake it to you bianca but there humen on this island,

'huawhat?,Bianca was stunned to hear this. 'you see last year Elias maza and Goliath came here too time and they were able to get Oberon to let humen live here you see Goliath was friends with these humen back in Scotland and they were able to come here and the service him."I see." Said Bianca.

'you too should be in bed you too are children come, 'as puck took there hands and lead them to the castle where Princess Katherine live, ' Katherine meet my great grand daughter she be serving the master and her protector jayko of the wind, 'ohh look at you so cute come we one bed time,

"They followed Katherine to their new rooms. "he you go sleep tight,"as they took off there shoe and went to bed, 'are you sure we cant leave, 'no jayko i must stay but you can go i can teleported you, 'no i want to be here with you, 'you care about me i thought i was a pain, "at first but you grown on to me night,

'night jayko. 'as they in New York, Angela had told the others what happened. "why did puck take bianca, "i don't know broadways i really don't father what could this mean ,Goliath thought for a moment."puck is owen but i look hi and low he gone,"He must've taken them to avalon" Said Goliath

'so let summon him."Agreed." Said Goliath. "but how goliath , 'hmm Angela do you sill have that book. 'yes father, 'as she ran to get it, 'what will that do Goliath. 'Brooklyn when she was with her for that night she took a spell book from then came back with the book.

"here you go father. 'let see aw summon puck oh puck of earth wind fire i dare summon you to where we are, "then puck. 'ohh it you Goliath what the meaning of this, "We want to know why you came for Bianca." Said Goliath. "And what If I refuse to spill the beans?" Asked Puck.

Hudson then grabbed him long enough for Brooklyn and Broadway to put chains on him. "Magic proof chains Elisa, Angela and I picked up during our world trip, now talk or we'll leave you in those chains forever." Said Goliath. "Ok Ok I'll talk, no need to be nasty." Said Puck.

"we are listen, 'she my great great grea gtreat grand daughter, 'they did not believe what puck had said,"Tell me you're joking." Said Lexington. "No joke." Said Puck "no she cant be she doe not look like you, "Brooklyn. pointed out."will she has one thing magic she got it from me, "how so tell us now,

""I fell in love and married with one of her ancestors." Said Puck. "no way then your."yes as i said her great grandfather i know but it was frulit i love rose as much as any man did she was amazing she beg that we could stay together but you see his wife teleported us to safety we had a happy life,

'then what do this mean puck, 'goliath there more she has to serve him for news surprised everyone. "It has happened in every generation of her family." Said Puck. 'but why puck she young lash , "i know Hudson but pleas help her i don't want her to waste her life in there like her aunt and anne is my granddaughter too they are my last living grand daughter bianca has a sister but she has no powers.

""Then we'll have to work fast." Said Goliath. "then come on lt go. 'hold it not so fast i only need Goliath and Hudson the rest of you are too young, 'what come on where brave where strong, 'you are fool remember what happen last you didn't even beat him, "puck we know his weakness it iron.

""I'm guessing you remember that from the last time he was here." Said Puck. "they all smile and went to gather anything that iron since david had a collected of it, 'but they were stop by david, 'what going on Goliath. "it Oberon again and he took bianca and jayko. " why do he want those too .

'then puck fly in, "il give you the full story it all started a thousand years ago bianca ancestor was sailing to her home but got lost in a storm then she fine her self on Oberon island back then humen were welcome and she was treated will by Oberon and me .

