I opened my eyes, though the difference between having them shut and opening them were very few, as it was both pitch black behind my eyelids and beyond them.

I sat up, wincing as I did so, the pain reminding me of last night's 'fun', as he had called it.

Last night was by no means fun.

It was more like I'd died and bought a one way ticket to Hell.

My eyes were now adjusting to being used, after what I was sure would've been a long period of time, in which I was probably unconscious for most of it.

Just as I was starting to make out that I was in fact, like I'd suspected, back in the virtually empty room that was classed as 'my quarters', the large, heavy metal door creaked, enveloping me in a bright light, resulting in my eyes, yet again, struggling to see.

"Ah, you are awake." Came the accented drawl.

"Unfortunately." I muttered.

He laughed, and I don't mean like one of those whole hearted, jolly, Santa-like laughs, I mean a low, dark snarl, that sounded as though he were more monster than man.

But no, I was the only monster in this room.

He was just the evil genius behind my creation.

"I always love it when you talk back." He jeered, smirking. "You have such an attitude."

I ignored him, moving so my back was flat against the wall and my legs in front of me, my original fetal position having made my spine sore from the amount of time I had laid like that.

"Haven't you tortured me enough?" I asked, exasperated.

"Torture? No, no, my dear girl, we are improving you." He spoke, his tone joyful.

So my pain is funny to him, how lovely.

"Wow, you really know how to boost a girl's self esteem." I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

He chuckled.

"Now come, we have one more test for you." He said, stepping away from the doorway, allowing me to look upon the huge, metal-filled lab, which had housed and then killed more people than I care to count.

"Yay, another test." I mumbled as I dragged myself off the floor and walked over to the door as confidently as possible.

He did not need to know that I was scared shitless.

He chuckled at me, again.

Seriously, it was beginning to irritate me.

Making my way out the door and into the underground lair, I scrunched my nose at the potent smell of oil, tar and rotting flesh, earning yet another chuckle from him as he put his hand on my upper arm, I resisted the urge to recoil from his touch.

"One would think you'd be used to this smell." He whispered to my ear, sending a shiver of revulsion through my body at the sensation of his breath on my neck.

"Well, one would be wrong." I replied, keeping my head forward and my voice steady.

He directed me to a place I had been many a time, escorting me down a maze of corridors until we got to the one room I hated almost as much as I disliked him, the 'playhouse'.

The 'playhouse' was a darkened training room in the very secure, private part of the hidden facility, it was the placed I'd first walked, first talked and first killed.

To me, it was where I'd grown up, as sad as it was, though I had known nothing else for my entire life.

But to him, it was where he'd trained and manipulated his favourite toy.

Because that was all I was, a toy, a pawn in his and my father's game against every world leader and human on earth.

I was an asset.

One they had trained and pushed to the limit, so much so that I had had more near-death experiences than any thirteen year old should, and I don't mean one, I mean hundreds. That was their aim though, to build me up, to break me, then build me up again, knowing that I wasn't going to let them break me a second time.

And they hadn't, not since the first time I'd had a breakdown.

So, as fucked up as they were, their methods worked and they worked too well, because I am not the only person they've done this too and I doubt I'll be the last.

I know this to be a fact, because I was stood face to face with two of them right now.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, twins, both enhanced, she did mind tricks and he was fast, but they weren't like others I had seen be apart of and fail these experiments, they were willing to warped by an unknown source of energy and they had yet to fail anything.

I turned to the nasty piece of work beside me, cocking one eyebrow and folding my arms.

"Well, what's the test?" I asked impatiently, wanting nothing more to be back in 'my quarters' than in this dreaded place.

"You're eager today. " He smirked. "You are to fight them, and if you win, you are officially an agent."

His tone suggested that he was excited, why. I do not know.

I had no intention of becoming a Hydra agent, I'd rather die.

"And if I lose?" I questioned, knowing that there would be punishment if I were to do so.

"You won't." His voice was full of finality and authority.

Well shit, it's two against one, which is hardly fair, and it's practically like night in this room.

Did he forget that my powers require natural things, like sunlight and nature?

I gave him an incredulous look, which he returned with a threatening glare, warning me to behave or else I'd have to face the boss and past experiences with the boss had proved to be bad, so I refrained from commenting something stupid, sarcastic or otherwise.

Wanda stepped forward, Pietro making sure he was only a step behind, not that it would of mattered, he had super speed for God's sake. She raised her arms, red mist twirling around her dainty fingers, her eyes glowing a matching crimson, they focused on me, like they were trying to penetrate my emotion walls, which were large in numbers.

