I got this idea the other day when rewatching Season 3 Episode 15 Getting' out of Dodge and I started wondering what would have happened if Raven hadn't of had the vision that Muffy and Loca were planning to attack Chelsea. I decided to therefore write what would have happened if they had carried out the attack only it was worse than dodgeball because I thought the girls trying to nativage through this will be fantastic for testing their friendship. I plan to make this a romantic fic, but it will be a slow burn and the realtionship will progress casually, like the two will start doing things without realising it. I feel having a focus point of the story where they have to overcome a big life changing obstucale will make this different from my other stories. The details of what happened will not be overly grafic but some chapters, such as this one might be upsetting to some who don't like to see their favorite characters hurt so that's my warning. I hope you all like this one, I know it's quite dark for the fandom and I know it's different but work on me because I have so many ideas to make this one of my best stories. Any reviews or suggestions will be appreciated. This is my first story on here but I also have an Archive Of My Own account with more stories as the fandom seems more lively there, and you can also find the story there too!

Chapter One - Attacked

Raven walked through the front door of her house, throwing her backpack on the sofa. She had just finished school and was alone today as Eddie had basketball practise and Chelsea had her outdoor club. She walked into the kitchen and saw her parents.

"Hey, baby good day?" Victor asked as he put the finishing touches on the cheesecake he was making.

"Not bad, I think Muffy and Loca finally got the message," Raven said. After she had knocked out Bianca and accidentally turned her nice, she was now their new leader, she kissed her mum's cheek as she walked past her. At that moment the phone rang.

"I'll get it," Tanya said walking into the living room to get it.

"Looks great dad," Raven said reaching for the cheesecake only to have her hand slapped away.

"Rae," Tanya said appearing in the doorway with the phone in her hand looking worried "You better take this, it's Chelsea's dad," Tanya said. Raven looked at her instantly worried, he never rang the house, if she rang Chelsea of course sometimes he answered but he didn't ring the house directly. Raven worried something was wrong with her bestie and took the phone from her mum.

"Hello, Mr Daniels is everything okay with Chels?" Raven asked worried.

"Raven...I don't know quite how to tell you this" he said sounding like his throat was catching on the words.

"What's wrong?" Raven asked all sorts of scenarios going through her head.

"Chelsea has been attacked," he said quietly. Raven felt her breath hitch.

"Attacked? How? What? When?" Raven said feeling her body shake with fear.

"I don't know...she came home a mess...she is bawling so much we can't get out of her what happened...I was wondering if you could over...we can't calm her down and she seems to react better to you" the man replied sounding like he was about to cry himself.

Raven let out a sob and choked before she replied "Of course I will be right there" she said hanging the phone up and realising the news she had just been told, she felt her legs give way and she nearly fell but Victor caught her.

"Rae, what's happened?" the man asked her

"Chels...someone attacked Chels...I need to go" she said as she let out another choked sob.

"I'll drive you," Tanya said not wanting Raven out in the state she was already in and knowing walking would take longer. Raven followed her mum out the door, for once in her life speechless wondering what on earth had happened, how she was attacked and what on earth she was about to find.

Within ten minutes they were outside Chelsea's place. Tanya told her to call if she needed a lift home. Raven ran across the front lawn and rang the bell quickly. The door opened a second later and her father Arthur Daniels was stood there.

"Raven thanks for coming," he said ushering her in.

"What do you mean Chelsea came home a mess," Raven asked not sure what he had meant by that.

"I guess I best prepare you so it's not such a shock...someone beat Chelsea badly, I have no idea how she got back home as she was hunched over ...and they cut her hair..." the man replied his eyes glistering with unshed tears.

"No...no..." Raven said for the second time in ten minutes not able to support her weight and falling to her knees as this time she wasn't caught in time and letting out a loud sob. "Who would...Chels...she wouldn't hurt a fly..." Rae replied completely shocked and confused. She had been fine at the end of school, looking forward to the nature club.

"We are all in shock...I am sorry Raven I don't want you to see Chelsea like that but I'm worried she's going to make herself sick, I have never seen her so upset I didn't know what else to do" the man replied. Raven took deep breathes before standing up.

"I'm glad you did...she needs me...I will go up now, is her mum with her?" Raven asked him. He nodded. Raven thanked him then climbed the stairs, starting to hear the heartbreaking sound of hysterical crying as she did, which nearly made her fall down the stairs as it hurt her so much. Reaching her friend's door, Joni Daniels suddenly appeared outside looking exhausted and drained.

"Oh Rae you're here, I was going to get another washcloth for Chelsea to clean her up a bit, she won't go to the hospital so I am doing the best I can," she said

"I will stay with her for a bit, try to make her go," Raven told her. Her mum nodded and thanked her. Raven stood there preparing herself for what she was about to see as she entered that room. She pushed opened the door and went in.

Chelsea was lying on her bed, lying in a funny position as if she couldn't get comfortable. The first thing Raven noticed was she was clutching her stomach. She was still dressed in the yellow t-shirt they wore for sports and the thin garment showed the fight she had been in, the shoulder on the left had blood on it which was clear on the yellow and the front of the top was badly ripped. Her wrists and upper arms were badly bruised with marks looking like she had been pinned down and pulled. She couldn't see her face though, her red hair hiding her from view and Raven couldn't make out how bad the haircut was from how she was lying.

"Chels" Raven said barely above a whisper. She heard Chelsea squirm before lifting her head and Raven gulped. It was worse than she thought. She was covered in bruises, had a busted lip, a black eye and a handprint mark on her cheek. Her beautiful long red curls were uneven, one side below her chin the other touching her shoulder. Raven just let tears fall down her face at the mess of her best friend, not trying to stop them.

"Sweetie..." Raven said not knowing what else to say she opened her arms to her. Chelsea looked at her and Raven was hurt to see she looked fearful of her.

"They said it was a message from you..." Chelsea said in a voice nothing like her normal one. "Don't hurt me..." she said seeming to think, for some reason, Raven was behind this. That's when it hit Raven, Muffy and Loca, they must have told Chelsea that Raven had told them to do this. Raven felt feelings of guilt but she swallowed them for now.

"My baby...I would never do anything to hurt you, they were lying, I can't stand to see you hurt, I would never tell anyone to do this to anyone, but especially not you" Raven told her, still in that same quiet whisper. Chelsea looked at her seeming to realise she was right and she would never do that before collapsing in the open arms opened to her sobbing. Raven shifted and sat down so she could hold her head on her shoulder gently as she cried, her heartbreaking with every blood-curling sob that left Chelsea's body.

"I am here now, Raven's here, Biscuthead," she told her rubbing her back before stopping as she flinched and made a whining noise as if it hurt her and Raven assumed she was bruised there, Instead she rubbed her hand with her thumb, knowing Chelsea needed to let it all out right now before she could start to get out to the bottom of what actually happened and how bad her injuries were. Raven kissed her forehead and rocked her back and forth as the girl cried harder than Raven had ever seen her cry before.