"you see i fell in love with her and she was name red rose heart, "she love me and the humen who once live there but once my father fine out that i was in love with a humen she was told to leave since but i was in love with her, "but she didn't she vow to never leave myside and i vow too as will,

"so my mother teleported us to safety she give me a ring that will keep my rose young. " and we grown a family of sons and daughter they traveled across the sea to meet others and years past and my father need it me but i didn't want to leave rose. "so since i was his son he give her a gift, "which he say,

'each daughter that will be born in your family will possessed a power that will let them come here to serve me so that puck will watch over them but you cant be with him your time is up. 'as he remove the ring she would of shrivel up like a raisin but she didn't she was protected by my mother,

'i will keep red rose heart as my service, "then Titania took her away and i never saw her again but once every thousand years a descendant would have the gift sadly it skip her father sisters they never had it so it pass on to bianca,"That explains alot." Said Goliath. "yes it doe go ahead but will you return by day light, 'they will as i keep me word now gather,

"so they gather as much iron as they can get, 'alright everyone in pare let go puck. 'as he teleported them to Avalon, 'now listen here you may know some one here for the rest of you but be careful come goliath we must hurry, "as they ran to the castle thy hide in the darkness.

"ok there they are second floor quick before anyone see us, 'as they enter the rest were amaze by the amazing." Said Hudson. "then he was attack by a knight, 'who are you beast come into the light, 'why you i could kill you we man, 'why is you old one, 'they didn't know who this knight was, 'it me tom, "as he remove his hermit.

'no way not little tom, 'i big one and Angela what are yo doing here mates, 'we came to get bianca, 'ohh the we child heard she was the grandchild of puck but if be difficult to get her out of here, 'we know tom but we have iron that his weakness, "tom we have names now.

""I'm called Hudson now." Said Hudson. "I'm Brooklyn." Said Brooklyn. "I'm Broadway." Said Broadway. "And I'm Lexington." Said Lexington. "but where the dog best, "ohh he call Bronx so will you help us, 'i cant am one of his serves but i wont fight you go on save that lassie,

"as they ran to the recue, 'meanwhile puck and Goliath fine them sleeping, 'awake you bianca, 'as he shake her, 'ohh what ohh granddad why are you here doe he need something, 'i cant let you stay here you be trap here and you will lose your freedom by tomorrow,

'what aunt anne never told me that, "she created a clone of her self come on, 'as she ran jayko was awoke and follow them, 'as they ran but were stop by him, 'and where do you think your going, "then bianca had a plan she run then cast a copy spell. "then Oberon was shock he could not tell whish was which,

""Which is the real one?" Asked Bianca and her clone in unison. "come on bianca there no time for games, "uncle go just go il be home shorty. "Bianca and her clone talk in unison. "no i will not leave you goliath go get your friends il stay here, "then goliath went to get his friends,

"now try you god which is me or the fake, 'they say, "then puck knew but he didn't want Oberon to know so he pertain the real bianca was a clone, 'i know which is the clone let have a deal il take the clone and keep her, "jayko was mad, 'but bianca is,, 'shh boy so what it be father,

'fine take the copy and leave the real one, 'come on clone jayko let go. "what he stay, 'no Oberon he a boy who need go now go, "then puck teleported them back to the tower with the gargoyle with them,Good to be back." Said Lexington. "jayko was mad at puck,

"why did you do that puck why take the clone are you nuts, 'buoy it real bianca, 'what do you mean, 'me and granddad trix him into thinking that i was the clone and that the clone was really me . 'jayko was shock, 'ohh i need to get to bed iv been though so much, "then puck teleported them to bed.

"will now i better turn back into Owen, "before you do puck do you care about her, 'yes i do she the only one who knew of me now see yeah, 'as he turn back into Owen, 'man am hungry let get a snack , 'as Broadway went to the kitchen, "The others joined him, 'i never understand puck,

'you and me both goliath now night, 'as david went to bed, "then as the night past it was day light and jayko and bianca deiced to not tell them anything of what happen to them,"Did you sleep well?" Asked Jayko. "yeah that wa one weird night, 'i know let not, 'i know jayko.

