The Ice Queen and the Iceborne Wyvern

A/N: And now, for a little idea that's been sitting in my head for a while. This isn't remotely canon to FaTD (as in, there's no Dark Souls factoring into this one-shot at all), and I'm placing the timeframe of RWBY at some point between volume 5 and 7. This popped into my head and sat there for roughly a week, before I cranked it out in about 4 hours.

Chapter 1- I Blame the Handler

Disclaimer: I don't RWBY or Monster Hunter: World. They all belong to their respective owners. I only own any OC's I make and the words I write.


Weiss shivered again. She tightened the red scarf about her neck, and winced as the wind cut through her clothes. The last hot spring in this frozen hellscape she'd woken up and found herself in a week ago was a few hours back, but she was determined to explore as much as she could for any sign of a way back to her friends, or even just civilization. She'd seen hints of artificial lighting far to the south, so that was her next bet, but she'd figured she'd search the mountains she'd first ended up in while she was there. Still, the weather wasn't the only problem she'd had to deal with. Those giant flying, shrieking bird things were for the most part docile, including their louder, more icy cousins, but she still kept her distance after the one time one of the "normal" ones had decided she'd make a good meal. The giant, white, wings-for-forelimbs mammal bearing a distant resemblance to a sabyr was another story. That thing attacked her on sight, and it was only thanks to her summoned Arma Gigas that she'd driven the beast off. And besides that, she'd been forced to scavenge local plants for food and use her queen lancer summon to hunt the smaller reptilian bird-things. Her only consolation from the degrading experience was that she'd found that the juice of the pepper-like plants in the area did an amazing job of keeping her warm (and thus sparing her aura from the cold).

Finally reaching the end of the narrow canyon she'd started down, she came across two paths. One looked to be leading south, and she could see a hint of an open sky at the end of the tunnel, and the other lead into a very strange icicle formation, wherein the ice curved overhead almost like a giant frozen ribcage, not merely blue-tinged or clear, but also bearing streaks of red and yellow. Her gut told her to look to the south, but a small voice in her head that sounded suspiciously like Ruby Rose told her to "check out the cool, ominous icicle ribcage-cave thing." Against her better judgement, she followed the latter suggestion, and she set off down the gentle, icy slope deeper into the unknown. She had to admit, despite the seeming danger of all the ice hanging overhead, it was certainly beautiful scenery, especially when she got to the end of the path, and it opened up to a massive circular cavern, who's ceiling was open to the sky, the ice still in the same colors and design, but now arching overhead in a manner similar to a dome instead of the carcass of some ancient monster. And as her heels crunched against something that wasn't ice on the floor, she realized that this strange chamber may not be uninhabited. She reached down, picking up the strange, hand-sized, near-shimmering blue and red-purple scale, turning it over a few times, wondering what the size of the creature to produce such a large scale could be.

The wingbeats she heard thumping in the distance lead her to the conclusion that the answer to that question was likely on its way. And they were rapidly coming closer. So fast in fact, that she barely had time to use a glyph to speed to the entrance of the chamber - nest, she belatedly realized - before a whoosh of air caused her to turn back around. With a thump, the creature that called this place home touched down shakily on four limbs, stumbling as it gingerly folded its two wings, and Weiss took in its appearance. The scale she'd held a few seconds ago matched those spread across its body, and its wings and the talons at the end of its limbs. Its face ended in what almost appeared to be a beak of sorts, yet as it panted with obvious fatigue, she could see the razor sharp teeth in its maw. On its body were hundreds, if not thousands of icicles, arranged like a suit of armor. Behind it coiled a tail which ended in a wickedly sharp point, and Weiss met the yellow irises with black, slit pupils of what absolutely appeared to be an ice-dragon as it finally took notice of her. Even as it made a noise that stood somewhere between a roar and a scream, something about its appearance and the noise it made gave Weiss such an impression of a feminine feeling that her subconscious automatically pegged it as female. The dragon stumbled back a few steps, eyes wide, wings flared, and tail raised like a scorpion stinger, even as she winced from doing so.

