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"you and me we used to be together…everyday together always I really feel that I'm losing my best friend I can't believe this could be the end…It looks as though you're letting go and if it's real well I don't want to know…don't speak"

- "Don't Speak" by No Doubt.


"Sensei…?" Sakura whispered as her eyes fluttered open sharply and she staggered out of bed. She felt grimy with an unknown feeling, and she let her feet guide her out of the small abode to its rear side.

The sun beat down on her skin, and Sakura felt unbearably sweaty. From the corner of her green eyes she caught sight of a bucket full of water, temptation pulled. Reaching out, she picked up the wooden pail and flipped its contents onto her pink-haired head. The water felt lukewarm, making Sakura frown in distaste. Setting down the bucket, she took her precious time walking back into her sensei's home.

She was unmindful of the squishing sounds her sandaled feet as she padded through the wooden floors of his living room. "I wonder where Kakashi-sensei is…" The pink-haired kunoichi ignored the soft looking couch because of her damp clothing and found a door opposite to the one of her room. It must be Kakashi-sensei's…Curiosity getting the better of her, she hardly noticed taking any steps before she found herself in the room of her teacher's.

"Hm…" His room was very bare, only containing the essentials. There was a bed in the middle of the room with comforters strewn over it in disarray and a drawer to the side of bed. On top of the drawer were two picture frames, one of three people Sakura could not identify, and the other of Team seven and their Jounin instructor.

"This room just screams Kakashi-sensei." Sakura said dryly, "No personality at all, and hiding everything yet baring it all at the same time."

"Now Now Sakura-kun, haven't you ever heard of not entering somebody else's private quarters without knocking?" the owner of the room Sakura was currently standing in was leaning against the frame of the doorway. He was dressed in his usual attire, the dark underclothing and overly large forest green vest with his signature mask hiding his features. Sakura was sure if she looked hard enough, she could see his brow arching in question.

Kakashi walked in silently and shut the door behind him. He trotted over to the other side of the room, just a foot or less away from the head of his bed and leaned against that wall. Sakura wrinkled her nose at his weird display, what was up with guys and leaning against walls? Sasuke did it all the time, Shikamaru did it all the time, and not to mention her own sensei did it twenty-four-seven!

The silver-haired man crossed his arms over his chest loosely, holding a bland indifferent look that was usual to Sakura and her teammates. "Well," he spoke, "Mind telling me why you're in here?"

Nervously Sakura clenched and unclenched her skirt front, to find- to her surprise- that her clothes were still damp from her makeshift bath earlier. An idea sparked in her head as she smiled sweetly to her sensei, almost shocking him with her change of mood.

It…must be her time of the month, Kakashi concluded to himself. Otherwise she wouldn't be so indecisive of how she wants to act. He shook his head and smirked inwardly. Nah, Sakura was indecisive all the time, that was one of her biggest weaknesses. She didn't know what she wanted, or that she did, and never did anything to achieve it.

Still smiling, albeit somewhat weakly now, Sakura her way over to Kakashi's bed. She lightly hopped onto it like a child would a trampoline and closed her eyes sweetly as she cuddled into the smooth sheets of the bed. Kakashi smirked at her childish display, almost letting himself soften at her innocent expression of easily attained content.

After feeling as if she had enough time cuddling against the soft pillows and sheets her eyes opened to reveal their brilliant jade green color. For a moment's time, Kakashi felt as if the image of her lying there was etched in his mind. The vision of the innocently serene Sakura curled in his bed sheets like a content lover. It may of meant to last an eternity, this picturesque of beauty but it vanished like most of his thoughts.

Her petal pink lips curved at the edges into a small smile and her eyes slowly brushed against her cheeks. Kakashi expected that she would fall into slumber soon as her lashes fluttered delicately.

Although, it not being the first time, she surprised him when her voice broke the serene silence.

"You know…I'm really glad you haven't pushed me. Into telling you right away that is…I really appreciate it Kakashi-sensei." Her eyes lit up in gratefulness and the smile tugging at her lips was genuine.

"I told you Sakura-kun, we are both equal now. You don't need formalities with me."

"Then stop calling me Sakura-kun. I'm not Sasuke nor Naruto. I'm no boy…"

"Very well Sakura." She thought she saw hints of a smile against the shadows of his mask, but that could have been her mistake. Her vision was starting to blur, she felt sleepy. I feel at peace for some reason, Sakura thought as she opened her mouth to speak again.

"Let me tell you a story Kakashi. Don't interrupt me otherwise I won't continue ever again. It's a story about a young girl…

I was born the unlucky day that the nine-tailed Kyuubi had decided to cause chaos among our village, that was 17 years 3 months and 4 days ago from today. That day also spurned my father's hatred for me, for with my birth I had taken my mother's life. I can't say that I loved her because I hardly knew her, but I was told she gave me my name. Sakura, which means cherry blossom. My father changed the day of my birthday on my birth certificate soon after I was born.