'as they put on there cloth and blush there teeth, ' fox came in, 'i was told what happen, 'i know how long were we asleep, 'til 1:00 come on i bet you too are hungry, 'where are the others, 'will billy being teach at the music school and mandy and playing with my Alexzander john is at performance art school wile is at the tap danceing school but as for you too enjoy your day, 'thank mom, 'thank you miss,fox,

"Fox hugged them both. "as she took them to the kitchen . 'here you go waffles and eggs and toast, "they lick they lips and sate down and ate they were hungry, "so bianca i understand you have some skills, 'will i can make toys and once in a while blankets and i love to read and write poems and i love animals,

'really and you how abut you my son,"well, I'm good at drawing pictures and writing stories." Said Jayko. "and he doe poems, 'ohh i see tell me one, 'fox is clever fox are wise yet they hide in the dark to hide there secret yet they can be a mother of to or three i say fox are fast yet they get trap in there cage of life,

'fox and bianca clap , 'bravo son now come your father want to see you and bianca enjoy the liberally. 'yes miss. fox, 'as jayko into the office, 'iv talk to the other they agree to grow there talents, 'gggood father, 'jayko did bianca let you keep the power that shee give you,"I'm not sure." Said Jayko,

"will just keep them just incase, 'why should i father, 'will Demona sill out there and if i know her she try it again, "you mean she might try to hurt her i wont let that happen she been good to me, "that my boy now go i have a meeting with some one,yes father." Said Jayko, as he left with Fox.

. then Dominique Destine enter his office with th paper work, 'as jayko look at her, 'mom she look like Demona , 'you think so son why, 'i saw her demona can change into humen, 'ohh son calm down il see what i can dig on her and if you are telling the thurth il come to you go. "as jayko ran,

'meanwhile bianca was feeding shadow, 'there you go shadow, 'caw are such a cute bird." Said Bianca. 'as he ran in, 'listen to me bianca Demona here, 'what why how ohh wait she humen right, "yep. 'she turn into humen to get in here, 'yep , 'and now we are in danger, 'yes for the time being,

'will then il just stay in here, "then he hear david and Demona, "as they hide in the room, "so what deal do you have in mind ,Dominique took out a peace of paper , "Night stone Unlimited what is it about, "aww cloning i see sill up with your old research, "as david snap his finger and his man grabbed her,

'what are you doing, 'Demona you think il fall for this trixs i know your here to get bianca why, 'wont say anything,"way to go dad, 'come out bianca and jayko your safe,Jayko and Bianca came out from their hiding place. "wait you know dad, 'yes i did after all i give her the company but in the end you use it for evil.

"as they tide her up and took her to a place to hold her down, 'will she be able to brake free even as a gargoyle, 'will no there a cell that i created iv even ask puck to cast a spell on it,"Very sneaky." Said Jayko. "Well, sometimes I'm so sneaky I don't even trust myself." Said Xanatos.

'you will regret this david for i will kill you and those too. "no you wont i can ask my grandfather to turn you back to stone, 'what your his granddaughter, 'Demona was sweating, 'and if you try anything il tell him to turn you back got, "as they took her away she petted her raven,

"come jayko let get some fresh air it stuffy let fly a kite, "but we have none, 'then in a snap there was one in her hand, 'was it you bianca, nop thank you grandfather, 'as puck came to her, 'not a problem remember when your in new York il always be here to watch over you, "as puck petted her head and they ran off to play.

"They fly the kite for 3 hours. "it been fun today has in it jayko. 'yeah it has but look lit getting late .'you are right let get inside, "as they ran in they watch the gargoyle awaking, "they all awoke, 'hi guy how itt going, 'ohh how are you feeling. "fine Angela i need a word with all of you.

'then speak up lass, 'like my grandfather i can give you the same gift as Demona, 'woh wait you mean it, 'yes lex you can go in store to buy all kinds of tech brookyin you can see the sun and Broadway am sure you be able to eat all the food you want and you Hudson image seeing robby and you Bronx am sure can go to the park and lastly goliath you can be with Eliza,

'goliath, "but why do you want to. 'you save me and jayko the second time iv ask my grandfather for the spell pleas and am sure Angela want to see the sun as will. 'i don't know, "come on goliath it a chance for all of us we can sill fly at night and be humen at day, "lex it right beside i would like to travel as both what do you say Broadway,

'yeah let do it brookyin, "now easy lad there might be a price, "there is not Hudson think goliath you could be with her all the time, "hmmm very will. "good then let remember it first, 'then bianca snap her finer and cloth apped, 'there for you when your humen now stand back.