That's when Weiss noticed the more subtle details. Namely, that it was injured. Quite badly so, in fact. Many of the icicles armoring the dragon were cracked, chipped, or broken, the spines atop her head were in a similar state, her wings were filled with holes and tears, and while it was still attached, someone had apparently made quite the effort to sever the poor thing's tail. Most evident was the damage to her chest, where it looked like something pointed and utterly massive had attempted to drill into scales to the softer flesh underneath. She took a few more steps back, lowering, but not sheathing, Myrtenaster. She made a conscious effort to try to appear as non-threatening as possible, yet refused to compromise her ability to defend herself. Well over a minute passed by her estimation, the Schnee and the dragon staring each other down. She honestly wasn't sure how the stand-off would have ended, but the point was made moot when the ground began to shake, and a dirge sounded in the distance, almost sounding like a song. The dragon's eyes widened further, and Weiss could plainly see fear in the yellow orbs as it roared in obvious terror, rearing back as some of the icicles overhead began to crack and a few of the larger ones began to fall. Without thinking, Weiss used some of her extremely limited supply of gravity dust in Myrtenaster to conjure black gravity glyphs above herself and the dragon, slanted so that the icicles falling on them would harmlessly slide off and land on the ground. When the ground shaking and "song" stopped, the dragon seemed to calm down slightly, watching as the glyphs disappeared, and regarding Weiss very intently. Almost… intelligently, she thought.

Weiss swallowed, her breath coming out in a cloud of cold air as she spoke, "You're… scared. Of that song, and whatever's causing the ground to shake." The dragon stared at her, a rumble coming from her throat. "I, I don't want to hurt you. I don't want a fight," the blanchette continued. "And I'm sorry that someone would hurt you like this."

The dragon gazed at her pensively for a few more moments, then slowly folded her wings, and lowered her tail, before her legs gave out and she rested on her torso, seemingly content to leave Weiss be while she nursed her injuries. The Schnee sheathed Myrtenaster, walking slowly towards the dragon, always stopping whenever she tensed, and waiting for her to calm down again. It took minutes, but she eventually got close enough to gingerly raise a hand and place a palm between her nostrils, even as she felt the cold breath (Weiss chose to explain it away as it being an ice-dragon rather than try and figure out why its breath was cold, because it was obvious she wasn't on Remnant by this point - the whole moon she'd seen her first night here being the largest indicator) wash over her as she set her palm against the smooth scales. The dragon closed her eyes, a rumble that sounded like a coo being uttered by her, and Weiss hesitantly smiled at the unlikely friend she'd seemingly made. Ruby has definitely rubbed off on me, she internally remarked.

Then the dragon's eyes shot back open with alarm, and Weiss almost fell over as she stood back up, raising her wings and tail again, though this time she was regarding the entrance to her nest instead of the young Schnee. Weiss turned and grabbed her rapier, facing the same way the dragon was. She wasn't sure what the dragon sensed, but it was obviously either the source of the "song," whatever injured her this badly, or, and Weiss shuddered at the realization, those two things could be one and the same.

She heard footsteps and voices before she saw them, and belatedly realized she could understand what was being said. It was honestly quite novel to hear a voice that wasn't hers after so long.

"By the Sapphire Star, that took long enough," a female voice sounded out.

"Well, look at the bright side, Meowster, we're almost done. Mew just need to finish off Velkhana, and then mew can finally go back to Seliana. I can't wait to hop in the hot springs. It'll just be purrfect after all this time in the cold," a higher pitched, also feminine, voice responded.

"Aelswith," the first voice sounded exasperated, as if she'd been over this a hundred time before (Weiss realized it sounded very similar to the dynamic between Ren and Nora, and she felt a pang in her heart as she wondered if she'd see her friends again), "I've told you a hundred times, call me Vyliria. We're partners, unlike the freaking Handler." The last word definitely sounded like it was spat out.

"On that, we can agree Meow- Vyliria," the second voice amended. "I still don't get why the Commission even allowed her to come to the New World in the first place, nevermind why they turned down your request to be unattached to her. I've lost count of the amount of times mew've been forced to save her from every manner of meownster under the sun."

"You and me both, Aelswith," the first voice replied. "I'd even take the Pub-Lass at this point, even when its obvious just how badly she wants to get in my pants. And honestly… she is kinda cute."

The quieter set of footsteps stopped, followed by the louder one. "Vyliria," the second voice called out. "Just let me know if mew intend to do the deed with her. I don't want to walk in on you tribbing the Pub-Lass."