I concentrated on summoning the only sunlight I could find, there was a small window high up and in the right hand corner of the room, willing it to me. My hands burned with the painless heat of the energy of the sun, it ran through my veins, warming them with familiarity. The light was weak, but as I had figured out early on, I only needed a little light, or nature, to knock out an entire Hydra STIKE team.

I, subtly, flicked my wrist, the twins, unsuspecting, moved to reach me, Wanda sending her strangely entrancing glow at me and Pietro stepped to run, but both found themselves thrown to the floor, winded, before they could lift a finger, or a foot, in Pietro's case.

Despite not wanting to become anything close to a Hydra agent, I feared my punishment more.

There came clapping from behind me, I turned round to see him, a proud smile plastered across his face and a much too gleeful look in his eyes.

"Well done Alexandra, well done." He said, coming over and stroking my hair, in a way he must of thought endearing, I, however, thought it to be creepy and revolting.

"You told us she was weak." A voice spoke, hoarse and breathlessly.

I swivelled round and looked at the twins, both looked somewhat injured, a few cuts here and there, but they were otherwise alive. It had been Pietro who'd spoken, he was helping his sister up from the dirty, dusty floor, glaring at the man who had now come and stood next to me.

"Yes well, we had to test you both as well." He said maliciously.

"Yeah, but to be fair, you could've told them the truth." I said, turning to him, my hands on my hips.

"I could have, but where's the fun in that?" He asked, rhetorically, a deadly devious smile on his lips.

Suddenly, there sounded an explosion, the waves of sound sending a vibration through the entire building. The twins and I shared looks of curiosity, they both then looked at one another in worry for not only themselves, but for each other.

There were footsteps getting closer and closer to the entryway, I prepared myself to fight, as did Wanda and Pietro. The owner of the footsteps turned out to be a Hydra agent, fully dressed up in tactical gear and a gun strapped to his waist in a holster that housed many types of weapons, knives and tasers included.

"Strucker! Sir, we have an unidentified hostile firing from the woods, we need your assistance!" The agent panted, his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

Strucker groaned, swore in German and proceeded to stride out of the room, grabbing the collar of the agent and motioning for the twins and I to follow him.

We did as we were told, following Strucker like the obedient children that we were.

Well, I was a child, Wanda and Pietro were around about seventeen or eighteen, if memory served.

We walked all the way through the underground hide out, Strucker ordering everybody who was currently working down there to evacuate. We marched up the steep stairs that led to the open, busy operations room, which was currently full of people clustered around different computers, trying to solve the ever-growing problem.

Strucker left to talk to other Hydra officials, abandoning Wanda, Pietro and myself at the door.

A few minutes later, all of which I'd spent picking at my crusty and practically non-existent nails whilst I lent against the door frame to try and hear what was being said, Wanda and Pietro perked up, obviously having heard something. I saw them move to walk away and an idea formed in my head.

"Wait," I whispered, my hand on Wanda's arm. "take me with you."

"Why?" She asked, her eyes glowing that same red, trying to figure out the answer for herself.

Her accent was thick and the same as the one I had noticed her brother had, though I couldn't make out where they were from.

"You won't find anything up there." I said, diverting her attention from my mind to me.

"Come on, Wanda." Pietro said, desperately pulling on her other arm.

"Please, I won't bother you," I pleaded. "I just need to get out of here."

I must've pulled off the innocent little kid look better than I thought, as Wanda sighed and whispered to Pietro, to which he responded with a sigh of his own before he turned to me.

"Fine, come on then." He said, holding out his hand as Wanda took his other.

"Thank you." I said, genuinely grateful for there kindness, considering I threw them both into a wall a couple of minutes ago.

I placed my hand in his and before I even took a breath we were travelling so fast, the world around us turning to nothing but a blur of colours and shapes.

We stopped, Pietro letting go of Wanda's hand as I struggled to breathe again.

"A warning would've been nice." I spoke, putting a hand to my chest, feeling my heart beating erratically underneath the thin fabric of my training vest.

Pietro just laughed at me, which earned him a scowl from Wanda and a huff from me.

"Tell us, why did you ask to come?" Wanda inquired, this time without the use of her powers.

"A moment of madness, thinking that I could escape." I said, the reality of my idea hitting me like a ton of bricks.

Wanda's eyes softened upon seeing the defeated look on my face, she smiled and gave me hug, which I did not expect, so I awkwardly patted her on the back in return.

"What are you guys trying to do?" I asked once Wanda released me.