"as bianca chanted the spell. " : Fearsome creature who would stay/Unchanged by the light of day/ Remain you thus throughout the night Be thou flesh by dawn's fair light, 'then the spell was cast on them, 'i don't feel diffent, 'sorry guys but yor know in the day but right now i feel sleepy ohh jayko can you help me inside pleas ,

""OK." Said Jayko as he helped Bianca into the building, 'Hudson do you think it will work. 'i lad beside if she the great grandchild of puck then there no need worry, "as bianca sate, 'i warn you bianca, 'hi grandfather yeah i cast it but took a lot out of me why is that, 'you have stated using sample spells but this a power one i must warn you there be,

'i know other who want my power thank god david not going to use me, 'don't worry little one i told him if he try will let just say it wont be pretty. "as puck hug her, 'thank grandfather now i just want some hot coca and a good book. 'one cocoa coming up. "as he give it to her, 'thank but i thought Owen would be busy, 'aww will you come first iv send a note to your aunt and i told her that you be fine.

"did you tell her the story, 'i she was impress how you fool him which made me proud you are just like me now rest jayko you better watch over her or Elis, 'grandfather don't be so rude to him he a good guy. 'sorry las, "as he change into Owen, 'have a good night bianca, 'will grandfather. "as Owen walk away, 'as he was a porch by david,

"how do it feel to have family, 'it feel good but i worry there are so many danger ike, 'hey she safe don't worry now let get to work. "as bianca and jayko read Alice in wonderland,They started to enjoy each others company more and more. "what do you think about the mad hatter,

"will bianca i think he act a lot like puck and the queen kinda like Demona, "agree i think we read enough we been in here for too hour want to get a snack, 'sure. "as they went into the kitchen they fine cookies, 'as they try to take one, 'don't even think about it, 'as they turn they saw fox, 'but mom we just want one cookie plea, 'ok jayko you too can have one each,

"as they enjoy the Cookies, 'um miss fox do you have a lab, 'yes why do you ask, 'will i read goliath mind and there are gargoyle that are frozen in stone there the clones right, "jayko was confuse. 'wait a minute what gargoyle, "jayko they were clone from the manhattans clan am i right fox,

"yes you're right." Said Fox, "The first of the clones was Thailog who was cloned from Goliath, the others are Brooklyn's clone is Malibu, Lexington's Clone is Brentwood, Broadway's clone is Hollywood, Hudson's clone is Burbank and then you fave Delilah who was made from the combined DNA of Demona and Elisa.

'then lead me to a lab i know how to heal them all night iv been reading Anton Sevarius. mind from his jail cell now take me to it, 'very will follow me. 'as bianca follow her to david lab they fine in a dark room the light were turn on. "so many bottle and so many tubs ok jayko go inform your father got it..

"right bianca, "as jayko ran to get him,"now move i need space, "as fox they move away bianca teleported the clones in the lab, 'next i use my super speed to make it now . 'as bianca ran though the lab she grabbed all the chemical and mix them up into a huge bottle by mixing she created a brew to heal the clone.

"aww good sir you are here, "yes my son told me what you were doing, 'i know i read his thoughts and goliath to fine out but i may have trouble with Thailog those he evil but he is some what the son of goliath jayko could you get them to come, 'right away, "will he is one of the most evil of clone what are your plans,

'iv added some other stuff in it tis chemical will heal them but will each give them a diffent personality and that mean so will he but iv deiced to make Thailog think of goliath as his father like and he will remember that Angela is his sister and that he be her big brother but he will sill have a smart mind but he will think more like goliath with a mix of lex,

""did you plan all this, "yes david as puck as told you i have many skill aww it done jayko good you bring them did you expland to them about what am doing?."I did." Said Jayko." very good now goliath i was able to created a chemical that will heal them but there have diffent personality.

