When Calliope brought out the lollipop, Kanaya, Karkat Roxy and Jade sighed. It happened too fast. Whenever this happened, it went by much too fast. Karkat went Dirk's side and tapped his shoulder. Dirk looked at him. He took Karkat's hand. Karkat turned to Kanaya, Roxy and Jade, giving them a supportive nod in turn. They nodded back, mouths set in a determined line. Roxy was by Calliope's side, Kanaya was by Rose's and Jade was by Dave's. Karkat and Dirk walked away.

They went into the house and to the kitchen. Dirk sat down on a dining chair while Karkat went to fridge. He took out a bottle of orange soda, letting the fridge door close as he went to the dining table. He set it down. Dirk picked it up and opened it. Dirk chugged it down. Karkat walked to the cupboards, taking out a mug and pouring coffee into it. The coffee was hours old but at this point, he didn't care. Karkat sat down and sipped his coffee. Dirk set the empty soda bottle down.

'You want to watch a movie?' he asked.

'Yes,' Dirk answered, 'I'd take anything at this point.' Karkat smiled. He slid the coffee over. Dirk picked up the mug and chugged the coffee down too. He finished and put the mug down gently. 'I wish I could take this whole fucking outfit off,' he muttered.

'We can do that right now,' Karkat said.

'I don't think I can take this outfit off,' Dirk admitted.

'We can find out right now,' Karkat pointed out. Dirk stared at him. He stood up, lowered the suspenders and took off his shirt. It came off easily.

Dirk stared at the shirt. 'Well, fuck,' he said, 'I could take this off the whole fucking time?' He dropped the shirt on the table. He took off the arm warmers, flinging it down. His hands quickly moved down. Dirk kicked away the shoes as he pulled down his pants. He took it off. He stopped.

Karkat's eyebrows shot up. 'That's an interesting design choice. I *really* should have expected that,' he said. Dirk was wearing briefs, dark blue like the shirt and there was a soda can in the crotch.

'I hate this,' Dirk stated.

'It really is so fucking ugly,' Karkat said. He stood up then went to Dirk. He got on his tiptoes and Dirk leaned down. Karkat kissed Dirk's cheek. 'If it makes you feel better, at least it's not wrong?' he suggested.

Dirk thought it over. 'I'll take it,' he said.

'I know you would,' Karkat said. He turned to the clothes and shoes. 'What do you want do with these?' he asked.

'Burn them,' Dirk answered.

'I'll go get you something else to wear,' Karkat said.

'Thank you,' Dirk said.

Karkat went up to their room and picked up a shirt, underwear and sweatpants. He went back to kitchen, putting the clothes on the table. He went to stand by the stove. Dirk took of the briefs and dressed quickly. 'What about the soda can?' Karkat asked.

Dirk stopped. He reached up. His hand wrapped around the can and he pulled it off. It came away easily. Dirk lowered his hand. He stared at it. 'I could have done this the whole fucking time,' he whispered, 'I could have done this the whole fucking time.'

'It's not that you could have known,' Karkat pointed out. He took the can from Dirk's hand.

'I could have done that the whole time,' Dirk muttered.

Karkat rubbed his shoulder comfortingly. 'Do you want to see me throw this into the trash can?' he asked quietly.

'Yes,' Dirk answered. They both turned to the trash can. Karkat drew back his arm then threw it. The can traveled across the air. It landed inside the trash can. 'Fuck, that felt good,' Dirk said with satisfaction.

'Do you want to go to the stove and burn these?' Karkat asked.

Dirk's face brightened. 'Yes,' he said happily. Karkat went to stand by the stove while Dirk picked up the clothes and shoes. He hurried towards the stove. Karkat turned a burner on. Dirk dumped the pile on it. He waited eagerly to see it burn. They stared at it. 'This is complete bullshit,' Dirk declared.

'It really is,' Karkat said. The pile had smothered the flame but it didn't burn. 'It really fucking is,' he said.

'I can't get fucking drunk from this and I still can't see this pieces of shit burn?' Dirk asked incredulously.

'This is complete and utter bullshit,' Karkat said.

'This is complete and utter bullshit,' Dirk repeated with emotion. 'I hate this,' he declared.

'You can throw it in the trash?' Karkat asked.

'Yes, I will,' Dirk said determinedly. Karkat turned off the burner. Dirk picked up the clothes and shoes. He scowled. 'They're not even the slightest bit hot,' he complained, 'this is complete and utter bullshit and I fucking hate it.' He balled up the clothes and threw them into the trash can one by one. They all went in. The shoes went in last and it went in too.

'Let's go spend the rest of the day in our room,' Karkat suggested.

'Let's,' Dirk agreed. They walked out of the kitchen and up to their room. Dirk leaned closer, pressing a kiss to the side of Karkat's head. He closed the door behind them and they fell into the bed. Karkat put the laptop on his lap, queuing up a movie. They settled in.

Dirk stared at the ceiling blearily. His head hurt. This happened each and every single time without fail. He hated it. There was a good thing in the end at least. 'Finally got my clothes back,' he mumbled. Karkat set his mouth in a line. He couldn't help himself. He giggled. 'What?' Dirk asked.

'Nothing. I don't know why that was so funny,' Karkat said through giggles. Dirk smiled. 'I'll get you some water and painkillers, ok,' Karkat said.

Dirk rolled over to face him slowly. He kissed Karkat's cheek. 'Thanks,' he mumbled.