"Get rid of the Avengers." Wanda's tone was cold and all trace of sympathy disappeared as her features hardened, Pietro looking very much the same as his sister.

"The Avengers are here?" I questioned, pointing at the building around us.

"Yes and we're going to help get rid of them." Pietro said, his voice full of anger.

"Um, ok, but aren't they like, 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'." I said, thoroughly confused.

Pietro snorted at that and Wanda rolled her eyes.

"Look, you don't have to help us, but we can get you out of here." Wanda said, the sympathy returning.

"You'd do that?" I asked in disbelief and Wanda nodded. "For a kid who, one you don't know and two, who thew you into a wall not even a half hour ago?"

She just nodded again.

"Yes, like you said, you're a kid, you don't deserve to be here, regardless of the whole throwing people into walls thing." She said, smiling kindly at me.

Pietro nodded along with her and offered me his hand again, giving me a warning look this time.

"You'll have to fight your way out though." He said, smirking.

I looked at Wanda and smiled, giving her a look of thanks, hoping that she understood and her eyes seemed to say that she did.

"In that case, bring it on." I said, turning to Pietro once again and taking his hand, prepared this time.

Just as we had done the first time, we moved at lightning speed and instead of stopping in a hallway, which was where we had dropped Wanda off, I felt cold air hit my face before we stopped, behind a tree.

The sounds of guns and vehicles surrounded us, tanks sending a rumble through the dirt beneath our feet and the gunshots leaving a lingering ringing in our ears.

Being outside, for the first time in a while, had an amazing effect on my powers.

The sun's rays, despite the grass being littered with snow, shone brightly, the warmth flowing freely through my veins, the heat buzzing and tingling throughout my body. My senses opened and I could smell everything, from the musty gun powder to the sweet, cold scent of the damp grass buried underneath the wet snow. I saw every little movement of the trees, the leaves swaying softly, completely ignorant to the chaos below, the swift movements of the birds that inhabited those trees, as they struggled to escape their nests. I heard the little sounds of bird's beaks against the twigs of their homes and the crunch of snow under the feet of men miles away.

And I felt it when a tree came crashing down, the delicate bark colliding with the hard earth.

The pain was a only small sting in my stomach, but the fall of the wonderful piece of nature hurt my heart more than it would a normal person, the loss of something so precious wounded me.

I took a deep breath and steadied my beating heart, my senses were becoming overwhelmed from all the emotions I was feeling and the chaos around was not doing anything to calm them.

"You ok?" Pietro asked from beside me.

"Yeah, just a little overwhelmed, I haven't been outside in a while." I replied.

"Okay, I know your not out here with the same motive as I, but just be careful." He said, his eyes betraying the worry he felt.

"I will." I said, reassuring him with a smile.

"And please don't try to stop me." He asked, sincerity in his tone.

"I won't, trust me when I say, I know what revenge feels like." I said, honestly.

It was true as well, I did know what it felt like to want to get justice for something, to need to set things right, but I'd had that opportunity ripped from me and it had felt horrible, like I was helpless, so I wasn't going to do that to him.

He gave me one last look, before he sped off, in which direction I didn't know.

I peeped around the side of the tree, checking to see if it was okay to pass through.

It wasn't and Pietro had been right when he'd said I'd have to fight my way out.

Which I was okay with, I just had to ask for permission first.

I turned to face the tree I was hidden behind, placing my palms on the bark, feeling the contrast of the rough divots and crevices beneath my calloused hands. I leaned forward, gently pressing my forehead to the trunk, not caring if it left a mark. I could feel the tree's anguish and worry, it had already seen many of it's friends fall at the hands of Hydra and the Avengers and it was concerned for itself and those that were still standing. I pressed my palms further, hoping to reassure it that it was all going to be ok. I then did what I had to and asked.

"Would you mind if you and your friends could help me?" I asked softly.

My answer came in the form of a swish of it's leaves and a thrum of power beneath my hands.

I was in the clear.

Checking the path once more, which was still swarming with agents, I stepped out from behind the safety of the tree, breathing deeply.

One step.

Some of the Hydra agents noticed me.

Two steps.

They turned their guns on me.

Three steps.

I reached my hand up to the blazing sun.

Four steps.

I asked for permission for it's rays and apologised for not asking, back in that darkened room.

Five steps.

I raised both arms high above my head, the light souring through me.

Six steps.

I slammed my hands down, releasing the blinding light, the agents going flying in every which way.

Seven steps.

I thanked the sun.

Eight steps.

I heard footfalls come to a stop behind me.

Nine steps.

I stopped.

Ten steps.

I turned around and came face to face with Captain America.


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