'hmm i see and what about Thailog , 'he will see you as a father not an enemy and he will remember nothing bad of the past and he will remember that Angela is his little sister and the rest will think that you guys are there twin brothers, 'what really, 'yes brookyin and lex Broadway and Hudson ,

'but what about Delilah. 'she think of Thailog as her boyfriend or mate ok time to heal them stand back,Bianca started pouring the chemical on the clones. A few minutes later the stone started to crack and the clones came to life once again. "ohh father it you , 'as Thailog walk up to him,

'yes my son do you remember anything, 'will yeah i try to get the medicine from Anton Sevarius but it was a fake i wanted to heal them and myself but i and am back , 'yes you are, "my brother brookyin i miss you pal. 'i yes i miss you too. 'so Broadway want to snack up some food.

'sure do Hollywood come on il lead you to the kitchen, "so want me to show you what iv been working on Brentwood, 'yeah let go. "then Hudson smile at his clone, 'do you like to read lad, 'yes my brother and perhaps watch a bit of tv, 'agree let go, "will they get along, "Thailog my love,

"as Delilah hug Thailog. 'aww my sweet Delilah come let take a tour of this place Angela it good to see you my sister have a niece event, 'as they walkaway, 'will goliath what do you think?."You've done well Bianca." Said Goliath. "yawn thank i need to get to bed am done for the day, "so he my brother now,

'yes Angela he is don't worry he will be good night let go jayko am poop. 'same here night mother night father, "night night, 'and guys have fun during the day your enjoy it ,"I hope so." Said Goliath. "as they went to bed, 'ohh man ever thought running though the lab was yawn, 'just rest bianca beside you did a lot,

'so did you jayko, 'they smile and sleep hour past and it was morning, 'the Manhattan clan enjoy a good sunset,They then looked at themselves and then their reflections. "It's the same forms puck gave us." Said Brooklyn. David then came up to them with some clothes.

"Figured you guys would need these." Said David as he handed the clothes to the clan. A few minutes later they were all dressed and ready to go. "And here's some money for you guys to use." Said David as he handed them money. "Well, I'm off to see my friend Jeffery." Said Hudson.

"I'll check out the electronics store." Said Lexington. "I'll go see if I can get me a new bike." Said Brooklyn. "Angela and I are going to the movies."Said Broadway, "There's a new theater where you can have a meal while watching the movie.""Sounds good to me." Said Angela.

"And I'll go see Elisa." Said Goliath. And so they went out to do their stuff. Goliath arrived at the newly repaired Police station by bus just in time to see Elisa coming out. "Hi Elisa." Said Goliath as he walked up to her. "Goliath is that you?" Asked Elisa. "I see you remember my human form from our first adventure with puck." Said Goliath.

"How is this possible?" Asked Elisa. "I'll explain during a walk a park if you care to join me." Said Goliath. Elisa simply smiled and took his hand as they headed towards the park. "so what happen goliath, 'will bianca is the great grand child of puck, "woh you mean but how, "let just say that bianca has these powers for reason,

'ohh i see, 'will bianca cast the same spell on us as puck cast on Demona so now we are able to walk in the light of the sun, 'do you know what that mean we can be together, 'yes my love we always thought that we could not do this but now i can be with you, 'as they kiss , 'eilza was very happy, 'come on il show you the part of the day,

"Goliath and Elisa enjoyed their time together. While getting a hot dog together, they saw a news broadcast on the jumbo Tron showing Dingo and Robyn of the hunter trio fighting along side the mutate fang against some criminals. "Looks like Dingo isn't the only to turn over a new leave." Said Goliath.

"That's good to know." Said Elisa. "These heroes call themselves the Redemption Squad." Said the reporter on the screen. "meanwhile Bronx had join Hudson to see we are boy, I'm sure you'll like him." Said Hudson as he approached the door. Once there, Hudson knocked on the door. A second Later Jeff opened the door.