Weiss heard someone sputtering even as she blushed at the mental image that produced. "Aelswith!" The quieter footsteps resumed, and a few seconds later, the louder set jogged to catch up. "Let's just finish this damned Elder Dragon already. I've had enough of Velkhana to last me a lifetime, and that's something when I've got a couple centuries in me yet."

Weiss looked back to the dragon - Velkhana, apparently, she corrected herself - and noted that she was as confused as the heiress was. Nonetheless, Weiss turned back to the entrance in time to note the two arrivals. The first was some kind of bipedal… cat. Literally, a cat roughly half her size, with black fur and blue eyes, wearing what looked like some kind of orange and red jester costume, along with a rod of similar design that glowed with a red light. The second was a woman, with digitigrade legs, that had three-toed feet, two in front and one behind. She was wearing grey, sturdy looking armor that resembled some kind of chitin or stone, interpressed with blue fabric, that almost looked like some kind of fleshy veil. At her hips was a green cage with some manner of glowing insects that occasionally flashed blue inside, and held in one hand was a staff, one end of which had a crescent made of an unidentifiable rigid azure material, and the other end of which had the same material but shaped as an axe-head, going vertically out of the top of the pole, rather than horizontally like a halberd would have. Along the shaft was more of that blue, veil-like material. Resting on her shoulder and occasionally flitting its seven wings was some manner of insect the size of Weiss' head, if not larger, it's antennae and body a dull yellow, its compound eyes a dark red, and its wings resembling that of a monarch butterfly. The woman's face was fair skinned, her eyes hidden behind a black fabric, as an actual veil of the blue material on her armor hid her hair and cascaded behind her down her head, held in place by a small spiked tiara on the back of her head. Weiss noticed some white scales on her face, almost like freckles, pointed, elf-like ears just visible beneath the blue veil, and wondered what kind of faunus she was (she wasn't even gonna start guessing at the cat-person - no offense to Blake intended).

The new arrivals noticed her, and the cat pulled out the staff it had, and the woman retrieved her own, the insect on her shoulder buzzing in clear agitation as it took off and hovered overhead.

"What are you doing?!" The woman, who Weiss pegged as Vyliria based off the voice, shouted. "That's an Elder Dragon behind you! You could get killed!"

"Get out of here!" the cat, who must be Aelswith, added. "We'll stop it!"

Weiss froze, looking to the strangers, then back to the dragon, who's gaze was locked to the weapons the two had, eyes narrowed in anger, with a hint of deep fear further in, then back to the strangers. She thought about what Ruby would do, and instantly made up her mind. She leveled her rapier at Vyliria and Aelswith, a large glyph spinning to life between her and Velkhana. A light flashed from the glyph, and the dragon took a few steps back as Weiss' Arma Gigas took form and joined her in standing in the defense of her injured friend. Aelwith's eyes bugged out, and Weiss assumed that Vyliria's were doing the same. The insect started buzzing angrily, flying circles above Vyliria, who took note and quietly, yet urgently whispered, "Calm down, Amaryllis. Calm down, please." As the bug seemed to follow the instruction, she spoke louder. "Ma'am, you don't understand, that thing-"

"Is terrified out of her wits by something else that's causing earthquakes, and you're trying to kill her! I won't let you!" Weiss cut her off, before noticing the temperature drop behind her. She spared a glance back, noting Velkhana moving to her left flank, even as the Arma Gigas moved to her right, as clouds of frost started forming in the air around them. Weiss turned back to Vyliria.

The strange woman stood still, glaive leveled, her expression not betraying her emotions or thoughts. Then she sighed. "Somehow, I just know this is the Handler's fault."

"And I completely agree," Aelswith said back. Surprisingly enough, even the insect seemed to buzz an agreement.

A few more seconds of silence passed, Weiss refusing to yield. Finally, Vyliria slowly lowered her glaive, and the insect calmed further and settled back on her shoulder. "I don't get paid enough for this shit," she said. "Alright, fine, let's talk."

Weiss Schnee blinked, surprised that what she'd just done had worked. But Velkhana seemed to calm somewhat to her left, and the Arma Gigas lowered its guard slightly as well, even as Aleswith did the same. And for the first time in a week, a smile graced her face.