Haruno Sakura, the name of the girl who has the appearance of someone who had a good life. Well since you don't know me, I guess I'll have to prove you wrong.

My father was never really volatile or aggressive, or that's what Botan told me. I wouldn't be able to confirm it because I can't picture a nice 'dad' being real. To me, my father's as dead as can be.

Ever since my stepmother left my dad, things went downhill for Botan and I…and when I say downhill I mean being thrown down a cliff type fall.

You remember the day students from my same class graduated and were promoted to genin rank? I remember everybody crowding around the front of the school with their parents. They were all there, with smiling proud faces, it made me sick. I remember Naruto sitting on the swing in the background, sorta sad but I was in no mood to be sympathetic. My dad and Botan weren't anywhere around, and I felt angry that Botan missed my day. I had expected her to be there!

I had to walk home by myself again, I don't know why it bothered me, because I had to do it everyday. Though for some reason it felt ten times worse as I trudged home with curse words at the tip of my tongue. Maybe it was because it had rained while I was walking home, or it could have been the consistent strikes of lightning booming in the tempest skies above, I didn't know.

When I got home…everything had looked normal in the living room. Shaking away the odd sensations creeping up my spine I marched to Botan's room…and I was faced with the most disgusting sight I've had ever seen. My father's ugly back was facing me as the bottom of his body rocked harshly against the writhing person underneath him. Screams of terror ripped from the girl's throat as she thrashed against my monster of a father.

Every part of my body had frozen, it was like the cold from the hard rain had seeped into my skin and I was shivering uncontrollably. I tried to speak, but the only thing I managed to do was fall to my knees as my jellified legs gave way.

The loud thud of me hitting the ground roused the two people in my sister's room and my father whipped around to face me. My mouth was open in shock and my hands were trembling terribly, I couldn't do anything as he got up, baring his hideous hairy backside to me as he slid on pants.

Slowly my eyes traveled to the female going through seizures of something I didn't know what to describe and I had stopped breathing all together. Blood pooled out from the sides of her mouth as she opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water. "Sa-sa…" she tried to choke out with much effort.

I screamed with all I had.


It was my sister…my m-my own father did that to her! H-how? Why?!

Trying to force myself to take deep breaths I found I couldn't as a vice-like grip wrapped around my throat mercilessly. When I couldn't feel solid ground beneath my feet, I knew he was holding me up high. I didn't need to ask to know who it was…it was him.

"You!" I gasped out, gurgling out saliva, "how-why?!" Forcefully I was slammed into a wall breathlessly (not that I had much room to breath anyways) and a squeak of pain came out of my throat. I could hear the faint pleads to the man holding me, asking him to let me go.

Angry eyes bore down into my own, and I could only try to keep a grip on the situation at hand. Tinges of black smudged my vision. I wondered how long I had been gripped like this, how long I went with air barely choking down my lungs. He spat at me, spittle flying onto my face. "Don't you dare say a word about this you hear me?!" He shook me and I think his other hand gripped the front of my overdress. "If you tell you'll regret it you little bitch! I'll cause you so much pain you'll never be able to move a bone in your body, and what use of being a ninja would you be? None at all…just like how your nothing but my pathetic punching bag."

I couldn't fully understand what he was saying, my head was spinning and the room kept blinking in and out of vision. Suddenly, I think I fell to the ground and I could feel splashes of coldness hit my skin.

"Now you're going to sleep out in the dirt…where you belong you demon child."

I hardly felt the bitter rain as I felt darkness finally take over my mind.

I was asleep, at long last.

And that was how it began…" her jade eyes fluttered shut as she fell into slumber. Sakura hardly noticed the sheets being tucked in neatly to her chin and the feather light kiss to her temple.


Okay okay, I seriously don't want to hear about how awful this is, and how it doesn't pertain to the actual story line of Naruto. I know that Sakura is supposed to come from a good family…but what about the actual things that happen in real life? I know this sounds hardly like a real-life situation but deal with it. I wanted to do a story that sorta was based around Sakura. She seriously doesn't get as much attention as she deserves.

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I was sorta thinking that Shikamaru wanted to move outta his house, but his parents won't sponsor his housing establishments unless he does something for them. There's this gala coming up, representing only its best of Konoha's shinobi and they had gotten tickets and wanted to Shika to bring a date. ^_^;;; And well Sakura, is working for the KonohaGal magazine and to finally be given her freedom with her writings, she must write an exclusive article of…How to lose a guy in 10 days. What do you think? Well I'm not sure about it because so far, I've only got thougtht that up in like what? Five minutes…and know I don't wanna do a ShikaSaku…because I think inoshika is too cute to tear apart ;_;!!

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