"Is that you Hudson?" Asked Jeff. "Still know the sound of me voice i see." Said Hudson. "I sure do, this is quite a surprise, please come in and tell me how this is possible during a cup of tea," Said Jeff. "I thought you'd never ask." Said Hudson, As he and Bronx came inside, "I brought me friend Bronx with us, he's taken the form of and Irish wolfhound."

'good i think gilly will like him come here girl. 'as gilly walk up to bronx they both shake there tails, "aw they like each other it seem Hudson, 'i yes they do , 'now tell me how can this be, '"A wee lass with magical powers gave me and the rest of me clan the ability to become human during the day instead of turning to stone." Said Hudson.

'will that good but tell me is she dangerous, no she a good las she the grand daughter of let just say a powerful fellow but at lest i can be awake during the day, 'will it good that you have come her is the new book iv writing, 'i it look good tell me how been life treating you,"Oh well you know, same old same old." Said Jeff.

"good it seem it been peaceful but as it go there must be peace, 'i agree with these eyes they seen many thing now tell me about Bronx it seem he like her i wonder is he fix, "no Bronx is not but what doe that mean Jeffrey."It means that the pet is unable to have children." Said Jeff.

"Oh dear." Said Hudson. "but gilly is not fix , 'will that would mean there will you know, 'yes i do Hudson more tea, .aww yes pleas, 'meanwhile lex was at a store for got himself a new laptop and some head phones and mouse to go with it.
"This is awesome." Lex thought to himself.

'as he walk he met a lady that was his age, 'ohh sorry i bump into you. 'that ok am amy woh you got a new laptop, Yeah latest model." Said Lex, "I'm lex by the way."hey want to join me at a café i know great place, 'sure lead the way my lady, "ohh you are so charming,

'as lex follow her to a café.He started to develop feelings for her. 'so where do you live lex, 'me will i will i live with my family and we work at the tower, 'you mean mr. Xanatos wait i minute you look like one of those gargoyle that save the people from the train,"I'm actually the yellow one in human form." Said Lex, "I hope that doesn't scare you."

'no am not my father was on that train thank to you and you clan he live and can gargoyle turn into humen, 'i rather not tell you about that, 'i understand lex. 'as she touch his hand, 'meanwhile brookyin was in a bike found a red and black motorcycle.
"This ride just screams me." Brooklyn thought to himself.

'aww you fine the red spine she a tough bike but you can drive her like a mad man, 'wait Macbeth is that you. 'how do you know me lady, 'it a long story a child with gift cast a spell on us to become humen like Demona. "wait your now i know your brookyin heheheh will how do you feel being humen.

'it feel great, 'so what happen to that demon, 'Demona lock up i hope this time she kidnap a child but not just any she the great great great grandchild of puck. "ohh yes he powers iv only heard of him from Demona will tell you what since you been doing a lot of good deeds the bike is your for seven dollar,

'here sir you know that night when you were on that television show to defend us thank you. 'it the lest i can do now that they see you as friends now go. 'as he took the bike and the keys and hamet he drive, 'meanwhile the couple were having a grand time,They watched some great movies.

"then a crook begin to shoot, 'alright everybody stick it up i want all your money, 'they were scare of this crook with the gun but not Broadway, 'why that punk il. 'no don't your humen, 'i may be but this guy need a lesson, 'as bradway stand on a chair he jump on him with a slam,

'then Broadway knock him out, 'the people came up to him and thank him, "sir thank you we were hosted a kids party here you save them, 'my pleasure guys am and my girlfriend were trying to watch the film until this jerk came in, "then the owner of the theather came, "sir for saving all the people for one year you and your lady will be able to come here for free,

"will thank you sir now if you plea me and love here are enjoying the show as they sate down the kids ran to them and hug thank, 'thank you sir, 'no problem kids , 'meanwhile bianca was reading with were reading Jungle book. Jayko and Bianca loved the parts with Kaa.