A/N: So yeah, I had an idea of Weiss encountering a Velkhana for a while now, so I decided to put it to words. Maybe after I finish the whole FAtD series, I might take a shot at a RWBY xover with MHW. And of course, it would have Vyliria, Aelswith, and Amaryllis. I have no idea why, but I've become absolutely enamoured with that kinsect. I'm honestly tempted to go through the pain of making a second character just to play with the insect glaive from out the gate… or technically in the gate, since you can't actually use a weapon until after you enter the gates of Astera…

The "giant, flying shrieking bird things" were Legiana, and the occasional Shrieking Legiana. Weiss later had an unfortunate run-in with a Barioth, and had to hunt some Cortos just for sustenance. Anyways, having played MHW, and most of the Iceborne expansion (still haven't fought Alatreon or Furious Rajang as of the time of writing this: 03/24/2021), as far as I can tell, basically everything from the start of the expansion to the Guiding Lands is caused by Shara Ishvalda tunneling along the Everstream. This includes Velkhana going off the walls and attacking Seliana. My headcanon is basically that the Iceborne Elder is terrified out of her wits at Shara being under Hoarfrost Reach, which is why she first headed to the Elder's Recess to strengthen her scales, and then attempted to raze Seliana, presumably because the location would make a good nesting site that was also farther from where Shara was doing its business. I headcanon Elder Dragons being self-aware. Perhaps not quite as intelligent as humans, felynes, and wyvernians in the series, but certainly smart enough to plan and think, and I personally believe that they can absolutely be as smart as you or I. And certain ones might be even smarter (I mean, Safi'Jiiva actually knows how to lead its laser blasts to catch you when you're trying to sprint out of the way; you legit need to juke Safi to dodge them… Gentle, Simple Sailor my ass, and props to anyone who gets that reference). It honestly makes me feel bad for killing Velkhana, especially since she's such a beautiful elder dragon to look at (seriously, she's the only elder that I actually grabbed a pair of binoculars to spend 20 minute just looking at her). I just feel bad for hunting her, but her armor and weapons are all so beautiful as well. AAAAAGH, why do you have to play with my morality like this, Monster Hunter! You went right for the feels!

Also, meet my character in MHW… coincidentally also named Vyliria Avalon (Come to think of it, that's my de-facto name for any female character I make in a fantasy game). Also… kinda annoyed that you can't make a wyvernian character in World. Would have been cool to play as a digitigrade person with wyvern feet and elf-ears. At the same time, though, I can see it being an absolute pain in the ass to have to add an entirely new player skeleton to the game engine, and then redo EVERY single armor set and cutscene with male and female wyvernian characters. At least you can still get the ears, though. So in this I made her a wyvernian (and if I ever take a shot at that MHW/RWBY xover, she'll almost certainly be one there as well), wearing the Xeno'Jiiva Beta Armor, and the Lunastra-Xeno'Jiiva Insect Glaive. The kinsect is the Foliacath III Forz. In reality, at the time I fought Velkhana in World, I was wearing the Nargacuga Beta set, and using the Lunastra-Xeno'Jiiva Light Bowgun, but 1) I was hellbent on getting the Xeno-Beta layered armor, so in this I'll take some liberties and go for the Xeno'Jiiva armor on this character, and 2) I've recently got into using the Insect Glaive, and while I'm using the Lightbreak glaive from Raging Brachydios (best monster), I am using that actual kinsect. And yes, I named the kinsect. If you don't like that, eat a butt. Amaryllis is adorable, and I won't stand you hating her. Aelswith is wearing the master-rank Zorah Magdaros armor, and has a plunderblade and the Zorah Master Rank Palico weapon.

Also, of course I had Vyliria and Aelswith shit-talk the Handler. Completely unironically (and not literally), fuck her. Everyone hates that bitch. I'd take the Serious Handler any day of the century over the airhead who forces me to constantly save her from monsters and then acts like she actually contributed anything whatsoever to my job. I mean, how fucking stupid do you have to be to set out to get mushrooms and stuff in the Ancient Forest when there's a Gwyndamned DEVILJHO running about the place?! Nevermind the encounter with the Rajang! Just the fact that I have a questboard literally makes her obsolete, for crying out loud!

Anyways, enjoy this one-shot that I wrote in late March of 2021, shortly after finishing chapter one Of Embers and Aura.