'what do you think if kaa could come to life, 'will bianca it could, 'ohh no don't ask i use too much magic i have to rest, 'then Owen walk in, 'um jayko i have to talk to bianca, 'ok sir later, 'what up grandfather. 'the danger is though it time to go home."i don't want to i want to stay with jayko we live far away from newyork can i lest talk to grandfather puck.

"Owen then turned into puck. "You buzzed?" Asked Puck. "grandfather do i have to go home, 'hmm no i don't think so beside it fun having you here ohh those, 'what, 'what about your parents if i was your father i world worry and if my wife was here she would say the same, 'will can i lest stay until i goodbye the goliath and thee gang.

""Very well." Said Puck. "as bianca fly into his arms, 'am glad to know you as my grandfather, 'aww that very touching now fly along go see the kids, 'as bianca fly to jayko. "aww she remember me of me wife. "meanwhile it was 5:00 and the kids were eating dinner with there parent as bianca sate with jayko.

"son you can your sibling have been adopted into our family meet my father Petros Xanatos, 'hi kids with me here il teach you boys to be tough and smart like you dad . 'the boys smile meanwhile it turn night as soon the gang return,They all made it just in time to change into their gargoyle forms.

"i what a night lads will i cant Bronx had made a new friend with a lady hahaha now come on boy let watch tv, "how was your day my daughter , 'it w as wonderful father Broadway saved a group of children in the theater, 'aww will that mean he a hello well done , 'thank goliath come on Angela let go get some food.

'you go ahead i would like to see my eggs, 'right goon my love, 'as Angela walk away, "then she fly off, 'bianca since that angla , "then in a speed of light bianca was gone, "bianca where did she go. "don't worry lady bianca fine after all she my granddaughter,

'as bianca fly right by Angela. 'bianca what are you doing, "making sure you don't do anything stupide i know you want to see your mom,"That obvious huh?" Asked Angela. "pretty much look i know you want to make peace but she hate humen she never give in, 'but she my mother i want so much to be with her.

'i may have idea , 'then tell me, 'cant Angela let go. 'as they fly to the jail where she was keep she was in metal bonds."Come to gloat at my defeat?' Asked Demona after seeing Bianca. "no iv come to help you see that not all humen are evil watch and learn, "as demona watch a family tuck burn until a young man with his father help them out of the truck,

"Demona watched the scene unfold. "son are they alive, "barley but i see a baby a mom too kids and there father, "as his son took the baby and the kids then his father took the parents into there car and drive to the hospital . 'see demona now come, "where are we, 'we are invisible Demona they cant see us.

"they watch a mother on the street trying to keep her child alive, "then and old women walk up to them, 'ohh you poor dear come let get you too warm by the fire, "thank you miss,Demona watched as the old woman helped the mother and her child. "as you can see even an old heart like her can help.

"hmmp, "not good enough a will here look at that poor little girl. "the little girl wanted bread for her sick mother but as she was walkaway the baker walk outside and give it to her. "there you go little lady, "thank you sir this will help my mom, "as the child ran home, "think Demona she love her mother as much as Angela love you goliath once told me that your heart egin to open when you are around angela think do it for her,

"Demona looked at her only child and started to think. "there one more place come. 'as they watch a grandmother read a story to her grandchildren, "your daughter is going to be a mother she want you there could you give up your hate just to be with her think. "Angela am sorry how i been acting i will try to be a good mother and grandmother to your hatchling,

'ohh mother final. 'then bianca teleported them back to the castle. 'goliath was waiting for them,What took you so long?" Asked Goliath. "father bianca had teach my mother to give up this hate, 'Demona, 'am doing this only for Angela and the future of our kind, "let hope so but where bianca,

'she gone but why, "she is the grandchild of puck Angela now show me your eggs, 'come this way, "as bianca fly back to her aunt, 'bianca you done your mission, 'yes i have goliath and his clan will live a good life as Demona has join them to be a mother to Angela, 'good you done will did you behave around your grandfather, 'yes auntie, "will time to go home for you , 'as bianca hug her great aunt. "she teleported home, the end